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There is an increase of internet users, around 627 million internet users are there in India alone. So keeping in mind the fact of rapid internet penetration, companies are adopting digital marketing strategies to promote their products and services to the target audience. 

Organizations all over the world are exploring for skilled digital marketers to build and implement programs that can fulfil their marketing purpose. Over 6 lakh jobs are available in India. It is the most promising career in todays’ digital India.

When it comes to choosing the best digital marketing course it is a complicated task as
  • Mushrooming of digital marketing institutes as there is a sudden boom in the this industries. So different institutes came up with different digital marketing courses. Choosing the best institute among them is a hard nut to crack.
  • Picking up the best course is challenging work to select the institution that fulfils all your criteria. Above all, you have to check whether the course is recognised and accredited institution or not.

How to choose the digital marketing courses in India.

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There are many angels that individuals must consider while choosing the right digital marketing course. Following are some suggestions that will help you to select the right courses.

1. Identify your requirement and preferences

Take your first step to introspect yourself, why you want to learn digital marketing in the first place. Considering your aim and career background you make your selection. 

For example, if you want to know the details of the course, an individual opts for a postgraduate course or diploma in digital marketing. If you desire to gain knowledge on social media, select social media marketing specific courses.

To sum up, finding this solution will take you one step closer to choosing the perfect course for you. And if you are still confused then collect the different course modules to see the course details.

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Some questions you need to ask yourself-

  • Why do you want to learn a the course?

(Want to learn it to gain information or to start a new career as a digital marketer.)

  • What are the goals that you want to achieve from this course?
  • What are your expectations after completing the above course?
  • Where will you use the knowledge?

(Searching for a job in this industry or want to start your business)

Do you want to master the essential disciplines in digital marketing? Check out the Digital Marketing Specialist course now!

2. Examine the course duration, assignments and projects offered

Digital marketing is a fully practical based industry, therefore hands-on learning is the only way to learn the course properly.

Check if the course offers:-

  • Live project.
  • Do they provide internship or placement opportunities?
  • Do they present industry-based practical training?
  • Will they perform classroom presentations?

Additionally, this course should follow an assignment to check on the performance of the students learning process.

3. Pick out an updated syllabus and all the modules.

 After setting your objectives, make sure to select an updated course that contains all the latest tools and techniques of digital marketing.

 Most importantly check the latest modules of all the courses of your choice. For instance, in an advanced SEO course, they should teach you the latest advanced methods of rating websites in search engines.

 Select a course that offers all digital marketing aspects such as email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, content marketing, social media marketing among others.

4. Services

This includes prime tools and freebies. For example – Free self-paced courses, keyword research such as Ahrels, WordPress themes and plugins, SEM and management tools among others.

5. Fees for different modules

Once you identify your course and the institution, compare the fee structure of different modules. As per your budget select the institution that serves you the best. Also, ensure that the course offers you the breakup of each module.

Make a detailed comparison of all the selected institutions in your area, their price, syllabus, duration. It will help you to finalize your choice.

6. A choice between Comprehensive course Vs Specialized course

If you are a fresher, want to start your career as a digital marketer then goes for a generic course. It will teach you the basic and general idea of digital marketing.

On the other hand, if you are a digital marketing professional who wants to start a business then go for a specialized digital marketing course. 

Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing

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You will get knowledge on your specific niche. Example of specific course like Pay-Per-Click (PPC), for online, advertise, google

7. Expert Trainers

This is a practical based course. It has so many domains such as SEO (Search engine optimization), social media marketing, email marketing, Pay-Per-Click and so on.

Each domain is tricky and needs years of experience to become proficient in. Interact with the trainers to know whether only one trainer will teach all the domains.

Then cross out that institution from your list. A digital marketer knows social media marketing but a professional social media marketer, who has deep practical field knowledge, is more experienced. 

Therefore while choosing a digital marketing course, prefer instructors with more experience in their respective digital marketing fields. They will help you both theoretically as well as how to operate in the field.

8. Course support a potential career scope

Sometimes you cannot choose your niche, mentors can counsel you to identify your strengths and help you to choose the right specialization. Being specialized in your field is the greatest power. It increases the chance of getting hired by top companies. 

Before enrolling cross-check whether the institute arrange-

  • Career guidance to identify your niche.
  • Relationship manager to guide you through the course.
  • Helps to build your resume.
  • Provide interview training sessions.
  • Enrich your communication skills.
  • Placement opportunities on completion.

Creating an appealing portfolio can help you to get a better job than you may have to wait for.

9. Book a demo session for the digital marketing course.

After researching different institutions we can get stuck in between your choices. However, take up demo classes of all your selected institutions. Demo classes will give you a brief idea of the courses and the faculty of the institution. You can also clear your doubts regarding the course. 

After you attain the demo session review some points like 

  • Was the class interactive?
  • Did you understand the lessons?
  • Are your doubts cleared?

If you are satisfied with your answers then give a green signal to the institution.

