If you are looking for a French language course in Mumbai and don’t know how to and whom to approach. I can help you here by listing the top 8 French Language Courses in Mumbai. 

Mumbai is considered to be the second most popular city in India for pursuing studies in the humanities, sciences, and foreign languages. It has more than 80 universities and educational institutions.

France, Haiti, Monaco, and portions of Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, the United States (particularly in the New England and Louisiana regions), and other towns across the world all have French as a first language.

French Language Course

Henry Harvin® provides the best platform for French Course | Many multinational companies use French as their working language | Gain Fluency with the Completion of A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 Levels of French Language

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Top 8 French Language Courses in Mumbai 

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is the best educational platform for learning French language course in Mumbai. The institute helps you gain better fluency in the French language by completing levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2 of the French Language. 

Key features

  • The course involves – Training +  Internship +Projects + Certification + E-Learning+Placement+ Hackathons + Bootcamps +  Gold Membership
  • 100% guidance to pass the DLF, DELF, DALF, DCL, and TCF French language examinations
  • Provides practical training in the French Language, Project-Based Learning, and emphasis on learning while doing, with the popular GCAO Pedagogy
  • The authorized Learning Management System (LMS) is portable and available to you. The Certified French Language Course in Mumbai is available at your fingertips while using the login information to access the Moodle app on your phone.
  • 24*7 support is available with the Live projects with guaranteed internship plus regular job support plus compiled videos plus monthly boot camp sessions plus career services

French language course in Mumbai at Henry Harvin is geared to learn vocabulary and concepts. Additionally, you will pick up grammatical knowledge to improve your French language proficiency. You will be able to compose a range of texts once the course is completed. Henry Harvin will help you communicate effectively in French. Learn French fluently and succeed on crucial exams like the DILF, DELF, DALF, DCL, and TCF

The course has the following modules/levels

A1: The Beginners Level. This level covers the fundamentals of French grammar, including nouns, pronouns, verbs, plural nouns, adjectives, and more.

A2: The Upper Beginners Level—This level focuses on the upper beginner’s level of the French language. Grammar components including future tenses, relative pronouns, comparative/superlative sentences, adverbs, demonstrative pronouns, and more can be used to communicate a decision, make a comparison, suggest a chronology, express certainty, and more.

B1: The Intermediate Level – The skills of writing, reading, and listening are covered at this level. Candidates will develop the ability to structure sentences in French.

B2: Upper Intermediate – This level focuses on the additional study of complex texts and French dialects. The candidate will learn how to craft lengthy French speeches and effectively communicate complicated ideas.

C1: The Advanced Level – The candidate will get a grasp of longer texts and their implicit meaning at level C1, which is considered to be the advanced level. Candidates will get the ability to speak clearly and spontaneously without constantly seeking the right words.

C2: The Proficiency Level – At this level, individuals will be better able to comprehend practically everything they hear or read. The applicants will be able to reassemble arguments and accounts in a cogent presentation using material from various oral and written sources.

2. Cambridge Insititute

Cambridge Institute provides translation and interpretation services in addition to specialist foreign language instruction. They have been effectively offering corporate training to a range of elite companies for years. Cambridge Institute offers writing, reading, and speaking classes in six distinct foreign languages.

Instructors put a lot of emphasis on innovative teaching techniques and invest a lot of time in improving each student’s ability to speak a foreign language.

The French language course in Mumbai emphasizes the rapidly evolving nature of international trade and business, for which being able to speak both languages fluently is crucial.

Key features

  • Both students and corporate applicants can receive professional foreign language instruction from Cambridge Institute.
  • The trainers at Cambridge Institute are its greatest asset because they are highly qualified and linguistically competent.
  • Students are introduced to several facets of the French language through Cambridge Institute. Our course has been specifically designed to get you ready for the DELF tests.

3. Excel Academy

Excel Academy, offers reading, writing, and conversational training in ten different languages, a prestigious corporate training institute with locations in Andheri and Malad. They provide all of the students with placement services.

Key features

  • Dedicated faculty team with the highest levels of motivation, experience, and dedication.
  • For individualized attention, group batches are limited to four to six with both regular and expedited batches.
  • Individualized classes are offered ( one to one).
  • Audio sessions and professionally prepared course materials with a convenient class schedule.
  • Classrooms with air conditioning facilities to improve your learning experience.

4. The American Institute of Languages

The American Institute has developed into a leader in providing high-quality language training solutions (classroom program and e-learning program), both regularly and following specific client needs in several languages. They have been rated the best institute in India for the past ten years by our students, who adore both our weekday and weekend foreign language classes.

Key features

  • A group of highly skilled, talented, and experienced linguists who are well acquainted delivers the education and expertise provided at our institute.
  • The professional trainers use creative, engaging, and entertaining teaching techniques to help pupils quickly pick up the language. 
  • Trainers communicate with the candidates in the most respectful, ethical, and pleasant ways possible.

5. Ziel Foreign Language Academy

There is a large team of highly qualified language professional trainers for teaching French Language course in Mumbai. The institute is extremely committed to its teaching roles at Ziel Foreign Language Academy. The course is designed by ZIEL’s language specialists after extensive investigation into the evolving dynamics of communication. Language accuracy demands concentrated, unique effort. Enriching languages cannot take place by mistake. 

