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“My daughter has enrolled in a prestigious Medical college”…..Is it? Well, my son has enrolled in a prestigious Engineering college”…. So what? My children are the next scientists ready for NASA.

Now, now, now…..Let’s stop at that….Gone are the days when mainstream education was the only option considered by society in the 1990’s and 1920’s.

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However, in the 21st century, this scenario has taken a complete 180-degree turn, we can statistically confirm that society has evolved so much beyond just mainstream education and is giving importance to the interest of the child, owing to the qualities that the child displays. This in fact reduces the peer-performance pressure on the child to be at the top of his academics whether or not, his interest lies in some other vocational course. The best part is the child can enrol in these varied courses after 10th or after 12th. Well, there is at least one-course minimum, to say the least up to many courses for each and everybody out there. You just have to choose your area of interest.

Here, I’m not against any mainstream courses, but, would like to elaborate on the fact that, in 2020, when the COVID-19 Pandemic drove the society in their houses, the only option that seemed most suitable to engage the society was to go digital completely. With the world on the brink of complete outbursts, the majority of the people found solace in vocational courses bringing up their creativity, presentation, passion, ideas, core knowledge, thought processes and turning them into freelancing and full-time careers. Because of the fact that these courses do not focus completely on the theoretical aspect but are focused on providing job opportunities for very specific areas of interest with a rewarding pay package. What else can you ask for?

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Without, further ado, let’s get straight into our interesting topic and I would not only take you into this exciting journey with the popular names but also, give you at least a few major benefits that these individual training can offer.

Top 80 vocational training in India

1. Office Assistantship

Are you someone who likes to plan everything to the T? Can you manage time very well? Are you a well-organized person who can work with technology? Do you have a little ‘Monica Geller (Friends)’ inside you? Hey! I am not judging. In fact, just pointing that out, so that you can opt for this career.

The work schedule as an office attendant may include, providing support/ assistance to your superiors, overseeing clerical tasks/ sending emails, maintaining an inventory of office supplies, Scheduling meetings and sending meeting invites to attendees, etc.

Listing some of the benefits of this vocational course:

With this career, you can practically set foot in any industry. Job satisfaction, upward mobility scheduled work timings, managing corporate, etc. are definitely some of the perks.

2. Robotics

For all you science geeks out there, this one is especially for you!! With the immense rate at which science has advanced in the last decade, I can definitely guarantee that this one, in particular, has a lot of potentials. Just like its name, robotics involves the design, construction and use of robots i.e. Artificial intelligence.

Goal – To reduce human workload and to have a substitute in the form of machines. To invent robots that look, walk and talk like humans. Today, robotics engineering is one of the booming careers across the globe.

Listing few of the benefits of this vocational training course:

From manufacturing units to experimental robotics for medical, military, and automotive industries, robotics finds tremendous opportunities for its budding professionals. Competitive salary, creative work, extensive travel opportunities etc., are merely the tip of the iceberg, on what this career path can offer.

3. Performing Arts

Art you a performer and creator at heart? Are you someone who does not wish to be bound by words, but rather flow into the unknown?  Well, you are in the right place.  Performing arts is an umbrella that includes all types of music, dance and drama. If you are someone who is in touch with their self-expression, then this one is definitely for you.

You can be a dancer, a singer/or a theatre artist. You can choose to go solo or be a part of a team. You have the opportunity to create a tight-knit community of artists or you can explore even the biggest platforms all across the globe. With talent, determination, and confidence, the world is literally your Oyster.

Listing some of the benefits of this vocational course:

Explore your creativity, talent, take up challenges by showing up at competitions or make a pack of your own and have individual shows across the globe. Not to mention the fame, once you get through the initial grind and hard work.

4. Environmental Monitoring

Let’s talk climate! It’s a fact that recent times have not been so great for our planet. With rapid urbanization and the growth of industries, the air that we breathe, the water that we consume and the soil that we grow our produce on, are going downhill slowly but surely. If you want to change the status quo and improve the quality of life in the world that we live in today, then this is the one for you.

Environmental monitoring includes tools and techniques to observe and assess the quality of the environment, establish parameters for different organizations, to quantify the impact that a particular activity has on the environment, thereby minimizing the threat to our surroundings. This includes but is not limited to air monitoring, water monitoring and soil monitoring.

Listing some of the benefits of this vocational course:

Transform environmental data to practical insights for citizens, provide actionable parameters for various organizations and industries, make sure of compliance with those parameters, and thereby hand over a better planet for future generations.

5. Plastic Technology

Going off on the same tangent as the previous one, we need to shift our environment conservation tactics drastically so that we do not destroy our planet in an attempt to make newer and better inventions. One of the main causes of concern is, of course, plastic. Today, the harmful effects of plastic are so evident, that countries all across the globe, including India, is making strong initiatives to curb plastic usage.

Plastic technology is a specialized branch of engineering which includes the study of different types of chemicals and compounds that show properties of plasticity, understanding methods in which plastic can be used safely, including the use of biodegradable plastics and thus, making it Eco-friendly as much as possible, in order to reduce its effects on us as well as the environment. Plastic engineering specialities include consumer plastic, medical plastics, Biodegradable plastics etc.

This particular career path is definitely challenging but rewarding, not only monetarily, but in terms of the bigger picture. You are changing our planet’s footprint, slowly but surely.

6. Bookkeeping

Mathematics: Do you like it??

 I never liked the subject personally. It has never been my area of interest. But maybe you do. Maybe you are perfect in your calculations. Maybe you aced all of your maths exams and you like accounting. Maybe you took commerce as your stream of interest in junior college. If that is the case, this one is for you.