10. Preference between online vs offline digital marketing courses.

Both online and offline have some pros and cons, so you have to make chose as per your need that holds maximum importance. If you want to continue in online training, then you have two options, a self-paced method and learning with a mentor.

 If you need an extra push while learning, then go for mentor-led digital marketing courses. Here, you will get a collaborative environment to learn with others. Also, you can clear your doubt from your trainer.

 On the other hand, people who are working professionals or cannot attain any scheduled classes can opt for self-taught courses to learn at their own convenient time.

11. The infrastructure of the institution

 Digital marketing courses need a lot of practical training, therefore an institution should have a well-equipped infrastructure. The institution should hand-on provide training services.

12. Review the certification

Learn about the details of the certification you will get after the course completion.

 Especially if you are opting for online courses, they can be fake online digital marketing courses with no certification. They may offer you discounts, freebies and many more but make sure to check their website, alumni so that you do not end up wasting your money.

13. Consider the review rating of the institution

Reviews and testimonies from the students are the best options to select a good institution. These are the real experiences a student shares after their completion. So before taking any final decision, visit the review ratings of the institutions to get an accurate description of the institution from the students. To complete your task try to reach out to them for details. If they are a happy and satisfied candidate then your search ends here.

Friendly Suggestion: Where to get enrolled?

Exploring all the parameters for choosing the best digital marketing course, the best institution is:

Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin ranked No1 amongst the top 5 trendings digital marketing courses by India Today. Here you will learn technical SEO, off-page SEO, Social SEO, Local SEO and many more.

More than 10000 students have benefited from this course.

The institution comes with 9-in-1 programs-

  • Training- 12 months of a live interactive online classroom.
  • Projects- Opportunities to undergo hands-on projects in related fields
  • Internship- 100% guaranteed internship where you can apply your knowledge in the practical field.
  • Certification- 7 Certificates for a digital marketing course(Henry Harvin Marketing Academy-1, Google-5, Facebook-1)
  • Placement- 100% placement support for 1 year of your course completion.
  • E-Learning Access- You will be provided abundant tools and techniques, videos, assessments.
  • Boot Camps- Regular boot camps for 1 year.
  • Hackathons- Free access to hackathons and competitions.
  • Membership- 1-year gold membership. Benefits like weekly 10+ job opportunities, experience industry projects during the training, prestigious Henry Harvin alumni status.

Why Henry Harvin is the best institution to join for the digital marketing course?

  • Recognition- Henry Harvin is the winner of the Top Corporate Training and Game-Based Learning company under forty business world award.
  • Accreditation- This institution is affiliated with American Associate of ELF, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, UKAF, UKcert, Project Management Institute (PMI) and ISO 29990:2010 Certified.
  • Reviews- 1400 plus google reviews, 200 plus testimonials with 4.5plus ratings on Goa board, Trustpilot and Go overseas.
  • Expert trainer- Herny Harvin has Certified digital marketing trainers with 10 plus industry experience. The trainers are experts in their field and have teaching experiences. You can attain multiple sessions from multiple trainers.
  • Career Benefits- 100% job placement assistance. Improve your C.V. and Linkedin profile with the help of a professional developer. Train you for the job interviews. This institution also supports a startup with RoI. Building a start-up is one of the most rewarding fields.
  • Certification- Get certification in a digital marketing program from globally accredited Henry Harvin. Diploma by Mangalatatan University.
  • Integrated Curriculum- Curriculum designed by the industry expert. It coverups all the latest marketing techniques to make you ready for high profile jobs across the world.
  • Industry Graded Project- Trainers with 19 plus experience focus on industry graded projects. They emphasise both practical and in-depth learning of the subject.

Henry Harvin offers seven types of digital marketing courses-

  1. Post Graduate program on Digital Marketing.
  2. Digital Marketing course
  3. Advanced PPC course
  4. Advanced SEO course
  5. social media marketing course
  6. Google analytic Course
  7. Advanced Email Marketing course

Course duration- Digital Marketing duration is 32 Hrs

Contact no- 9891953953

Check Henry Harvin other courses:

Henry Harvin Provides Digital Marketing Course in these Cities:

MumbaiBhopalBangaloreHyderabadKolkataOnlineCochinAgraDelhi, and Noida

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Benefits of Digital Marketing Course:

To give you a clear picture of the digital market career here are the benefits of the digital marketing course.

  • A wide range of career options- Digital marketing does not restrict to one single field. Whether it is a small, medium or large business, every sector uses a digital marketing platform to expand its business. So with a digital marketing certification at hand, you can find a lot of job opportunities in all sectors.
  • Increase your brand value- There is a growing demand for digital marketing skills all over the world. Despite the high demand for digital marketers, there is a huge gap between demand and supply. In such cases, digital market certificates will be highly valued by the companies.
  • Flexibility- Another benefit of digital market jobs is the flexibility in work timings. Since the complete task is based on the internet, there is no need for a work location.
  • Showcase Creativity- Digital market is all about making effective strategies. It needs imagination and innovative ideas to add life to blogs and websites.
  • Kick start your career- Anyone can start their career after completion of the digital marketing course. Unlike the other professions, you do not need to complete your degree or diploma to get a job.
  • High-end salary package- The demand for skilled digital marketers is more and the supply is inadequate. If you have a strong skill set or expertise, you can avail the best package.

