Have you been experiencing some glitches in your business or your customers are complaining about it?

The revenues are being generated but yet not getting the expected returns?

Before you become accustomed to these loopholes terming them under the phrase of “Things don’t work like a switch” introduced before you the concept of Six Sigma (you can relate with its concepts at http://henryharvin.com/benefits-of-six-sigma-for-e-commerce-professionals/ and now to turn your business to a fruitful business we explored an exhaustive list of merits of six sigma.

  1. Six Sigma, if implemented efficiently to all departments and adopted skillfully by every worker of the company can potentially reduce your costs by 50% or even more
  2. Technically sound and experienced Six Sigma professionals effectively ensure that the daily operational metrics are fixed on a real time basis along with just not meeting daily targets but even analyze the root cause of the problem
  3. Six Sigma proves to be the only ticket to take your business to the next level and create new benchmarks even in the category of products your company has just ventured into. To give you more reason to believe we provide an exclusive insight of Wipro’s six sigma experience at http://henryharvin.com/six-sigma-implementation-at-wipor/
  4. Sig sigma achieves beyond the stipulated boundaries of predetermined quality levels with an aim of realizing the full potential and thus gives you just not an edge over others but instead makes you a game changer.

Being in the E-commerce industry doesn’t confine you to put products from various domains on your portal and sell them but rather poses a dynamic array with just not the variables being changing but their attributes and features too. So you need to possess thorough knowledge of the implementations of Six Sigma in various sectors. No need to open Google in the new tab, just visit our links.

  1. Six-Sigma @ Marketing Professionals-

http://henryharvin.com/benefits-of-six-sigma-for-marketing- management-professionals/

  1. Six-Sigma @ Operations Management Professionals

  1. Six-Sigma @ Finance Professionals

  1. Six-Sigma @ Information Technology Professionals

  1. Six-Sigma @ Human Resource Professionals

A sustainable E-commerce industry is one which maintains a balance between the products it showcases, the brands it deals into, the interface it provides for its users, the cost management it employs at the back-end servers, the operations of the front-end and above all the trust it establishes in the market with its quality maintained both in the products and services. And with this keeping in mind we introduced to you the aspects of Six-Sigma with a different approach for each different sector but with a common goal of attaining scalability while maintaining sustainability. Convinced enough to shift gears and ready to concentrate on achieving other + higher levels of quality?  You can always browse through our course catalog and related events at

  1. http://henryharvin.com

Six-Sigma might not return results overnight but it for sure does wonders to your business ensuring long term benefits which are immense enough to adopt it.

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