Lets, discuss the top benefits of learning French language post coronavirus pandemic. Every aspect of human life has changed. Our psychology, society, professions, economy, and markets, every domain that makes an essential part of our lives, are adjusting to the new normal. The market has emerged more connected in the new normal world. In such a wide-open market, having hands-on a foreign language can fill pockets deep with money. This blog will discuss such benefits of learning French.

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1. Freelancing Projects

Being a freelancer is the new and hot way of working in the modern world.  There are many benefits of learning the French language to freelancers. Many, either young people or quite old, have become freelancers.

  • A freelancer is a team of its own.
  • Learning French is beneficial for those who start a new journey as a freelancer.
  • French people don’t speak English: they prefer to outsource projects to freelancers who speak both languages.
  • It could be the best of the benefits of the French language.
  • They have to build a brand value in the market for which they speak loud about their work experience, knowledge of the industry, and achievements.
  • This marketing helps them to get projects on their platter.

2. Educationist

While talking about the benefits of learning French language, the value of teaching French is worth noticing.

  • Every year thousands of skilled and unskilled pupils travel to France and francophone countries in the hope of a secure future.
  • They get benefits of learning the French language to make a place in the society of that country.
  • Such people somehow or another does not face lingual problems while interacting with the locales.
  • People avoid problems as they have before-hand learning of French.
  • Those who can speak fluent French can establish prosperous business.
  • Being a French teacher or tutor is an aspiring and profitable career option.
  • Demand in learning French is soaring, but the supply of qualified teachers is par low.

3. Second Language

French is a second language in many countries.

  • Universities and schools have made it compulsory to learn French: this could also be an opportunity for French teachers.
  • Even Government agencies are working to uplift French courses.
  • They are developing a channel that would bring various benefits of the French language at domestic and international levels.
  • Schools have dedicated programs with French universities to teach the French language.
  • Many institutes offer courses in French learning: Henry Harvin is the best in the business to learn and redeem the benefits of learning French language. French language course

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4. Connection to the Law

Indeed, it is a fact that the French language has a direct and deep connection with the law.

  • In ancient times, and today lawyers around the world used French proverbs.
  • Still, judges and lawyers consult old French law books in their judgments and arguments.
  • It shows the influence of the French over the judicial system in the whole world.
  • Keeping this in focus almost, every renowned law university in India has added the French language to their curriculum.
  • Students who learn French in their colleges enjoy the benefits of the French language later in their careers.
  • These are benefits of learning French language to law students as they get hired in the French firms and make a lot of money.

5. French MNCs

Professionals with advanced French language get hired in the MNCs and work on international projects.

  • Today, in the market, companies have set this a hiring standard.
  • Recently, apart from American organizations, French companies have become pie of the eyes of candidates.
  • Many institutes offer courses for working professionals to get benefits of the French language.
  • Henry Harvin is rated best in recent times.
  • They have an updated and advanced French course that will enrich learners with new skills. 

6. International Relations

Since the arrival of coronavirus, international relations have changed for good and worst.

  • It is interesting to know how France has played a vital role in providing help to other nations in the hour of need.
  • French diplomacy has gained positive momentum, at least in our country.
  • We have seen how France is helping India on various levels.
  • France lends help to support Indian health sector.
  • India is boosting its defence power from French technology.
  • French language plays a crucial role in all these trades and exchanges.

7. Helpful in Diplomacy

India and France have always shown their friendly relations on international platforms. Now, the question is, how do relations between two nations work so seamlessly?

  • It is the hard work and dedication of the diplomats who put everything into making things work.
  • It is one of those reputed professions which directly serves the nation.
  • One of the benefits of learning French language is that an individual can work at the embassies and administrative services.
  • To be a part of diplomatic services, one needs to clear a specific exam.

8. Benefits of learning French language in International Help

A new trend has begun in the last couple of years where students study socially-oriented subjects and the French language.

  • Learning of French makes daily jobs easy for them, and they can interact with the locales without any issues.
  • There is no doubt that it is a benefit of the French language that people from different backgrounds and origins are working together to help and save humanity.
  • France has been organizing various summits and conferences on the issues of global concern.
  • Understanding the French language will provide an upper hand for an individual who wishes to work as a translator in such summits.
  • French translators are in demand in the international market agencies hire candidates who can speak French.
  • They are trained in the French language, and carry all necessary work with ease.