Career Benefit of digital marketing in India

After covid, the use of digital platforms in India is increasing day by day. This will have a positive impact on other areas like growth in business and sales, more scope of employment and an increase in revenue generation for the government. According to a report, in India, the internet industry is going to be worth 160 billion USD by 2025. Hence you can realize the demand for digital marketing professionals.

    High-level job titles

  • Digital Marketing Manager- The key responsibility of them is to make plans, develop and implement the strategies in a company.
  • SEO specialist- The responsibility of an SEO specialist is to analyze, suggest and review the changes in a company’s website. They are also involved in implementing the keyword research strategies and scrutinizing the performance report.
  • Search Engine Marketer- The role of a search engine marketer is to verify that a company is properly exposed to its potential customer on search engines. They are accountable for promoting the website visibility using paid advertisement, organic search rank and other methods.
  • Social media marketer- The work of a social media marketer is to post text messages, images, videos on social media. They act as the brand voice of a company.
  • Email Marketer- Email marketer design an email for a marketing campaign to promote products and services and pages. They also work to generate leads for the company.
  • Content Marketer- A content marketer represents the whole digital marketing team. The professional creates content that can engage a large number of targeted audiences. High experience in this field will bring a high salary package.
  • Web Analyst- A web analyst is a part of a web development team. The main duty is data management, data analyst, web server security and web projects.

Online Business

  • Professional Blogger- Many digital marketers choose to blog as their career option. Dedication and hard work can make you a successful blogger in their niche. Bloggers generate income from advertising and affiliate marketing strategies. A blogger can earn up to 1000 USD per month.
  • Earn from Affiliate market and Adsense- If your website or blog can generate good traffic, you can make a good income from Adsense and Affiliate marketing techniques. Many professionals build micro niche websites to focus on distinct topics to generate quality traffic.
  • Become a Youtuber Vlogger- If you have any specific skills to impress the world, then this is the best option to start your career. Start your youtube channel and build your fan base. You need to create engaging content to bring more audiences to subscribe to your channel. Once you start getting subscribers, you can make money from youtube.
  • Freelancing Services- If you want to be your boss, then start freelancing services. This allows you to work from your home or office and build your client anywhere in the globe. Online freelancing services like and are trustworthy platforms to start your freelancing career.
  • Become a Trainer or an online coach- If you have a passion to teach others or have prior teaching experience, you can start your career as a digital marketing trainer or online mentor. To become a trainer, you need to gain enough experience, in-depth knowledge and work on real-time projects.

Final Takeaway

Whether you are a student, fresher, working professional, entrepreneur or want to change your career to the digital market, each one has an individual and distinct need. So while picking up the institution ensure accreditation and recognition.

Institutions that have satisfied your requirements, make sure to visit their website and ask for demo classes. Talk to the trainers or relationship manager to clear all your doubts. Before taking admission be self-assured of your choices.

Research on all the institutes you have shortlisted, maybe it will take time but it is worth the time for the sake of your career.

Digital marketing is a flexible domain that allows anyone to start their career. Digital marketing courses furnished and individuals with the technique and ideas that are important to make you versatile in your field.

A career as a digital marketer is very refreshing and challenging as it does not restrict an individual to one specific job profile. You can explore as content writers, SEO specialists, analytic managers, virtual reality developers, etc. Depending on the skillset and preference you can select your field. As digital marketing is continuously expanding the demand for skilled digital marketers will also grow.

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Q1:- What should be the duration of the Digital Marketing course?

A:- It may vary on different courses, maximum it takes 150 hours or 6 months.

Q2:- What salary can I expect as a digital marketer?

A:- Average salary of a digital marketing manager is 548755 INR per annum in India, for a senior manager 7-8 lakh.

Q3:- Who can enroll in the Digital Marketing Course?

A:- Anyone interested in starting their career in digital marketing, can be an undergraduate, graduate, MBA, blogger, business owner, etc.

Q4:- How can I start my career in digital marketing?

A:- Steps you can follow to start your career in digital marketing
Create your website.
Do a course in digital marketing.
Execute what you are learning.
Use different digital marketing tools so that you get familiarized.

Q5:- Is digital marketing certification compulsory to start a career in digital marketing?

A:- This is not a necessity to start a career in digital marketing but it is a good step to be certified in digital marketing. Digital marketing certification will give you the skill of digital marketing, moreover, it will amp up your C.V. by several levels.


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  4. Valuable blog post with valuable information on digital marketing. Gives in-depth information on the topic.

  5. Valuable blog post with valuable information on digital marketing. Gives in-depth information on the topic.

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