Are you a teenager who is filled with curiosity and wants to learn about different things through courses? And do you have the same excuse as everyone else: “I don’t have that much time to do a whole course!”. Well then, you are going to be immensely happy with yourself for landing on this blog after you read it because I am going to tell you 15 amazing short courses for teenagers! Now, you can feed your curious mind without investing an unreasonable amount of time.

And these 15 short courses for teenagers that I am going to mention will fulfil all your interests as they will range from being about data science to teen MBA to psychology.

15 Amazing Short Courses for Teenagers in 2021

1.Henry Harvin Summer School Academy


Blow your mind and glow in the way of a career with Henry Harvin. 

Henry Harvin ensures motivation, a learning environment, and hundred percent success in your life. This summer, take the initiative for your career without wasting time. It is the crucial and pivotal year of your life so, be creative and do creative. Why bother your parents by indulging yourself in social media like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Your parents want you to become successful in your life. It is possible with the help of diverse courses available in Henry Harvin.

Learners, do not waste your time contemplating yourself in our courses and select it according to your choice. We are damn sure by choosing the right stream will be at the right place. Let us take a look at our summer courses, and we are pleased to inform you that we offer a plethora of subjects. You can select anyone and get expertise from our professionals.

Course No.i) Teen MBA Course

If you are someone who would like to pursue an MBA degree when you grow up, this one is perfect for you! The Teen MBA Course will give you a preview of the world of business. It will also equip you with certain skills which are very important in the real world like leadership skills, team management skills etc.

This is one of the best short courses for teenagers who aspire to work in the commerce field offered by Henry Harvin.The Teen MBA will give you a preview of the world of business. You can evolve business skills, leadership skills after joining our Teen MBA Course. If you want to pursue an MBA in the future, this is the best course for you to mold your career. Teen MBA course is the entire journey of naive to the expert businessman. Accomplish the journey of Teen MBA with us to grab opportunities to understand the secrets of business.

Learners want to be optimistic after accomplishing their course. So we guarantee you that you will feel at the top of the world because we teach you about the entire business segment. You can learn about business acumen by analyzing real-life with Henry Harvin. 

Our instructors give you constructive feedback so that you can infuse positive vibes in your mind. We provide brush-up sessions and study materials to our students for practice. We ensure you fulfill your dreams if you want to become CEO, CFO, or CMO.

Move your steps and reach the business world with us.

Course No. ii) Content Writing Course

You want to captivate the readers through your writing. How can you do so? It is a witty question. However, the answer is candid. Join Henry Harvin’s Content writing Course to explore the tips and tricks of writing. We ensure hundred percent success by giving you the platform of writing. We provide an internship program for our interns. Come on, hold our hand and reach your destiny.

Course No.iii) Technical Writing Course

Technical writing courses can show you the practical world. Henry Harvin can help you to be aware of the critical words of technical writing. Explore technical writing courses with us. Believe in yourself and join the best institute of Henry Harvin to become successful.

Course No.iv) Medical Writing Course

Medical Writing Course can help us to infuse a scientific approach into our mind. You desire to acquire advanced research skills in medical writing. Our learners want to gain explicit information about pharmaceutical regulatory writing and medico-writing. We are here as a ray of hope.

Course No.v) Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing Course helps you to gain explicit information about the marketing segment. We help you become compatible in the progressive world by giving you the best platform in the digital world. Now do not wait for tomorrow hurry up and join us.

Henry Harvin also provide these Courses

Junior MBA course

Business Accounting and Taxation course

Data Science Course

Business Analyst course

2. The Science of Well Being

This is one of my favorite short courses for teenagers that I would recommend to every single one of you. This is a personality development course taught by Prof. Laurie Santos who works in the department of psychology at Yale University. If you want to learn the science behind your day to day emotions and actions, this one is for you! It is available at coursera.

3. Graphic Design

I am sure graphic designing is something many of you are interested in and this one is for you. There are many graphic designing courses you can do online but I recommend the ones offered at coursera by California Institute of The Arts as they are some of the best short courses for teenagers. These ones will train you at a beginner level and you can go on and take more advanced level courses when you grow up to be a freelancer in the field of Graphic Design.

4. Introduction to Data Science

Data science is one of the fastest growing fields today and I am sure a lot of you must be fascinated with it. This course is for all those who want know what exactly is data science and be a part of this amazing field. This is offered by IBM and is available at coursera.

5. Guitar for beginners

Have you always wanted to learn how to play guitar? Well then, this one is surely for you. This course offered by one of the best reputed music institutes, Berklee College of Music. This will brief you about basics of guitar such as what are the different chords and how to read music notation etc. You can find this course at coursera.

6. Introduction to Psychology

I am sure the field of psychology fascinates many of you and you would like to learn more about it. Then, this one is for you. Offered by the prestigious Yale University, this will introduce you to the wonderful world of psychology.

This is one course I have done myself and I highly recommend it.

