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If you belong to Canada, especially to Calgary and you are planning to participate in PMP Course then you might be looking for PMP Certification Options, so you are here at the right place where I will share with you Top 10 PMP certifications, in Calgary. The basic goal of this course is to effectively prepare Calgary students for the PMP examination.

Everyone in his life wants to excel in his profession. So the same is with the project manager. The worldwide demand for PMP skills is a lot, therefore, those who achieve the certification in PMP will have a lot of opportunities outside of Canada as well. According to the Salary Survey of Project Management Institute, a project manager earns about 20% higher salary than his non-certified and general project managers. So if you are also planning to excel in the project management domain, I expect you to obtain a PMP certificate either you are already in a job or you plan to work as a project manager.

Benefits of PMP certification

Before moving to the 10 PMP certifications options, here are some benefits of the same:

  • The PMP certification is an internationally recognized certification that put you apart from your colleague
  • You will be recognized as a project manager who has established knowledge in managing projects
  • Also, you will get to connect with other experts increasing your skill
  • You will also get the PMP salary hike that is always a great motivator
  • Study shows that employers will need to fill nearly 2.2 million new project-based roles each year through 2027. This indicates skillful project managers will be in high demand.
  • PMP displays your professional achievements.
  • PMP demonstrates your commitment to learning new skills.
  • PMP makes better clients’ confidence in your association.
  • PMP makes you a more attractive job applicant.
  • PMP boosts up your employer’s self-reliance in you.
  • PMP develops managerial productivity.
  • PMP enhances your self-confidence.
  • PMP lifts up your organization’s product.

What is PMP?

PMP stands for Project Management Professional. You can become a PMP if you participate in the certification exam conducted by the Project Management Institute. The Project Management Professional is an expertise that is internationally recognized certification for worldwide project managers who have definite duties and tasks towards the association they are working for. As of August 2019, there are 932,720 active Project Management Professional certified students and 300 chartered chapters throughout 218 countries and territories globally.

The exam contains 200 MCQ written against the PMBOK pattern and the PMP Code of conduct. No reference content is allowed in the exam. The exam consists of 25 “sample questions” out of 200 MCQs which are used for the accuracy of the degree of difficulty of the exam and are not counted for or against the test taker. These questions are asked haphazardly all over the exam. The test taker rates their skills on only 175 questions. The numbers in parentheses represent the percentage of queries for each domain. 

Requirements for PMP Certification Process

Before you enter into PMP certification you need to know all the requirements of the PMP Certification process. Here you go

  • Experience: You must have 4 years of bachelor’s degree recognized worldwide as well as 4500 hours of experience in project management. If you have more than 16 years of education, you can also have one of the PMP requirements.

If you are the project manager who has been leading and directing projects for a certain period of time, but you do not have a 4-year bachelor degree, and you have a high school diploma or a Secondary degree which can be an associate’s degree or the global equivalent so, since you have more than 7500 hours of experience in leading and directing projects, still you have the PMP requirements.

  • Education: To fulfill the PMP requirements, you need PMP training, Other than your experience, 35-hours of education in project management education. You need to have this education as a PMP requirement. Based on your availability, budget, and timing of the exam you can decide what works for you. So you can choose these options which are more flexible and convenient for you.

Once you have made a plan for your PMP Study, you will have to take part in 35 contact hours of project management training and then you can choose one of the best options below. In this post, I have listed the most popular Top 10 PMP Certification Calgary Option. To know more about the certification, just scroll down

#1 Master of Project Academy, Inc.        

This is a 100% online training provider for project management professionals, founded in 2012 and more than 125,000 professionals enrolled in Master of Project Academy’s PMP training from more than 180 countries. 

So Master of Project Academy is considered as the first platform for PMP training provides in Calgary. This training provider is very affordable and flexible where 99.6% is the first attempt pass rate of Master of Project Academy students While Master of Project does not count second or third attempt passes in passing rate, unlike other PMP training providers.

