Why is Dubai best for the SAP FICO courses

Dubai is a dream city of UAE, known for its tallest building, ‘BurjKhalifa.’ It has set the milestones of development. Therefore, many students join reputed institutes of SAP FICO training courses in Dubai to live a lavish lifestyle while making their careers. 

Before knowing about the top 10 SAP FICO training courses in Dubai, first, we understand SAP FICO and its uses in brief.

SAP FICO training course
SAP FICO Training Courses

What is SAP FICO?

SAP FICO (System Analysis Program, Financial Accounting and controlling ) is a software to manage vast financial accounts of various businesses. It was established in 1972 by a group of five persons and has grown into a multinational enterprise with 105000 employees.

SAP utilizes modern technologies to process large amounts of data. Over 230 million cloud users of SAP and 100-plus solutions for business activities exist.

What is the use of SAP FICO?

SAP connects all significant parts of a business and forms an intelligent suite on a completely digital platform. However, established companies use a decentralized system to operate massive data. As a result, it is difficult for employees to share information.

SAP FICO software solved the storage issue and made it easy to share with other company departments. It also manages the company’s different functions to grow and make more profit.


Now, let’s know about the top 10 SAP FICO Training courses in Dubai:

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin Contact No: +12537858210

The institute provides exceptional facilities to candidates among the top 10 SAP FICO training courses. Consequently, the Tribune has ranked Henry Harvin #1. Henry Harvin is an award-winning institute that the government of India recognizes.

This power-using program lets their candidate have specific information on financial accounting and controlling. In addition, they make students learn the art of utilizing the SAP FICO software like a professional.  

Key Features of the course

  • First, HH will prepare you for SAP exams, plus all the information and support regarding the exam, such as scheduling, registration, and completing the certificate’s requirements.
  • Though the course requires 44 hours of training, you can attend as many batches as you want with different trainers without paying extra until your membership ends.
  • Here, you will get unconditional support at any hour of the day.
  • Besides, you will get optimum projects for practical training.
  • Moreover, you can enjoy recorded videos, monthly masterclass sessions, tips and tricks to crack interviews, and many more.
  • Nonetheless, the institute will provide you with this certified program with a guaranteed internship.
  • Their E-learning portal will allow you to join the program anytime and anywhere.
  • Here, students get the latest version of the SAP software to enjoy the unlimited speed with minimal space consumption, express loading, and the automatic deletion of duplicate data.
  • Live interaction with trainers makes you more engaged in the program.
  • In addition, you can check your level with regular Hackathons and competitions.

Henry Harvin SAP FICO Course Fee structure & Trainers

  • Henry Harvin carefully selects qualified teachers with ten years of experience and more and has a reputed name in the industry as HH does not compromise with the learning quality.
  • Moreover, teachers are genuinely supportive and don’t hesitate to share their knowledge and experience.
  • Experts have delivered 500+ lectures and are currently scheduled as domain experts.
  • Meanwhile, you will have 100% job assistance weekly.
  • Finally, talk about the fee structure. The total fee for the program is 35500 INR. Their EMI starts at 3833 INR.
  • Other courses provided by Henry Harvin are SAP MM Course, SAP PP Course, SAP SD Course
SAP FICO Courses

2. Edoxi training institutes

Contact no: +9714 3801666

At no 2 in the top 10 SAP FICO training courses in Dubai, Edoxi provides a firm understanding of SAP FICO software and has made their student proficient for the certification exams for over a decade. As a result, the pass rate of their students is 99%.

They have collaborated with corporate companies and individuals to meet their business goals.

Key Features of the course.

  •  Prominently, you will learn about various financial points.
  • Here, teachers make you learn to predict risks and simulations so that you can analyze operational and financial data.
  • Real-life projects give you practical training to execute SAP FICO software.
  • After completing the course, you will get a course completion certificate to prove your ability.
  • Besides, you will get hands-on training in SAP FICO software and tools.
  • On the other hand, you can complete this in-demand course with 30 hours of training.
  • Meanwhile, the academy is located in bur Dubai.
  • Not to mention, the institute has the zeal to be at the top amongst the rival institutes.
  • Online and onsite training is available to reach your requirements.
  • Customer satisfaction is their topmost priority.

