I am a professional tutor. Life was simple for a tutor before the pandemic hit. When the entire world shifted to e-learning, it was quite hard for me to catch up. I started a part-time job in an online teaching site but it wasn’t enough. I understood that to achieve the best from e-learning I need to understand the entire field from the core. So I started looking for courses that would suit me. 

At first, I was confused, then I came to know about Henry Harvin and their sites blogs helped me to get through it. I enrolled for the Articulate Storyline 360 Training Course from Henry Harvin. The relationship manager contacted me and explained to me how the entire process works. It was very easily mentioned and the process was too simple.  The classes begin by giving us the exact details of the content and soon we were provided with sufficient notes and tools that were required. 

 I had a brilliant experience at Henry Harvin. The institution follows one of the best teaching techniques. Trainers were highly professional and expert in their field. The faculty was very efficient and helpful. I am glad that I got to be a part of the place. A very well-structured course for beginners and I would highly recommend this institution to my peers.


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