Content writing is all about creating engaging content that drives readers and encourages action. The idea is to compel your readers to further engage with your product or brand.

No matter how well-researched your content is, if it is ridden with typos and syntactic errors, it will repel readers. You have to be very careful to catch simple mistakes that went unnoticed.

– Pooja Sharma, Content Editor

Unless you have a content editing team to help with your work, you must use these 6 tools to eliminate errors and write flawless content: 

Tool#1: Hemingway

This is probably the best editing tool that is commonly used by writers and bloggers. The tool highlights complex phrases and sentences, recommends removing excess adverbs, and converts passive voice sentences into active voice. 

Besides, Hemingway shows total number of characters, words, sentences, and paragraphs in your content and displays its overall readability.

Even if you have exceptional writing skills, you can make mistakes. Hemingway App can edit out your grammatical errors and save your time that you can use on developing your content instead.

– Ashish Kumar, Blogger.

Tool#2: Grammarly 

It is one of the most convenient grammar and spelling checking tools available online. It not only detects errors, but also optimizes your content and makes it more enjoyable. Always check your final draft through Grammarly and become a better writer with each edit.

Tool#3: StackEdit

So you’ve written your copy but it is not in .html format? Don’t worry, as StackEdit can help you with it. This tool can convert your content into electronic pages complete with hyperlinks that can be displayed on the internet. 

StackEdit can also copy content written in Google Docs, Word or WordPress, without changing its formatting. This tool is particularly useful for web content writers as it offers several themes and layouts for customized content writing. Moreover, it’s spell-checker can spot grammar mistakes.

“You can post articles on WordPress, Blogger, Dropbox, Tumblr etc. using StackEdit. The tool can function offline so you can use it even if your Internet connection is unstable.”

– Vaibhavi Kapoor, Web Content Writer

Tool#4: Copyscape

Whether you are writing an academic paper or website content, your text must be 100% original and error-free. Posting plagiarized or copied content is a serious offense and impacts your credibility as a creative writer. Intentional or unintentional, plagiarism can result in low ranking in search results. 

Copyscape is an online plagiarism detection tool that detects whether content similar to your text appears anywhere on the internet. If you find copied parts in your content, edit or rewrite them right away.

Tool#5: Proofread Bot 

The free online editing tool can detect simple grammatical and formatting errors. The premium service offers advanced checks that scan your content for plagiarism. You need to just paste your content and the tool will underline your mistakes and suggest corrections. 

Tool#6: Edit Minion

This tool offers valuable features for editing and improving your content. You have to enter your content and choose filters you want to use. Edit Minion will highlight weak words, passive voice, clichés, and more. This tool can help you eliminate your problem and create polished content.


Writing great content starts with finding a solid topic and supporting it with authentic information. However, before posting your piece, use these tools to make sure that it is free of errors and grammatical mistakes.Suggest the tips for effective content writing?

Well, there is no set formula for the generation of an excellent or unique content. Several tips to improve the quality and the quantity of the contents can be summarized as -1- A headturning headline that spaarks an interest and stir an emotion in the audience. 2- Create a catchy hook that capture the readers attention. 3- Do a thorough research athat includes data analysis and statistics study. 4- Stick to the main concept and maintain your own unique style.5- Use SEO and its best practices. 6- Lastly remember to proofread and edit your draft.What is content editing?

Content Editing is the process of reviewing and proof reading your content and making it error free. It also includes formatting and styling your text. An error free content always catches readers attention. Content editing makes your content understandable, cohesive and very effective.Is content editing and copy editing the same thing?

Content editing is referred to as substantive or developmental editing. It is more subjective form of editing that involves suggestions to rewrite, add, move or delete any section of the content. Whereas, the copy editing refers to the proofreading the content that will focus on the grammar, syntax, sentence structure, word accuracy, Punctuations ,etc.Name few editing tools to generate high quality content?

It’s always important to use the content editing tools to prduce a mistake free content. the tools used aa editors are 1- After the deadline. 2- Ginger, 3- Web spell Checker, 4- Ninjas essay’s, 5- Gramarly , 6- Slick Write, 7- Papersgear, 8- Proofread Bot, etc.

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