The most basic question that arises to your mind after reading the heading is” What is a Summer School?

A summer school is normally a program that is either sponsored by a private firm or a school. Nowadays people are spending a lot of fortune on summer programs  because of its benefit of providing kids with boosters for their portfolios and besides providing them with a great amount of knowledge, it also provides them with a new set of skills.


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What are the “BENEFITS” of attending a Summer School?

Besides providing boosters to the kids portfolios summer schools also provides them with a great set of skills like an new language, crafting skills etc.-etc as I explained above because it is the most important benefit of attending a summer program. The second most important benefit of the summer program is that it provides exposure to kids and also spreads awareness among kids which really helps the introvert kids by removing their hesitation and shyness. 

 Now let’s talk about some summer schools which provide the teens with a great no. of summer programs.


1.Henry Harvin Summer School Academy


Students who want to take experience of interning. One of the best site for them is Henry Harvin Education. The site provides various courses worldwide and has 

The site has a teen M.B.A. program famously known as Henry Harvin teen M.B.A  program , under this program teenagers are provided different courses and that also from home. Some of the Henry Harvin teen M.B.A  courses  are:

  • G.S.T

The interns are also provided with certification for each courses they take up and if they perform well in their internships they are provided with a Certificate Of Merit. And one of the best internship course of this program is content writing as you will be taught about writing a blog by a great number of good faculties.

Also Check the Review of Henry Harvin Teen MBA Program

 University of Oxford – Oxford, United Kingdom

The University of Oxford offers The Oxford University Summer School for Adults, it is full of multiple courses due this the site will fully confuse and you will definitely end up enrolling yourself in more than one program. This school’s duration is between one and four weeks.

WARNING! there are over 100 courses to choose

University of Cambridge – Cambridge, United Kingdom

Your investment just can’t go to waste by attending a summer program at one of the leading universities in the world. At Cambridge, you will have multiple course options to choose from and the opportunity to be on one of the world’s most beautiful campuses! as most of the great personalities in Europe and all over the world have studied in Cambridge .So having  a opportunity to visit a university of such importance and of great legacy is a big honor.    

WARNING! This  university also provides a great number of courses.

Tilburg University – Tilburg, The Netherlands

Serious fun is the main motto of the University‘s summer school. In this program You’ll get to attend challenging courses, but still the main emphasis of the programs will be on social  works. You will get an opportunity to choose from several academic and language courses. Just to give you a little glimpse of how much fun you will have at the school, just go and   check out this amazing and interesting course: Bible and Video Games. How much fun is that?

NOTE:  This university gets a big WARNING! sign by me

 EU Business School – Barcelona, Spain

The EU Business School summer program is only for high school senior, recently graduated and young professionals. Whoever wants to fire up their Business skills can attend this summer program and the summer program also provides a great amount of exposure to the youngsters

NOTE:  If you don’t like the program, still on the brighter side you will have a vacation to Barcelona.

ISC Paris Business School – Paris, France

Luxury Products Management is quite an effective program at ISC Paris Business School. It is very specific, so you’ll know exactly what you’ll do with your business idea by the end of the 3-week session. To enter the program you need to prove you’ve completed two years of higher education or a BA degree

Utrecht University – Utrecht, The Netherlands

At Utrecht University You can choose from several courses in different disciplines, including languages, healthcare, life sciences, business, social sciences, culture, science, and more. So beware of the outstanding courses and by my experiences I can tell you will definitely get confused while enrolling yourself in this program ,by seeing the number of great courses available. 

WARNING do not visit this site if you are too choosy( cause it might confuse you)

Technical University of Berlin – Berlin, Germany

 TU Berlin offers several summer school program, lasting from two to four weeks. At TU Berlin you will  learn various computer programming , linguistic and precision engineering courses. And as we all know Berlin is one of the most beautiful spots  that should visited by a person at least once in his lifetime.

IE University – Madrid, Spain:

IE University offers great summer school programs for one or two weeks, designed for pre-university students, current students & recent graduates and executives. IE University’s international reputation, combined with the summer-time in Madrid, makes this option unbeatable

London Business School – London, United Kingdom

London Business School offers great summer course options.

The Entrepreneurship Summer School, in particular, will give you insights and teach you skills that enable you to shape your business idea and bring it to life.


So go and enroll yourself in the various interesting programs  and as I say  in all my blogs  no matter in  how many programs you enroll yourself or no matter how much the burden of your work is just always try to work hard and wise . NOTE: some of the courses listed above might be paid . The most important step that you should not forget is to share your summer experiences  with me and do not forget to give the a blog a like  and share the blog as more as you can

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