Bookkeeping includes recording all business transactions in a particular business. It plays a major role in accounting and largely focuses on recording day-to-day financial aspects of the business. Everything from sales, revenue, taxes, earned interest, payroll and other operational expenses, loans and investments etc. are recorded in books of accounts. How you manage the accounts determines the legitimacy of the business,

By accurately maintaining the data on the financial front, your bookkeeping skills will help the business have detailed accounts, be crisp and clear in the eyes of law, help in better financial planning, faster financial analysis, better tax predictions, better relations with banks and investors,etc. If you choose to be a bookkeeper, trust me, no business can run without proper financial help.

7. Multi Cuisine Cook

Let me tell you one thing, I am a big-time foodie. I love exploring varieties of cuisines from around the globe. I mean, who doesn’t? If you are like me, maybe you can choose this as your career and not just a hobby, and maybe, unlike me, you could be great at cooking!

Being a multi-cuisine cook means cooking a wide range of foods for consumers, typically of regional flavours and also managing food resources in the kitchen, which means being a chef, but with a wider range of possibilities. You can learn anything from French, Thai, Chinese Italian, Mexican to Japanese, Korean, Indian etc. and so much more. There are a variety of courses from different institutes that offer you assistance and guidance in learning authentic flavours of different parts of the world.

Put on a chef’s hat, and get immersed in cultures across the globe. Learn and experiment with the nuances that make for that perfect and authentic cultural dish. Help your consumers feel nostalgic with your food and give them “a home away from home” kind of an experience, or create your own, by blending different cultures and creating your own signature dish, because why not?

8. HR Management

This one is mainly (but not necessarily) for the corporate sector; The “9 to 5” as we call it.

Human resource management entails acting as a liaison between employers and employees to help ensure both sides can work effectively. You can work as an in-house HR manager or in an outside firm. As an HR manager, you maintain the organizational integrity of the workplace. From making sure employees are paid fairly and receive benefits to overseeing employee development, HR managers are responsible for overseeing recruitment, training, performance appraisal etc.

Starting in earlier 20th century for increasing business value through strategic management of workforce, today almost every sector in this world has its own HR department.

If you are someone who can be well organized and has communication and problem-solving skills, this one is for you and as an HR manager, you are quite literally the backbone of a smooth sailing work environment.

9. Animation

Presently considered as a very lucrative profession especially for the young generation where you get to create an illusion of people, objects, things, etc. in any industry and build a virtually eye-pleasing world.

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course

The best part is that you have the freedom of the entire creative authority. With this, you not only become good at self-expression with free-lancing being its top perks but also, e-commerce websites, learning websites, YouTube channels, the entertainment industry (including Bollywood, Hollywood, etc. ) just to name a few will be looking out for your creative skills.

10. Computer Application

As the name suggests, the application is a computer program for carrying out specific tasks for all the users from start to end. Not to mention, the exhaustive list across all industries.  Computers are an integral part of all the major sectors like business, banking, marketing, healthcare, gaming, military, government, engineering, insurance, etc. If you are tech-savvy then, definitely the sky is the limit for you.

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course :-

Helps you be the master of computer programming with fundamentals and mastering the language of the computers which is the need for the hour considering the world has gone digital owing to the pandemic. You can be a – computer programmer, system analyst, web programmer, web designer, software developer, etc. to name a few

11. Interior Designing

This is an art to enhance the interiors of a room, building, or any living space and convert it into an aesthetically mind-pleasing, eye-soothing piece of work completely suited to the needs of the people in there. If you can visualize the place on the canvas of your mind with its tiny details, then opportunities are limitless.

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course:-

Interior designing can be done by freelancing or in a partnership or in a company. You can be your own boss with creative liberty and take up projects as per your requirement as per the job satisfaction. The demand for this profession is on a rise owing to more and more people engaging in working from home and looking out to turn the space into their workspace.

12. Photography

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” as correctly said by Greece philosopher Plato, is another form of mesmerizing art. The one where any and every image can be captured by recording them electronically with the help of sensors of the images. We can use a mobile, digital camera for pursuing this beautiful art anywhere even at your home. If you are a person who sees beauty even in a stone, then this is the profession for you.

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course :-

Photographers can travel the world and build a strong client network globally. You can do freelancing or work for any firm. It’s a nice side hustle if you working full time, but have a passion for photography and it’s the best way to earn a decent money just with the convenience of having a mobile with you.

13. Foreign Language

Namaste! Bonjour! Hola! Assalamu Alaikum!

Yes!!!…. That’s our “Hello” in English translated into 4 different languages. To simply put it, language is the mode of communication from one person to another of a different state or globally. What if, you have been fascinated with the speakers watching different linguistic movies and think of learning them, then this is an opportunity to convert your interest into a paid job.

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course :-

First and foremost you can be a certified foreign language teacher working from home at your own convenience. This deepens your connection with the other cultures of the world with advancement in a career as language translators and speakers are globally in demand.

In case, you wish to pursue any foreign language vocational courses, I would recommend you to check out the below language academy from Henry Harvin to get certified (Spanish Language & French Languages) transforming your niche interest into a full-time career.

14. Tourism Management

This can be called as a multidisciplinary field with all kinds of activities within tourism like organizing the tours both national and international, working out on places to visit, the timing for a visit, pricing, etc. In short, making the tour the best memory for your client.

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course :-

Innumerable global opportunities as this are one of the fastest-growing industries. You tend to get stronger with communication owing to the chance of meeting innumerable people on the journey. You get to travel the world impacting fun with versatility along the way and get handsomely rewarded for traveling.

