Six Sigma is a quality management methodology aimed at performance improvement by reducing the number of defects to 3.4 or few defects per million items produced and a subsequent increase in profits and decrease in costs. It mainly targets to remove the obstacles in a process which are resulting in defects. Six sigma rating indicates that 99.999966 % of what is produced is free from all kinds of defect and is a quality product.

A methodology proactive in nature and examines the entire production process to identify process improvement for removing defects even before their chance of occurrence.

Rigidity in planning process due to holistic approach limiting the creativity and innovation of team members

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PRINCE2 (an acronym for Projects In Controlled Environments) is a process-based method for effective project management. It is widely recognized and used in public sector and is especially used extensively by the government of UK .It serves as one of the best guide on project management. It provides the ability to manage business and deal with project risk more effectively. It is considered as an invaluable asset as it brings effectiveness in the performance of employees and increases the employment prospects for an individual. It was originally based on PROMPT, a project management method created by Simpact Systems Ltd.

The excess documentation involved can be helpful in tracking performance and corporate planning.

It is quite difficult to adapt to project changes as maintaining documents and logs require considerable efforts.
Where does the difference lie?

  1. Lean Six Sigma is a six sigma certification that deals with the way to solve the problem whereas PRINCE2 lays down the mechanism to run the problem.
  2. Six Sigma doesn’t allow execution and completion of a large IT project in a way that it is delivered on time, in the budget and within the scope whereas PRINCE2 is a process that specializes in project management and ensures that its complete focus is on delivering the project within the time frame set by the company.
  3. Six Sigma relates to specific methodologies which help in understanding how business processes are performing, what isn’t working i.e. where the waste is occurring in the process life cycle and then the process of rectification is carried out to ensure minimum wastage. 
  4. On the other hand methodologies like PRINCE2 sets out a framework in managing the delivery of the project. They are defined in such a manner which clearly lay down that what it needs to have in the place in order to make the project work.
  5. Six Sigma is mainly based upon Lean Process Improvement whereas Prince 2 is based on Waterfall/Sequential Project Management.

About Six Sigma training and certification

5-days/20-hours Live Online Six Sigma Certification Course on Weekends. Post completion, you get additional 6-months/12-hours Post Certification Live-Online Action-Oriented Expert Sessions which helps you in implementation of your learning


1.  Module 01 – Getting Started with Six Sigma  
2.  Module 02 – Define Phase
3.  Module 03 – Measure Phase
4.  Module 04 – Anayze Phase
5.  Module 05 – Improve Phase 
6.  Module 06 – Control Phase
7.  Module 07 – Lean Methodology
8.  Module 08 – Integrate the Learning 

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