Learning a programming language is one of the toughest tasks as it involves practising basic arithmetic and you need to understand the theory of every programming language and its rules to realise better at which programming language you can attain efficiency and most importantly you need some guidance. 

Interested in creating mobile applications and games, I thought of joining any renowned institute to learn the basics of programming. Working as an HR, I was very keen to learn to program though I come from an MBA background. After watching some tutorials on youtube I decided to join HENRY HARVIN institute for fetching a class on programming for non-programmers course.

I found the faculty of the institute very engaging in their approach and modules were equipped with an advanced topic which would surely help someone to find a job and also have a deep understanding of the course. In HENRY HARVIN you get to interact with multiple trainers which teach you multiple tricks and methods to imply in your programming. The live project was a real help in getting to know about the programming in a better view. And moreover, it is a very short duration course of 8 hours and with that, you are equipped with one new skill.

Now, after completion of this course, I have acquired new skills and sometimes work on coding to develop a website and have been continuing to develop websites for anyone who needed it, free of cost.

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