Since you have stumbled upon this blog, I think it’s safe to assume that you are yet another teenager who loves summer just as much, but doesn’t know what to do other than being glued to the screen or aimlessly wandering around wondering what you could be doing instead.


From one teenager to another, here are a few ways to overcome boredom during a season we all love and and try to make it as fun and productive, as possible.

1. Enrol in internships and summer programs

laptop; internship; studying

Along with allowing you to be productive and sharpen your skills, such internships and programs also give you an opportunity to have an experience that will be more useful than you think, in the future.

A world full of competition lies in front of you and such extra-curricular activities are definitely a great and helpful addition to your C.V.

I highly recommend the Henry Harvin Teen MBA internship and their Junior MBA Course for young aspirants.

2. Let the inner artist shine

art; drawing

Art isn’t always drawing on sheets of paper; it is a medium through which we express our feelings. For teenagers, art has also proved to be therapeutic.

Therefore, I suggest, take some time, go to a place where you feel most comfortable, and let all your feelings out. Write poems, paint, play an instrument, or even learn about other forms of literature.

 This will not only help you recognize what medium suits you the best, but will also help you appreciate the others.

3. Spend time with your family

family; get together; bonding

Take time out of your day to speak to your family. Try to gain knowledge from the elderly and help around the house. Maybe share a few interesting stories and play a few games.

You might live in the same house but ‘spending’ time together has a different definition than living together.

4. Study

books; studying

It may sound like the last thing you would want to do during summers however, studying now will be of immense help in the future.

Taking up the initiative now will be something you won’t regret in a world where there is so much competition. Understanding the concepts beforehand won’t only give you satisfaction, but also good results in the future.

5. Community Service

service; helping

What better way to feel good about yourself than to bring a smile upon others? Community service can range from helping in a nursing a home and NGO’s to giving animals and birds water and food.

They should not be considered mere tasks because each of these actions require commitment and your genuine interest. You should indulge in these activities with all your heart and soul

6.Grow as a person

Finally, I would like to urge all the teenagers to take this time to reflect on yourself. Appreciate what you are good at and acknowledge what you need to work on. It could be from your physical health, to your mental health, to both.

Try to do small things you love like going on little strolls, forgetting about everything else or unwinding with a book in one hand a cup of iced coffee in another.

Use this time to better yourself and take big steps to accomplish your goals.

Good Luck!

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