SAP GRC courses discuss Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance of system applications. Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance make up the pillars that support a business’ performance. GRC takes care of the organization’s well-being and ensures that it can meet its objectives. GRC oversees the operative use of employees, processes and technology. SAP GRC Courses online training is provided to employees, so they know how to deal with some essential tensions that the company might face.

The best SAP GRC Courses in India

1. Henry Harvin’s SAP GRC courses online

henry harvin logoA Henry Harvin is a provider of high-quality educational technology based in the United States and India. The academy has students in more than 97 countries. Henry Harvin’s courses rank among the top 500 globally and the top 100 in India.

The course examines your critical aspects such as SAP R/3 Architecture, User administration, and SAP Authorization objects. In addition, as part of the SAP GRC course, the module also covers master network databases, SAP GRC, and application-level GRC.

Optional training modes include self-paced and live classroom sessions. The fact that the course adapts flexibly to the student’s pace is precious.

Check out the video to know the glimpse of placement session offered by Henry Harvin

SAP FICO Course Training

SAP FICO Course: Ranked Amongst Top 3 Courses | Recognized by Govt of India | Award Winning Institute | ISO 29990:2010 Certified | Live Online Instructor-led Certified SAP FICO Training & Certification

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Contact No: +91 9015266266

Henry Harvin Best Certification Training and Courses

Henry Harvin Ranks #1

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SAP (ERP) Academy at Henry Harvin imparts skills needed for future technology and management employees. We emphasize skills that are applicable in the workplace.

After each training session, expert trainers ensure that students walk away with key takeaways.

Below is a list of a few other SAP certification courses one can take as part of Henry Harvin’s SAP Academy:

1. The SAP FICO ECC course focuses on financial accounting and controlling.

2. The SAP MM ECC course focuses on a popular material management tool. Organizations use the tool to procure goods and coordinate activities. Students use the tool to handle materials effectively after completing the course.

3. This SAP ABAP course is precious in terms of advanced business application programming. The most recent generation of SAP ABAP is given its due. Student flexibility is an advantage.

4. For those seeking a career as a business manager, SAP BO benefits students enrolled in this course. Managing business objects and developing business intelligence are the main areas of focus.

Check Henry Harvin  SAP Courses 

SAP FICO Course | SAP MM COURSE SAP HR Course | SAP Hana Course SAP ABAP Course SAP Ariba Training |

Cities in India where Henry Harvin SAP FICO Course is provided:

DelhiHyderabadMumbaiGurgaonPune, IndoreOnlineBangaloreKolkataChennai

Henry Harvin® SAP FICO Course Ranks #1 in India by Higher Education Digest

2. ACTE’s SAP GRC courses online

Updated [OCT 2021] | ACTE

As ACTE SAP GRC courses online have proven their worth as a leader in the IT software training industry in a relatively short period. Students can learn SAP GRC in India from this reputed organization. Moreover, they will understand the latest industry trends during the training. Student benefits include access to the student portal, study materials, and interview preparation modules associated with ACTE’s SAP GRC class. In addition, in SAP GRC Courses, students can choose between beginner and advanced levels, allowing them to learn anywhere.

Following are ACTE’s authorized partners:

1. Oracle partner

2. Microsoft partner

3. Pearson Vue Exam Centre

4. PSI Exam Centre

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Contact number: +91 93833 99991


Classroom Training: [email protected]

Online Training: [email protected]

3. Tech Vidya’s SAP GRC courses online



Tech Vidya stands out as a leading computer training institute in India with a reputation for introducing professionals equipped for the modern workplace. In India, SAP GRC courses are designed for graduate and postgraduate students.

SAP GRC courses were designed to promote interactions between students and trainers. Experts train students in specific domains. Courses can also be taken over weekends or in regular classes.

Analyzing case studies and taking part in live projects are added advantages.

Contact details

Contact No: +91-7356692670

Email: [email protected]

4. Revanth Technologies’ SAP GRC courses online

Revanth Technologies - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding

The organization Revanth, a leading educational technology organization, is making waves with SAP GRC courses online. They offer both offline and online training. Students are trained to be competent in meeting industrial requirements. With Revanth, students receive one of the best computer training around. Several study options are available with SAP GRC Courses in India – regular track, fast track, or weekend classes. Through live sessions, faculty members train students. It is a 30-hour online course.

Contact details

  • Contact number: +91-7356692670
  • Send an email to [email protected]
  • Online Training:
  • Call to: 9290971883, 9247461324
  • Email ID: [email protected]
  • For Classroom Training:
  • Call to: 9246599566

Email ID:[email protected]

5. ZaranTech’s SAP GRC courses online

ZaranTech Blog: Interview Questions, Videos & Tutorials

ZaranTech is one of the top global e-learning companies with headquarters in the USA. It offers IT Training to both businesses and individuals through SAP GRC courses online. Live and recorded courses are available. With ZaranTech, SAP GRC Courses in India, students are taught through functional case studies. This training course can prepare you to become an SAP GRC expert. It effectively communicates SAP modules. Designed for IT Business Analysts, Project Team Members, and System Administrators, ZaranTech will enhance your skills and increase your income.

