Why Team Management Is The Best Junior MBA Skill For Teens?

For students in high school or who’re about to enter high school, it’s quite normal to still be exploring what to pursue as a career.

If you’re leaning towards the Business field, the Junior MBA programme is an excellent way to check whether this area is your cup of tea or not.

While the programme enables the students to learn many valuable skills such as leadership qualities and decision making, team management has to rank at the top.

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Read on to find out why team management is the best Junior MBA skill for teens.

What is Junior MBA?

Junior MBA is a programme to deliver an MBA styled curriculum, especially to the students from class 8th to 10th, and giving them exposure to corporate roles.

The essence of this programme is to instil in students the following skills:

  • Ability to think critically
  • Enhance the quality of their presentations
  • Provide basic financial literacy skills
  • Learn how to collaborate with and manage a team

Why should one join Junior MBA?

Junior MBA does indeed prove to be helpful to students in developing many skills. But besides that, its usefulness can also be justified by the following reasons:

  • Provides an insight to the actual course: The student can get an overall idea of what all the MBA course is about and whether it is something that he would actually like to pursue or not.
  • Expands your knowledge: Exposure to various jobs is bound to increase your level of knowledge in many aspects, providing you with interesting new information frequently.
  • Enriches your mind: By the end of the course, the efficiency of your mind would’ve increased tremendously, making it possible for students to relate to real-life problems and find effective solutions.

Why is team management necessary in a business?

None of us is as smart as all of us.

                                    -Kenny Blanchard

A business is an association of persons, a collective effort made by all its members. For it to succeed, all the members need to be compatible with each other and willing to work together, which is also why team management is an important aspect of the professional world.

To be able to manage a team is just the same as to be able to finish an entire season in a day, not everyone can do it. It requires a lot of effort to be put forth.

Teamwork in your workspace ensures:

  • Solutions to problems: A number of heads working together are sure to find solutions to even the most difficult problems.
  • New ideas: Multiple people come with multiple thoughts. With everyone working under one table, interesting, innovative and ingenious ideas are assured.
  • Support: Dividing the work ensures a fast pace and high quality. Even if a person falls behind, his teammate is there to pick up the pieces. In this way, the business is guaranteed to work efficiently.
  • Building of morale: Each member has something unique to offer. If he feels that his team is a safe space for him to confide in, he won’t hesitate to put forward new ideas, which would also lead to boosting his self-confidence.

But all of this is possible only when the teammates trust each other.

To make them willing to cooperate, their Head needs to be able to identify the strong points of every member, in order to ensure an efficient and hard-working team.

Managing a team requires a lot of patience and skills, one that the Junior MBA course is sure to develop in the students.

Support from your peers guarantees a fun and loving work environment.

How does Junior MBA ensure the development of team management skills?

As the student works with his fellow peers to solve various problems, he slowly learns:

  • To accept that his solution may not always be the best option and starts to accept new perceptions and ideas, opening him to a new way of looking at the world.
  • To trust and depend on his teammates, listening to their thoughts which makes him willing to take a new approach when needed.
  • To observe his mates and learn what they’re good at which enables him to get their best out of them.


It is one thing to have a team, it’s a whole other thing to have teamwork.

The Junior MBA course instils in students all the skills they need to effectively manage a team and succeed with flying colours in doing so.

The ability to be able to achieve top team management is an integral part in the path to become a great leader.

Hence, team management is the best Junior MBA skill for teens. I rest my case!

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