I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration recently. And before joining an organisation for my career, I decided to take up a technical course to boost up my skills. One of my friends had completed her certification course in SAP Security Training from Henry Harvin a few months ago and she recommended this course to me because it had been of great help to her. I went through their website and learned about different courses of SAP from the SAP Academy on their site. One amongst them was the SAP Security Training Course and I decided to go on with that itself.

As I revealed my curiosity in their course, they contacted me and provided mentorship to me, telling me the benefits, how it works, the curriculum, etc. I was pretty sure that this was what I was searching for and the mentorship itself was very impressive. I enrolled in the course and learnt many things there. I definitely enjoyed learning from Henry Harvin. We were involved in so many assignments and projects related to SAP management and regular boot camps were also conducted after the training over the period of 12 months.

The tutors made use of E-learning techniques for the teaching by using the abundant tools, video lectures, practical assignments, etc. One of the best parts about the course was that it was flexible so I could learn at my own pace. So, if you are looking for valuable training, then this is the right place. Thanks Henry Harvin!

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