Why learn English speaking at home?

Are you struggling to speak English and would like to know how to speak English with much confidence? So be rest assured. In this blog, you will get to know how English speaking can be an achievable goal.

Regardless of the career, you decide to follow, learning English is an invaluable skill. However, mastering any new language can be a nagging task. So, why not make it a thrilling experience by learning from the luxury of your home?

Home, without a doubt, is the place where our comfort lies. Hence learning at home provides you with the desired aura to maximize your potential in the right direction. In addition, learning at home again offers you the needed time and flexibility. As a consequence, you can easily resume your learning process whenever possible if you couldn’t study on a specific day.

Now let’s take a look at the top 12 tips and tricks required to learn English speaking at home at a rapid pace.

1. Immerse yourself in English

Undoubtedly it may sound weird to you. But the fact is surrounding yourself with people conversing in English will help you to learn English speaking at home. To be precise, this doesn’t mean shifting abroad to achieve your English-speaking goal. Instead, you can study right at your home by surrounding yourself with English.

Let’s say you are busy doing your household chores. At the same time, you can switch on your TV in the background and start paying heed to the language. Hence, practising this habit will eventually polish your English-speaking skills in the long run.

2. Talk to yourself in English

Remember if you genuinely want to improve your English-speaking skills, you must have to interact in this specific language. Now this question might have popped up in your mind: With whom to interact in English?


Start speaking to yourself in English. It might be an awkward situation in the beginning. And that is quite normal. But gradually you will feel at home with this learning technique. Moreover, while speaking to yourself, you will be able to rectify your mistakes. As a result, you will find the solution to your specific problem. You can play around with a variety of vocabulary, phrases, and other grammatical concepts without bothering about the judgement of others.

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Thus, in this way you can unleash your unlimited potential. The more you converse to yourself in English, the higher the chances that you will start to think in English.

3. Read out loud

Read as much as possible. Reading out loud helps you to improve your pronunciation skills. Therefore, try to inculcate this habit on a day-to-day basis.

At times, reading can be monotonous and time-consuming. So, in that case, try to choose a book of your interest. As a result, you will notice a tremendous improvement in your vocabulary and command of English speaking.

Remember just reading alone would not benefit you. However, you must try to use the sentences you learned in your daily conversations. In addition, reading out loud will also give you the chance to practise the rhythm of spoken English. Thus, the mentioned trick will certainly guide you to learn English speaking at home in no time. All you have to do is practice reading any book for at least 30 minutes a day.

4. Record your voice

Again recording yourself will also help you to learn English speaking at home with a great deal of convenience. You will feel awkward in the first place. But with continuous practice, you will become a pro in this technique.

Further, recording yourself in English provides the opportunity to rewatch yourself and find out the areas for improvement. If you are in short of ideas about what to record. Then let me help you with some related to the context. You can easily talk about your day or your favourite movie or your favourite book and so on.

Likewise, another alternative you can go for is to record yourself expressing your thoughts instead of jotting them down on paper. Moreover, recording will help you to give yourself constructive feedback. You can easily check your pronunciation skills and try not to repeat the same mistake further.

Hence, this is indeed a great way to evaluate what areas you need to work on in the future.

5. Create role-play situations.

Every one of you has heard about role-playing situations back in your school days. You can easily learn English speaking at home by adopting this known technique regularly.

To illustrate, try to create a situation where you are at a medical store, and then think of everything you would need to say in that particular scenario. For example, Can I get this medicine, Can I pay in cash? Do you have a Google pay mode of payment? In consequence, this technique will give you the ability to learn how to speak English like a native speaker.

Henceforth, these role-play situations will surely help you to shed your fear of speaking English. So, inculcate this practice by imagining different situations to enhance your English speaking skills.

6. Talk in front of a mirror

This trick is yet another powerful technique to help you learn English speaking at home. I am pretty sure this is not a new technique for you.

Standing in front of a mirror makes one fuelled up with confidence. Moreover, you are not scared of any eyes on you. As a result, you can practise your English speaking lessons without any fear of judgement. You can start by picking any easy topics such as about your day or your workplace. All you have to do is just start right away with this strategy.


Remember merely knowing about any learning tactics is not enough. Until and unless you make the best use of your expertise, you stand nowhere in the herd. Therefore, step out of your comfort zone to avail the maximum of the existing resources. I assure you this mirror technique will ultimately bring unbelievable results to your speaking skills.

