PgMP Certified Training Course in India is a  very well-known certification for all aspiring program managers, but if we deep dive into this term, what does this certification exactly mean and what is its purpose.Let us understand what this certification is all about.

Once the candidates acquire the certificate after clearing the exams, they don’t become program managers. There are still some additional requirements to be fulfilled and reviewed to undergo before becoming a program manager.

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A PgMP certified program manager means that you have an amazing skill and knowledge to manage programs, be a leader and display a performance that contributes to the organization as a whole. By gaining this certification, you have the opportunity to manage creme projects and even come up with cutting edge strategies for businesses. PgMP certification training course is not only beneficial for an aspiring program manager but also an added value that is attached to them with added responsibilities.

Let us now check which are the institutions that provide PgMP Certification course in India :-

1) Henry Harvin Management Academy

India is one of the countries that provide you with the best institutions for PgMP online certification and Henry Harvin is the global leader in providing Training and Certification Courses and a pioneer in providing online courses even before the Covid -19 scenario prevailed. They have managed to train a maximum number of learners across. Let us understand the features and benefits we can avail from this esteemed institute.

The PgMP course at Henry Harvin comprises a 9 in 1 program which includes:-

  • 24 Hours of Training by live interactive Sessions.
  • The learner undergoes various projects like Benefits Realization, Stakeholder Management, Escalation Resource Management and many more.
  • Assistance in internship to gain practical experience of the learnings.
  • Acquire a PgMP Certification Training from Henry Harvin
  • Post successful completion 100% guaranteed placement
  • Access to their E-learning portals with many tools and techniques, video content, and assessments.
  • Frequent Bootcamps spread over 12 months
  • Access to #AskHenry Hackathons and all the Competitions held by Henry Harvin is completely free
  • Gold membership of 1 Year in the Henry Harvin Management Academy for the PgMP Certification Training Course

Benefits of Gold Membership:-

  • Annual Gold Membership of Henry Harvin Management academy that includes recorded video games  projects CPDSPe Studies through their E-learning.
  • Brush up sessions free for one year
  • Internship guaranteed with Henry Harvin or their partner firms
  • Job opportunities offered every week
  • Industry Projects Experience during the course of the training

 Benefits of Learning:-

  • Program Lifecycle and its 54 different Process Tools and Techniques
  • Understanding Basic Project Management Concepts such as Budget Allocations, Schedules, and risks
  • Organizational Vision with the knowledge gained with Project Management
  • Handing Complex Multiple Projects with the Knowledge of Tools and Techniques 
  • Large Scale Program implementation to develop Business Strategies
  • Communication Skills to develop Leadership Skills
  • Hands-on training to identify the hurdles in Large Scale project Implementation
  • Benefits of Career:
  • Eligibility to become a Project Management Professional Jobs.
  • Wide range of opportunities  exposure globally, demanding specialization.
  • Startup support with ROI (Return on Investment).
  •  Your profile will always stand out from your peers during Job Interviews.
  • Promotion in a current role with most skills that are in demand.
  • Tap the untapped High-Paying Jobs in Program Management with shortage in talent.
  • Boost your CV & LinkedIn Profile with Technical and Professional development.

Role of learners completing PgMP Certification Training Course in India :-

  • Strategic and Organizational objectives towards
  • The accountability for coordinated Management of multiple projects lies on the Project Managers
  • Building credible stakeholders
  • Multiple levels of communication with clients
  • To manage the cost and performance of the project. 
  • Initiate a Project and assign a Project Manager
  • Aligning Program with business goals and objectives
  • Recommendation to modify the program to enhance business result
  • Share resources among their constituent projects

Recognitions of Henry Harvin Education :-

  • Training Award from Top Corporates, Learning based on games, Business World Award under 40
  • American Association of EFL affiliation, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, MSME, UKAF, UK Cert, Project Management Institute (PMI), and Certified ISO 29990:2010.
  • Google Reviews 1400+, 200+ Testimonials on You tube with 4.5+ Rating

2. UDEMY :-

Henry Harvin Best Certification Training and Courses

Henry Harvin Ranks #1

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Online-based institution Udemy conducts 1,55,000+ courses that help to build your career and skills to manage people. World class instructors guide the aspirants to excel in their careers. Personal space along with lifetime access is an added advantage in the courses provided by . 

Ranked as No. 2 in PgMP courses they provide variants in all PgMP online course formats. The maximum sought after course is “Get Your PgMP certificate in your first attempt.” Like a money back policy this course assures you of a money back guarantee. Guidelines are provided for the examinations and the course fees for this particular course is INR 8,640.00

Basic Requirements:-

Experienced Project Management Professionals who have practical knowledge in the project domain.

In 2013 PMI had certified “ The Standard for Program Management -Fourth Edition”. The student completing the course should have a copy of the same.