9. Economy and Benefits of Learning French Language

France has a developed and flourishing economy. It is mainly market-oriented: where demand and supply run the whole economy.

  • The service sector rules the French economy.
  • Consumer and luxury goods are one of the many products that France trades.
  • Food and beverages are in the top list of exports.
  • Tourism strengthens the economy with its revenue each year.
  • It is another benefit of the French language that makes it easy to do business with French organizations.

10. French Technology

French technology is gaining demand in the market. It is becoming an alternate to Chinese and expensive American technology.

  • Many countries have military and technology trades with France.
  • It has a strong army and air force, a valuable asset in the international context.
  • Technology and the military are also essential parts of its economy.
  • To understand with ease the economic and technical growth, one needs to learn French first.
  • It is yet another benefit of the French language to study its technical strength from a fresh eye.
  • Fluent written and spoken French will bring closer to its technical history.

11. Research and Development

Another economic sector that put France in the spot light.

  • France invests a large chunk of money in the research sector.
  • Scholars from various countries join research and development programs.
  • They have written academic books in French and their native language and add extra value to the French economy.
  • Their work brings two economies closer and allows others to read them.
  • Scholars and academicians have more benefits in learning the French language.
  • Learn from the best in the business, learn from Henry Harvin. They offer a specific course for the scholars at an economical price.
  • Learn from the experts to be a future expert. 

12. French Cinema

France has a noted and flourishing film industry that dates back to the late 19th century.

  • Since its origin, French cinema has impacted the film industries around the globe.
  • Many veterans of the cinema industry believe that French films have given innovative cinematic styles to the world.
  • What makes French films so unique and special?
  • Legendary filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock believed that the point of view French films have for human nature and realism is rare.
  • No other film industry member could bring that touch.
  • To date, French movies have social topics intact in the script, and they have made it their motto. 
  • Innovative ideas and unique stories have shaped French cinema into independent non-American film industry.
  • It has developed a market outside France through its unique storytelling and talented filmmakers.
  • Any person who is a cinema lover needs to learn the French language.

13. French Film Festivals

France is the home to prestigious and renowned film festivals like the Cannes film festival, Directors’ Fortnight, International Critics’ Week, etc.

  • These film festivals allow movies from around the globe to premiere in front of cinema lovers.
  • Film festivals have a jury that mainly has talented filmmakers from different countries: this jury then selects some masterpieces of that year.
  • They do it because they understand French well enough to describe any film in their native language.
  • It is the benefit of the French language that they have such a creative career.
  • Apart from being a film critic, an individual, a fan of world cinema can learn French to experience quality cinema.
  • YouTube has opened a new space where anyone can become a film critic, film reviewer, film interpreter, etc.
  •  Benefit of learning the French language in this domain as well. 

14. French literature with Benefits of Learning French language

Few countries have their original literature, and France is one of those countries.

  • Novelists, poets, thinkers, and philosophers of different ages have contributed to such vast literature.
  • French literature is a mix of the French language and other local dialects that people use in different parts of France.
  • The world has been reading French literature, especially poems, drama, and plays.
  • Such diverse literature lays the foundation for quality and unique cinema. 
  • French literature is not limited to the natives of France, but it covers literary work done by the citizens of Francophone.
  • Over the years, numerous plays from history have become the source of many entertaining films.
  • Among the genres of literature, science fiction is an active part of French literature, and it has evolved with time. 

15. Poetry Benefits of Learning French Language

Yes, poetry is a part of literature, but French poetry and its history need a special mention in this blog.

  • Poetry is the first and earliest form of French literature.
  • Medieval poems are still available to read.
  • What makes French poetry different from others is that most French rulers were poets, and they cherished poetry. 
  • French poetry completely changed during the “Renaissance period” of the nation.
  • New styles, techniques, skilful words, and graphics influenced poetry.
  • A new generation of poets came who wrote more direct, satirical, and brilliant poetry in that century. 
  • By the 19th century, romance made its entry into poetry and changed the face of the genre.
  • The impact of romanticism was that the entire country became romantic with the art.
  • Even today, poetry is evolving as per the need and demand.

16. Academic Literature and Benefits of Learning French Language

France has produced many great scientists, mathematicians, and physicists.

