English is the most spoken language in the world including 1.3 billion native and non-native speakers. Reading articles is a proven method to improve your English and is important to achieve a command of the English language. Today, the internet has brought people so close that the English language has become the language of communication across poles. Moreover, because of the evolution of social media, the acceptance and usage of the English language have spread widely.

Why is it necessary to improve your English

Learning English not only makes you knowledgeable but also helps you in different types of communication. A person moving out of the house for work may have a particular native language and a tone of speaking. However, speaking in English makes things much easier to communicate when you are interacting with people outside your territory for business, travel, science & technology, or foreign affairs.

Let us take you through some facts about the English language:

  • Around 15% of the world’s population speaks English.
  • 142 countries in the world teach English as a mandatory subject in school.
  • There are 41 countries in the world where English is an optional foreign language.
  • The origin of English writing is from Latin script.
  • The number of non-native speakers who speak English as a second language is more than the number of native speakers.
Reading is the gateway skill that makes all other learning possible. Quote by Barack Obama.

How Reading Articles will help you improve your English

Though English is a subject in schools in a lot of countries; the lessons learned in school may not be sufficient for proficiency in English. If you want to become fluent in English and attain ease to speak or write English confidently, you need to improve your English through many different methods. The best method to improve your English is to do a lot of reading of English content. It may be books, articles, ads, blogs, magazines, etc.

Articles are full of information, written in the English language, describing daily happenings around us. Hence, they are easy to relate to. Additionally, they are available at your doorstep as most households have subscriptions to daily newspapers. It is better to have the right source of knowledge and make the best use of the time you are going to spend reading.

Articles are a rich and trustworthy source of information. The media companies work day and night to produce interesting pieces of articles. Reading articles in newspapers and magazines could be the best way to improve your English. The articles are also available at the click of your mobile which enables you to read them anytime anywhere. This way the learning cycle never stops.

Here is the ultimate list of articles in newspapers and magazines to read to improve your English.

1. Newspapers

Newspapers are our daily dose of information containing articles written on current affairs and happenings around us. Newspaper articles are a good source of content, written in the English language. The interesting thing about reading English newspapers is that you get to read new articles every day.

The Guardian

Headquartered in London, The Guardian is a daily newspaper with 105,134 circulations and two sister publications namely The Observer and The Guardian Weekly. Guardian Media Group claims to provide news free from any sort of political or commercial influence. Its funding comes mainly from readers’ subscriptions which supports them deliver the investigative stories fearlessly.

The newspaper contains various articles based on politics, environment, science, social issues, sports, and culture. For online readers, the site has a list of topics to choose from. The Guardian recently completed 200 years of establishment and has won many awards in the field of journalism.

The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal is a daily newspaper, founded in 1889; and headquartered in America. It serves news, on business and worldwide happenings. The editions of this newspaper are also available in Chinese and Japanese languages. Since its inception, the newspaper has catered to the readers as a record book of business and financial news. Its circulation is 2.8 million including print and digital copies. The Wall Street Journal also publishes a magazine called WSJ. The magazine covers news about luxury and lifestyle. It has various articles monthly on art, fashion, entertainment, food, culture, travel, etc.

USA Today

USA Today is a daily newspaper, founded in 1982; and headquartered in Virginia. The publication prints this newspaper at 37 sites in the USA and 5 sites internationally; covering diverse topics on local, regional, and national news as well as popular cultural stories. The print circulation for this newspaper is approximately 159233 and 504,000 digital subscribers which makes it the third largest circulated newspaper in the United States. The newspaper prints articles presented with colorful images and infographics. The opinion section published in this newspaper is worth reading for an interesting representation of conflicting views between the articles written by the editorial board and a guest writer.

The Times of India

The Times of India also referred to as TOI; is one of the largest circulated newspapers in the world. It owns multiple other brands like The Economic Times, The Speaking Tree, Filmfare, Times Now, and India Times. Headquartered in New Delhi, India; TOI is the oldest daily newspaper in India, published in the English language with 13.5 million readers including 2,880,144 circulations.

Owned and published by Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd., TOI is the most trusted newspaper for news on current affairs, entertainment, sports, lifestyle, market, education, and finance. Times Internet is the digital hub of this publication giving the readers access to a wide variety of articles under its different products available through the mobile app.

