Are you thinking of doing MBA in future?

1. What is MBA?

  • MBA stands for Masters for business administration
  • It is one of the most popular courses in the world
  • It can be done on various topics like Marketing.HR management,.Business planning.Finance management
  • It is done after graduation
  • MBA opens up opportunities for greater responsibility, career advancement, and increased financial reward.

2.What is Junior MBA?

  • Junior MBA is a course which is for students studying in middle school and above.
  • Henry Harvin’s Junior MBA Course is designed keeping in mind this age group and to inspire and teach students the basics of business management.
  • Learning about business from an early age gives a student a clear perspective of the business world and helps them give an entrepreneurial view of the world
  • Anyone can participate in it without giving any exam, nice isn’t it?
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What are the top skills for junior MBA?

  • Introduction to entrepreneurship
  • Company and team set-up
  • Introduction to marketing
  • Strategic thinking
  • Social Skills

Introduction to entrepreneurship

  • MBA programs in entrepreneurship are designed for students who want to lead and manage business enterprises, such as those who want to start their own businesses, as well as those who are involved in family businesses or have backgrounds in entrepreneurial endeavours.
  • This degree program combines traditional MBA coursework with entrepreneurial-oriented courses in venture creation and finance and marketing, giving students the insight to build thriving businesses. Applicants will need a bachelor’s degree, graduate test scores, such as GMAT or GRE, 
Hand pointing at a Entrepreneur word illustration on blue background.


Company and team set-up

  • Building a successful team is about more than finding a group of people with the right mix of professional skills.
  • Hiring the right people is the most important part of building a strong team, of course, and delegating to give people more autonomy is a powerful motivator.  .
  • You can develop this skill by working in groups as a team, just like in football each team member has a different role to play building a company is also build like that

Introduction to marketing

  • Marketing students study consumer behavior and create products that they will most likely want to buy. Classes in marketing cover topics such as advertising, branding, market research, and marketing globally and online, 
  • Whatever people buy and however they buy it, marketing professionals can help guide their choices.
  • You learn skills such as mathematics, communications, analytical, and, of course, management
  •  You can start your own business, consult, or manage many different types of companies

Strategic thinking

  • Problem-solving skills are mastered- A person mind ability is tested when he is in a problem he/she becomes nervous, the person who solves a problem during nervousness has the ability to work in tough times
  • Strategic management is a core focus- Your strategy is the 2nd most important thing in business how you sell a product or how you improve your business all includes strategy
  • Planning is approached holistically- If you want everything to work out well then you gotta make a plan and work with a concentrated mind in order to complete the task

Social skills

  • Good manners go a long way in improving social skills. Practice being polite, showing gratitude, and using good table manners.
  • Pay Attention to Your Body Language- It tells the person you are talking to your interest in his talk which includes how you sit, your facial reactions, your eye contact,
  • If going to a party or spending time in a crowd seems overwhelming, start small.go into the grocery store and say, “Thank you,” to the clerk or go to a restaurant and order your food. Practice making small talk gradually.

Why Henry Harvin would be best?

  • Teen MBA course allows the student to improve his writing and thinking ability which leads to a bright future
  • Their personal interaction is very good
  • You can do everything sitting at your homes
  • For more info about henry harvin click here


Try to bring the best out of yourself this quarantine, Junior MBA is a wonderful thing for children and all of this could be done just by sitting at your home If you learn 1 thing every day you will learn 365 things a year which outstanding


The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you

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