Edoxi training institutes SAP FICO Training Fee structure & Trainers

  • Edoxi has hired experienced faculty to give their students world-class learning.
  • Experts know updated software to match the requirements of the industry.
  • Trainers have creatively designed the syllabus to make it easy and effective.
  • The fee of the institute for the SAP FICO course is 2,500 AED, which is quite reasonable.
SAP FICO Courses

3. Pinnacle Education

Contact no: +97155611 7713

The finest institute amongst the top ten SAP FICO training institutes in Dubai provides the best program with effective and practical results. Their training method makes them unique and able to stand out in the crowd. As a result, the clients have experienced the utmost learning outcomes.

Key Features of the course

  • Here, the institute provides essential learning of basic SAP FICO software.
  • Generally, students get real-life projects to have practical knowledge.
  • You will learn about related jobs and trends in the industry.
  • Students get 30 hours of fun-filled and practical training.
  • Moreover, the academy provides flexible time slots for the ease of students.
  • Meanwhile, you will get a course completion certificate recognized by Knowledge And Human Authority (KAHA).
  • Online and offline training is available to give you the option to choose as per your requirements.

Pinnacle Education SAP FICO Certification Fee structure & Trainers

  • Qualified and experienced trainers have been hired to maintain the quality.
  • Trainers apply powerful and updated training techniques.
  • Here, trainers believe in research-based learning programs to give extensive knowledge in less time.
  • The academy allows trainers to provide personalized training to attain maximum results.
  •  Each student experience an enjoyable and memorable learning period in their lives
  • Academy has yet to share its fee structure, but it can lie between 2500AED to 3500AED.
SAP FICO Courses

4. Spoton Training Institute

Contact no: +9714 2506344

The excellent institute, amongst the top 10 SAP FICO courses in Dubai, gives a push to climb the ladder of success. You will get a highly professional system demanded in the corporate world. Their main goal is to set students in the top companies by upskilling their knowledge and preparing them for future challenges.

Key features of the Course

  • Spoton provides hands-on training on SAP FICO.
  • Notably, you get proper guidance to find the right job after the Course.
  • Live interactive sessions make you more confident using the software.
  • In addition, you will get a course completion certificate recognized by KHDA.
  • Besides, real-life projects are the main attraction of the academy.
  • Moreover, the staff is supportive and ready to help anytime.   
  • Plus, you will have Flexible timings from 9 am to 9 pm to meet your requirements.
  • You can also have a demo class to understand the course they provide.
  • Their office is located in Bur Dubai, near the metro station.

Spoton Training Institute SAP FICO Training Course Fee structure & Trainers

  • Trainers are well-qualified and experienced. 
  • They allow repeated sessions so there would be no room for doubts.
  • Plus, trainers give practical projects to clear hands on the software.
  • The unconditional support of trainers gives you an extra facility to understand the topic.
  • Meanwhile, trainers also prepare you for interviews.
  • Affordable fee 
SAP FICO Courses

5. Zabeel Internationals

Contact no: 600524448

Next on the list of the top 10 SAP FICO courses in Dubai is Zabeel International, which was established in 1988. It has set new benchmarks for training methodology because they believe in creative and critical thinking. That’s why Zabeel International leads the industry.

Key features of the course

  • Zabeel Internationals provide a certified course acknowledged by KHDA, the Ministry of Education in Dubai. 
  • More importantly, you get 20 hours of exclusive training with practical knowledge.
  • Besides, they have 30+ years of experience in professional training. 
  • Here, you will get the power to understand and take full advantage of the job opportunities in Dubai and other countries.
  • Other than that, you will experience ultra-modern labs with high-tech machines and software.
  • Plus, students will have creatively designed course material and other resources.
  • Nonetheless, you will get online support for further learning.
  • In addition, special high-level classes are also available for professionals.
  • The academy regularly organizes workshops, seminars, and placement drives.
  • Zabeel International has center-located branches all over the UAE.

