We can all agree, summer is a long awaited time for us high school lads, where we can finally take a course off our mundane routines and engage in a blast of fun. At least that is what we have in mind.

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But most of the times, these prolonged hot periods restrict us to the four walls of our home and pushes us through of what becomes the typical drill of the day: sleeping-eating-binge watching Netflix –snacking-Instgramming-eating and sleeping again.

Moreover, during our teen years, we experience an increased propensity to experiment. I am a breathing study of the same. My tendency to plunge to my ideas and a bold decision to venture through it gets to an extent where the next minute I spill the beans, I’ll find my mom hollering at me.

Although with such spare time comes an easy nudge to slip off from the normal ideal, choosing to make a positive shift to our routine whilst also getting a thrill out of it could be another route.  

The way I approach it is through ‘self-investment’. These summery days are the best time to capitalise out of it.

Here are 5, off the way tactics to approach your summer with quality time:


“Embrace yourself”

The period of adolescence doesn’t specially mark its very visitors at being the best on their outer self. Chances are you’ll most likely cringe at your present photos when nostalgia hits you in the time ahead.

Increased mood swings, changes in hormonal levels and rapid development in your body can bid a dieu to you with their uniquely customised gits for each being such as growth of acne, hairs or increased sweating.

Hence, especially for such lads, adopting this unconventional approach to utilise time, can yield something significant yet interesting for you to put your clock around.

Try out making homemade masks and skin creams; your skin will adore you for the benefits you will offer it- something fresh with zero chemicals, organic materials and packed with loads of nutrients. It might take longer than market based products to spin its wand but unlike them, after adopting the healthier approach, your outcomes will be permanent and the end result will always be better!

Utilize your time doing research about what products suits you (you could play around with hairstyles and makeup too!), what looks best on you and what isn’t as friendly.

Online shopping spree could be another way for you to turn your heart around. Or simply march and let that closet be flung open by you. Strive to play with your clothes to make dashing outfits and click their pictures, so you’ll relish the time when that comes around and you won’t have to suffer with another “I don’t have any clothes, what do I wear!?” epidemic…and the list goes on.


‘”The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory”

Rather than letting yourself translate into a couch potato day by day, be revived and spring up with a zest of energy. Doing any sport will not only keep you at your healthiest but it will declutter your mind by throwing the oxygen filled bold through your brain, leaving you completely invigorated!

In the searing heat, if you can’t go outside due to the pandemic, this time instead of putting your muscles through rigorous stress, put your mind at work.

Gather around for a chess rivalry, show off your aiming skills at shooting darts, or pull up a board game with your family. This way you engage in a pure glee and splurge ‘quality time’ with you kin, killing two birds with one stone!    

If not for the regular sports, put through indoor sports, aerobics or hoola hoop to give you a mini workout whilst also engulfing you in complete merriness or simply catch and throw a ball against some  wall for a better eye-hand coordination!  



“Meditation is dissolving the invisible walls, unawareness has built”

This might seem a drab to the ordinary teen, distancing themselves the moment this word hits their ears and squabbling on its very need, but for one to invest in himself, one needs to be willing to trade it for the internal care as well.

Self-maintenance and self-care are to two different things. The former relates to the caring of you from the exterior while the latter is all about the internal care.

You might have unease to shoot your very thoughts apart and anguish to sit through the bromidic sessions at first, but this in itself is a testament as to why you must put your hands to it.

Self-maintenance and self-care are to two different things. The former relates to the caring of you from the exterior while the latter is all about internal care.

By concentrating on your breathing, targets and prayers, you’ll be reprogramming you subconscious mind and attracting powerful energies from universe; which from the moment you open your lids, you’ll be drowning in positive emotions such peace, happiness, gratitude, fulfilment, clarity and a new born perspective towards life. Take it from me, I do it regularly.

If you have a certain goal you desperately wish to clinch, ‘meditation for manifestation’ is something overwhelmingly potent.

There are different kinds of meditation and online apps such as the mindfulness app, calm or headspace aid you through your sessions and get you started.


Join Summer Programs


“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”

Know a wonderful medium to learn something new during your time off? -summer programs. There are oodles of these with numerous courses ranging from academic to non-academic. If you choose to deal with these cards, your brain will be flourished with knowledge outside your ordinary school education.

There exist primary and junior MBA (Masters of Business Administration) programs such as the Henry Harvin Junior MBA Course which renders its students with expertise along with an eye opening exposure to the real world job roles at a young age.  

If you are more on the adventurous and social side, there are many courses which offer little jaunts alongside as well-a best way to sandwich your vacay and learning!



“Your best teacher is your last mistake”

As summer acts as a divergence from your prosaic days, exploit this time to ‘think’. Retrospect your failures and your success. Draw your strings out from past situations and you’ll be left in awe on how the dots connect.

Retrospect helps you to comprehend your present situation, to draw up lessons from past and keeping such in mind, look with forethought into the future. The best thing is, you can do it any time, anywhere, even when you put you head down on pillow at the day’s end.

‘You’ are a part of your being. How do you invest in yourself to make yourself better than yesterday?

Talk to yourself and pull up questions. Take this time to reflect on your ‘life’- did things workout the way you wanted them to? Why or why not? Was it because of you or was it due to external forces that you couldn’t control? Could you have done the same thing with better results or could you have done it in an alternative way?

Either way-negative or positive, if you think of the bigger picture, it’ll give you a sense of gratitude for what you have today.


Summer time should be dotted with fun while also being an optimum utilization of your time. Besides the ordinary-learning a new skill, a new language, a new instrument or something other, of the utmost importance are you, your health and your happiness.

Do what makes you physically, socially, mentally, spiritually and emotionally healthy. Don’t over exert and pressurize yourself. Especially for us teens, having an adequate sleep schedule, proper meal timings, or feeding yourself with nutritious food is quite unlikely and hence, just as important.

No matter what you choose to do from doodling, to calligraphy, to yoga or something as simple yet as complex as cat’s cradle, in consummation it should proffer you whith content and satiety.

If you drive gaiety out of sheer buffoonery, do that!

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