LEAN SIX SIGMA is extremely helpful in catering to customer’s needs by eliminating problems, improving the working condition to derive better results. LEAN SIX SIGMA is a method by which many organizations have leap forward in the business world by profitability and it has been proven as one of the efficient methods for maximising profit. Nowadays many organizations have opted to use LEAN SIX SIGMA. It also serves high demand in the market. 

HENRY HARVIN EDUCATION being one of the booming education institutes in the country serves the best Post Graduate  programme of LEAN SIX SIGMA. I was an alumnus of this course after completing my bachelors in commerce. I learnt many uses of SIX SIGMA in various sectors be it in the Information Technology sector to Human resource management to the Manufacturing sector. It is widely used in the healthcare sector too. The modules of this course were very considerate yet transformed you with extensive knowledge in this field. The modules will make you aware of the Methods, tools and technique.

HENRY HARVIN also provides you with E-learning access. The trainer also leaves you with valuable knowledge and these trainers are from various industries with a good experience. HENRY HARVIN also facilitates hands-on – experience in using six-sigma methods and its tool in various case studies of different sectors.

If you’re someone who wants to be in the analytics domain and wants to learn very demanding skills, from which field you belong you can pursue this course. You also have an opportunity to get a job Abroad.



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