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Prakash Gupta 4.9/5 Henry Harvin 8D Analysis Training Course Reviews

Only in an 8 hours class, I have learned to manage myself in my career. I was unable to handle my team and other things. Thanks to my teacher, who randomly shared with me about the 8D analysis training course, and then I pursued it. Now I am thinking of going for the Prince2r course, […]

Parv Khattri 4.7/5 Henry Harvin 8D Analysis Training Course Reviews

Hello everyone. I am a Computer Engineering student. I wanted to learn problem-solving skills and maintain discipline in the office, which is the most valuable skill needed in a Career. One day I was just scrolling through my Instagram and then I saw a page that contained information about Henry Harvin Education providing an 8D […]

Tanya Agarwal 4.5/5 Henry Harvin 8D Analysis Training Course Reviews

As we all know being placed in a good company with a good package per year is a dream of everyone. We prepare for that 1st step which is told by almost everyone. We study hard, we prepare, we practice mock interviews. Questions like, describe yourself and where you yourself in 5 years are literally […]

Shivani Tuli 4.8/5 Henry Harvin 8D Analysis Training Course Reviews

I am from Lucknow and the lockdown permitted me to utilize my time to learn something new. And I chose to enroll myself in the 8D Analysis Training Course. I researched a lot, then I came to know about  Henry Harvin Education which has been the most popular online course platform for many years. My […]

Gopal Jain 4.9/5 Henry Harvin PRINCE2® Training Course Review

When I did the PRINCE2® Training Course, there were many institutes in my mind, but as recommended by one of my colleagues, I chose Henry Harvin for this course. The course covers its principles, government system, product architecture, project management, etc. Basically, all the topics that were mentioned. The course has improved my presentation skills. […]

Srishti Yadav 4.8/5 Henry Harvin PRINCE2® Training Course Review

I never knew that the person who had managed nothing would do the PRINCE2® Training Course. Yes, guys you heard right, I came across this course when I got promoted to Project Head. As to improve my skills and to gain knowledge in presentations, looking towards ideas from a witty angle, I got enrolled in […]

Manya Singh 4.7/5 Henry Harvin PRINCE2® Training Course Review

The PRINCE2® Training Course provided by HENRY HARVIN enables the students to learn about the skills and have the conceptual and practical knowledge to approach the idea for the project in business and also present it before the team and clients. The course gives you insight into its Principles, high-level project management, knowing the government […]

Sachin Sharma 4.6/5 Henry Harvin PRINCE2® Training Course Review

I am from Bangalore. I never had the confidence of presenting my own innovative ideas due to my lack of confidence and my ill presentation skills. So to get knowledge about this particular area, I thought of doing some courses. I searched for many courses but finally decided to do the PRINCE2® Training Course as […]

Sakshi Rathore 4.8/5 Henry Harvin PRINCE2® Training Course Review

 I recently got certified for the PRINCE2® Training Course from Henry Harvin institute online. They conducted  32 Hours of Live online classroom sessions for the course which also included projects on project management, government system, product architecture, etc. Our training sessions were very educationally enlightening. The instructor had an incredible knowledge of his subject. The […]

Siddhant, 4.6/5 Henry Harvin AWS Developer Associate Training Course Review

I was in need for learning of the AWS components, AWS application. And AWS executions. So I researched a lot to fulfill my requirement, then I found out that Henry Harvin offers one Course that is AWS  Developer Associate Training Course which is the best Course which will fulfil my requirements with many learning with […]