Why Mini/Teen MBA?

The needs of people are changing.

People today are demanding more flexibility in their lives as a whole.

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In order to satisfy this demand, education is becoming more flexible.

People no longer have to make their schedule around schools and higher education. But instead, education is becoming more accessible and flexible. This has provided people the facility to schedule their education as they please.

Mini MBA’s offer to people something very different. It offers an accelerated business programme with emphasis on student’s specific needs.

It provides a fast track format of MBA into, on an average, 40 hours of tuition.

Mini MBA’s are geared towards 3 types of candidates:

1. Prospective MBA Student:

Mini MBA’s provide prospective MBA students with a chance of sampling the business degree before fully committing.

It gives candidates a comprehensive understanding of what an MBA will entail before opting for a particular course.

2.People who are looking for ways to enhance their knowledge on a particular subject:

While undertaking a full-time MBA gives you a comprehensive view of all areas of business, for those looking for more specialized focus, the Mini MBA is ideal.

3. Student looking to enhance their own business competency:

Student looking to enhance their own business competency, while remaining in a specific role—a lawyer or an architect, for instance, looking to enhance their business understanding of the industry.

Critical thinking

Critical thinking is necessary for almost all career paths.

Critical thinking skills is a universal skill.

No matter what career you pursue; it will always be relevant.

In fact, according to the World Economic Forum, critical thinking is one of the most desirable skills to have in the workforce.

Why Critical Thinking is regarded as an important skill for Mini MBA’s:

  1. It helps analyze information; think outside the box; solve problems with innovative solutions; and plan systematically.
  2. Critical thinking is useful for even daily life activities. Much of our day to day decisions entail critical thinking. It helps us deal with our problems. It helps provide solutions which are comprehensive and can help us in being more independent.
  3. Critical thinking also helps us to cultivate well informed opinions. There is a huge amount of information which is thrown towards us on a daily basis. We need to use critical thinking to decide for ourselves which stand we take. Our opinions influence others as well, hence, it is imperative that we form opinions which are precise and do not have a negative impact on others.
  4. Being a critical thinker can allow you to better understand the perspective of others. It can help you become more open-minded towards different views.
  5. Critical thinkers are also highly creative thinkers, and see themselves as limitless when it comes to possibilities. They are constantly looking to take things further, which is crucial in the workforce.
  6. Critical thinking also enhances problem solving skills. Problems occur in everyday life whether it be in our jobs or daily handling. Critical thinkers can approach a problem with different angles and are patient and committed to solving the problem.


Ways by which you can improve your Critical thinking skills:

1. Outline your question

This means that always define your question.

Understand what the question asks from you.

Only then will you be able to approach the question with a critical mind.

2. Collect information from reliable sources

There is no greater enemy than misinformation. Wrong information can lead to conclusions which do not relate to the original objective.

It can also lead to un-informed or misguided opinions.

Your opinions often define who you are. Gathering wrong information can lead to you developing opinions which maybe not be politically correct.

3.  Ask questions:

For you to think critically, you must widen your horizons and be curious about the topic as well as the world around you.

Asking questions can lead to new information which can help you come to a conclusion in a more effective way.

Asking questions helps us broaden our perspectives and approach the problem from different angles.



Critical thinking is one of the most important cognitive skills out there. It is not necessary that one is born with it but one can also develop this skill through practice!

By practicing critical thinking, you can have a positive impact on not only your professional life but your personal life as well.  

It is one of the top skills which are required in an MBA or a Junior/Teen MBA as well.

So Put On Your Thinking Caps And Get Going! 🙂

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