15. Bakery and Confectionery

Another interesting art that can be easily converted into a job. If you are someone who loves to bake cakes be it butter-scotch, sponge cake, dark forest, etc., or make mouth-watering sweets, then this is ideal for you.

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course :-

You can work as a freelancer or full-time in bakeries, shops, factories, etc. As a freelancer, you can make a brand/channel of your own on YouTube, gain views, comments, likes and make money out of it in your own sweet time sitting in your kitchen.

16. Typing

An ancient way of bringing out any data or information onto a paper using a type-writer or a computer today. Type-writers have been used for so many generations, which is now taken up by our modern desktops/laptops.

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course :-

Helps in improving the speed of the user with a reduction of physical pressure aligning the data in a logical systematic way for proper interpretation by the reader. Also, a good way of freelancing or full-time career as a typist or an accountant or call centre jobs or even work from home with a decent take-home salary.

17. Fashion Designing/Technology

Again another beautiful art of application of innovative ideas, creativity, aesthetics to all types of clothing and accessories with the ongoing market trend as per various cultures in India.

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course:-

You can be a freelancer and start your own clothing brand further can collaborate with brands like Myntra, Flipkart, etc. for online selling. Helps to keep you updated with the latest ongoing fashion trends along with the benefit of travel to explore cultures. If you are creative enough with designs, you can explore the entertainment industry. If not, then, you can associate yourself with a renowned brand and get paid well.

18. Jewelry Designing

Yet another beautiful art of visualizing jewelry in your mind and designing with the aim to create them in accordance with the weight, metal, requirement, and budget of your client.

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course :-

A rewarding career as a freelancer or a full time paid career for those who have a good sense of the ongoing trend in jewelry be it for college students, teachers, housewives, corporate employees, or even businessmen because the fact remains that jewelry has been in demand in the society since ancient times when people used to even stones and shells as their jewelry to enhance the beauty.

19. Acting

Woohoo!!! This is the kind of profession that attracts the majority of society today. Definitely, a very passionate art where the mind, body, and expressions have to convince the audience that you are the character and not the person/star. It can be in the theater, television, radio, etc. In fact, anywhere, “The world itself is a big stage” as quoted by many actors.

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course :-

First things first- Name, fame, money….What else could one ask for? Having said that, it’s not as easy as it sounds, a lot of hard work and practice goes into perfecting this art. Some have inherited the skills in the family while others have to polish the same by taking up acting classes. However, every step is an achievement, and the world gets to know you.

20. Commercial Pilot

Do you love traveling? Are you a fan of looking at the world from great heights? If the answer is yes, then this is highly recommended for you. Commercial pilots have the responsibility of transporting the goods and the passengers safely depending on the requirement of the aircraft. The need is to have a Commercial pilot license (CPL).

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course :-

Best opportunity to travel the world without investing any money on your own. You can enjoy the best cuisines and drinks in different places along with a hotel stay for free. You learn to do multitask and at the same time be alert while working. Last but not the least, you get handsomely paid as your career progresses with the years of experience with the biggest names like Air India, Spice jet, Indigo, etc.

21. Diet and Nutrition

Again another billion-dollar industry. Today, weight loss, perfect figure, glowing skin, toned body – all these are in total craze among most in the society. If you have interest in food of all kinds and feel you can help people achieve their ideal weight keeping in check the required nutrition, then this option is for you.

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course :-

You can be a freelancer or a paid nutritionist. Moreover, you can start a YouTube channel and gather views, likes, shares, and get paid handsomely. You can make affiliations with hospitals to be their consultant nutritionist or dietitian. Also, this will benefit your own health and family as well.

22. Journalism

One of the most sought-after and challenging options in today’s tough times when the world is going through an upsurge of both good and bad news on and off. You need to gather, then verify, then assess, then create, then present the information to the general public. Journalism has many types, however, you may choose to go to the field of your choice could be a celebrity, editorial, arts, economic, etc.

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course :-

Anything and everything in this grand universe can be reported as a news, be it the humans or the aliens, so whether you have news or not, you can even report the normal things. It’s about reporting the facts and bringing up the same for people across the globe. You can even do freelancing on any of the social media platforms be it YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

23. Boutiques Management

Another interesting and creative option where you understand the fundamentals of fashion which includes fabrics, clothes, accessories jewelry, sunglasses, etc., and help your clientele on various occasions with the same.

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course :-

You get to put up your own brand and store with a personal touch into the creative part and be your own boss. You can also market your brand via online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. You can offer niche, specific and cost-effective services and build a strong client base.

24. Technical Writing

As the name suggests, this type of writing is purely for technical fields. The subject could be of any field like computers, robotics, finance, biotechnology, medical, etc. If you have a clear understanding of that particular subject in demand or if you are willing to deep-dive and collect everything available under the sun and bring out a conclusive analysis, then this is for you.

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course:-

You get the knowledge of many fields by reading and upgrading yourself in the process of researching. You can be a part-time freelancer or a full-time professional technical writer. You improve on your niche communication skills. Nowadays everything is digital and all classes are online, here you have the extra edge to present your skills and get decently paid as well depending on the number of hours invested and the writing quality.

If interested, you may go through and check out the below academy of Henry Harvin to get certified as a professional technical trainer

25. Audio Technician/Engineer

As the name suggests, here you will be the engineer of sounds which can be music or even communication broadcasting. Here, not only maintenance of the machines will be your responsibility but all actions relating to the voice modulation, sound tracking, mixing, processing etc. will be in your hands.