  • They have left their mark in academics and the research field.
  • Today France is close to being a superpower: it is a dream comes true for any country.
  • In fulfilling this dream, numerous scientists and academicians have contributed at large.
  • This technical boom has converted France into a hub for international students to study for masters.
  • With this inflow of students from other countries, French universities are also upgrading themselves regularly to their needs.

17. Fashion, Lifestyle, and Benefits of French

It would not be incorrect to say that fashion in the entire world comes from France.

  • Recently, the fashion brand ‘Chanel’ was in the news: this fashion house is the oldest in France.
  • Many big fashion houses are from France which rules this industry.
  • Not the apparel designs come from France: other fashion-for-footwear, designer bags, sunglasses, and accessories are from French designers.
  • Like film festivals, France host renowned fashion shows every year.
  • These fashion shows are gala of designers from around the globe that showcase their creativity.
  • Credit must go to the people of France who demand new fashion. 
  •  It is a large industry that offers opportunities to aspiring fashion designers.

18. Benefits of learning French Language in Tourism

Ahaa! Whenever the word tour or tourism comes into sight, an emotion of happiness fills up our minds and heart.

  • Yes, France is home to many exotic locations and attracts millions of tourists from other countries.
  • Another benefit of learning the French language while enjoying a vacation in France.
  • It has the iconic Eiffel Tower, which is one of the wonders in the world.
  • Eiffel Tower alone attracts thousands of tourists every year.
  • Paris houses the famous Louvre Museum, which has featured many International and domestic films.
  • Many from our generation grew up watching the Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum as the main attraction of France.

19. Benefits of Learning French Language as a Tour Guide

A job profile of a tour guide in our country is a good source of income. Tourists from other countries come in millions every year.

  • India and France have good diplomatic relations, and both countries focus on increasing tourism between them.
  • India has a history of a nation that has seen great saints, and these saints gave meditation and yoga to the world.
  • People from France travel to India to learn meditation and yoga.
  • Before starting their journey to India, they look for a reliable tour guide with flawless spoken French. 
  • A French-speaking tour guide in India is a prospering career with handsome money.

20. Benefits of learning French language in Hotels and Culinary

This blog is incomplete without a word of mention for the luxurious and comfortable French hotels.

  • Paris, the capital city, has many five and seven-star hotels that offer world-class accommodation.
  • No doubt they are expensive, and some are over expensive. 
  • Hotels in France have an ancient architecture that depicts the history of French hospitality.
  • With hotels, French cuisines are famous.
  • Their formal techniques, indigenous ingredients, simple flavours, presentation have made them unique and renowned. 
  • The love and respect for this craft have made France a go-to destination for all culinary lovers.
  • Now France owns the world’s best culinary schools, which educate thousands of students every year.
  • It is one of the best benefits of the French language to study in those prestigious culinary schools.

21. General Benefits of Learning French language

It is my personal belief that to learn something new, we need to be curious.

  • I know many people who have learned coding, foreign language, cooking, designing sheer out of curiosity.
  • This activity has helped them to develop personally and socially.
  • Various studies say that learning something challenging improves analytical thinking, willpower, and social behaviour.
  • Challenges bring change to human psychology.
  • It sharpens the cognitive brain, which improve our problem-solving approach.
  • Hence, to upgrade personality, one should always keep learning new things. 


A single blog is not enough to pen down all the benefits of learning French language. It has covered some of the best and profiting pros of a super language. French is a ‘super’ language as it has gained value in the physical and virtual market. Since the birth of the internet, people around the globe have come to know more about France.

Earlier, it was known for its exotic tourist locations. Now, people are doing business with a dairy farmer from North France. A person sitting in Mumbai is taking lessons on wine production from a wine expert located in south France. These are the benefits of learning the French language.

Cultural closeness has also made it necessary to learn the French language. French society is influencing other cultures to raise their voice for change. In return French are learning too from others to mold stereotypes in their culture. Everything is happening for real because of the use of the French language.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the benefits of learning the french language in research?

Ans. Every year France releases research papers on different topics in French. Fluent  French will help in understanding these papers.

Q. What is the scope in French film Industry?

Ans. The French film industry has several opportunities. To work in the French films, French language is must.

Q. Are French Hotels really expensive?

Ans. They are among the expensive hotels in the world. Benefit of learning French language will make your stay easy there.

Q. Is France a developed country?

Ans. France is a developed country with an economy of $3.1 trillion.

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