7. Speak in English with friends

As the saying goes,’ A friend in need is a friend indeed ‘.

Keeping this quote intact in your mind, start conversing in English among your friends. Moreover, your group of friends knows your level of spoken English, which in turn will help you in preparing accordingly. Further, you can also ask for constructive feedback. This feedback will help you in the areas for improvement in the long run.

Initially, speaking English with your friends could be a little difficult task. But eventually, you can get the hang of it once you are comfortable. To be precise, make it a habit to hold a grip on your speaking skills. This habit will take you a long way in your career prospects.

Hence, try to converse in English as much as possible if you want to get better results in this language.

8. Take online classes

This is also one of the effective ways to learn English speaking at home. As online classes provide you full flexibility and convenience to study, you can register yourself for an online English-speaking course.


In addition, online classes provide you with some videos related to the subject you need to learn. In that case, whenever you are running short of time and unable to attend your online classes, then you can easily go for these recorded lectures. The main benefit of online classes is that you can learn speaking lessons at your place.

Furthermore, these classes give easy access to practice papers through which you can gain expertise in the same language. So, without further delay, join an online class that suits best to your needs and start learning from today.

9. Online learning apps

In this age of digitalization, no corner of the globe is left untouched by the magic of technology. You no longer have to move out of your home to learn any new language.

Of course, you can acquire a lot of learning through online apps, but staying consistent is what matters. Firstly, you need to choose an app from the long list available at the play store and app store. Then you need to download and install the app on your device and start your learning process.

Further, every online app possesses three levels for learning: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Thus, you can choose any one of them according to your level.

10. Play Video Games in English

You must be reflecting on the question: How can one learn English while playing games?

If you are a fond lover of video games, then this learning alternative is certainly for you. In other words, there are innumerable resources and online videos related to different games. Thus, while playing games, you can get along with a partner to practice English speaking.

Besides video games, you can even find many learning apps to enrich your vocabulary as well as grammatical concepts. This fun learning experience will ultimately bring a boost to your speaking skills.

11. Shadowing technique

The shadowing technique is indeed the best technique to learn English speaking at home. In other words, it refers to the process of imitating and copying what exactly the speaker says.

Regardless of your level of speaking, try using this technique regularly for the best output. Shadowing, in addition, guides you in improving your pronunciation skills. As a result, you will sound more natural while conversing in English.

Make sure you choose content that you are interested in and practice this shadowing technique. It will certainly help you in improving your speaking skills if practised on a day-to-day basis.

12. Radio, Podcasts, and Music

Have you ever noticed that while watching TV and movies, you fail to focus on what the person is saying?

It’s all due to the cinematic effects. On the contrary, while listening to podcasts or radio, you entirely focus on what the person is conveying. Hence, it is evident that listening to any of these audio platforms wouldn’t distract you due to the absence of visual effects. You can easily improve your speaking skills by paying extra heed to your listening skills. Because both speaking as well as listening skills are correlated to each other.

I hope you will start your English-speaking journey now by choosing any of the listed strategies you are comfortable with. Further, if you are interested in taking up an English-speaking course, then you can check out one of the renowned institutes out there.

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By and large, the English language is quite easy to learn if you follow the right approach. If you ever feel like giving up on your learning journey, do remember the ample number of advantages of speaking English. Keeping this in mind, you will never divert from your desired goal of speaking English.

However, if you have a chance of learning English from your home, then grab this golden opportunity as it doesn’t come often. Make full utilisation of your free time. Don’t put off things to tomorrow. There is only one thing you need to keep in mind to improve your English-speaking skills, and that is staying consistent.

You need to practice your speaking skills regularly to get the best results. Just practising for a week or a fortnight won’t help you. You need consistent efforts to bring improvement in the long run.

I hope this blog would help you with some insights into your English-speaking journey. With that, I wish you all happy learning.

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Q.1 What is the effective way to learn English?

The ultimate best way to master any language is to speak it to gain fluency in the specific language. Until and unless you converse, you won’t gain command over the language.

Q.2 What are fundamental English skills?

There are four primary language skills namely listening, speaking, reading, and writing. You need to focus on each of these skills to become a pro in that particular language.

Q.3 Which English is followed in India?

English speakers in India primarily follow British English as described in the Oxford or Longman English dictionaries.

Q.4 Who is the father of the English language?

Geoffrey Chaucer is regarded as the father of the English language.

Q.5 How can I master the English language?

There are various strategies to master the English language. But the best technique is to read everything in English to get better results.


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