Throughout the lockdown period, I was immensely bored staying at home all day. I had just finished my 12th board examinations and was awaiting the results, which were uncertain. Then I thought about trying to learn something completely new and out of my comfort zone. Having some basic knowledge about computer science, I enrolled myself for the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals course from Henry Harvin.

Being a newbie to this advanced course, I found it a little difficult to understand in the beginning. But gradually I started to grasp the concepts and the topics were explained in a way that even beginners can comprehend. The trainer had firm knowledge about the course, so there was never a problem with the doubts. I was very excited about the projects and they turned out to be interesting.

After completing the whole program, I gathered that my liking for the subject has increased immensely. All my friends are now keen on this course. I can proudly flaunt my certificate for this advanced computing course, which will definitely bear fruits in the future.

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