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Contact number: +91-7356692670

Email: [email protected]

6. VR IT’s SAP GRC courses online

VR IT Solutions Logo

One of India’s leading online training institutes, VR IT is recognized for excellence. The SAP GRC courses online in India include a unique feature of an affordable investment. Furthermore, trainers provide one-on-one focus to the students. SAP GRC and GRC training are the focus of the Training. Those who complete the program have the necessary skills to succeed in their careers. They benefit from the flexibility of online Training. In addition, students can benefit from live industry-related projects. Become an SAP GRC professional and benefit from the rising demand. They will have the opportunity to provide comprehensive GRC services in SAP Systems.  

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Email: [email protected] Phone: +91 9032734343

7. SSNIT Solutions’ SAP GRC courses online

SSN IT Solutions are known for providing companies and academic institutions with SAP GRC courses online that is effective and comprehensive. Students learn concepts from beginner to advanced with the assistance of expert trainers.

In addition to group training, one-on-one assistance and interaction is offered to every trainers. Trainers who are effective make sure a concept is conveyed from the basics to the advanced levels. Experts at Edges simplify complex and technical concepts for the layperson ones.

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Contact No: +91 9032734343

Email: [email protected]

8. TIC Academy’s SAP GRC courses onlineTIC - Chennai logo

As a pioneering provider of IT software training programs, TIC has achieved great success in a short amount of time. They track whether students can comprehend learnings and the curriculum is designed and updated accordingly. SAP GRC courses online in India from TIC Academy are suited for students. The program allows students to develop practical skills and be focused on a successful career. Once the course is completed, the students can be placed in reputed organizations as SAP GRC professionals. Students are prepared as holistic SAP professionals through the curriculum. Providing a complete understanding of SAP GRC from a beginner’s point of view to an advanced point of view.

Contact details

The contact number is +91-8680 073 004

Email: [email protected]

9. Udemy’s SAP GRC courses online


Bali, Biyani, and Caglar founded Udemy Inc. In 2010. The American Massive Open Online Course Udemy is beneficial to adults and students alike. In addition, several courses are designed by Udemy to improve the trainees’ professional skills. To transmit quality knowledge, Udemy imparts SAP GRC courses online concepts effectively. In addition, the platform prepares students to become SAP GRC consultants. By preparing for interviews, students can be hired. A-One of the most fascinating features of this course would be the real-life examples. Each topic is covered very well.

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10. Bangalore Training Academy’s SAP GRC courses online

Bangalore Training Academy - Home | Facebook

The Bangalore Training Academy is one of the leading IT education providers in the country. It is reputed for imparting quality training by professionals. After completing the course, students are assisted with placement. SAP GRC is covered in theoretical and practical aspects, meeting current industry requirements with an expert-designed curriculum. Aspiring students can book a free demo with Bangalore Training Academy to be confident in their expertise. Bangalore Training Academy features are well-equipped labs, interview-focused Training, and placements with reputed companies.

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Contact No: 

Classroom – +91 98458 222 88

Online – +91 98453 999 33

E-mail – Not mentioned

SAP GRC terminology:

  • STAD Data

Access to an SAP system is controlled by STAD data, which is a transactional code. It provides GRC services, including analysis, monitoring, and auditing of STAD data.

  • SAP Cryptographic Library

As part of its encryption capabilities, the product allows secure network communication between SAP server components.

  • GRC for Internet Transaction Server

As a central component for the SAP system accessible via web browser, the Internet Transaction Server (ITS) provides GRC services.

  • Firewall

The communication path between communication partners is determined by a system of software and hardware components.

  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

The server and client are connected through an encrypted link. A malfunction can be detected through its unique variables.

  • Single Sign-On

Using single sign-on enables multiple people to access resources with a single credential. Various systems can therefore be accessed simultaneously. As a result, it lowers GRC risk and reduces administration costs.

  • Audit Information System (AIS)

One can analyze the SAP system’s security using the function of the Audit Information System (AIS). AIS tracks both business audits and system audits.

Learning SAP GRC Can Lead to Success?

In short, SAP GRC is a very advanced system that constantly needs maintenance. An SAP GRC expert consultant, you will handle both the administration and implementation of SAP in an organization. Besides SAP GRC consultants, SAP business leads and functional consultants are also consulted to assess business risks. Using experts skilled in handling such matters efficiently is crucial to every organization.

An SAP GRC training certificate is always a good investment for your future. If you possess an SAP GRC certification, you will never be worried about finding a job.