The Speaking Tree – we are specially mentioning this section of The Times of India newspaper as a recommended read on daily basis to improve your English. It has found a large fan base of readers and it is now available as a separate website under the Times Internet umbrella. It focuses on spiritual and life-skills related articles.

Hindustan Times

Hindustan Times is an English daily newspaper headquartered in New Delhi, India with 1,072,966 circulations. The newspaper belongs to HT Media with other siblings being Hindustan Dainik and Mint. They also used to publish famous magazines namely Nandan (for kids) and Kadambani. The newspaper covers various aspects of news like world news, national news, city news, entertainment, education, lifestyle, environment, science, sports, etc. The “Opinion” section of this newspaper publishes opinion-based articles, editorials, and letters to the editor related to the current issues, which are worth reading to improve your English.

Economic Times

The Economic Times is a daily newspaper catering to the current news about the business and financial sector. Headquartered in Mumbai, India the newspaper belongs to Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd. With a readership base of more than 800000 and publication in 14 cities across India. It is in the second position among the world’s most read English newspapers. The content of articles in this newspaper is based on the financial news in India and abroad along with the news about the Indian economy. The online arm of this newspaper is covering market-related topics 24×7 publishing 500+ stories every day. Apart from the readers, this newspaper has a remarkable social media presence boasting a lot of followers reading and sharing information through it. To improve your English; we also recommend reading their blogs on various topics, written by the experts.

The Indian Express

The Indian Express is headquarters in New Delhi, India with daily circulations in more than 12 cities across India. Founded in 1932, the publication owns news dailies in English viz. The Indian Express and The Financial Express. Their other famous news dailies are Loksatta for the Marathi language, Jansatta for the Hindi language, and Screen – a magazine for the film industry. As per a syndicate signed between this newspaper and The Economist magazine, The Indian Express also publishes surveys, reports, and articles published in the magazine.

The New York Times

The New York Times is an American newspaper, Founded in 1851 and headquartered in New York. It possesses a circulation of 9,10,8000 subscribers including 8328000 digital and 780000 print subscriptions. The newspaper ranks third in the US, based on its circulation and is also known as the newspaper of records in the United States. The most liked articles to read in this newspaper are the special sections, published weekly which provide information on various topics other than daily news, editorials, sports, etc. The editorial articles covered in this newspaper are worth taking time out for. The Sunday Review, which is published every week, is a recommended read to improve your English.

2. Magazines

For those who like to flip through the glossy pages with colorful images while reading articles, magazines may be the preferred companions to read articles to improve their English. We have listed below magazines that according to reviews are the most recommended ones for reading in English.

National Geographic

National Geographic is famous for the photographic representations used in the magazine, along with the interesting coverage of various topics including the environment, countries and their people, science, and history. It makes the readers imagine a worldwide view of the topics published. Winner of many national magazine awards, National Geographic has a large follower base on Instagram as well. It holds a total of 6.1 million global circulations. It focuses on articles written in an unbiased manner on the major issues across the globe.


Time is a magazine based in New York, America with a total circulation of 1.6million. Earlier the magazine used to be published weekly, however, since 2020, this magazine is published bi-weekly. Apart from America, it is also published in many other countries. The magazine is available in print as well as digital media. The magazine is famous for having coined many English terms like a socialite, guesstimate, tycoon, etc. There are various topics to read from such as top listings, milestones in the life of celebrities, stories on the person of the year, and Time 100 – a list of the top hundred influential people.


Forbes is a business magazine based in America with a total circulation of 657215 subscribers. It is published twice every quarter in more than 27 countries worldwide. This magazine is also famous for its listing of America’s richest people, the world’s top companies, the list of most powerful people in the world, top billionaires in the world, etc. It covers articles related to the financial sector, business, shares, science, politics, and technology & communications. Its digital division has more than 27 million unique visitors every month and is ranked among the top five financial sites. The digital arm also invites guest writers to submit their contributions and publishes blogs written by guest writers.

Reader’s Digest

Reader’s Digest is an American magazine based in Manhattan and is widely read across all age groups because of the interesting list of articles written on various topics. It is published 10 times reaching more than 40 million readers across the world. Its global circulation of 10.5 million paid copies makes it the largest sold magazine in the world. This magazine is a favorite of readers for the best advice on real-life issues, family problems, health and nutrition, light-hearted content, and a guide to facing challenges.        

