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Candidates can work on several applications, such as managing financial assets, production activities, archival documents, and cost accounting, by earning an SAP certification. Unquestionably, SAP has a sizable future market. Thus, SAP courses in Singapore are a great option for gaining knowledge and earning a good wage in this sector. In order to help you best 7 SAP courses in Singapore is listed in this article.

SAP stands for Systems, Applications, and Products . Basically administration of human resource software, database management, and business training included. Thus, SAP is well-known for its Enterprise Resource Planning and Data Management solutions. Hence graduates of the course can create data warehouses, create input interfaces, and retrieve data tables. While other programs may be linked to this software, SAP ERP is the one that is most usually utilized. You will always be able to climb the professional ladder with any further skills. Unquestionably, If it’s an SAP Certification, you’ll get a lot of encouragement. Since popular businesses like Microsoft and IBM use SAP. The top 7 SAP courses in Singapore is listed below.

SAP Courses in Singapore.

A Glance at Singapore

One of the four Asian nations with a developed economy is Singapore. The job sector in Singapore is flourishing, luring immigrants from all over the world to relocate there. Besides the high standard of living in Singapore attracts immigrants who want to work there. Hence to entice foreign labour, employers offer exorbitant compensation. Not to mention Singapore has a prosperous free-market economy and consistently ranks highly on lists of the world’s least corrupt countries. As a matter of fact 2.6%, unemployment is low. The port of the nation is among the busiest in the world, and exports are crucial to the economy. Chinese, Malay, and Indian employees are among the highly diverse group of ex-pats who make up Singapore’s labour force, which also includes workers from other countries. Let’s see what are the top 7 SAP courses in Singapore below.

SAP courses in Singapore

1.     Henry Harvin

Rating: 9.9/10

SAP courses in Singapore

Henry Harvin’s 2013 initiative, “Focus on Value Education,” one of the initials used in the education sector. Out of 900+ corporate clients, Henry Harvin has registered as a training provider with more than 210+ corporations and 130+ colleges worldwide. Henry Harvin has taught more than 3,000,000 people and has a portfolio of 400+ upskilling and reskilling training programmes over 27+ areas. Their mission is to change the advancement of individuals and organizations throughout the world by providing top-notch training and services using materials, equipment, and cutting-edge technology.

About course

Unquestionably SAP is beneficial for the development and supply chain activities to run smoothly. SAP is particularly beneficial for the business in achieving accuracy, efficiency, and the simple analysis of a significant amount of data. In Singapore, available SAP courses through Henry Harvin’s specialized SAP and ERP academy. There are offline and online courses available. Especially the institute provides hands-on training with 100 per cent placement support. According to Higher Education Digest, this SAP FICO course at Henry Harvin’s SAP institution is the best in India. Additionally these are some of the important recommendations to highlight the insights you will receive if you choose Henry Harvin as your training platform for SAP courses.  This is also one of the Top 10 SAP courses in Singapore.

  • 44 hours of live, interactive classroom sessions make up the training.
  • Projects: A facility exists where initiatives in data integration, supply chain IBP, and other areas can be undertaken.
  • Internship: Help in gaining real-world learning experience.
  • Certificate of Completion: From Henry Harvin®, a Govt. of India-recognized and Award-Winning Institution, you receive an SAP IBP Course Completion Certificate upon completion of the program.
  • Placement: One year after successful completion, 100% placement support.
  • Access to a variety of tools and techniques, video content, tests, and other materials through e-learning.
  • Membership: The Henry Harvin ERP Academy’s 1-Year Gold Membership for the SAP IBP Training Course, included with the cost of the course registration.

Career Benefits

  • You are now qualified for a tough SAP position.
  • Make knowledgeable and wise decisions on the flow of products.
  • Develop into a valuable asset for a company as a significant supply chain supporter.
  • Explain every feature of the SAP solution about the entire business scenario.
  • In the job interview, set your profile out from the competition.
  • Get Rewarding SAP IBP Training Certification.
  • Enhance your LinkedIn profile and resume with professional development.

As a result, many features of Henry Harvin’s SAP training courses, such as their training methods, qualified instructors, mentorship tactics, lifetime support, affiliate certification, and live webinars, find on their website.

The SAP training approaches are listed below:

  • The period of completing the course is up to you.
  • Online instruction using real classroom settings.
  • Case studies in understandings from the real world.

Internships and Projects

Business projects is included in the SAP HANA Certification Training for aspirants. The internship program also prepares candidates for employment in the field by gaining practical experience.


Check Henry Harvin SAP Courses

SAP FICO Course | SAP MM COURSE | SAP Hana Course | SAP Ariba Training | SAP HR Course | SAP ABAP Course |

Contact Information


Email: [email protected].

