One of the best parts of being a teacher in these modern times is that one gets to explore and learn about a number of different subjects, sectors and industries. And in today’s day and age, a key to healthy survival and success is one’s ability to learn, unlearn and relearn. 

The ongoing pandemic is a live example where we all have had to accept this change and make a transition into this new reality, this “new normal way of life”. While our traditional sources of income and wealth took a huge hit, many new sources of income and wealth made their way to our door-steps. 

Now, you can not only ensure your financial security and stability with these new sources but also accumulate and build your wealth for the long term. Below are some ways a teacher, like yourself, can do the same:

1. Freelance Content Writer

Content writing has rightfully made its place among the best work from home jobs in India. The reason for that is tied to the simple concept of increased demand and limited supply. 

Businesses necessarily need to educate, inform, or entertain people through content in order to establish and maintain a brand image. So, the demand by corporations for content writers is almost inelastic.

While there are ample average content writers, in order to learn the underlining craft of it, you might need some guidance. One such well curated guide is Henry Harvin’s Content Writing Course.

2. Columnist

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I cannot name a better source of passive income for a teacher than signing up for a column in a good newspaper/magazine. If you’re really passionate about a particular subject ranging from food, travel, fitness, fashion, gardening, or even philosophy, you must approach a newspaper or a magazine and present your idea of a new column.

To persuade them would be a task, but once you can collaborate with them, it’ll be a smooth ride. Just in case that doesn’t workout. You can always start micro-columns through Instagram. 

The sum you receive is quite impressive. Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, and influencer marketing are all components that contribute to your income.

3. Curriculum Developer

“If the classroom were a theatre, the Curriculum Developer would be the Playwright who constructs the tale and develops the dialogue,” according to Chegg Internships, one of the most renowned intern recruiters for all-scale businesses. 

You know what works and what doesn’t if you’ve spent a lot of time in the classroom teaching your own things. Make the most of your experience by pursuing a second job as a curriculum developer. 

Curriculum developers are frequently advertised on major job boards. Some, such as “Indeed,” allow you to search for work-at-home possibilities.

4. Online Researcher

If you enjoy figuring out the solutions to your students’ perplexing queries, you might make an excellent online researcher. Researchers are hired by online platforms like “Wonder” to answer client questions.  

Client requests that have been allocated to you will appear whenever you log on. Then it’s up to you to investigate the answers and translate what you learn into a comprehensible response. 

For a teacher as inquisitive as his/her student, it’s a perfect side hustle.

5. Translator

Being a translator is both rewarding and intriguing. You must be fluent in at least two languages, which can range from English, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Bengali, Malayali, and other languages. 

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Businesses in India and the West, as well as authors in need of content in a specific language, provide opportunities. Even global cinema houses are always in the need of translators, like Netflix, HBO, etc. 

There’s a lot of scope in terms of translating works of not only writers, authors but also poets, columnists, journalists etc., that you like but is in a niche language. So, you can always collaborate with them for the translated works’ publication and take full advantage of your language skills.

6. Virtual Assistance

Virtual assistants aid companies in establishing and maintaining organisational systems. This could include database management, content scheduling, report writing, document editing and proofreading, and task scheduling. 

This is the place to be if you’re that teacher who beautifully organises school materials and maintains proper indexed filing systems. Bottom line, if you are good at planning and executing those plans with a high precision, this could be your perfect job.

7. Digital Marketer

When it comes to the top work from home jobs in India, this is the most evident. Digital marketers work to increase a company’s online presence by performing tasks such as SEO, email marketing, mobile marketing, and social media-marketing. 

A social media manager’s responsibilities include managing campaigns on the platform, promoting a material, controlling posted content in any format, studying analytics, and more.

If you like to be equipped with most modern advancements in the virtual world of social media and you have some sense of understanding about marketing, then this could be a little side hustle for you.

8. Website Developer

You cannot afford to lose out on this in today’s world when seeking for work from home jobs in India. Website developers are needed by all scale businesses, corporates and brands to create websites that attract, inform, and entertain visitors. 

Crucial requirements of the technical know-how about CSS/HTML, the core fundamentals of coding and markup languages, JavaScript, S.E.O. and Photoshop.

This one is mostly for that “tech savvy teacher”, who’s well versed with the ins and outs of the software and computer languages.

9. Graphics designer

Here’s why graphic design is on our list of the finest work from home jobs in India. We live in a time when visual marketing is the norm. Brands need engaging images to go along with their effective content, whether it’s in the form of logos, photos, or designs. 

The earning potential is immense in this profession, but once you reach an intermediary level and gain some good amount of experience with some credible clients. 

With a good sense of understanding for the balance of colours and figures, this is another fine job with immense competition but ample opportunities.

10. Creating an Online Course 

If you’re a teacher who enjoys a creative interest such as music, painting, drawing, decorating, or graphic design, for example, you may combine your love with your professional talents to provide tutorials on YouTube or another site. 

Teachers can use platforms such as Skillshare and CuriosityStream to create video classes that teach creative skills. Students will be able to watch your videos once they’ve been uploaded on the internet.

The major challenge for most creatives is figuring out how to teach their craft. But, as a teacher, you already know how to accomplish it!

So, this was the list of some great work from home job options for teachers in India that can help you incorporate opportunity, adaptability, and better financial stability in your work life.. All this, while securing and financially proofing your future and accumulating your wealth. 

While financial goals are the spines of our long-term plans, what an achievement it would be if we could just achieve that by following our passion and creating value out of our hobbies. 

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  1. pankaj sharma Reply

    I have a dream of publishing my novel someday, and for that I need valuable training. Your blog has made my work easier to find the best one. Thank you!

  2. This pops on my window when I was looking for a good content writing course. Your post brought the much-needed positivity to my decision. Thank you so much!

  3. This was a much needed guidance, specially considering the adversities of the situation. Thanks for the expert advice.

  4. Trina Saha Reply

    Easily understandable and a good read for all the teachers out there.

  5. Harshita Pandey Reply

    Perfectly composed article with the most useful advices. Thank you for guiding me through.

  6. I got the idea of considering a parallel career in content writing form your blog.Thanks for the info.

  7. I got the idea of considering a parallel career in content writing form your blog.Thanks for the info.

  8. You are successful because you share all the knowledge you have with your audience. Your piece on the French language course is a true example of it.

  9. I got the idea of considering a parallel career in content writing form your blog.Thanks for the info.

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