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As soon as you turn thirteen, you become a teenager. You enter into a phase full of anxiety and confusion. A phase where you feel you have the most problems in your life. 

You tend to blame others for your problems, for the results you get, for your failures, for almost everything. That’s when you enter into the real world, a world full of issues. 

Whenever you fail in solving a problem or analyzing a situation, you tend to give up on them. Or best, ignore them. 


When they start piling around you, you just start feeling so helpless, leading to confusion, lower self-esteem, anxiety, and depression and God knows what!


Well, you might be wondering, why I’m wasting your time by discussing this. This is actually that should be discussed often. Since you’re under the influence of your petty hormones, it’s very important to perceive and analyze the world through a fresh perspective. 


This will not only help you in the future but will also make you more confident as an adult to solve problems faster and in an efficient manner. And nonetheless, it’s important when you are at your workplace, especially when you have an MBA degree in hand. 


Junior MBA is a structured course which is an interface between academic learning and the real world.


It focuses on teaching them real-world skills like problem-solving, adaptability to change, teamwork, leadership, persuasive communication, planning, etc.  by referring to case studies of some successful companies/ start-ups and giving real-life examples of successful entrepreneurs.


It also helps in making students confident in delivering a presentation and motivate them to take the initiative in a team. It also enhances their power to reason and think in a rational manner, all the more it also stimulates creative thinking.


Junior MBA is the perfect way to prepare MBA aspirants (especially school students) beforehand so that they don’t face any issues while pursuing their MBA degree or once they’ve taken up a job. It helps them in their personal life as much as it does in their professional life. 

A Junior MBA program by Arcadia School. ( Visit the link highlighted for more)


Problem-solving or analytical skills or critical thinking skills are “is when someone thinks independently, clearly, and rationally, by connecting ideas, forming their own opinions, analyzing, and then drawing a conclusion.” ( Source: Click here


Problem-solving is a vital skill one needs to incorporate into one’s life in order to survive in the corporate world as well as in daily life.  

Problem-solving not only involves good IQ/analytical skills and logical reasoning but it also involves good EQ (Emotional Quotient).  


It is necessary to draw conclusions by suggesting out-of-the-box solutions to problems. That’s where one’s creativity and the ability to widen one’s perspective comes into the picture. 


So to conclude, it is a skill that involves the left-brain and right brain to work in perfect coordination. 


Wondering why this is the most important skill Here’s the answer!


1. It helps in drawing conclusions:

Problem solving helps us to find solutions which are both acceptable as well as applicable in real life. It involves step-by-step analysis of the issue which helps us in finding potential solutions for the same.


For students, it is a necessary skill. Students tend to get trapped in a cycle of problems (when one hurdle is passed, the next comes and acts as a hindrance in their path). They focus more on the problem than to finding a solution.

As a teenager, you may feel you have gone through such phases where problems seem to never end, when the pain and suffering is enduring and you can’t escape them( even if you want to). However, problem-solving helps you to find solutions faster.


Not only can this help you in your personal life, but you can help reach out to those who need help to deal with problems.


Tip: Focus on the solution and not the problem.

2. It helps to avert a crisis situation:

The COVID-19 is one of the biggest crisis situations of the millennium, the biggest in the year 2020 itself (for most parts of the world).


Well, one who is said to have good analytical and problem-solving skills is said to be one who can avert a crisis faster. That one person just doesn’t keep sitting and waiting for the night to pass. He/she thinks hard and acts fast, eventually gaining triumph over the problem.


You may feel, that this is easier said than done. You may also feel that people with the ability to think beyond confines are themselves not able to find a solution to end the pandemic.


But you need to realize, whether you’re a student, a teacher, an employee, an employer, a doctor, anything; the whole world needs to deal with it together. When we focus only and only on finding the solution, we will.

“Doors are always open for the people who look for them, come hell or high water.”

Written by me.

As a student, not only this skill which you learn in your MBA course will help you to come out of a crisis situation in your lie, it will also prevent causing havoc in the lives of those around you. It’s a boon, trust me.

3. It helps to develop a systematic approach:

Analysis and problem-solving are all about going step by step.  You need to look at the problem in portion and not deal with it in a single go.


Such an attitude helps you to develop a systematic approach to deal with a problem. Digging deep into the problem one by one allows you to find the root cause of the problem faster. It’s like, you can’t reach the top of the mountain unless you take one step at a time.


This makes problem-solving more efficient. It always avoids dealing with unnecessary stress and anxiety. The more efficient you are, the faster you’ll come up with solutions.