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course:-

You get to apply your skills to all audios overall. Helps you to meet many like-minded people. You can work as a freelancer or even full-time for any specific company. With your experience, you will have good attention to detailing and the role becomes more challenging with a bigger crowd. Overall, you get good job satisfaction and a good salary.

26. Air Hostess

An Air hostess is also a flight attendant whose main job involves making the entire travel comfortable for every single passenger by coordinating with the flight crew and security. Also, if you are a person who can be at their best during any time of the day or night as per the flight schedule, then this is for you.

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course :-

You get to travel around the world free of cost along with free hotel stays and exotic food. You also get to meet new people and explore new places. You can get discounts on airfare for even your family members along with insurance benefits. You can work on a contract basis or work full time with any airline depending on their needs.

27. Web Development with Designing

One of the most sorted after jobs post pandemic is this one. It involves the development of website for either of the 2 purposes internet (world wide web or www) or intranet (private networking). It could be simple to complex applications depending on the requirement.

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course

High opportunity to earn in this current digital scenario. Demand for web development professionals is on the rise. You will be definitely strong with computers. Technical skills will keep on enhancing as you go on further. Also, freelancing is an option along with working for any company. An added benefit is the pay package.

28. Beautician

This one is a trending career option globally owing to more and more females being conscious of their looks and hair. If beauty inspires you and you have a fair idea of skincare then this one is for you.

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course

You can work in any beauty parlor of your choice or even open up your own place. Even if you feel the basic course is too basic you can go ahead and upgrade with specifications like Hair styling, Mehendi, Cosmetology, Hand, and Leg care, or even Aesthetics for that matter. Here, the demand keeps on growing and you get beautifully paid as per the work completed.

29. Translation

This is another interesting career if you have an interest in language translation for converting any writing to the language of requirement.

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course

Profession is in demand owing to more and more translations in scripts, literature and even the entertainment industry. You get to learn new things every day. You can work as a freelancer or for any college, institution, or any firm that requires your skills. You get to travel places and it gives you a multicultural experience.

30. Catering

Haven’t you heard the saying “Good food makes for a good mood”. And if the food is delicious then, each and every taste is savored till you are 100% full. If you are passionate about cooking or even if you understand the different flavors, then this is for you.

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course

You can own a tiffin service business and even provide large-scale food services to hotels, hospitals, corporate, etc. You will be your own boss. You can open a chain of services across and host functions like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. As long as mankind exists, the demand for food will never go down.

31. Game designer

A game designer needless to say is the main creative brain behind life to any game and the main motto is to keep the target audience hooked with the whole visual, audio and graphics.

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course

Can be considered as a casual yet entertaining career. Here you not only get to be the master brain but also play along and bring out new features as required. You can get into freelancing with your main profession if any or can tie up with those companies. You not only benefit from the excellent money that it pays but also can be part of the entertainment.

32. SEO Training

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the latest ongoing process adapted by all to improve the visibility of your website on all the popular search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo etc. Here searching with keywords, building the link, optimization of the website, etc. are taught and you can help others promote their website in the search engines.

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course

Currently the most sought-after career. Brings in more and more customers with Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc. all in great demand and the best way to earn popularity with decent money and followers. Improves the brand awareness and experience helps you get a good base for all your clientele.

33. Cinematography

Cinematography with the name itself suggests “Cinema” is another art involving technology. It involves motion picture photography using cameras, lenses, angles, movements, etc. along with the addition of special effects.

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course

You can work with creative people and be part of the ever-growing billion-dollar entertainment industry. You become more and more creative with like-minded people and get the opportunity to visit new places, build a new client base and also get the fame you wanted with handsome pay.

34. Income Tax Training

Income tax is one of the very important and focussed taxes collected by the government and used for projects benefiting society. This is the form of giving revenue to the government, so it’s highly beneficial if you know the nitty-gritty of this trade and you can make smart choices in saving the tax and helping others.

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course

You will be the master when it comes to GST. You can not only take charge of your finances but also, help your family, society at large by being their consultant as a freelancer or working for any firm. In this way, you earn decently with your knowledge and also make correct use of the money at hand.

For this, I can recommend a course with a certification from one of the finest quality serving institutes – Henry Harvin. You may go through their website and get your authentic income tax specialist certification course for a job

35. Counselling Psychology

Another interesting field to study the human mind. This involves the specialization using the psychological principles to enhance the overall well-being of any individual, family, society at large.

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course

Helps in dealing with people in all walks of life with ease. You can be a part time counselor with any institute or hospital and part time have your own clinic. You can cope with your own self-esteem or self-acceptance challenges and be better at expressions and also earn a decent amount of pay-check depending on the number of sessions provided to clients.

36. Cyber Security

An interesting field in computers that helps to secure any computer from being robbed of their information by means of hacking or by damage to their hardware/software. The most essential type of security owing to the digital platforms across the globe. More the exposure more are the chances of security threat.

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course

You will be in a highly demanding work profile. You can be a master of the machine that rules the digital world. You can offer cyber security to any and every computer and be your own boss working as a freelancer or a full-time paid employee.

For this, I can recommend a course with a certification from one of the finest quality serving institutes – Henry Harvin. You may go through their website and get your authentic income tax specialist certification course for a job

37. X-Ray Technician

X-ray technicians or radiologic technicians are basically professionals skilled in the field of capturing body images depending on the body location as required. This comes under the paramedical group of studies.

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course

Employment scope is on the rise for this paramedical course. You don’t have to work for a 9 to 5 timing job. You get to interact with many new people and get feel-good vibes with your service. You get good insurance benefits being attached to a hospital and get paid well.