Zabeel Internationals Course fee structure and Trainers

  • Trainers are well-qualified and certified and have earned names in the industry.
  • Moreover, trainers recognize each student’s inner strength and work to make them the best.
  • Besides, They have a talented team 
  • The fee is 1450 AED for the entire program.
WorK HARD to get success in SAP FICO COURSES
SAP FICO Courses

6. Time Training Center

has made its space in the top ten SAP FICO courses in Dubai with years of hard work in the industry. Because they give a query-based environment where you can grow while learning, you will get exposure to IT firms for practice and add extra value to your domain. 

Key features of the course

  • Primarily, students get high-quality training for SAP FICO.
  • A customized curriculum gives access to learning while doing.
  • Consistently, trainees are getting jobs in multinational companies.
  • The location of the academy is Abu Dhabi, Dubai.
  • Practical training is the critical factor of the academy that gives confidence. 
  • Moreover, They prepare you for SAP FICO certification exams.
  • The institute has the highest favorable reviews in Abudhabi.
  • Time Training Center is recognized by the Abu Dhabi Center of Technical Vocational Education and Training(ACTVET). 
  • TTC serves a large no of students with modern technology and programs.
  • Other than that, a professional course increases your acceptance in the industry.

Time Training Center SAP FICO Fee structure & Trainers

  • Their unique curriculum is designed after years of hard work by trainers.
  • Well-qualified and certified teachers are available for support and help 24*7.
  • Their primary focus is on Quality-training, which is possible only by hiring quality trainers.
  • The comprehensive teaching assures value on money.
  • You will have your classes on weekends so you can join the course while doing your current job.
  • The fee for the academy is 100-500 AED. 
SAP FICO Courses
SAP FICO Courses

7. Learners Point Academy

The finest institute amongst the top 10 SAP FICO courses in Dubai is known for teaching different fields of SAP financial accounting. They provide an ideal program for accounting professionals. They have helped more than 18000 professionals to reach new heights in their careers.

Key Features of the course

  • The academy provides world-class facilities such as software, learning material, assignments, and notes.
  • Moreover, they provide beginner, intermediate or professional levels to match your need.
  • Besides, you will get a certificate recognized by KHDA after completing the course.
  • A fully-learning environment makes you more determined.
  • The course makes you familiar with all SAP Financial Accounting and Controlling aspects.
  • We are continuously updating software and system to make them stand out.
  • Thirty learning hours with practical projects make you proficient in the field.

Learners Point Academy SAP FICO Trainer & Fee structure

  • The academy hires experienced and vendor-certified trainers to provide A-1 teaching.
  • You can have online sessions, onsite group learning, private classes, and mentored learning.
  • The fee for the complete program is 3000 AED. However, the program they provide is worth it.
  • You can pay in cash, online, or in easy installments.
SAP FICO Courses

8. NextIT Vision 

The most promising institute amongst the top 10 SAP FICO courses in Dubai, NextIT Vision provides a conducive learning environment. The academy helps students understand all the modules with a wide range of topics. 

Key Factors of the course

  • The academy primarily focuses on designing a curriculum with a specific target. 
  • Highly experienced experts lead the institute in a friendly manner.
  • Live training and hands-on practice help the institute better serve the field.
  • Moreover, you will get customized course material, recorded videos for future reference, a free demo class, sample question papers, and many more.
  • Besides, you can choose fast-track, regular, or weekend classes according to your need.
  • Other than that, they provide training videos, recorded interview tips, and tricks.
  • Plus, you will also get technical learning to upskill your level.

NextIT Vision SAP FICO Fee structure & Trainers

  • Experienced teaching faculty gives full support and assistance throughout the course.
  • Practical training in interviews via q/a will make you ready for jobs.
  • Expert trainers design course material creatively with hard work to provide the best to the students.
  • Besides, the institute provides a Duration- of 50 hours for 2499 AED.

