After working for 10 years in a company, I decided to introduce a start-up of my own. For a long time, I was interested in starting an organic veggies farm of mine. But due to low savings and with no skills to run a business, I decided to learn a self-paced course in LEAN SIX SIGMA. I enquired about this course a lot then, but none of the institutes providing LEAN SIX SIGMA courses had the curriculum which I wanted to learn. Then one day, I landed on the page of HENRY HARVIN which used to facilitate advanced post-graduate courses in LEAN SIX SIGMA. And the certification also carried worldwide recognition.

Must say my mentor’s methods of teaching were very impressive and one can easily settle with the way they approach a module. After the completion of every module, I was provided with a case study, which undoubtedly helped in understanding the module better. If I used to face any difficulty in solving the case studies, my mentor used to assist me and used to give many live examples to relate with the subject in a better way.

Now working as a full-time entrepreneur I’ve realised the importance of LEAD SIX SIGMA. With the help of the LEAN SIX SIGMA tool now I can seamlessly track the number of vegetables produced and how are my customers rating regarding the product and planning some strategy to improve the customer’s satisfaction level and maximisation of profit.

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