This course is for professionals who can clear their PgMP Certification in their first attempt.

Course Content:-

  • The students are introduced to the standards of Program Management along with the Program Development Life Cycle.
  • Various other topics are covered in this program like Program Strategy, Program Benefit, Program Stakeholder Engagement
  • The individual doing this program understands Program Governance and all  its sub-domains
  • The last is the exam preparation that is the most important part of this course.


  • On-demand video of 3.5 hours
  • downloaded anytime 12 articles and 27 resources
  • Lifetime access mobile and the TV on the application
  • A course completion is provided to each participant
  • The other course is the “PgMP Exam Prep course.” 
  • This course content helps the learner to learn the standards of program management according
  • to the 4th Edition and its domains. 
  • The content of the course is designed in such a manner that understanding Program Management is made easy for the students and coaches to perform well in the Certification Exam. 
  • The fee for this course is ₹2240/-

Requirements :-

If PMP is known to the learner it is an added advantage . However there are no prerequisites to do this course. 

Course Content:-

  • The contents of this course is very much similar to “Get Your PgMP certificate in your first attempt.” Recorded training of 7 hours are available with 100+ lectures, For other PMI certifications, 8 PDUs are available.
  • Preparatory questions for exams more than 300 questions are provided to the students. 
  • As a practice, 2 full PgMP preparatory exams are conducted for the students.
  • Downloading all the templates or documents any time with full lifetime access on TV and mobile.
  • A course completion certificate is provided to all the participants.

3. Multisoft Virtual Academy:-

This online led training institute delivers core solutions and valuable courses to the aspirants whose prime focus is to grow on their career path. They provide the right platform to impart knowledge to the candidates with expert mentors and cutting-edge technology. 360 degree learning solutions is an added feature that grabs the attention of students and professionals who want the best in their career goals.This academy has a tie up with many leading companies. This organization is one among the top 10 PgMp online courses in India. They also offer their programs through E-learning, 


  • Better understanding via one on one training
  • PMBOKA guide is the study material used for the course.
  • After the completion of the course training Certificate is handed over to the professional 
  • 32 hours of training sessions are offered to the tTrainees get to train under Industrial Expert Mentors for 32 hours.
  • For the working professionals the classes are conducted during the weekends.
  • Course Content:-
  • • Life Cycles of Program Management.
  • • Business Management.
  • • Agile Management.
  • • Stakeholder Management.
  • • Program Benefits Management.
  • The course fee  is ₹22000/- with flat discounts for early birds.

PgMP Certification Examination:-

  • To become a Certified Program Management Professional an examination is held.
  • Prerequisites to apply for the examination:
  • A Four-year Degree (Bachelor’s or any global equivalent), with a minimum of 4 years of Project Management experience and 4 years of Program Management experience.
  • OR
  • A Secondary Diploma (High school or any global equivalent), with a minimum of four years of Project Management experience and 7 years of Program Management experience.
  • Selection Process for the Examination:
  • To attain the Program Management Professional (PgMP) credential There are two evaluations done.
  • The panel review process begins once the certification payment is received and the audit is completed (if your application is selected).• Panel Review is the primary evaluation.
  • The assessment of your professional experience supported by your responses to the Program Management Experience Summaries on the PgMP application is done by a panel of volunteer PgMP -certified program managers.
  • You will be eligible to take the examination once you manage to pass the panel review. 
  • The PgMP examination consists of 170 multiple-choice questions. Out Of the 170 questions, 20 are considered pre-test questions which aren’t scored. To finish the computer-based examination the allotted time is four hours.
  • Program Managers in the management industry who have been there for a long period and who would like to move to career peak are the most potential candidate for this PgMP online Course. They will outperform in their work environment. This certification helps the holder in handling big size businesses with ease.

4. Plural Sight :-

Plural Sight is a development company having a technology workforce. Opportunity is created by this organisation for the learners through technology to progress in their careers. Industry Experts act as Mentors who guide these individuals to reach their benchmark and expertise in career paths. Topmost technology firms in the world  have a tie-up with this firm. They are one of the best across the globe who shares a decent platform to learn the PgMp online course. They stand No.3 in the top 10 PgMp online courses in India. They enable the learners to rise in their program management domain. They aid the learners excel in the PgMP certification exam.

Basic Requirements:

Basics of project management practices

PMP concepts are covered in detail

1) Standard Variant  and 2)Premium Variant are the two variants in this course.

Standard Variant:



  •  Core Course Library is provided, and discussions are conducted.As practice the learners get exercise files.
  • Mobile and TV applications access to all the learners.
  • Access to conferences and guides
  • To master in the course pathway channels are given.
  • Skill IQ and Role IQ test is taken
  • The course fee is ₹12,299/- annual.

