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 Content is important for all readers to know about it and companies to build rapport with consumers. Content writing involves a wide range of disciplines, such as:

  • Blogging
  • Ghostwriting
  • Articles
  • Interviews
  • Brand stories
  • Press releases
  • Internal communications
  • Copywriting
  • Infographics
  • Product description
  • Technical writing
  • White papers
  • Ebooks
  • Social media writing
  • PR outreach
  • Email writer
  • Scriptwriter
  • Long-form content, and so on

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           To be an effective content writer is not a cakewalk. You need to take a lot of efforts to become more successful. Writing seems to be an easy task but it is not so. Content writing demands crisp and clear facts of information. Therefore, it needs constant search and research on the area that you want to write about. A sense of curiosity to learn and update your knowledge can make up a lot of sense to it. Here are some of the guidelines to be an effective content writer.

1. Reading to Understand

           Reading makes an effective writer. Constant reading is a vital tool for powerful writing. If you are eager to write solid content, you have to read widely. It not only helps you to understand the topic on which you want to write but also to be aware of what others are writing about it. This is also understood as research. Research on the topic helps you to write in a better way. The sources of reading cannot be defined but it has to be authentic information. Since writing is authentic, you cannot write false facts. If you do so, you will lose credibility as a writer and your readers. 

           Therefore, be aware of the sources that you read through various forms of social media. Your reading should be analytical and meaningful. While reading any text you like try to imbibe the structure of writing and understand the devices that capture your attention. Pay attention to the structure, style, voice, and tone of the text. Figure it out for the unique feature of presentation and conceptualization of the text. Read and analyse the writings of others can give you valuable insights. 

           You can be master different styles of writing and its format. Content writer should aware of various styles of writing in various forms of media. Every content needs various form style. As being a content writer, the more you aware of various styles make you more valuable and demand.

2. Writing Specific

           Read widely but always write specifically. You cannot write randomly as for your thoughts and thinking. You can start practising writing skills on specific topics to develop your skill. At the beginning of practice, you can fix a topic, audience, setting and type of content for writing. Once you completed check it through other sources that how your writing style differs from other sources on the same topic. There is no great secret to be a successful writer. You just need to keep on practising and writing it regularly in the beginning.

           Craft your writing by editing, re-editing and rewriting the content of the article and finally publish it using social network. In a course of time, Start you on the blog and start writing on the topic with which you are comfortable. Always you should think about the consumer’s point of view and express their expectation in your writing. This also helps you sharpen your writing skills. A good content writer is not born but made by their constant practice of writing. 

Learn to use attention-seeking factors like:

  • Write clearly in simple language.
  • Use error-free language.
  • Break up long sentences. 
  • Write in simple paragraphs.
  • Format text with suitable heading and subheadings.
  • Use bulletins and numbered lists.
  • Include images if it is essential.
  • Call for action
  • Always be objective in your approach

This helps you to get a suitable job when you attend your interview.

3. Be Unique and Original

           Every piece of writing is unique. In the digital era, information is available everywhere. The ideas are at times similar between individuals but never copy from others. In other words, never plagiarise the words of others. Always be original in your writing because every post with your name on it should be original. Thousands of people are writing on the same subjects. A talented writer can bring a unique voice and different perspectives. It sounds easy but never so in reality.

           Make use of SEO tools to support your writing. There is several tools are available to maintain your reputation. You can make use of it. Before you submit or publish your work, use an online plagiarism tool to evaluate your content. There are tools to check grammar, spelling and other writing elements. Make use of the online tools that could help you deliver a unique and original piece of content. 

4. Social Media Specialists

           Content writers have to be social media specialist. Social media helps in every possible manner if you use it effectively. You can build your repetition and your audience. Industry experts can acknowledge you by your witty writing. Your followers may recommend your content to others to a reputed organization. Content writers are active and friendly. Content writers are also smart exploiters of social media for learning and earning. 

5. Choose a Place

           Choose the best place for learning the nuances of content writing in India. It always matters to get a desirable job. Here are the top five places to enrich your knowledge on content writing in India.