For this, I can recommend a course with a certification from one of the finest quality serving institutes – Henry Harvin. You may go through their website and get your authentic income tax specialist certification course for a job

38. Hotel Receptionist

This comes under the hospitality umbrella where your duty as a receptionist is to greet the guests coming to the hotel, manage all their queries, see to it that the check-in, check-out arrangements along with their ad-hoc requests are taken care of

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course

You are the face of that brand when clients visit the hotel. You communications skills keep on improving day by day. You will develop the skills to handle variety of people from different walks of society and even get paid well by the customers along with your regular salary.

39. Sports Nutrition

This course focusses on the quality, quantity and, the type of micro and macronutrients that an athlete is required to consume depending on the sports that he is into. If you see at the core level, food provides all the required energy for any activity and so this role becomes of utmost importance.

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course

You can be a sports nutrition coach to any of the players representing our country. You get to travel a lot of places with the sportsman. You get the chance to meet new people along with earning a nice pay check for yourself.

40. Documentary Film Making

Another entertainment industry relayed career where you make non fictional pictures that is mainly intended to send a message or bring out instructions to the society at large. It could be a short one or a lengthy one depending on the subject.

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course

Powerful way to reach and give a message to the society that you feel can help the society to be in a better state. Dialogues can be made powerful impacting the audience. You get to travel places and meet new people for your research and get paid well. You can also release small documentaries on YouTube for additional sources of earning.

41. Insurance and its Marketing

This is an arrangement by the state of any country or any private company to provide an amount as a compensation in case of loss of lives or any damage to any property or during any illness. Insurances can be of many types – health, life, vehicle, property, etc.

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course

If you have the ability to convince via your suggestions and conversations, this is the career for you. You can start at any age as an insurance agent and earn a stable income. Also, this is one of the of sources of passive income where the client pays the insurance amount, and a certain percentage of that amount gets credited to your account as a payback gift.

42. Event Management

Another interesting yet creative option is event management. As the name suggests, it is the ability to create and manage any small or big event be it personal (wedding, anniversary, birthday etc. ) or corporate (official corporate parties). This involves lot of planning with entire event, end-to-end step wise and proper execution and ensuring that the client expectations have been met.

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course

Very good opportunity to build a strong client base in a short period of time. Creativity is the core with entertainment. You get to meet new people and travel places. Also, the income is generous and can keep on flowing depending on the number of events organized. You can also, give employment to people with talent but no experience in this field.

43. Foreign Trade and its practices

This is a course where you learn exchange of goods or services between various countries. All international exchanges have a lot of requirements, laws and norms for the exchange to happen, it is where you come into picture.

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course

You get to know how the international treatise work with being at par with all the norms and laws. Competition is less in this field owing to the fact that there is not much awareness of this course. You get the benefit of meeting new people and also get handsomely rewarded.

44. Welding

This involves the process of fabrication which uses metals or even thermoplastics to join them as per requirement. There is a lot of use of heat in the process. If you have a garage or some metal related shop or are interested in melting, moulding, joining etc. and forming new things, then this is for you.

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course

You will be able to work in the automobile industry, machine factories, pipelines, aircraft industry, trains, lifts, etc. the options being limitless. Here, either you can work on a daily wage basis or be associated with any shops or industries.

45. Gardening

In India, the love of nature and greenery is on the rise. People are becoming more and more aware of the increased need to plant more trees, saplings. If you are a nature lover and love spending time in the vast beauty of the universe, then this is for you.

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course.

You will be able to identify the basic techniques involved in gardening along with the types like landscape, public, English, Japanese, formal, informal, etc. You will be able to understand the types of seeds, soil, climate, water, nutritional requirements, etc. to grow a strong beautiful garden, farm, etc. Apart from all these, you get decent pay based on your skills.

46. Agriculture

This is another beautiful art that has enabled the entire nation to consume fresh quality grains, fruits, vegetables etc.  Since times immemorial. It involves understanding the land, cultivation of the land, crops raising along with feeding, breeding the animals.

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course

You get connected to the basic roots of Indian culture. You can do agriculture for your own family and even help others with your knowledge. Trading of the crops for money and thinking of new ways to expand in this field is also another main benefit.

47. Carpentry

It is an occupation in which making, breaking, or repairing anything related to wood is the activity done by the carpenters. Anything and everything wooden in any house, office, shops etc. are the exquisite piece of work by the skilled carpenters.

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course

Anywhere any work related to wood is required, then carpenter is the only person to be sought after. You can give any family their dream home with your niche carpentry skills with the entire wooden theme. If your work speaks volumes, then you will attract many more clients and get paid well for each and every piece of furniture.

48. Plumbing

Plumbing is systematic process of designing, installing, repairing fittings, pipes, tanks, etc. in any house, and building, etc. One of the essential works in any of the foundation phases of any place.  Also, includes installation, repairing of household appliances like washing machines, pipes, water purifiers etc.

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course

Anything related to water and pipes, then you are the most sought after person. Can work as a free-lancer and get called only when the services are required and get decently paid. In this way, you also get to have a good work-life balance.

49. Data Entry

One of the most sought-after jobs is data entry as it’s comparatively easy to grasp and make money. In this, the information is transcribed into the computer and it has to be updated as per the instructions and the requirements of the company.

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course

This can be done as a freelancer or a full-time paid career. If you are working as a freelancer, a few hours daily can get you decent pay. You get the opportunity to work from home and have a work-life balance. Globally, there are many companies needing employees for part-time data entry jobs.

50. Digital Marketing

As the name suggests, it is a type of marketing using computers, mobiles via online digital platforms. The main aim is the promotion of products and also services offered either by companies or by individual freelancers.