Premium Variant:


  • A vast course library along with paths for learning, channels, and discussions are provided in the course contents.
  • Mobile and TV apps access is given to the learners.
  • Candidates are given some exercise files with some guides and conferences.
  • Interactive sessions with the management students
  • A completion certificate of attendance is handed over to the candidate
  • Practise of the examinations are conducted to boost the confidence of the learners.
  • The course fee is ₹18,399/-.

The aspirants can avail a free trial to have a glance at the course and how PluralSight enriches the knowledge of the aspirants.

5. KnowledgeHut:

Founded in 2011 by enterprising entrepreneurs. KnowlegeHut was formed with a fund of 2.5 lakhs only. Consisting of 200 hardworking employees the organization is one of the best in India. These are one amongst the premium institutions in India to have offered the PgMP online courses. They happen to be one amongst the top 10 PgMP online courses in India. Through their courses they help an individual to achieve business and individual career. This organization guides the aspirants to set great careers with confidence. The main goal of their PgMP online course is “Push the boundaries of your project management to the next level Program Management.” They offer two variants in their PgMP course

1)Live Online Classroom and 2) Corporate Training to each aspirant.

Key Features of this course :-

Authorized Partner of the PMI(Project Management Institute)

Interactive instructor-led training for 3 days

21 PDU’s are available with the aspirants

Complete support to the aspirants for the examination by the trainers

Quiz practice for all the aspirants

Annually free access to other 100+ e-learning courses along with this course

The courseware is PMI approved

Objectives of the course:

  • Complex projects are handled by the candidates as they have in-depth Knowledge of tools and techniques to handle 
  • Competencies of the Program Life Cycle are covered in this course.
  • Practical illusions are used to show large scale programs
  • The aspirants also learn Communication skills and leadership skills
  • Allocation resources and budgeting is an important feature that is designed in this PgMp online course.
  • The charges for this course is ₹10,999/-. A discount of 20% is offered by this organization for a group.

6) Koenig Solutions

Established in 1993 this organization was and is one amongst the top training organizations in the world. They help great career heights to all their customers. Every individual’s career  vision would be fulfilled through the courses provided by this organization.

PgMp online course in India is one of their valued courses.  Practical illustrations are used by Industry to mentor the aspirants. There are two types of training that are offered to the aspirants. 

1)Group Training and 2)1 to 1 Training.

Basic Requisites:

  • Higher Secondary degree (high school diploma, associate, or the worldwide equivalent)
  • PMP or 48 months of project management experience
  • Program management experience of 84 months within the last 15 years OR
  • Four-year degree
  • PMP or 48 months of project management experience
  • Within the last 15 years the candidate should have 48 months of program management experience 

Course Benefits:

  • Handling Multiple projects with ease.
  • Handling Complex activities through the relevant program and different business strategies.
  • 4 hours training through the weekdays and 8 hours training through the weekends is an added benefit for the 1to 1 training sessions.
  • Perfect session schedule is provided to the trainee.
  • Assigned Instructor to resolve all the queries.
  • This 1to1 training is affordable
  • Simplified Certification Process

Objectives of the course:

  • Program Management of PMI Standards
  • The contents of the course includes Performance Domain, Stakeholder Management, Governance Performance Domain ,Strategy alignment, Life Cycle of Program Management, and Program Benefits management are also part of this course.
  • Koenig course fees for Group Corporate pieces are ₹17,500/- and for 1 to 1 training they charge ₹55,000/-

7) PMCC Global

PMCC India is a Project Management Competency Centre and was established at Bangalore in the year 2003. This organization is one amongst the global leader among the leading training firms in the world. The world’s one third GDP is through Large projects and Programs. The firm offers creme projects and PgMP training to management aspirants so that they lay a strong foundation in their career goals. 

They rank amongst  the top 10 PgMp online courses in India.

Key Features of the Course:

  • Lifetime with approved training (PDUs)
  • (PMI approved) E- HandBook provided.
  • LifeTime Alumni access to the PMCC community 
  • Access to 500+Real time questions available online as a practice
  • Post Training subject matter is available to the aspirants
  • Exams (Mock) along with a result analysis tool for the same.
  • Certification Application  Support
  • Study material and plan with real-time illustration in template formats
  • Examination Preparedness with tricks and tips along with professional coaching to remove any kind of fear or anxiety
  • Certified Aspirants are specially rewarded by the organization

Course Details:

A major part of the course content is life cycles of Program Management are

Quality of the Program, Resources Utilized, Risk Taken , Schedules, and Management Scope.

Governance and Financial management is brought in the course module so that the aspirants can handle complex cases with much ease with the techniques learnt.

