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Market today is too competitive and unfavorable situations may come any time which leads to the flock of unhappy customers to the competitors, often taking their friends with them. Hence it is necessary for the organization to identify the best marketing approach and make efforts to know their custo..


Truth to be said I am a great believer of the decentralized world. In my opinion, this hierarchy presents more innovation. The decentralised environment presents more chances for fulfilment and happiness. Everybody is interested in cryptocurrency. They all are talking about projects like Bitcoin, Et..

Fluctuation in the Bitcoin prices on the Bitcoin exchanges is caused due to a lot of factors. There are a lot more factors that determine the Bitcoin prices like the international prices, overall demand and supply in India and so on. Today in this article we will give you top two reasons as to why I..

Purchasing Bitcoins quickly is way more confusing especially for those who are new to the world of digital currency. With the concept of Bitcoin roaring high in the market, very few have the idea of purchasing it safely and using it in a secure manner. Today in this article we will tell you about ho..

As far as the legality of Bitcoin is concerned then it seems to be quite controversial. There are certain countries such as Japan that have passed a bill where they have given legal recognition to Bitcoin.But when it comes to China then they have imposed regulatory restriction towards Bitcoin.In cer..

Henry Harvin Education

There is a lot of information which is required in every field to make any service or product easy to be understandable for users. Technical writing covers that part of writing which constitutes writing for occupational fields like computer hardware, aeronautics, engineering, biotechnology, finance ..

Content writing services may be referred to as online work that includes distinct characteristics regarding the writing profession, formulate marketing partnerships in the organizations that need content and privilege writers to write the popular high-grade content. The said profession, substan..

Being smart and flexible in your decision making opens the doors of a lot of opportunities for you. Having a decent job after completing your studies is perhaps the biggest aim of your life. But sometimes you don’t know what is better for you, or sometimes despite giving your hundred percent..

Having various skills and artistry is always a great thing. It makes you a complete person with some extra talent and ingenuity. Creative Writing is one such art that gives you an extra edge over others. Also termed as some other words like “literature”, “prose”, &l..


GST is the next big thing present in Modi's tasksheet to influence the Indian Economy. However, do you think the Indian Economy is ready to face the jerk of this transition ? Do you think companies are competent to execute the necesarry actionables while addressing various challenges of demoniti..


One of the most important aspects of any modern business is the security of information systems and ensuring quality control. COBIT5 - Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology as the name suggests is a framework that looks after the integrity of information systems in the IT Process..

COBIT5 is one of the popular IT tools that is being widely used by the business and organizations of IT management and governance. One similar tool and that is also quite popular in the market is ITIL. It is also extensively used by the organizations but slowly people are making the switch to COBIT ..

1. What is COBIT 5’s purpose?   COBIT helps business process owners and managements manage the risks associated with IT and deliver value from IT, by providing them with IT governance models. The model ensures information systems’ integrity.   2. Who uses COBIT 5?   ..

What is the purpose behind COBIT?   The reason for COBIT is to give administration and business handle proprietors with a data innovation (IT) governance design that helps in delivering value from IT and dealing with the dangers connected with IT. COBIT spans the crevices among business neces..


An organizations biggest strength is their human resource- their capabilities, processes and technologies. These are the assets that help deliver organization goals and objectives. It is therefore critical to develop these virtues to create a strategic advantage and serve business goals. ITIL- Infor..

1.  See, What Mr. Aditya Kumar is saying about the ITIL Training: 2.  See, What Kshitij Rai has to say about the services provided by Henry Harvin pre, during and post ITIL Training:  ..

1.  See, What Mandira Rana is saying about the amazing service she received from Henry Harvin: 2.  See, What Vanitha Raja Rao is saying about the trainers: 3.  See, What Dinesh Rajput has to say about the ITIL program he attended with KPMG: ..

What is ITIL? The Information Technology Infrastructure Library, or ITIL, is an entity within IT Security Management (ITSM) field is a practice framework from public and private sectors internationally. It guides the IT resources to be organized while delivering business, documenting the goals an..


Agile Project Management is one of the revolutionary methods introduced for the practice of project management. This is one of the latest project management strategies that are mainly applied to project management practice in software development. Therefore, it is best to relate agile project manage..

Also known as an incremental model- ‘Agile development model’ because it is developed in an incremental and rapid cycles. It is known as incremental model as it gives small incremental releases with each release building on previous functionality. However agile certification helps y..

Agile Project Management- In simple terms; Agile Project Management achieves the scope to embrace change and deliver the most ambitious results. It has been observed that companies with Agile principles can adapt quickly to the complexity and uncertainty of today’s business conditions thus hav..

For any working professional, be it a private job, government officer or a businessman it’s always exciting to get where the real action is! Creating innovative products, meet clients, seal deals and develop business. What usually gets side-lined in the process is effective Management- of peop..

Finance for Non-Finance Managers

Financing is a vital aspect which is required to start a business and increase its profitability. It is also needed to tap the necessary resources for the firm. There are couple of means through which financing can be done. However the firm needs to weigh the pros and cons of each source of financin..

Finance plays a crucial role when it comes to taking decisions regarding the continued survival and growth of a business. Various decisions regarding the organisation are taken by analysing the financial statements as they help in ascertaining the viability in aspects related to financing. Finance b..

Personal Financial Planning is a process of management of finance facilitated by an individual or a family unit in order to plan its savings, investment and expenditure for a given period of time taking into consideration future events and contingencies. This process guides regarding budget and spen..

BUDGET   Budget is generally defined as a quantitative plan which is chartered for the forthcoming period of time. It generally takes into consideration planned sales volumes, costs to be incurred, expenses to be met out, expected revenue to be generated and flow of cash and cash equivalents ..


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IFRS or International Financial Reporting Standards as would be the associated expansion of this acronym is a globally accepted accounting standard. It is a precise set of preparing reports and financial statements that help read the company data in a fashion observed worldwide. The advantages of th..

Ernst and Young (EY) is one of the global leaders in Tax, Assurance, Advisory and Transaction Services. It plays a critical role in building a better world for their clients, communities and people. It offers various training programs to help people develop their competencies in the field of finance..

US GAAP are the generally accepted accounting principles used in the United States while IFRS are the international financial reporting standards used around the world. There are some major differences between US GAAP and IFRS.   Difference US GAAP IFRS Financ..

Six Sigma

1.  Client Name: Poornima Redla     Company Name: Cleanon Hospitality Services Pvt. Ltd.     Designation: Director     Course Name: Henry Harvin's Lean Six Sigma Green Belt     City: Mumbai 2.  Client Name: Saurav Suman  ..

SIX SIGMA Six Sigma is a quality management methodology aimed at performance improvement by reducing the number of defects to 3.4 or few defects per million items produced and a subsequent increase in profits and decrease in costs. It mainly targets to remove the obstacles in a process which..

SIX SIGMA Six Sigma is a quality management methodology aimed at performance improvement by reducing the no of defect to 3.4 or few defects per million items produced and a subsequent increase in profits and decrease in costs. It mainly targets to remove the obstacles in a process which are resul..

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is one of the largest Indian Multinational Software, Consulting and Business Solutions Company which is currently operating in 46 countries. It has now been placed in the ‘Big 4’ and considered among the most valuable IT Brands worldwide. TCS is ranked at ..