Key features

  • Ziel’s provides the French language course in Mumbai with a tailor-made syllabus to set the requirements of any organization.
  • At Ziel, they motive by the fundamental conviction that cultural connection and the power of clarity are at the heart of translation.

6. Foreign Language Institutes in Mumbai – Pacific Network

Pacific Network, is well-known in Mumbai for providing numerous professional development programs as well as instruction in foreign languages. The institute has always placed a strong emphasis on providing our students with the guidance and assistance they need to develop the skills that will be essential to their profession and future.

Key features

  • Free counseling sessions are provided to sample the quality of learning
  • Instructors frequently create the study materials and get the pupils ready for the exam.
  • To improve learning, maximum of 8 students per batch.


The French Language course in Mumbai at ReSOLT is well-designed to help the students to learn from excellent instructors. The cost of the training is cheaper so that anyone can afford to learn.

Key features

  • Learn at an affordable price 
  • Highly qualified instructors with the best industry knowledge are indulged to design the course curriculum
  • The classes are maintained with a small group of students in each batch

8. Alliance Française de Bombay

The Alliance Française de Bombay provides a comprehensive range of French language course in Mumbai that is particularly designed to assist adults or children of all ages and skill levels in learning, using, and improving their French.

Key features

  • The course curriculum is designed with highly qualified teaching techniques and highly skilled instructors, 
  • The support team helps the candidates in achieving all of their language goals and advancing their career

CEFR – European Language levels

You can take CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) for languages including French. It is a French language test having 6 levels – A1 and A2(Elementary), B1 and B2(Intermediate), and C1 and C2(Advanced). These levels indicate the level of your language understanding.

A1 – Beginner

This is the basic level where simple familiar sentences like ordering a coffee or a beer are taught. These also include simple questions like – What is your name? or Where do you live?

Proposed viewpoint

This level in CEFR is sufficient for tourists to travel to France (and if you are good at English).To stay or to work in French, this level can not be enough.

A2 – Elementary level

On the European scale, level A2 (CEFR) has a basic vocabulary and can do simple tasks in French at this level. In the UK, many students graduate at this level. 

At this stage, you can make out 

Proposed viewpoint

It is absolutely possible to travel to a country that speaks the French language at this CEFR level. You should be able to cope with simple, repeated tasks (navigating the menu in a restaurant, booking a hotel). However, you’ll probably discover that it’s difficult to understand a tour guide once you’re there. This level won’t allow you to fit in at work; employers will view it as being too low.

B1 – Intermediate level

You are an “independent speaker” since you are speaking at an INTERMEDIATE level. 

Here, you can understand everything that is said clearly and use common terminology (work, education, hobbys, etc). You can converse effectively about known subjects and pursuits. You can give examples of things that happened, how you felt about them, what you wanted to achieve, and why.

Proposed viewpoint

You shouldn’t have any trouble navigating a French-speaking nation at this level on the CEFR scale. You should be able to interact with people, work with the organization, and take in the tour guide’s commentary.

B2 – Fluent speaker (independent speaker)

If B2 is your level on the European scale (CEFR). As a result, you can speak French fluently.

Here, you can understand the important components of practical conversations with complex sentences in your job. You are spontaneous to ease your communication. You can express yourself clearly and in a detailed manner.

Proposed viewpoint

Traveling, using the French online, and communicating verbally and in writing with francophones will not be a problem at this level, though you might still be missing some terminology or idioms in more specialized fields.

C1 – Advances (experimented user)

If your level falls under C1 on the CEFR that means you are an “ADVANCED French speaker”

Here, You can understand and read a wide range of lengthy, difficult literature. You understand the implication. You get an ability to speak fluently in professional, social, and academic lives. 

You can talk about practically anything, including difficult subjects if you structure your speech correctly. Your command of the structure and delivery of your speech is excellent.

Proposed viewpoint

For you, working and living in France shouldn’t offer any difficulties. You can work nearly as well as a native French speaker at applying to almost any job. 

At this stage, you can take a certification exam in French, which will provide you with a diploma as proof of your accomplishment. You will need to go through a certification process if you apply for a work permit or French citizenship.

C2 –  Bilingual level (mastery)

By the time you reach the sixth and final level of the French CEFR, you are either fully or nearly fully bilingual and fluent in French.


In today’s world, knowing as many languages as possible is stressed rather than just one or two. As I mentioned above French is the most commonly used language in many countries. If you reside in Mumbai and looking for a French language course in Mumbai, I think this blog can help you. 


Q.1 Can I enroll in the online French language course in Mumbai?

Ans. Yes, you can enroll in the online classes for the French language course in Mumbai.

Q.2 Can you suggest the best French language course in Mumbai?

Ans. There are many institutes in Mumbai, as I have mentioned some of them in my above blog. You can select any of them and start learning.

Q.3 Can I learn the French language by myself?

Ans. You can if you want. You can find many youtube videos and websites to learn the French language.

Q.4 Are there any criteria to join a French language course in Mumbai?

Ans. No such criteria are required to join the French language course in Mumbai. If you have completed your graduation can be added advantage.

Q.5 Is an online French language course in Mumbai effective?

Ans. Of course, there any institutions providing multiple courses online. Joining a French language course in Mumbai is also a good idea.

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