PMP or Project Management Professional certification is a document, which ensures that the person who possesses it is well versed with the knowledge, expertise, and skills to handle projects. Therefore, this course is in demand in the present, this course is conducted by Project Management Institute (PMI).


How much does it cost to get a PMP certification?

The cost of PMP Certification can be divided into three parts:-

• PMP Training cost — Approx. USD 3000

• PMP Examination fee — Approx. USD 500(for Indian Applicants)

• Time spent — As per effort of the individual

Enroll in our PMP Certification today and develop a strong foundation in the principles of project management.

Benefits of PMP Certification

The following are the advantages of PMP Certification:

1. It will enhance your career opportunities

The demand for certified PMPs is growing. A current PMI-commissioned evaluation performed by Anderson Economic Group showed that there is a great demand for PMP certified project managers. The report suggests that approximately 33% (nearly 22 million jobs) will be created by 2027.

2. You will be recognized as a skilled professional

PMP certification is a universally recognized symbol of excellence in the project management field. This type of certification is global in nature that means the capabilities acquired can translate across all industries and projects. PMP certification additionally adds value to you in the market. 

3. You will talk the right language

Communication is key to successful project management. PMP certification indicates that you speak a frequent language, which is fundamental for appropriate communication. It is possible that you may take many exclusive initiatives in your career for which communication plays a vital role. It is also possible that every project will require you to work with a new team. If you can communicate effectively, you will make sure that anyone stays on the same page. You will recognize the imperative framework of venture management, along with phases like Procurement Audits and Procurement Performance Reviews. These are not simply industry terms, but necessary pieces of the project management puzzle.

4. Learn new skills

PMP certification opens avenues to learn new skills that will improve your knowledge, information and opportunities for career growth. 

Passing the PMP exam is not easy. It takes many hours of study and preparation. It requires you to master the subjects and examine the fundamentals of each topic, which is used in the project management process.

You will also study essential subjects and topics pertaining to soft skills and core skills such as communication, leadership, organization, group management, resources management, problem solving, conflict resolution, and time management.

5. You will (probably) earn extra money

According to the Global Knowledge IT Skills and Salary Report, the common North American IT expert earns approximately $109,985 annually. Those with a PMP certification earn $129,457—nearly 18% above the mean. So there is a tremendous potential in the market.

6. It will exhibit your dedication

The dedication required to earn a PMP certification is something, which others recognize. First, you have to meet the strict standards in order to qualify for the exam. A bachelor’s diploma requires at least 36 months and an associate’s degree requires at least 60 months of experience. Additionally, certification proves to others that you are committed to improving your knowledge, skills and credentials. This leads to appropriate admiration from employers, peers, group members, and clients.

7. More Value for an Organization

Certified Project managers are a valuable resource for any good organization. Generally good companies demand certified PMP managers because they believe that certified PMP managers can led the project more efficiently and help achieve the desired results. Hence, the job opportunities are enhanced greatly by successfully completing the PMP certification.

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