Contact Number: +91 9891953953.

2.     SAP Training

Rating: 9.8/10

SAP courses in Singapore

Learn IT skills that are future-ready in Singapore with courses that are subsidised. Basically, to assist the national Skills Future movement, SAP has partnered with Skills Future Singapore (SSG). Also with Temasek Polytechnic provides specialized training programs that give recent graduates and mid-career professionals hands-on learning to acquire skills that are valued by the industry. All things considered, the Skills Future Council has identified four key areas. They are: Making informed decisions about their education, training, and career through guidance. Opportunity: Creating an integrated, top-notch education and training system that meets the needs of an industry that is continuously changing. Employer recognition is encouraged, as is career advancement based on competence. cultivating a culture that values and encourages lifelong learning.

About Course

  • Financial Accounting with SAP S/4HANA.
    • Financial Management with SAP S/4HANA.
    • SAP ERP Financials Specialists Upskilling in SAP S/4HANA Finance and Management Accounting.
    • SAP NetWeaver programming in ABAP.
    • Sales and distribution SAP ERP.
    • Sales SAP S/4HANA.
    • Human Resources SAP (HCM).
    • SAP S/4 HANA Financials Overview with Assessment.

Perk of having the SAP Global Certification.

  • You can get global recognition with one of the most well-known technical certifications.
  • Stay current with your knowledge and abilities because SAP tests are changed frequently.
  • Get more attention in job applications because recruiters can quickly shortlist candidates.
  • Easily share your SAP Digital Badge on professional and social networks.

Get Access to SAP Training at a Discount.

  • 90% course cost subsidy is available to Singaporeans 40 years of age and above who qualify for Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidies.
  • Singaporeans hired by SMEs under Expanded Training Assistance.
  • For self-sponsored Singaporeans under the age of 39 and Permanent Residents, there is a 70% course fee discount.

Fees and Duration: Kindly visit the website for detailed Information.

Contact No: + 6270 8188.

3.     Knowledge Academy

Rating: 9.8/10

SAP Courses in Singapore

According to the institution, indeed the proper way to train people is through professional means. Consequently, dates for classroom courses work best. Depending on your preferred manner of learning, a range of distribution options is available. Albeit, largest course portfolio in the world. There isn’t a finer deal to be had in the market. Because they will match any lower price that you do find.

Most locations worldwide have sites all around the world, making it possible for you to receive flexible instruction wherever you need it. Altogether several distribution channels.  Unquestionably this is one of the company worlds to offer classroom, online instructor-led, online self-paced, and internal training options. Accordingly the top educational institutions in the world have recognized their courses as being of high quality. Courses, materials, and instructors have received accreditation from prestigious organizations like AXELOS, APMG, BCS, PeopleCert, CompTIA, and Microsoft, demonstrating that they uphold the strict criteria required by them.

About Course

SAP creates enterprise-level software for business analytics, finance, and resource planning. The main SAP products covered by our selection of SAP courses include Information Steward, Financial Accounting, and HANA.

  • The largest training company in the world offers SAP.
  • Improve your knowledge and abilities with SAP, the world’s top source of enterprise software and services training.
  • Lowest price guarantee in the industry.
  • Discover how to use the BEx Query Designer to build both straightforward and sophisticated query definitions.
  • It is advised that project team managers take this course.
  • Course materials, manuals, and exercises are all included in SAP training courses.

Which topics are covered in this SAP training course?

  • Course notes and exercises are included in the delegate packet.
    • Manual.
    • Skilled Instructor.
    • Refreshments.

Fees and Duration: kindly visit the website for detailed information.

Contact Information

4.     Lithan

Rating: 9.8/10

SAP Courses in Singapore

The Singaporean ministry of education has given its endorsement to Lithan Academy, an approved training institution. They have EduTrust certification from the Committee for Private Education (CPE), and SkillsFuture (SSG). Thus Singapore has selected them as a Center for Continuous Education and Training (CET). Pearson UK recognizes Lithan as a recognized worldwide training facility. Basically, they are a platform for digital learning and talent to foster progress for individuals and businesses in the digital economy. Besides the institution has received local and international recognition for its innovative approaches to teaching. And learning, including the Top 3 Microsoft Global Learning Partner of the Year Award in 2018, and the Asia Pearson College of the Year (Bronze) Award in 2019. Also the Top 10 Edutech Solution Provider Award from AsiaPac CIO in 2020, among others.

