Some say that a profession as quintessential as business management should need no formal training. Surely, shouldn’t it be possible to make it big in the world of business- something so incredibly democratic to beginners- with raw smarts and intuition? Even so, have you ever wondered why only a select few– among the likes of Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and others- are able to actually make it in the market arena? What is their secret?


What does one mean by Business Management?

Contrary to popular belief, business management isn’t one single, all-powerful skill that can transform a novice to a Management Mogul. No, it is a loose term that encompasses many qualities- and it isn’t possible for you or me to chase every one of them individually.

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is hence, unsurprisingly, one of the most coveted and sought-after degrees in the world, since the MBA course effectively condenses the knowledge of all that an ordinary Joe would need to become a John Rockefeller. 

But how can you as a high school student act with a steely and steadfast resolve towards accomplishing your dream of pursuing an MBA program from a top university? 
Well, ask no further. Mini-MBAs are tailor-made for your need!

What is a Mini MBA?

The Teen Mini MBA program at Henry Harvin Education is meant to condense advanced knowledge of business development and management in a short, affordable and state-of-the-art course- one of the many ways to spend your summer productively– so that you can add professional experience to your profile, and eventually apply for a place at an Ivy League University.

A whole plethora of different programs are offered by the Henry Harvin Mini MBA initiative: 

  • Teen CEO: Develop entrepreneurial acumen like Steve Jobs (CEO, Apple)
  • Teen CMO: Harness innovative marketing skills like Kelly Bennett (CMO, Netflix)
  • Teen CFO: Cultivate revolutionary financial ability like Ruth Porat (CFO, Alphabet & Google)
  • Teen CTO: Understand industry 4.0 tech and develop ideas like Werner Vogels (CTO, Amazon)

So without further ado, here are the Top #4 Entrepreneurial Skills Taught by Teen MBA Programs: 

Skill #1: Teen CEO- Team Management

A true leader is one who can both work in a team, and also inspire a team to work alongside them.

A market corporation is, in principle, no different from a grassroots-level team- it also is a macrocosm of what an individual person is, and what they can accomplish. 

The Henry Harvin Teen CEO program trains you in the art of team-building. It instils in you at this tender, high-school age that teams are made up of people with different skill-sets, and also equips you with the necessary mental machinery to create and manage a team where every individual is brilliant and skilful in their own right.

Skill #2: Teen CMO- Marketing Strategy


Linear flat illustration for presentations on green background

The focal point of a startup is the one product or service they can provide better and cheaper than anyone else, but who’s to say if people really want to purchase your product or utilize your service?

Ever wondered why even the most innovative and ingenious startups get left in the dirt while startups on the complete opposite end of the spectrum- the generic and blatantly unoriginal ones- even become Fortune 500 Companies?

The Henry Harvin Teen CMO program is all about what makes or breaks a business: market strategy.

Skill #3: Teen CFO- Financial Planning

So now, we have talked about what makes or breaks a business. Fair enough. But what really builds the business in the first place? Financial Management.

The success and lifespan of a business are both directly proportional to its Financial Planning. Why is it industry-leading companies declare bankruptcy and cease to exist even at the height of their corporate hegemony, while tiny, relatively unknown market players usurp their thrones?

Here at Henry Harvin Education, the Teen CFO program teaches you the true value of one unit of currency, and how far you can take it.

Skill #4: Teen CTO- Tech Problem Solving

I have always admired the ability of an engineer to whip-up functional, practical solutions to any problem they are faced with, and I believe this ability to be a tribute to the age-old human trait of chasing technological advancement through raw ingenuity.

However, a business isn’t just about showing off the latest flashy bits of technology to consumers- it’s rather about the specific application of technology to solve real-world problems, and to also make it profitable and economically feasible to produce.

Public Enterprise is really the pinnacle of “brain-meets-brawn”, and the Henry Harvin Teen CTO program teaches you how to light up that bulb in your mind, and get cracking to the forefront of the market.


As a high school student, the best way for you to chase your dream of pursuing an MBA from an Ivy League University is to add business skill to your profile today, by opting for the Henry Harvin Teen MBA program.

At Henry Harvin Education, the following core business competencies are cultivated in an individual not through bookish learning, but from a practical, know-how approach:

  • Teen CEO Course: Develop entrepreneurial acumen like Steve Jobs (CEO, Apple)
  • Teen CMO Course: Harness innovative marketing skills like Kelly Bennet (CMO, Netflix)
  • Teen CFO Course: Cultivate revolutionary financial ability like Ruth Porat (CFO, Alphabet & Google)
  • Teen CTO Course: Understand industry 4.0 tech and develop ideas like Verner Vogels (CTO, Amazon)

So, how are you going to apply these skills in your life, and become a budding Management Mogul? Feel free to share it in the comments below!

Happy Learning!

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