9. GangBoard

SAP FICO Courses
SAP FICO Courses

SAP FICO certification training in Dubai is necessary for Financial and Accounting Professionals. GangBoard provides the latest version of the SAP FICO program, SAP HANA S4.  Here, the experts cover all the modules with a broad range of profound clarification of the topics. 

Key Features of the course

  • Prominently, you will learn General Ledger, Cash and Bank Accounting, Accounts payable, Accounts receivable, defining company, its code, chart of accounts, earning account, and many more.
  • During the course, you will learn to analyze and solve challenges accordingly.
  • Besides, The academy prepares you for SAP certification exams and practical field knowledge.
  • Moreover, the academy will teach you to implement theoretical knowledge in the real-life world.
  • Plus, you can have weekday and weekend classes according to your choice.
  • Even you can reschedule your sessions if getting a problem.
  • 10000 happy old students gave positive reviews
  • They provide customized study material to understand each topic profoundly.
  • Other than that, you will also get a GangBoard certification, recognized by leading global companies.

GangBoard SAP FICO Certification Fee structure & Trainers

  • Expert trainers help you choose the course that suits you.
  • The academy also provides counseling before starting the course if you face any confusion.
  • Moreover, learning with IT professionals increase confidence and fulfills your needs.
  • The fee structure is undoubtedly affordable, with the option of easy installments.
SAP FICO Courses

10. National Academy

Last but not least, among the top 10 SAP FICO Courses in Dubai, National Academy is one of the oldest training institutes in UAE. It has earned a name and fame over years of hard work as a leading and trusted institute. Their goal is to change the lives of people through education. That’s why they provide a wide range of professional courses.

Key features of the course

  • Here, you will get personalized training for each program for better results.
  • Various global universities accredit National Academy, which is why it is easy to provide international content.
  • All the certifications come from USA/UK-based universities or KHDA-recognized.
  • Real-life-based projects give you immense practice and confidence.
  • On-site and online classes are available to give you options to decide.
  • Moreover, it has a license from the ministry of education.
  • The academy works to boost learning and memory.
  • Besides, the location of the institute is Karama, Dubai.

National Academy SAP FICO Training Fee structure & Trainers

  • Well-qualified instructors with excessive experience teach students.
  • Trainers show dedication to providing personal attention to each student.
  • You will get unlimited support and a friendly environment throughout the course.
  • Teachers have more than ten years of experience working with leading companies.
  • The duration of the course is 30-40 hours for 2275 AED.


Though all the SAP FICO courses serve their best in the field, there are differences in fee, duration, and location. You can choose that is near you and the one you can afford. SAP FICO courses are the hottest in the IT field. Adding extra skills to your resume is advisable to enhance your market value.

Doing the course with a reputed institute increases your value and confidence to prove your ability. Moreover, a city like Dubai enhances your living standard. So, don’t wait and grab the opportunity because time is money, and we can’t afford to waste it. 

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Q1-What are the minimum requirements for joining SAP FICO?

Ans- You should know General Ledger, Accounts payable, Accounts Receivable, Cost and Profit Centre Accounting.

Q2- Will the SAP FICO course help get a better job?

Ans- of course, yes, SAP FICO is a skill that will decorate your resume and give companies a reason to choose you over others.

Q3- Can FICO be outdated in the coming years?

Ans- Not at all. Big companies will always need to handle their Financial Accounting and control. Moreover, SAP updates its software from time to time to meet the current needs.

Q4- How much salary should I expect after completion of the course?

Ans- Salary depends on many factors, like education, academic performance, experience, etc. Yet, an average salary of an SAP FICO consultant falls between 3 lakh and to 5lakh per annum.  

Q5-Is the SAP FICO course challenging to learn?

Ans- With the help and support of an experienced instructor, nothing is complicated. Moreover, hard work always pays.


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  17. HENRY HARVIN is one of the best SAP Training institutes in Dubai. I joined this Institute. The trainer is knowledgeable, and experienced, delivering the concepts nicely.

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