About course

Their originality By using a competency-based curriculum, a work-based learning philosophy, and a blended work-to-learn journey, CLaaS® offers Competency Learning as a Service to close the digital skills gap. Additionally, over 100 foreign institutions and education regulatory organizations have accredited CLaaS® courses. The institution offers highly cheap bachelor’s and master’s degree routes that give students industry-recognized academic credentials as well as digital skills that are ready for the workplace to advance their careers. It is one of the best 7 courses in Singapore.

For future high growth business, digital marketing, software development, systems administration, business applications, data science, and artificial intelligence, they provide career induction and digital skills acceleration. On-demand workplace learning for digital upskilling is provided by CLaaS@Work to help organizations’ rapid and comprehensive digital transformation. They provide not only training but also workplace skill utilization that results in digital transformation through their integrated training and expert mentorship programs. For the growth of a distributed workforce, they provide just-in-time digital talent acquisition, incubation, and outsourcing.

Fees and Duration: Not available

 Contact Information

Kindly visit the website:

5.     NobleProg

Rating: 9.8/10

SAP Courses in Singapore

A global training and consulting organization, NobleProg offers top-notch programs in every industry, including Applied Statistics, Cyber Security, and Artificial Intelligence. They have trained more than 50,000 individuals from more than 6000 businesses and organizations over the past 17 years. You have the choice and freedom to customize the courses to your schedule, financial situation, and degree of competence with classroom (both open and closed) and instructor-led online options. All courses were assessed by participants, and the trainers, were hand-selected after going through stringent screening processes and interviews. This guarantees ongoing feedback and improvement.

They provide knowledge that applies to the real world and is fully grounded in the theory. Basically knowledgeable instructors combine presentation, demonstration, and hands-on learning with the most recent knowledge transfer techniques. As a matter of fact, they are aware that students will be thrilled to be learning new things, and they feed off that enthusiasm to provide excellent training experiences. The most popular courses, include Java, JavaScript, SQL, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Apache Spark, and OpenStack. Additionally, TensorFlow, Selenium, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Analysis, are all available in their constantly-updating library.

About Course

Online or in-person, instructor-led live SAP training courses cover the foundations and application of SAP enterprise software solutions through interactive discussion and hands-on experience. Online live training and onsite live training are also options for SAP training. Through the use of an interactive, remote desktop, online live training, also known as remote live training, is conducted. Live on-site SAP training can be carried out locally on client sites or in NobleProg corporate training centres in Singapore. It is one of the best 7 courses in Singapore.

  1. 35 hours of SAP Warehouse Management (WM).

The SAP customers who want to use SAP WM to operate conventional warehouses more effectively are the target audience for this instructor-led, live training in Singapore (online or onsite).

2. 21 hours of SAP Forecasting and Replenishment (SAP F&R).

This instructor-led, in-person or online, live training in Singapore is intended for SAP users who want to use SAP F&R’s primary solution to develop an effective inventory strategy. Participants will be able to:

 • Get a basic understanding of SAP functionality.

• Execute general customization settings and application reports for the F&R process.

3. ABAP Core Data Services: Creating Views (S4D430) – 21 hours.

This instructor-led, in-person or online, live course in Singapore is designed for developers and development consultants who want to understand and take use of CDS’s features and possibilities while creating database views. Participants will be able to do the following after this training:

  • Assess and establish.
  • Recognize the distinction between CDS views and regular database views.
  • Recognize and use the SQL capabilities of CDS views.
  • Apply CDS-specific ideas and comprehend the typical CDS view use cases.

Fees and other courses in SAP

Kindly visit the website:

Contact Information

Phone no: +65 88708290.

Email ID: [email protected].

6.     SUSS

Rating: 9.7/10

SAP Courses in Singapore

SUSS has a strong history of fostering lifelong learning and influencing society through applied social science research. Through our 3H’s education philosophy—”Head” for professional competency with applied knowledge, “Heart” for social awareness to meet the needs of society, and “Habit” for passion toward lifelong learning—we strive to develop students and alumni to be work-ready and work-adaptive, aspiring to reach their full potential. They cater to both new school leavers and adult learners with their more than 90 undergraduate and graduate programs, which are offered in full- and part-time study modalities and are flexible, modular, and interdisciplinary. A wide variety of modular courses for continuing education and training are also provided by SUSS for the workers in Singapore to upgrade their professional abilities.

About Course

The fundamental duties of outside purchase in SAP ERP include scheduling based on consumption Other aspects of purchasing Logistics invoice verification functions, goods movements, and appropriate implementations for special functions are performed in the SAP system. Plan and carry out a physical inventory of the stock in the warehouse. Customize the materials management options. Although this course does not have a Grade Point Value (GPV), it will still count toward the required number of credits for the degree. It is one of the best 7 courses in Singapore.


