The most effective way of marketing for businesses of all sectors to become successful in social media marketing. Most of the people who are potential customers use social media. So, you can use social media to gain customers.

Marketing on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest will bring huge profits to your organization. Though this is the best way for you to get more customers and at the same time market your brand, you will have your own doubts.

You may not know how to proceed. We can help you with that. This article is all about 11 Ways to Make an Effective Social Media Marketing Plan. 

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What is Social Media Marketing Plan?

The first and foremost thing you need to know is, What is Social Media Marketing? Social Media Marketing or SMM is a method of marketing on the internet that involves creating and sharing content on social media through which you can attain your marketing and branding goals.


Social media marketing will involve activities like posting pictures, messages, videos,s and updates which will gain the attention of the people.  The content you post for your marketing should be engaging and should kindle the interest of the people. There is also paid social media advertising which you can do. 

Why Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing will help you in achieving your goals. You can easily increase the number of customers. You will have increased website traffic. You can create a path for your brand. You can build a relationship with key audiences.

You will be able to communicate and interact with many people and understand their preferences. When the number of people following your brand increases your business will have more chance of becoming successful. 

1. Start with a Plan

Whatever you are going to do, no matter what, you must have a plan. When you are going to have your social media marketing campaign, you will have to consider the target of your business. If you don’t have a target or strategy, you won’t be able to reach your goal. It might look like you are doing something but it would not give you any results. 

When you are going to start with social media marketing, make sure to take care of the below-mentioned things. 

  • The reason for starting social media marketing and what you are looking forward to attaining?
  • Decide your target audience.
  • Make sure to make research on the interest of your target audience. 
  • What is the message that you want to convey through social media? Have an answer to this question. 

2. Social Media Content planning

When you are making social media content planning, do extremely good keyword research. You can also do competitive research which will help you in understanding the mindset of the target audience. Make sure you do thorough research and come up with facts.

3. Best Social Content

When you are done with your research, come up with the best content. Your research will help in creating content. At the same time, stay consistent with other areas of social media marketing.  When you are using social media marketing, never forget the content is the king and it should be given the highest importance.

Update your content regularly and post often. If your content is really good customers will find it interesting and it will increase your web traffic. Your content can be anything from photos to video to written messages.

4. Consistent Brand Image

It’s important to maintain consistency in social media. You have so many platforms in social media. It doesn’t matter which platforms you use but make sure you follow the same idea.

That is the crux should be the same if your branding is fun to maintain it. If your content is only a message without beating around the bush, then stick to that on every platform. This way you can prove your brand to be consistent. 

5. Content promotion

Social media will help you in finding the best medium to share your website and blog with many readers. When you are regular and good, you will be able to find the ardent followers in social media. You can post new content every day which your readers can access. Blog content when goodwill attracts more followers.

We understand the need to share blogs, articles of your own but we would like for you to go ahead and share links from other websites. Just share those links only if you find them extremely good. This way your followers will find you more reliable and trustworthy. It will telecast your honesty.

7. Tracking Competitors

You should always notice your competitors. You can always get valuable information from your competitor and keywords from your competitors. If you feel a social media platform is being used by your competitor and it’s fruitful for them, you can use that too. But make sure you do an extremely better job than them. 

8. Measuring Success with Analytics  

You will never know if you are successful or not unless you keeping notes of your data. You can use google analytics to measure your success in social media marketing. This will help in measuring your most triumphant social media and marketing tools.

You can also attach tracking tools to your social media marketing campaigns. If you use analytics in all the social platform, you will be able to know which platform is the most successful. 

9. Choosing the right platform

You will have to understand all the pros and cons of a platform before using it. This way you will be prepared to face anything. But as we already mentioned, try using many platforms because even if one fails you can opt for another one.

10. Paid Social media marketing

You can also opt for paid social media marketing. If you go the right way, with little money you can get a huge success. Paid social media ads will help you in reaching a large number of audience. The paid way offers you with an easy target reaching opportunity. But if you are going for paid method, manage your expenses well. 

11. Social Media Crisis Management

Every method comes with its own cons. Social media marketing can create some problems but which doesn’t. In those situations, it is necessary for you to have a playbook to handle those situations.

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With all these advantages, we would recommend you to go and take-up Henry Harvin’s Design Marketing Course. 

We hope you found this article useful and you will be able to make your organization more successful with our social media marketing tips. All the best.


1. Is it mandatory to take up a Social media marketing course?

No,  it is not mandatory to take up social media marketing course but taking up a course will benefit you and you can produce a better result. Because of that, we would recommend you to take a digital marketing course.

2. Which platform is good for social media marketing?

There is no specific platform, we can say is the best. All platforms will be good in one way or another. For professional marketing, you can go for Linkedin. Likewise, every platform has its perks and disadvantages. Anyway, we would recommend you to try all of them because even if one platform doesn’t produce desired results other might. 

3. What s the duration of Henry Harvin’s Digital Marketing Course?

Henry Harvin’s course is a 32-hour course of active training. 

4. What is the Eligibility Criteria for pursuing a career in digital marketing? 

The best part about a digital marketing course is anyone can apply for it. It doesn’t have any standard set of eligibility criteria. People from different background can take up a digital marketing course and become an expert in social media marketing.

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