To know more about Master of Project Academy, click here

#2 Tarka Consulting

Tarka Consulting Inc. is a fully recognized registered educational institute. Tarka Consulting specializes in PMP/CAPM preparation courses. It has a strong track record in providing required project management training, project management office development, and consulting services to its clients. 

This is also a PMP certification Calgary training provider with the key focus on PMP Training. They offer PMP training in two formats. One is classroom training and the second is online training.

The classroom training is accessible at various locations that also include Calgary. This is a 4-day, boot camp training course and the cost of classroom training is $ 1,000. Once you have registered for this course you will get access to their online training course as well. Classes being held as per the schedules, so if you are interested in the course you need to plan your study and work to adjust availability.

In the online facility, they provide Tarka PMP Certification Training and Tarka PMP Exam Preparation Kit as well. Each of these courses cost is $399 for you. So both the online courses will cost you $798

To know more about Tara Consulting, click here

#3: Mount Royal University

MRU also is a PMP Certification Calgary provider and it offers degrees, diplomas, and certificates as well. They conduct several pieces of training as well under the project management program and cover both the PMP exam preparation and education training.

The training include:

  • Project Management Certificate
  • PMP Exam Prep
  • Project Management in Construction

Mount Royal University’s PMP exam course is a 5-day training boot camp. And the cost for this course is $745 + GST. 

They also provide an online training set-up. That is a self-paced course and includes exams. However, you will have to complete that course within two months of your registration date.

To know more about Mount Royal University, click here

#4: Inexertus

Another PMP Certification Calgary option for you is Inexertus that offers project management training. Their training consists of PMP Certification exam training. 

Their PMP certification exam training is a 4-day, led by an instructor, based on classroom course.

If you register in the course you will have a training material Book, Practice guide, and Insexertus workbook. Along with this material you will get 90-day online PMP practice exams.

To know more about Mount Royal University, click here

#5: CertStaffix Training

CertStaffix Training is another platform that offers PMP certification in Calgary. They provide training in several areas. The main categories of their course offerings consist of End User, IT Pro Skills, Marketing, Processes, and Programming

Project Management courses for Calgary is a 5-day, instructor-led, classroom training course. This course is a full resource for PMP exam preparation, marking full coverage of all exam objectives. 

The cost of the training is $2850 (USD) that is quite expensive training, and I think this may not be a feasible option for you.

To know more about CertStaffix Training, Click here 

#6: SAIT

SAIT stands for Southern Alberta Institute of Technology which offers various programs for training purposes. This PMP Certification Calgary option also Provides PMP certification course: PMP – PROJ 120. In this course, you will receive a complete overview of the PMBOK Guide for success on the exam.

This course is accessible in the instructor-led classroom as well as an online set-up. The training schedule is available on their website. The schedule also shows the course details such as course reference number, place, seat availability, and course timing. The fee for the instructor-led classroom training is $765.00

To know more about SAIT, Click here 

#7: Unichrone Learning

Unichrone Learning is a Corporate Training Institute that also provides complete PMP certification Calgary training. They offer training that covers five performance domains that are integral to each phase of a project in line with PMBOK. They give PMP Exam Prep Training in Calgary through the classroom & live online. Their PMP certification training is available in several Canadian cities.

The PMP training course is a 4-day training so the PMP meets the requirement of 35 contact hours for PMI to appear in the exam.The cost of the training course led by the instructor is $1529, While the cost of PMP training classroom sessions is $1710. 

To know more about Unichrone Learning, Click here 

 #8: iCert Global

iCert Global offers a portfolio of training. The courses of this PMP certification Calgary option are sorted in deferent categories. The main categories of their training offerings consist of:

  • Project Management
  • Training Management
  • Agile & Scrum
  • Quality Management
  • Cloud Technology
  • Digital Marketing
  • Cyber Security
  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft

They provide various training in the Project Management category. Their courses include PMP, CAPM, CCBA, CBAP, MSP Foundation, MSP Practitioner, CMMi, PgMP, Prince 2 Foundation, Prince 2 Practitioner, and CMMi.