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course

You have a global client base and even with low budget, the products or services can be promoted via the digital platforms. You can have a targeted audience and offer them cost-effective services. In this way you attract more people and more money especially as a freelancer.

51. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs)

A small and medium enterprise business is the one where there is a certain limit to the amount of money invested rather than large sums of money. The factor deciding the same is the number of employees engaged with the firm and the revenue generation.

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course

You tend to be more flexible since you are closer to the customers. You can make decisions easily and convey the same to your staff owing to the less number of employees. You know your company and staff well with improved time management for your clients and also a decent amount can be drawn from this business.

52. Physiotherapy Technician

Here the physiotherapy technician uses physical methods like heat, massage, or/and treatment for any disease, injury, or deformity. During the course, you will understand the anatomy and physiology of the human body and accordingly perform the requirement.

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course

You can work independently and also get attached to polyclinics or even hospitals. You can be of service to society. Also, you will be well-versed with the human body to treat any emergency conditions with decent pay.

53. Salesmanship

A salesman is a person who has the niche skills and techniques for exploring new opportunities and engaging the customer into selling the product at a good deal. If you like to meet new people and like to talk, then this is the choice for you.

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course

You will be excellent at your communication. You get to meet new places and build new clientele. You get to see through new opportunities and even run your own business. If you do not even keep staff for your business, you yourself can be the boss and the employee earning a good pay check from your client.

54. Medical laboratory technology

Another paramedical course and one of the branches of science that uses the clinical tests in the laboratory and deals with the diagnosis, treatment and its prevention. This is done with the help of analysis of the blood, tissues, and other organs as required.

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course

You can get exciting career opportunities in hospitals be in government or private, private labs, health clinics, and even research facilities. You get to study the amazing human body, its composition, etc. You can also be part of some new research that could be a breakthrough in this industry and get rewarded well.

You can go through the below link to get access to one of the quality-driven institutes that offers a certification course in this field.

55. Operation theater technician

Another paramedical course where you as a technician is responsible for the various pre, intra, post-operative duties in a hospital be it government or private. You will be responsible from the start for bringing the patient to preparing each and every piece of equipment in the theatre and moreover, get paid well.

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course

It’s a high demand job and the salary also goes up depending on the experience whilst the job. You get to interact with new people and it’s an important role in any hospital. You get health benefits as applicable by the hospital and monthly pay.

You can go through the below link to get access to one of the quality-driven institutes that offer a certification course in this field.

56. CPR and first aid course

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is the first line of treatment to be given to any patient in any serious condition (especially cardiac arrest, stroke etc.) while there is a window for the ambulance to come. Similarly, first aid is also the first line of treatment in other types of emergencies like burning, cuts, wounds, fractures etc.

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course

It’s a high demand job and the salary also goes up depending on the experience whilst the job. You are a life-saver not only for your own family but also for society. It’s one of the most important roles in any hospital and even in ICU/NICU. You get health benefits as applicable by the hospital and monthly pay.

You can go through the below link to get access to one of the quality-driven institutes that offer a certification course in this field.

57. Craftsman course in food production

Again another course of the hospitality industry. One of the specialised trade equipping you with the basic skills and abilities required in the kitchen.

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course

One of the benefits would be getting placed mostly by the institutes imparting the training. You get placed in hotels because food is always in demand and you display your skills, the job and the pay is all yours. You can get placed in hotels, mills, the packing industry, soft drink factories, etc. Placement opportunities are innumerable.

58. Hardware technology

You will be master of the computer hardware like monitor, mother board, CPU, drives etc. It means that the testing, designing, installation, and everything related to the parts would be under your charge.

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course

Gives you a lucrative career in the IT industry. You will be updated with every hardware and changes in the field of computers. You get an upper hand with the knowledge and the systems. This gives you an added advantage with your experience and new breakthroughs that you may have in this filed.

59. Service industry management

This is a business that works for the customers and provides the required goods and services as applicable, however, they are not involved in the manufacturing of those goods. Here the economy is created rather than any tangible products. This involves majority of the industries like tourism, finance, beauty, wellness, media etc.

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course

This field gives you an opportunity to focus on the specific set of skills and abilities that you have and also, can develop over time over the years. Here, delivering the products or giving the service to the customer is your main motto and thus, you develop a strong client base and earn a good amount of money.

60. Marketing and Advertising

Marketing is basically doing a deep analysis of the market so as to identify the needs of the customer and to determine the best possible ways in which those needs could be met. Advertising on the other hand, a component of advertising. This involves the promotion of the company and its products through paid channels.

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course

You tend to get more and more creative with new clients, new demands, the market scenario, and the available resources. You get paid well for both marketing and advertising where you get to connect with the public in general and understand the ongoing scenario based on analysis.

61. Defence Industries Technology

This one goes without saying that, you will be working in top classified facility in one of the most important sectors in India itself. This involves the research and development along with production and the services of the military equipment’s and the facilities. These organizations and public and private firms.

Listing few benefits of this vocational training course

High demand for professionals to work for the country and needless to say be proud and honoured to have a contribution in the country’s progress. You get real-time knowledge of the ongoing changes and development in the defence infrastructure and can contribute your bit with your knowledge and skills and get paid with additional perks.

62. Visual Merchandising

One word: “Creativity”

Do you think you have it? If yes, then read on!  Visual merchandising, just like its name is where you use a particular retail space and make it visually appealing to the customers, thereby maximising the sales of that store by using attractive elements like lighting, dissolves, technology, etc.

Garnering attention and enticing people to enter a store and increasing store profits is the ultimate aim of great visual merchandising. In short, you promote tangible goods in such an irresistible way that no one can help but buy them for themselves. Simple!