There is a growing need for skilled SAP GRC consultants.

Thus, completing the course leads you to get more credibility, better employment opportunities, promotions, and a higher income.

How Does SAP GRC Training Work?

  • Access Control
  • Control of the process
  • Management of SoD risks
  • Control of Mitigation
  • A user’s privileges
  • Implementing plans and factors effectively
  • Assessing risk factors
  • Enhanced quality through risk analysis
  • Integration of workflows

Is SAP GRC Right for Me?

  • Beginners interested in learning more
  • Students with an SAP background who wish to add more skills to it.
  • Auditors
  • An analytical mind, a preemptive approach, and a confident outlook.

Responsibilities and tasks

Professionals in GRC are responsible for several things, including:

  • Assessing the effectiveness of the company’s best-practice processes and internal control risks.
  • Implementing systems to manage and organize the business ethically.
  • Regulatory compliance

Why SAP GRC Courses is in demand?

The SAP GRC courses online assure the trainee will handle the risk management factors. 

As part of SAP GRC access control, time is reduced for assessing, remediating, and supporting access across various IT systems. As a result, it allows a streamlined application process, consent procedure, and integration with human resource systems (such as SAP HCM). While consultants evaluate every aspect of these systems, the demand for them keeps increasing. Over the past few decades, industries around the globe have grown exponentially. If you are a student interested in learning SAP GRC, now you may wonder if you should take the course.

The demand for SAP GRC courses online is increasing. SAP systems, the future of data privacy and integration, are being implemented by many organizations. Furthermore, SAP GRC protects against cyberattacks, frauds, etc. Also, Data encryption is crucial to ensure data (such as company intellectual property) is well protected.

Ensure your company complies with data security and authorization standards with SAP Governance, Risk, and Compliance (SAP GRC), a powerful SAP security tool.

The SAP GRC, Access Control tool, helps with this.

SAP GRC Certification Training Course Online | Henry Harvin


  • Using this tool, you can protect and identify cross-enterprise SAP system access and authorization risks to prevent fraud and reduce the cost of continuous compliance and control.
  • SAP GRC Access Control reduces the time necessary for monitoring, remediating, and approving access across multiple IT systems with its integrated risk analysis and workflow engine.
  • In addition to offering a centralized request and approval process, it also provides integration with HR systems (such as SAP ERP HCM) to support the user life cycle process from hire to retire.
  • Temporary access can be checked out, evaluated, and checked by a supervisor if an estimated permit is required for a short period.

Why SAP GRC Courses in India, is a good Choice?

  • As SAP GRC is a career choice worth considering. Your career can be enhanced remarkably with SAP GRC courses in India. Professionals who have experience in SAP GRC have a distinct advantage.
  • The educational qualifications of SAP GRC professionals include graduate degrees, postgraduate degrees, and doctorates.
  • Studying SAP GRC courses can benefit project team managers, business/IT analysts, and system administrators. An SAP GRC Consultant ensures the network and applications are secure within a database system.
  • Several institutes provide SAP GRC courses online, as one can see in the below list. Online Training, in my view, offers greater flexibility and better training quality.
  • We can stay optimistic towards the future with online Training in these Omicron times. You will gain more confidence and enhance your career, just a few of the many benefits.


SAP GRC is a highly sought-after course in the market. Following SAP GRC training, many people achieve great success in their careers. SAP GRC can be learned in two ways. The first is online. Learning new technologies is increasingly being done online. Institutions are also more comfortable conducting online courses.

The process is becoming more convenient and hassle-free. Offline learning is another option. Campus-based learning is another option. Students can benefit from offline classes. Offline courses allow students to develop their personalities in a social environment.

IT Professionals are taking SAP GRC courses to get hired at top MNCs. They are making good money from SAP courses. This list includes institutions that educate people to achieve their dreams. With this list, you will find the best SAP GRC institutes in India.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How does SAP GRC work?

Ans.Organizations can manage regulations and compliance using SAP Governance, Risk and Compliance, reducing risk in managing critical operations. As a result, companies can safeguard their values, and organizations perform better. SAP’s GRC solution comprises three main components: analyze, manage, and monitor.

Q2. Who is eligible to apply for the SAP GRC course?

Ans.Team leaders, risk managers, and project managers can apply for the SAP GRC program.

Q3. Where can I take the SAP GRC course?

Ans.Henry Harvin is one of the top SAP GRC institutes. The organization has customers in more than 97 countries. Henry Harvin’s courses rank among the top 500 globally and the top 100 in India.

Q4. How much does SAP GRC cost?

Ans.There are different fee structures for other institutes. The course fee for Henry Harvin is Rs. 26, 550 and for Live Online Classroom: Rs 29, 500/-

Q. Is SAP GRC suitable for HR professionals?

Ans.The SAP GRC course is available for them to take.

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