They also give PMP Exam training which is a 4 full-day intensive classroom training. The course meets the requirement of 35 contact hours before the PMP exam. The cost of the training led by the instructor is 1,199.00 CAD, while the cost of the e-learning set-up is 399 CAD which is subject to discount.

To know more about iCert Global, Click here 

#9: Training Academy

Training Academy is also another PMP certification Calgary alternative and it gives the training to project management and business talent. They offer the following certification training:

  • PMP Training
  • PMP Exam Boot Camp
  • CAPM Exam Boot Camp

They offer a variety of training options. These options include weekdays and weekends, in addition to evening option. So you can choose any one option according to your convenience.

The weekdays and weekend sessions are 4-day training courses. Whereas the evening option is a 12 evenings program which extends the duration to several weeks up to 12 weeks provided one day in a week is set aside for the training. The weekday training course costs $1,100 whereas the weekend training cost is also $1,100. And as far as the evening session fee is concerned, it is $ 699. The current virtual set up fee is $ 899.00

To know more about Training Academy, Click here 

#10: Grasp Skills

Grasp Skills is one more PMP certification Calgary training platform. In the management field, they provide a list of training which include:

  • PMP-Project Management Professional
  • Project Management Techniques
  • Microsoft Project
  • Advanced Microsoft Excel
  • ITIL Foundation
  • Prince 2 Foundation and Practitioner
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Change Management

They offer PMP course in real as well as virtual classroom format. They offer classroom training led by an instructor for various locations. 

They offer online training in the form of classrooms, the duration of this training is 4 days, and the cost of the online classroom training format is 1599 CAD which is equal to 1254 USD

If you are planning to take a training course that offers you flexibility and allows you to speed up your learning, these may not be the best options for you.

To know more about Grasp Skills, Click here 

Frequently Asked Question about PMP Certifications 

What is the PMP Certification?

The PMP means Project Management Professional, the certification is provided by the Project Management Institute

What about the PMP Certificate?

This certification is valid across all industries and internationally recognized. It shows that you have the experience, education, and skill to effectively guide and direct projects.

Why should I take the PMP Certification Exam? 

Because Project Management Professional certified individual earns 20-25% higher salary than those who are not certified.

What is the PMP Exam Application Process?

There is nothing but two ways to apply for the PMP exam: offline and online. Both ways require the same information; on the other hand, the online process is quick, as if you send hard copies to PMI via courier for the offline, it will take some time. So I will suggest you go for the online process.
To start the PMP exam application process, go to the website, create your account, and fill in the PMP exam application form. You will have to provide information about your education, experience, and training. Once you begin the process, you have 90 days to complete the application.

How to get the PMP Certification

To attain the Project Management Professional certificate, you have to see if you qualify to apply for the PMP exam.

What is PMP Eligibility Requirements?

There is nothing but three eligibility requirements to obtain the PMP certification:
1. Education
2. Project Management Experience
3. Project Management Training

How about the PMP Exam?

The PMP exam consists of 200 MCQ and lasts four hours. There is no break and no negative marks. It’s up to you if you want to take a break, you can but the timer will not stop ticking
Exam questions are divided into five domains:
1. Initiation – 13%
2. Planning – 24%
3. Executing – 30%
4. Monitoring & Controlling – 25%
5. Closing – 8%
As soon as you submit your answers, you will be immediately notified if you have passed or failed. If you fail the exam, you will have to make two more attempts to pass within a year. If you fail all three of those attempts, you will have to wait a year to re-apply. If you pass the exam, you are entitled to use the term “PMP” after your name in your resume, email signature, and publications.

What about PMP Exam Passing Score?

Generally, it is assumed that the score to pass the PMP exam is around 70%. However, the PMP passing score is not fixed. It depends on the complexity level of your exam. If you have simple questions, your passing mark will be higher and if you have tricky questions, your passing score will be lower.

What are the Benefits of the PMP Certification?

If you have PMP certification, the company will trust in your abilities because you have already confirmed your skills and potential.

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