Benefits of this vocational training course you ask?

Well, you get to exercise your creative muscles every single day. You get to come up with new and unique ideas to promote the goods plus the monetary perks are amazing as well. All in all, a perfect fit for all the artists!

63. Public Administration

This is a field for aspiring leaders in the country, where you get to serve and lead the communities at the same time with your ideologies, principles, thought process. Ultimate aim should be to bring about positive and good changes to the society and the people as a whole.

Benefits of this vocational training course you ask?

You get several opportunities within the government, so as to bring about the most desired changes within the society. If you have the willingness, you may start with the vision for your hometown to be the best-developed place within the country. You get a wide range of knowledge on a variety of subjects and can easily develop your management skills for which you get paid with additional perks.

64. Practical Nursing

This is a shorter version of becoming a registered nurse. Here, you will be more of a help to people who are sick, bedridden, and actively need support all the time. You will be taking care of the patient’s vitals, overall health, etc. in a timely manner and ensure that the best care is provided.

Benefits of this vocational training course you ask?

The main benefit would be you will not have to do the entire bachelor’s course, but still have a certificate/diploma with good knowledge and specialize in-home care services as a nurse. You can work as per your suitable timings and get paid on an hourly basis as well getting a work-life balance.

65. Art and Design

You are expressive, creative and can visualize then, go for this one. Both these have the common principles. The shape, lines, clarity, expression, rhythm, balance, etc. all these topped with your imagination will guide you to reach places.

Benefits of this vocational training course you ask?

This field is all about innovation and eye pleasing effects. You will always have a creative and clear thinking. You develop more with each and every piece of work that is molded. People love art. You get a good clientele and can be a freelancer earning decent money for your time and creativity.

66. Law

Here, you get to know the law that rules your particular area of interest. You do not have to go through the extensive studies but can get certificate courses especially in fields like cyber law, rural law, intellectual property law, energy law etc. You won’t be a lawyer with these courses, however, these can help you get good knowledge of those particular fields and make you eligible for a career change as per interest.

Benefits of this vocational training course you ask?

You can do correspondence or distance education courses that are suitable as per your requirement. Courses are short-term while offering immense knowledge and satisfaction. Good for students looking out for a career change. Specializations help in getting jobs easily

67. Retail business

One of the kind of business where, the sale of goods and products are done directly to the end consumers. This means, that the consumer gets the product directly while these are not given from the business owners as a wholesale.

Benefits of this vocational training course you ask?

You are directly dealing with the consumers which means the customer rapport would be great. The sales potential increases while the intermediate cost of shipping, delivering, etc. reduces. You get to be in charge of the inventory. You build a good client base, you keep on getting many more customers ensuring your business flourishes and the money keeps pouring in.

68. Housekeeping

Are you a cleanliness freak and like to organize your house in the best possible manner? Do you feel a knot in your stomach looking at dirty or dust filled environment? If the answer to any of the above is yes, then this is the course for you.

Benefits of this vocational training course you ask?

Here, you get to enjoy a safe workplace and get the perks of being in a good environment away from the hustle of the industries. You do love a clean environment, which means you get to do what you love. With the course, you will be able to maintain the quality standards and keep your clientele satisfied giving you more and more jobs in the long run.

69. Non-linear editing

This is an editing process that helps the editor to make the relevant changes to the captured video or the audio without making a consideration for the linear shots means the ones that were shot in a continuous fashion. The editor can skip the parts that is not required in the final version of the audio or video.

Benefits of this vocational training course you ask?

Here in this type of editing, the editor does not lose the source of the files from where they originated. Again, this one is a creative process where the final results are the masters to win your client giving you the required pay check.

70. Legal drafting

Drafting is thorough preparation and development of legal documents like contracts, wills, leases, ordinances etc. using the legal language. The whole purpose is to identify and apply the laws for the client’s benefit as per their requirement.

Benefits of this vocational training course you ask?

You will be good at drafting legal documents and nobody can cross you. Gives you an added advantage of getting more clients if you give them a full-proof draft. A happy client is a way to bring in more clients and obviously lots of money.

71. Accounting and taxation

Are you good at numbers? Do you enjoy solving random mathematics puzzles? Do you get hooked on seeing number sheets? If yes, then, these courses might interest you. Here, tax accounting can be considered as a sub part of accounting. Accounting helps in making decisions involving the finances while taxation helps in making decisions involving benefits that can be incurred with paying certain types of tax.

Benefits of this vocational training course you ask?

You will be master of your finances and can decide when to invest your money and where. Even, you can work as an advisor for your family and relatives earning a good income by just giving the right advice. You will be well versed with the current economy and can even set the right path for the future with your analysis of the market.

72. Fitness management/instructor

The term “Fitness”: What do you make of it? It is a subjective term which might mean different things for different people. For me personally, being fit means having a stable mind. If you are someone who takes fitness quite literally, then this one is for you. If you are passionate about cardio and gyms and going all out to have those abs, then maybe you can help out others who are struggling to maintain their body or people who don’t know where to begin.

Perks of this vocational training? Well, for starters you can do what you are passionate about: Staying fit yourself and helping others reach their goals. 

Is there anything better than watching people become their best selves every day and loving and radiating that joy from within?? Probably not!

73. Auto Electrician

Do you love vehicles? Do you feel excited by the fact that, so many different parts working in synchronization and you get to ride the world? Yes, can you feel it? Then, you can fulfil your love by taking up this course. The auto electrician basically specializes in the electric wiring of motor vehicles.