7. Digital Marketin

This is another course that I loved doing. Digital marketing is something that all future entrepreneurs should be knowing as it can take your business operations to a whole new level. An easy to understand course offered by Ankur Aggarwal is available for free on youtube. Do check this one out as it is one of the best short courses for teenagers in the field of marketing.

8. IT fundamentals for Cyber Security

Today, cybersecurity is a course that every single citizen should take as cybercrimes are increasing in number day by day. This course will help understand how to be safe on the internet. This is something we all need and I hope you will check this one out!

It is offered by IBM and can be found on coursera.

9. Modern Art and Ideas

This course is designed for all you young artists who want to know more about modern art. Also, if you are planning on taking an Art History major in college, this one is for you! This free course is offered at coursera brought to you by The Museum of Modern Art.

10. English for Career Development

This is one of the best short courses for teenagers as it will help you a lot in your career. It is offered by the famous UPenn on coursera.  It will teach you how to write effective resumes and how to interview for a job etc. It will give you a look into the job market and how things work in there.

11. Introduction to International Criminal Law

I am sure many of you are interested in pursuing criminal law.Well then, this one is for all you aspiring lawyers! It is offered by Case Western Reserve University on coursera. Do check this one out if you are interested in criminal law!

12. Mastering Final Cut Pro

This course will teach you all you need to know about video editing as a teenager. After you master this particular iOS software, you can start your own youtube channel and edit your videos all by yourself. Very helpful for all aspiring content creators. You can find this at coursera.

13. Designing your personal cut plan

This course is for all those of you who haven’ t been feeling very fit lately and want to use this summer to get healthy. I know there are many programs available online but they don’t always work for everyone as all of us have different bodies and a different lifestyle. This program will help you design a program that will work for you. Do check this out! Available at coursera.

14. Understanding the Brain: The Neurobiology of Everyday Life

This course is for all of you interested in understanding how the brain functions and why do humans behave the way they do. I have also taken this course and I absolutely loved it! Also, if you’re planning on being a neuroscience or pyschology major, this one is for you. Offered by The University of Chicago at coursera.

15. Astronomy: Exploriong Time and Space

This course is designed for teenagers who are interested in knowing about modern astrology and recent astrological findings.

Offered on coursera by The University of Arizona. This is for all you young aspiring astrologists. I hope you will check this out as it is one of the best short courses for teenagers in the field of astrology.

16. Understanding Depression and Low Mood in Teens

More than 2.3 million adolescents suffer from severe serious depression. Depression is a severe illness that can impact any part of a teen’s life.

These short courses for teenager, provided by the University of Reading via Future Learn, will help adolescents recognize low mood and depression, comprehend CBT – a treatment supported by scientific evidence, and learn practical skills for supporting young depressed individuals.

Moreover, parents can also enroll in these online courses for Teens to learn how to identify signs of depression and poor mood in their children.

17. Coding for Everyone

How can we discuss adolescents’ most outstanding online education without mentioning Coding? Everyday actions include using software; therefore, understanding how to create software can increase productivity.

The majority of these applications are written in the computer language C++. These best online courses for teenagers will teach you how to create mobile apps, games, websites, and other software using the C++ programming language. Students will get short courses for teenager on Coursera.

18. Fashion as Design

Do you enjoy learning how clothing is manufactured from scratch? Then you should enroll in this online course for teens. Teens are strongly encouraged to register in the Museum of Modern Art’s course Modern and Contemporary Art and Design, the fourth course in a Coursera specialty.

 Short courses for teenager examines more than seventy clothing and accessories from around the globe. Through this clothing, you will explore what we wear, why we wear it, its construction, and what it signifies.

By the end of this course, you will be able to enjoy your everyday clothing and haute couture, learn about the history, evolution, and effect of garments over time, and investigate how they might be reinvented.  Various designers, dressmakers, and other garment industry specialists designed this course.

19. Injury Prevention for Children and Adolescents

The leading cause of death among children and adolescents is trauma. Teens must take the best online courses for the teenager to understand preventative strategies to avoid injuries.

Short courses for teenager given by the University of Michigan on edX establishes a comprehensive basis for pediatric injury prevention. It will expand your understanding of this critical public health issue through current lectures, interviews, and demonstrations from injury prevention experts. This session is also open to parents who will learn how to protect their children from injury.

20. Bullying 101: Beyond Common Sense

Teens often have to deal with physical and online bullying, especially in the classroom. And this often negatively impacts their mental health. These online courses for teens by the University of Padova on Iversity equips students with a critical understanding of juvenile bullying.

The training addresses traditional bullying, typically on school grounds, and cyberbullying, which is prevalent on social media. Their short courses for a teenager will assist students in recognizing bullies, preventing bullying and cyberbullying, and understanding the risk factors and effects of bullying among adolescents.


So, I have told you 15 amazing short courses for teenagers.

I would be more than happy if you did even one of these after reading my blog.

Short courses for teenagers are so great as we don’t have that much time to do a whole course!! But now, no more excuses because these don’t require you to invest a lot of time and you still learn a lot.


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