Top 10 Content Writing Courses in Surat: 2021

Are you someone who loves expressing your thoughts in words?

Then, why not consider Content Writing, a skill that can give you great and a prestigious career.

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Sounds interesting and intriguing, as what is Content writing correct? Before we dive into the world of Content Writing, let’s first understand what is Writing?

Writing is the painting of the voice, Voltaire.

It is rightly said that writing has immense power to bring about changes. If properly used, one can change one’s life or nation’s fate through constructive writing put in correct perspective.

To write is to live.

If conveyed properly, the ideas that keep flocking our minds can create a revolution. Writing is the best way to share one’s thoughts and opinions and is an art to articulate your ideas cohesively. 

We all know that the newspaper had helped us immensely during the independence struggle to ignite a patriotic feel among the countrymen. It is noticed that in several countries abroad, especially in the West, newspapers have the power to make and break governments. So writing is a weapon to voice yourself. Now let me walk you through the world of content writing.

Top 10 Content Writing Courses in Surat

1. Henry Harvin

The course is ranked among the top 5 Upskilling courses of all time in 2021 by the reputed India Today. It is ranked among the best content writing courses in the industry Training360. This Content writing course is recognized by MSME& Govt. of India.

This course enables the participant to translate their thoughts into words and find out the methods to express themselves in the best possible way at the workplace. The course enables one to write 30+ content types. It opens up opportunities to earn from online projects.

They teach about the use of different tools such as Word Press, Grammarly, Canva, Google Planner, Google Analytics and Keyword Planner including many more are there all that is of much important and are required to write quality content. With the course, you get free access to one year of e-learning materials that include recorded videos, projects, study material, projects, etc.  

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2. Skills Upgrader

This is one of the best content writing courses in Surat. Skill Upgrader has created a deep and complete package of content writing courses online. The course is established under the guidance of an industry expert. This is an exclusive online course especially for aspiring content writers from Surat. Skills Upgrader provide the best learning environment to its participants.

 The course is designed around abstract and realistic topics ensuring that learner gets the complete knowledge of content writing.

Online classroom training is for 4-weeks which has 16+ hrs of classes and 70+ hrs of practical assignments. It offers free Rs.40,000 worth of content writing tools to the enrolled students and this aids in quicker learning. Dedicated placement support provides job assistance.

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3. NESTSOFT Training Institute

This content writing course in Surat is best for learners who want to take up content writing as a career. This helps to develop the ability to write good content, hone skills to create up-to-date and attractive content for social media platforms and websites.

 The curriculum consists of various modules, which focuses on concept and methods required a to become a creative and efficient content writer. The content writing course gives the option of flexible timing to train.

Post Graduate Program in Content Writing

Ranks Amongst Top #5 Upskilling Courses of all time in 2021 by India Today

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The Institute provides job-oriented training on this certification program at affordable fees. On successful completion of the course, placement assistance is provided to all participants.


4. Living Bridge

Living Bridge is a platform that seeks to bring expertise and preparation to excel as a content writer. If you have the talent, they will ensure that you get the correct guidance and mentoring you deserve by bringing you in contact with top notch professionals of the industry.

The workshop modules cover both minimal and detailed fields of content writing. It takes you through various shades of this specific subject in a comprehensive and engaging manner.

This is an era of overloading knowledge and information available to one and all, it is the reader who is doing you a favour by reading your content. Therefore by framing proper and engaging content you can make sure you are not letting them down.

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5. Digital Academy 360

The Digital Academy 360 offers content writing courses in Surat online. The Content Writing Credential Curriculum includes all facets of WordPress content creation and website design, along with professional expertise. The classes are conducted from in-field professionals.

 It concentrates on the ability to study and helps develop a language command. Overall in India, they have more than 15 centres, and their fee is affordable.

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6. Leads Academy – Content Writing Training

The Writing Program, LEADS Division, was founded in 2006 by a group of experts in the areas of marketing, content and human resources preparation. They understand students well and create and execute quick, highly successful programs.

Their emphasis as an organisation is to make a meaningful difference between students, organisations.

To order to become a successful content writer, you need to grasp the writing process, know exactly what the customer needs . The students have the opportunity to collaborate with professionals from other sectors as a part of the learning process

This content writing courses online is intended to help you develop lifelong writing skills. The course is designed based on extensive research around series of core competencies that can help you appreciate the crispness of content writing.

7. Udemy

Udemy is gaining prominence by leaps and bounds. It helps you do irrespective of any geographical boundaries.

Their content writing classes online are very interactive and include teaching materials, tasks, and resources available for download. A graduation certificate and a lifetime entry to the course is incorporated in the program.