Perks of this vocational training? You can offer your niche skills and services, in the installation, maintenance, and even the repair work of motor vehicles. You have the liberty of doing it at your own time and convenience for which you get paid decently.

74. Electrician

This course is slightly different from the auto electrician one as this one is mainly focused on electrical equipment. The work of the electrician does not limit to only inspection, repairing, testing, modifying, etc. but also extends end to end in completion and safety of the equipment.

Perks of this vocational training? You can provide cost effective electrical solutions in your locality and build a good customer base and then expand from there. You can put up your own shop and keep on excelling in the issues that are seen during your daily work and earn for the same.

75. Public Relations Manager

Did you know? Having a good grasp on communication is an asset. If you have the ability to communicate effectively to media and other news outlets and possess certain organising abilities, being a PR manager might be an amazing fit.

Perks of this vocational training – As a PR manager, you clarify the organisation’s point of view to its audience through interviews, media releases and press conferences. This simply means that you are the face for that brand. You monitor socioeconomic and political trends that may affect the image of that organisation, and suggest various ways to enhance it. If you want to aim even higher, you can also be a PR manager for celebrities and other internet personalities. Today, every public figure, be it a person or organisation, definitely has PR managers to maintain their status.

76. Horticulture

One of the branches of agriculture, dealing with crops grown in the garden and crops grown for ornamental purposes along with vegetables and fruits. If you are nature lover, you will be excited to be part of this course. There are also 4 types mainly within horticulture – Pomology, Viticulture, Floriculture, Olericulture.

Perks of this vocational course? – You will be in touch with Mother Nature and with your passion you can not only have a beautiful garden of your own but help others get their dream garden. As a horticulturist, you will be fit even without exercise doing your duties. You will always be free from pollution and eat fresh from the garden and get paid for your services from others.

77. Poultry farming

I am a city girl! Through and through. I cannot live near farms and take care of animals. Don’t get me wrong, I love animals. I am just not used to farm life. But if you are an animal lover and a nature enthusiast, who can spare their time and effort on farms, looking after animals and making produce this one is probably for you.

Poultry farming is a form of animal husbandry where you raise domesticated birds such as chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese, etc. to produce meat/eggs for food.

Perks of this vocational training? It is definitely rewarding in terms of money, plus you get to stay close to nature and animals. Definitely an exact opposite of city life. Maybe even better??

78. Foundry

Do you have an affinity for metals? Do you feel you can shape them as per your desire and make awesome collectibles for sale? If yes, foundry is for you.

Foundry is nothing but a process of melting metals and molding and re-designing or re-shaping to get a beautiful piece of art or even equipment of use.

Perks of this vocational training? Metals have always been in demand since times immemorial, right since the days of war to the modern day. If you have the skills, scrap can be converted into a beautiful piece of art or other valuable products to be used in any house, factory, gardens, ornaments, etc.

79. Ophthalmic technology

As it is said, we are blessed to see the world with our beautiful eyes. Eyes, do play a very significant role in the entire human body. So, taking care of them for you, your family, and society would be a promising thing.

This technology as the name suggests focuses purely on the eyes and the technology that is used for maintaining a good vision.

Perks of this vocational training? The technicians are well-versed in measuring and testing eye vision using drops and ophthalmic machines. Before the visit with the Ophthalmologist, you as a technician are in charge to take care of the patient. You can work in a clinic or a hospital of your choice and meet new people and earn a decent salary.

80. Midwifery

What if I actually told you that you could bring a bundle of joy and gift a life to the parents without being an actual doctor? Yes, you heard it right. If you are getting goosebumps by just thinking of this scenario, just imagine your joy when you help any family get their child during delivery post a waiting period of 9 months.

You heard it!!! You can assist any female during their delivery and help in childbirth.

Perks of this vocational training? Needless to say, it is one of the noblest profession. You get to interact with countless families. You get lots of good wishes and blessings post the childbirth. You will always be full of energy and enthusiasm around babies. Last but not the least, you get paid well for your services.


Woah!!!! I hope that was a pretty extensive list for all my patient readers who are struggling to get an idea and understand the vocational courses available in India. With the above list, you must have understood that there are 100 options and at least out of the 100, 1 is for “YOU”.

Here, the main goal is to bring to you those careers that are non-academic in nature, the ones where a valid credential is required like a certificate or a diploma with hands-on practical experience, however, you be the master of that one particular skill or trade that you have in you or feel the pull towards that trade.

Go for the ones that you resonate with the most taking into consideration your own qualities, interest, time investment, etc. And I wish you the best in your career choices.


Q.1 What do you mean by a non-vocational course?

A non-vocational course is the one that can be pursued by the adults, however, those are not necessarily related to the subject in which the adults have graduated. However, it can be an area of interest that they wish to pursue and make certain income out of it.

Q.2 Out of the above 80 courses, how will I know which is the best course for me?

All courses have their own benefits, it depends on your choice, and qualities that you feel are aligned with the course and the time you are ready to invest as all courses have different time periods of completion and different fee structure.

Q.3 Do all these courses offer value post its completion?

Yes, absolutely. You will be the master in that particular field, however, how you progress in that field or how you choose to give services ahead will decide your success rate. It’s all about having passion to excel in that field.

Q.4 How is the salary for a freelancer or a full-time employee in any of the courses?

This is quite subjective and depends completely on whether you go for freelancing in which you charge depending on the quality of services you offer, your time management skills and the content that you offer. Once you establish yourself as a brand, the sky is the limit for your earnings.
On the other hand, if you are employed with any company, then your salary will depend on your number of years of experience, the brand value of the company, and the field you have chosen.

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