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is always unique in offering various courses. The content writing course is ranked among the top 3 courses in the industry. This course imparts various forms of content writing training in a live instructor-led format. It also offers personalized job support. Doing this Certified digital content writing course online will make you eligible for the CDCW certification to develop a promising career in the field of content writing. This course imparts its education in a 100% practical training method. Key features of the Certified Digital Content Writing course includes:

  • Thirty-two hours of classroom training and 50 hours of e-learning access.
  • You can work on live projects and get a one-year membership in the Henry Harvin Content Academy.
  • Course curriculum includes language skills, internet, and research skills, types of content, academic and research writing, communication, and content strategy.
  • Unlimited sessions with multiple expert trainers
  • 24×7 lifetime support and access
  • 12+ boot camp & brush up sessions
  • Moodle E-learning portal
  • Veteran trainers who worked in numerous organisations over the years
  • Placement cells of multiple organisations to assist students for placement


FutureLearn is a Massive Open Online Course learning platform. It is a British digital education platform founded in December 2012. The company is jointly owned by The Open University and SEEK Ltd. It provides access to learn through online mode.

Why FutureLearn?

  • To Learn anything:  You can even take your learning further with online programs­ to develop as a professional. 
  • To Learn together: Millions of people from around the world learn together. Online learning is as easy. Peer learning is encouraged.
  • To Learn with experts: Meet educators from top universities and cultural institutions who are experts. They share their experience through videos, articles, quizzes and discussions.


           Udemy, the online learning platform, is popular and offers multi-subject courses available on a single platform. It lets you discover the path of learning. It provides a wide range of courses with the advantage of industry experts from around the globe as instructors. 

The classes are very engaging and include video lectures, tasks, and downloadable resources. It is a learning podium that connects people around the world to the best instructors and transforming lives. The interface is user friendly.

  • Ultimate Web Content Writing Masterclass + Power words eBook is a course that includes copy/content writing and editing, blogging, marketing and strategy, SEO keyword research, etc.
  • Quickly and Easily Create Content for the Web course is highly rated. The course teaches you how to write persuasive content to get you traffic, fans, followers, subscribers, and sales.
  • How to Write Great Web Content- Better Search Rankings course teaches you to write content that drives business growth and helps you shape your digital presence in the ever-expanding semantic web.
  • Start a Successful Part-Time Content Writing Home Business course will guide you on how to set up and run a complete online content writing business and outsource it as a business model.


Coursera is one of the famous online learning platforms. The courses are flexible and affordable. You can master any skill you wish to from their humungous selection. Learn from the best tutors online and start from scratch, transitioning your way to a well-paying career.

The courses have filters of languages, level of learners, skills, partner universities, and the learning product.

The Strategy of Content Marketing is offered by UC Davis University of California. The course teaches about the content marketing ecosystem, the strategic context, content marketing strategy, types of content, and finally, how to manage your content.

There are almost 102 different courses under the subheading of content writing. You can browse through and see which fits your bill. The classes are crafted to be self-paced but include hands-on projects to master the practical part of the learning, which is of utmost importance.


Online Idea Lab is a next-gen organisation with operations across India, the USA, and Canada. They provide extensive training that includes digital marketing, Amazon web services, content creation, python, and some short courses. Under content creation, they have online and offline course and boot camps. You may opt for weekend batches or weekday batches. The courses include foundation, advance, technical, copywriting, creative, and instructional design.

The Foundation Content Writing Course has three main modules:

  • Content research
  • Content writing
  • Content promotion

The sub-modules include:

  • Digital marketing fundamentals.

           In India, there is a high demand for content writers. Choose the certificate course that suits you and starts to become a successful content writer. 

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Can I be the freelancer?

Yes! you can

Do I have to be an expert in software tools?

I should have some basic knowledge about it but, you need not to be an expert.

Is there a limit to how much I can write?

You do not have any limitation for writing. But, you need to follow the word limit and style according to the content you write.

Can I own content copyright with my order?

Yes, you can. Provided you it depends on the policy and agreement with an agency that you work for

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  9. Henry Harvin gave me the best training. They helped me to grasp writing skills so easily.

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  12. As mentioned in your blog, a content writer is employed in a variety of fields and is avery progressive field.

  13. As mentioned in your blog, a content writer is employed in a variety of fields and is avery progressive field.

  14. As mentioned in your blog, a content writer is employed in a variety of fields and is avery progressive field.

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