The outcome of reading articles to improve your English   

The outcome of your reading habits reflects directly in the way you speak to people, the way you write your emails, and the way to express yourself. The English language is widely used for personal and professional communication. Therefore, it is necessary to improve your English through reading articles for the following benefits:

  • It opens opportunities for a good career path.
  • English proficiency is required to get hired for international MNCs and jobs abroad.
  • It helps in bettering the content of your official communication.
  • Fluency in English gives you confidence in public speaking.
  • You can travel across the world and communicate in English where the local language is not known to you.

More about methods to improve your English

Reading articles paves the way for you to embark on the journey to improve your English. However, it could be lonely to keep reading and trying to understand the information on your own. Hence, for those who like two-way communication in learning, there are options to undergo instructor-led courses where mentors do handholding to help you improve your English.

Online courses for English Speaking and English Writing

There are two main courses which can be very helpful to improve your English. One is English Speaking Course and the other is English Writing Course. Both the courses play a pivotal role in building your confidence and developing a command of the English language. One of the top institutes providing best-ranking courses on English reading and English writing is Henry Harvin.

Henry Harvin English Speaking Course

Henry Harvin’s English Speaking Course helps you to improve your English from basic to advance level. At the end of this course, you become proficient in speaking English. The course comprises core fundamentals of English speaking like pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary, and diction. It comes with 1-year gold membership of Henry Harvin Language Academy. Doing this course will improve your English speaking as well as your reading speed. The trainer enlightens you through practice speaking sessions with the native speakers to make you understand the local accent and word lists.

Key highlights

  • Gain fluency in speaking flawless English.
  • Prepares you for international exams.
  • Enables you to communicate your ideas easily in English.
  • Helps you get along with the English-speaking community.
  • Gives you the confidence to speak in English on public platforms.
  • Makes you eligible for jobs with companies across the world.
  • Helps you expand your business in other countries.
  • You can also start to teach English speaking to others.

Henry Harvin English Writing Course

Henry Harvin’s English Writing Course is recognized worldwide for the confidence it provides you after completing the course. The course gives you the capability to write content in the English language with ease. If you are preparing for international exams like TOEFL and IELTS, then this course will be very beneficial for you. The course levels are defined as per the Common European Framework (CEFR) from beginner to advanced level. Learning English writing through a trainer and getting certified in English writing gives you an extra edge over your peers and opens lots of job opportunities for you as well.

Key Highlights

  • Projects are assigned to candidates for practicing blog writing, essay writing, social media posts writing, email writing, and the use of English writing in the industry.
  • The course makes you a part of Henry Harvin’s Elite Language Academy which is an added advantage for networking with peers of the same skillset.
  • The duration of this course is short which helps the candidates do this course parallel to their job or studies as well.
  • The candidates learn about English grammar in this course which is of key importance in English writing.
  • The candidates are offered to write in English for companies abroad.
  • Getting this certified course will enable candidates to pursue content writing as a career.

Other than reading it is also helpful to watch English entertainment, and English news, check the English dictionary for translating words and practice speaking to improve your English. Watching English language films with English subtitles is another option to improve your English. Experts suggest that keeping a daily journal or a personal diary where you jot down your experiences also helps improve your English. You can read about other people’s experiences and compare your experiences with them. This way it could be interesting to learn how others have put their thoughts together in English.

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1. Will reading articles help me in writing good content in English?

Reading good content helps you write good content too. Reading articles is a way to observe and imbibe examples of good content written in English. Hence, it will help you get inspiration to write well. You can also undergo a proper English writing course or a content writing course to improve your English writing.

2. How can I develop reading articles as a habit?

Start with reading articles about the topics that inspire you the most. Take a break in between reading and watch English content or do some physical activity, then again come back to reading.

3. How can I learn to speak fluent English?

The more you practice, the more you improve your English speaking. Additionally, you can take an English-speaking course that helps you build your confidence through trainer-led practice sessions.

4. Can I get a digital subscription to articles?

All the articles listed in this blog are available for a digital subscription. There are options to take weekly, monthly, or yearly subscriptions. Hence it is advisable to read a few copies of articles first and then go for yearly subscriptions to the ones you like the most.
For example, The Speaking Tree focuses on articles related to spiritual teachings. So those who like to read about life skills and are of spiritual interest would love the articles published on this site.


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