Udemy is a platform of learning which connects people from all over the world to the best instructors and helps to transform lives. It has free, and paid courses as well. They have a user-friendly interface and it’s a breeze to navigate.

8. Coursera

Coursera is an online platform. Coursera contains trainers from all over the globe. It provides you with many options in terms of language, level, skill, partner university and the learning products.

There are many options available. Choosing the best course is important. One of the top-rated best selling content writing courses in Coursera is The Strategy Of Content Marketing.

The Strategy Of Content Marketing- This course is offered by a UC Davis University of California. The rating for this course is 4.5/5. The course syllabus includes content marketing ecosystem, strategic context, content marketing strategy, types of content and how to manage your content

In the Coursera learning module, there are many courses are under the content writing programme as per your required specifications.

9. Newcent Training Academy

Newcent Training Academy is a privately owned educational college; one of the devoted college of technical training. Content writing course is available in online mode and in-class curriculum. It is 30-35 hours of training classes. The course has a flexible routine for the candidates, and is available in both weekday and weekend batches. The training includes hands-on experience and exposure to lab sessions covering different modules like

Types of content writing,

Content writing for SEO

Blogging etc

This content writing course is very well appreciated by candidates residing in Surat. The teaching methodologies and hands-on internship training where you get good insights from the industry experts are the unique features of the course

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10. Education & Career Times(ECT)

Education & career times is a content writing training institute re-cognised by GOI India as a start-up.They provide courses in digital marketing, content writing, communication skills and personality development. They provide online training

The content writing course is a three-month course with 32 hours of live/classroom training and 50 hours of e-learning. A certification from ECT helps to boost the career and enables you to develop confidence towards your work. They provide 100% placement assistance and offer internship opportunity to certified candidates making them ready to serve the industry.

What is Content writing?

Content is any kind of information that will educate, inform, entertain ,motivate, inspire, convince or persuade a specific target audience.

Content writing is an art and a powerful skill that should be mastered in today’s world to influence hearts and minds of people. Everyone is  loaded with huge amount of information and knowledge on the Internet nowadays and yet you have to attract their attention, that’s where the role of a good Content Writer comes to play.

Every brand, advertisement we see and every other product focuses on creating attractive content to induce interest in more customer base, readers and public at large. Besides, Google has updated its algorithms, and hence has made content the most valued thing in a website.

Content Writing Courses in Surat

City of Surat, Gujrat

The city of Surat is known for it’s flourishing diamond and textile industries. It is another city of Gujarat that appears in the list of richest cities in India.

Being listed as one of the cleanest city of India it is known by several other names like “THE SILK CITY”, “THE DIAMOND CITY”, “THE GREEN CITY”.

The content writing course as an industry is turning out to be a lucrative profession in Surat. There is a significant increase in the number of institutes offering content writing courses. To explore the field of content, it is the best choice to take up the content writing course. Surat is a place surrounded by the best of West India. There are huge scopes of content writing jobs in Surat. The writing domain is predominant in every industry therefore vast prospects of freelancing content writing jobs also are there in Surat.

The Content writing courses in Surat is important for all aspiring authors to hone their skills for higher-paying jobs, more career opportunities, and chances to progress in writing career.


Qualities required to be a successful content writer?

  • Research Oriented
  • Originality
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Time management
  • Communication
  • Editing
  • Knowledge of Social Media
  • Technical

Research Oriented

The extensive research in content writing does improve the credibility of the article while adding value for the readers. Government, educational and news outlets as sources to enhance the quality of information you include in your content. Providing readers with relevant and truthful content is the best way to maintain credibility as a writer.


Writers should always aim to provide original content, irespective of the subject matter. Content writers should be able to do research and convert that knowledge into interesting and informative content for readers. Original content positively impacts readers by presenting their site as a respected and reliable resource for information.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Understanding SEO as a writer is a key component in making sure your content is easy to find. Content writers should be able to keep up with trends and adapt techniques as needed to ensure the article is ranked high in search engines. Aligning your content with the top search results could increase its visibility to your desired target audience.

Time management

Time management skills allow you to properly allocate time to ensure all deadlines are met without compromise on the quality. This includes research, writing and editing. By understanding the amount of time you need to complete an average project, you can better manage your time to ensure a balance of your workload. This skill also include your ability to identify and prioritize projects based upon deadlines along with their importance.


Communication skills assist you in accurately conveying your message to the target audience group. Being able to clearly relay information to readers is imperative for successfully optimizing marketing strategies. Whether it is content created for storytelling or a call-to-action following a sales pitch, a proper communication skill for writers is imperative.