A systematic approach is all about ensuring that you don’t miss out on any point while sorting something out. It’s also about you reminding yourself to not directly jump to conclusions. It’s taking everything into consideration while solving a problem.


As a student in the Junior MBA course, it will help you to deal with situations in a more planned and strategic way.


The steps to solve a problem>>


Tip: Look forward to answering these questions one by one while finding solutions.

4. It enables you to think out-of-the -box:

This skill not only helps you find one solution but many solutions to the same problem.


Everything has a third angle. Every coin has a third side. Similarly, every problem has multiple ways to look at it. It just depends on your outlook/ perspective.


In the Junior MBA course, when you’re taught problem-solving, you’re also taught to unleash your creativity and imagination. When you come up with creative solutions to problems, it might not only help you resolve that very issue, but also pass other hurdles which might come in your way in the future.


Being different doesn’t mean wrong. In fact, you’re just showing how unique you are, how much creative potential you have. Seeing things through a different lens, always helps you see the unseen, the unexplored. You are able to think of things no one never cared to notice, no one ever saw.


At your workplace, if you think differently, you might be able to succeed and grow faster. Critical thinking + creativity is a deadly combination.


When you think differently, you also tend to think in retrospect. Trust me; it will literally accelerate your success rate exponentially, as a student or as an adult.


*Tip!! ;D

5. It prevents you from playing the ‘blame-game’:

As a teenager, you may feel that instead of solving your problems, it is very easy to blame it on others. You feel you’re not capable enough to be held responsible for your own problems, so you blame it on others.


However, good analytical skills prevent such a situation. As a student, if you blame the system for poor performance in your exams, you are wrong. Instead you should focus on improving your concentration or changing your study patterns.


It also makes you more adaptable to change. You are able to accept it faster and move on. Such adaptability is very essential since circumstances are very uncertain and unpredictable.


When you stop blaming others or criticising them, you work better in a team. When you solve problems as a team, you not only incorporate different views but you’re more welcoming. You don’t tend to blame a particular person for a wrong decision made. You take the responsibility to own up to your mistakes as a team.


Lastly it helps you save precious time. If you tend to blame everyone, you waste time on thinking on whom to blame, than what to blame for. Problem-solving helps you make decisions faster.


Tip: Avoid the blame-game, face and solve problems as a team!

6. It helps you take the initiative – be a good leader:

If you’ve watched the movie ‘Avengers- End Game’ you must have been very disappointed after knowing that the greatest, the most dashing, the smartest Avenger of all times, Iron man dies at the end. But have you ever wondered why?


The world was in trouble at that time. Thanos was the biggest threat. The reason Iron Man took the initiative to snap his fingers was to save the world. He was a good leader. He had maintained a balance between his IQ and EQ. In the spur of the moment, he thought that it was best to sacrifice his life to bring half the world back to life.


All these are signs of a good leader. When you tend to solve problems and have good analytical skills, you tend to lead than to follow. You tend to bind the team together in times of trouble and fight against the problem.


It is necessary that apart from having a good IQ, you have a good EQ. You’ll be able to know the consequences of the problem, emotionally relate to them, but at the same time think rationally.


We all loved Iron Man! Learn how to be a good leader from him!


This iconic scene from the End Game

7. It makes you a more confident decision-maker:

Lastly, it is obvious that you’d be a more confident decision-maker. You’ll be surer of the decision you’ve taken.


After all the hard work you’ve put into solving the problem, you’ll l be ready to face its outcomes and own up to your mistakes.


With good problem-solving skills you cannot guarantee if you’ve taken the right decision, but you can reduce your chances of making the wrong decision. This is because you’ve taken a decision by applying logic and by keeping in mind the emotional trauma the problem has caused. You’ll realize that your analysis has been very balanced and you can hope for better outcomes.  


At last, you’ll be at peace. You’ll try to be a little more optimistic. Once you solve a problem, you’ll be more relaxed. You’ll tend to have a positive outlook on life. You won’t see only problems but you’ll see solutions to every problem. You’ll feel hopeful, you’ll feel motivated to keep solving problems and make this world a better place to live.


Tip: Try to find the possible in the impossible.


Hence proved, that ‘Problem Solving is the best Junior MBA skill for teenagers’. 



Just kidding!

To know how you learn and improve this skill, click here


I hope you liked reading this blog and I hope it helped you! I enjoyed writing it for you. 


Here’s a funny meme, you might like: 



Well, everyone knows how to create problems, don’t they?

Thanks and come back for more!!!!

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