Noida has become the hottest hub for services industry in Uttar Pradesh with several companies including IT, Education, Banking, Insurance, Financial Services, Pharma, Auto, FMCG, Manufacturing, etc. setting up their businesses here.   Henry Harvin Education is Noida’s leading training and certification provider. They offer CDCW (Certified Digital content Writer) course that hones your Content Writing skills through the latest teaching techniques. Every business or service has a niche audience and therefore, needs different content. A content writer specialises in creating relevant content that aims towards improving business awareness and attracting potential customers. 

 “The content writing industry employs competent writers who can create unique and engaging content. Whether you write marketing content or an informational post, you must come up with content that is easy to understand and remember.”

-Yash Arora, Digital Marketing Expert. 

If you are looking to brush up your writing skills by taking up a content writing course, make sure you choose the best one in the industry. 
Which is the best content course?
 CDCW has become the first choice of aspiring writers, thanks to the expertise, experience, and expert collaboration that is provided here. Here are 9 reasons why this is the best content writing course in Noida:

1. The course is taught by qualified experts with vast experience in content writing. 

2. The students learn advanced research skills that enable students to write on any topic, no matter its complexity.

3. The curriculum comprises carefully chosen topics from the content writing field. The students learn to write more than 30 types of content during the course.

4. The 4-day/32-hours course is available both in online as well as classroom format

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5. Besides writing, the emphasis is given to website making and graphic skills so that students can create their websites and blogs.

6. The students get24 x 7 access to the LMS platform that offers abundant resources and study material that contains a plethora of knowledge.

7. From product promotion to information dissemination, from social media publicity to reviews sharing, the course teaches you every aspect of developing great content, graphics, and videos to generate prospective leads for your business or service.

8. The course teaches you to effectively publish your content and secure it from plagiarism. The best content writing practices followed throughout the course ensure that your original piece of work reaches its target audience.

9. The experts provide full support in getting freelance writing projects and help students find a suitable job. 

    “There is no magical power that can turn you into a brilliant writer overnight but, the reliable professionals at  Henry Harvin can polish your skills and guide you to becoming a proficient content writer.”           – Shikha Sharma, Content Writer.

Content writing essentially comprises of five components, namely – planning, structuring, writing, editing, and posting. Henry Harvin CDCW course not only prepares you to become a successful content writer but, also teaches you all these components that ensure maximum viewership to your content.
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“If you want to become a Certified Content Writer, get in touch with Henry Harvin Education experts today! Don’t hesitate to talk to us and find out how this course is right for you.”


  What is a WooRank tool?

WooRank is an easy-to-use digital marketing and SEO audit tool that analyzes SEO, identifies target keywords, and discovers technical issues.

How do I check if an article or image is copyright?

Usually, the article or image will be marked by a “c” in a circle (©) or the word “copyright”.

  What is content?

Content is the data or information that forms the base of any blog post, website, e-commerce portals, newspapers, newsletters, magazines, or books.

    How will the Alexa ranking tool help me?

 Alexa ranking tool will help to boost traffic to your website, analyze your competition and also your target audience.

    How will I become a good SEO writer?

Make your keyword a part of your title/heading and write content based on what your target audience wants


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  1. Maithly Singh Reply

    This course in noida teaches you to effectively publish your content and secure it from plagiarism.
    the best part is that The experts provide full support in getting freelance writing projects and help students find a suitable job.

  2. tanuj rajput Reply

    As a student of Engineering, I was not sure if I could enrol into any content writing course as I am very much interested in writing especially of technical nature. I am happy such courses are available which can be availed remotely and I can get exposure to content writing as well as technical writing.

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