Effective editing skills are crucial for writers, which increases the value and quality of the content while reducing the number of revisions required. Read your content out loud to find typos, grammatical errors, redundancy and overused words. Refining the quality of your content is the key to attract quality.

Knowledge of social media

By understanding social media platforms, you know where to find story ideas for your content. Studying and understanding  your company’s existing posts helps you determine the content that resonated most with readers. Review your company’s social media accounts to gather inspiration for future content to write and predict how well it’ll perform.


Basic skills required for Content writers are knowledge of computers, word processing and content management systems to function effectively. A blend of analytics and digital tools is helpful for content writers.


Forms of Content writing:

Various Forms of Content Writing

1.Web content:

Web content, includes the content on your home page, landing page, about us page, contact page, and more is the foundational content that every company needs to build an online presence. Without this, readers can’t find the information they’re seeking about the company, and the rest of your content strategy has nothing to build on. These pages are critical to develop.

A writer needs to be well versed with SEO knowledge, so that he can embed important target keywords well in the content, and still keeping them engaging conversional and friendly. Good web page copy should be customer-oriented, never just talking about the brand or product.

2. Blogs

If web content is the base, blogging is the structure and rooms of the house.

Blogging is a primary category of content that provides context for an audience, helps build SEO presence, and gives businesses a way to nurture their leads with a source of fresh, consistent content.

Blogs showcase your brand persona, and at the same time it also helps readers get a sense of who you are, what you care about, which topics to cover, and how much value you can provide for them.

Blogging is an important type of online content writing, which can dramatically increase your viewership, your return on investment, and your overall success. There cannot be no one-size-fits-all version for a blog as there are multiple styles of blogs namely list blogs being one of them. Blogging helps to achieve your SEO ranking goals.


3. Social Media

Social media works! A good social media writer will blend fun, engaging copy, emojis, and short sentences to promote a brand’s blog posts, events, or message.

The world of content in social media alone is so much of knowledge and information. Finding the right platform and staying on it consistently is key.

4. Advertising & Sales Copy

Ad and sales copy bring the appeal to your products and services. This kind of copy is created to showcase the unique attributes of your brand “home” to people on the outside. Advertising and sales copy applies to companies in all industries, and takes many forms, from a long-form Facebook ad to a promoted tweet on Twitter or a paid campaign on LinkedIn.

5. Journalism & PR Writing

Critical for any company that wants to get the word out about newsworthy events, brand new products, or company changes, journalism and PR writing serves the essential purpose of sharing company news.

Think about building a new house: if you never invited anybody over, nobody would be able to see the hard work you put into the home. Your artwork, furnishings, paint job, construction would go unnoticed by everybody. This is where journalism and PR writing comes. It’s important to know that through the concept of press releases the companies of all sizes and shapes can “invite people in.”

7. Creative Writing

This form of writing is a blend of the best of a writers’ talents and skillset such as writing stories, and imaginary artistic expression. It is a special tool used to draw attention and convey meaning through imaginary narratives and drama. Creative writing can be in the form of poetry, Fiction, scripts, screenplays etc.

Content Format:

Content Format is broadly of two types :

Digital and Offline.

  • Digital content – the writeup form used for writing on websites, blogs, social media, and e-books, etc.
  • Offline content -comprises brochures, magazines, newspapers, books, etc.

How to make Content – A Great Content???

  • Make your content easy to understand and share
  • Catchy headlines on the Home page does the trick.
  • Content should have target keywords for Search Engine Optimization and its visibility on the web.
  • If the post is hard for the audience to relate or to understand, no one would like to read it.
  • Keep it rich, entertaining, informative and yet snappy.
  • Whether you are writing about content creation for Jewellery, Fashion, Automobiles etc your writing requires you to grab people’s attention.


If you love to write and enjoy seeing thoughts transforming to words, become a certified content writer. So let’s get started and embark upon this wonderful journey of scribbles. If you are a resident of Surat, enthralling and adventurous journey of Content Writing awaits at your doorsteps. Grab any of the above mentioned course today to create awesome content for your readers.

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Good Luck!!


1.What is content writing?

Content writing is the process of drafting a written matter to communicate a message to the desired set of audience for the digital marketing purposes.

2.What are various types of Content writing?

There are mainly four styles of content writing: Narrative, Expository, Persuasive and Descriptive

3.What makes one a good content writer?

A mark of good content writer is one who can create an unique and engaging  informative content which can keep the reader glued to the article.

4.After the completion of the certification, how can you get job as a content writer?

You can start by creating your own portfolio of articles, writeups on various topics , join social media communities and parallelly apply for jobs.


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