  • Management Empowered by SAP ERP.
  • Procure to Pay.
  • SAP Navigation 2005.
  • Introduction to SAP Solution Manager.
  • Procurement I.
  • Procurement II.

Learning Result

  • Possess a basic understanding of SAP’s procurement features.
  • Able to use this information as a team’s solution consultant.

Duration: 6 months

Fees: $6833

Contact Information

Contact: +65 6248 9777.

Email: [email protected].


7.     ATOS

Rating: 9.7/10

SAP Courses in Singapore

With its tried-and-true educational methods and resources, Atos can guide you to a lucrative career as an SAP technical consultant. You may find details about the course here, including its objectives, intended audience, timetable, and learning modules. For more than 20 years, Atos India have dedicated to delivering high-quality training and information to the SAP ecosystem. The fact that we have recognized as the largest and most important SAP education partner in India is evidence of our dedication.

About Course

The perfect platform is offered by Atos India to satisfy the needs of the dynamic SAP market. More than 12 million users in more than 120 countries rely on SAP products. Our training makes sure that business users, IT professionals, and decision-makers have the information they need to properly run an organization. Atos India is the first SAP Accredited Training Center in India, having been founded in 1999. It is one of the best 7 courses in Singapore.

Benefits of SAP training

  • Gain the abilities and information required to take on the most difficult undertakings.
  • Competitive advantage to help your firm achieve its strategic goals.
  • Gain international recognition and instil client confidence.
  • Our instructors are certified SAP consultants with hands-on expertise in project execution, in-depth product knowledge, and skilful course delivery.

Fees and Duration: Not available

SAP Courses: Types

As listed below, students can choose from a variety of SAP courses. The many SAP courses are listed below:

Financial Accounting with SAP

The SAP FI module, as its name suggests, controls financial operations within organizations. Workers may manage data related to any financial or company activity in a centralized system thanks to this financial accounting module. When it comes to reporting requirements, this module performs superbly. Access to an organization’s current financial situation on the market is made available by the Financial Accounting module.

Controlling SAP

An important supplementary SAP module that is available to businesses is SAP CO. The planning, reporting, and monitoring of business activities are all made easier with the help of the controlling module. It includes methods for organizing and viewing expenses that are required for financial reporting. The controlling module offers planning, monitoring, reporting, and performance tracking. Managing and setting up master data, which includes, among other things, cost elements, cost centres, profit centres, internal orders, and functional areas, is what controlling implies.

Sales and Distribution with SAP

All transactions, including requests for information, ideas, quotations, and prices, are managed via SAP SD modules. The sales and distribution module greatly aids in inventory management and control. The SAP SD module includes transactions, master data, and system configuration. For instance, the SAP SD module’s master data, sales, shipping, billing, credit management, and other sub-components.

Production Planning with SAP

SAP PP, which includes software created specifically for production planning and management, is another important module. The master data, system configuration, and transactions also included in this module to complete the production planning process. The SAP PP module combines master data, sales and operations planning, distribution resource planning, material needs planning, Kanban, product cost planning, and other areas to achieve production management in businesses.

Materials Management with SAP

The SAP MM module regulates the materials needed, produced, and processed by businesses, as its name suggests. This system controls many purchase processes. Altogether some notable sub-components of the SAP MM module include vendor master data, consumption-based planning, purchasing, inventory management, invoice verification, and others.

Quality Management with SAP

The control of production quality throughout an organization’s operations by the SAP QM module. Basically quality management module helps a company grow more quickly by applying a logical and practical approach to quality control across a range of operations. Thus, the SAP QM module integrates sales and procurement, manufacturing, planning, notification, control, and audit management.


Above all enrolling in the top sap training facility for that specific course required or becomes the first step to getting the best results after studying any Sap course. Hence, The top 7 SAP courses in Singapore is listed in this article. As a matter of fact, to obtain the most value for your money, it’s critical to choose the right organization at the right moment.

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Q.1 How much does the average SAP professional make?

Ans. An SAP professional’s average annual compensation is thought to be around INR 700,000. Depending on the person’s task and employment role, it could change.

Q.2 Does the SAP Certification exam have a fee?

Ans. For the SAP Certification exam, there is a cost.

Q.3 Which SAP offers the biggest salary?

Ans. Account Directors at SAP earn an average yearly income of 81.9 lakhs, making them the top-paid employees.

Q.4 Is learning SAP challenging?

Ans. Without a foundation in computer science, according to Webb, it is “relatively hard” to train for and master SAP systems. Real-world experience with the SAP system, according to Webb, is a crucial way to learn.

Q.5 Which SAP training is in demand the most?

Ans. Business Intelligence (SAP BI), Sales & Distribution (SD), Human Resources (HR), and ERP Central Component (ECC).

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