There are two training variants available in this organization. Key features of the courses are similar

 Virtual Trainings – Online for a fee of ₹18000/-2)Classroom Training – Offline for a fee of ₹20000/-

8) ProThoughts

Pro Thoughts Solutions is a Corporate training institute in India that offers aspirants who aspire to place themselves in high peaks of their career . They have a team of industry facilitators who are the mentors to the aspirants. They are one amongst the leading organizations in India to have conducted the PgMp online courses in India. They rank amongst the top 10 PgMp online courses in India. They help in mastering the Program Management domain and also guide in performing excellently well in the examination. 

There are two variants 1) Led Training – Online 2) Led Training -Classroom.

Key benefits of the Course:

Course Study/Reading Material by Michel Thiry (Latest Edition).

Instructor-Led Training –  1 Day

 Contact Hours Certificate/ 21 PDUs

E-Resources are freely available for perusal 

Practise questions and answers  of 300+ numbers along with explanations are available

Exams and case studies are provided to the candidates as a key benefit to prepare for the exam.

Features of the Course:

Game-based Interactive training.

 Study material for easy understanding of the subject

 Pre training and Post training support to the aspirants.

Instructors within the organization are available to clarify the doubts of the trainees

Project Management Resources and Content can be accessed by the aspirants for lifetime

Assured Examination Results from the mentors of  Pro thought team .

Eligibility Criteria:

Secondary degree or the global     equivalent)

 Project management experience of more than 6000 hours

  •     Program management experience of more than 10,500 hours
  • OR
  •       Four-year degree
  •   PProject management experience of 6000 hours
  •     Program management experience of 6000 hours

Schedules of the course are available on the Pro thoughts Website. There is an advance fee for the course of  INR 5000 and the rest can be paid during the course time.

9. IcertGlobal:-

This organization is one amongst the fast-growing educational service providers across the globe.  Solutions that are cost-effective and valuable courses are offered to customers worldwide. 

The Mantra is “I will be certified 100% guranteed.” 

IcertGlobal imparts knowledge to all the aspirants and encourages them to reach to an achievable career heights. They are one of the top 10 PgMp online courses in India. PgMP online course is one of their courses that they offer.

Key features of the course:

  • Classroom Training.
  • Online Exam Simulator for exam preparation 90 Days
  • Exclusive courseware with quizzes at the end of the chapter.
  • E-learning  is complimentary for all participants.
  • Money Back is guaranteed if the students are not satisfied.
  • 365 days customer support team
  • Online Project Mentoring Sessions.
  • Case Studies based on Industries.
  • Expert Trainer and 
  • Full assistance for the exam preparations
  • Illustrations of life time
  • Completion Certificate of the courses

Course Overview:

  • PgMP is designed for Project Managers at senior levels where the Program Management Life cycle is covered.
  • Finance Management and Allocation Management are taught to the candidates to support them in handling complex situations and huge projects.
  • The topics covered in the courseware segments include benefits and delivery Management Two options are available to the customer 1) EarlyBird Offer 2)Standard Offer.
  • In case the aspirant registers immediately an early bird offer is provided and the fee is ₹20,000+GST.
  • The standard course fee offer is ₹23000+GST


Skillogic is one of the foremost organizations to provide Consulting and Professional certification training. They serve more than 30+ countries across the globe. Top corporate firms have ties with Skillogic for their training quality and their largest chain of subject matter experts. Industry experts also form a part of this organization to mentor the trainees and help them achieve their career goals.

PgMp online course is one among their sought after courses. They rank amongst the top 10 PgMp online courses in India for their quality and subject expertise. 

3 different variants are offered to the aspirants 1) being Classroom Training 2 ) being Online Training and 3) Self Learning.

  • The most popular variant these times are the Live Online variant which cost the aspirants ₹20,900/-.
  • Classroom Sessions are conducted in selected cities and the cost is ₹21,900/-
  • Self Learning is the most affordable and economical choice with an affordable fee of ₹13,900/- One year of complete access is provided to the course  and the training sessions.

Features of this course:

  • This organization is PMI registered. 
  • PgMP training is based on Case studies.
  • Classroom sessions are accessible to the aspirants
  • PDU certificate after 35 hours
  • Instructors are PgMP certified who guide the candidates.
    • Exam readiness is checked via two full online simulation mock tests.
    • Business analytics are given as a complimentary course along with the project managers course
  • A dedicated team is always available to provide end-to-end support during and after the training.
  • Money back guarantee is provided to all the aspirants.

Objectives of the course:

  • Knowledge gain on the Life Cycles of PgMP
  • Learn well-equipped concepts that are required for the certification.
  • Crack the exams with ease by the tips and tricks provided.
  • This course also enables the aspirants the usage of Program Management tricks and handling complex solutions in a pace that is balanced.
  • Management professionals with 7+ years of experience are the suitable candidates for this course.

As a certified PgMP Manager, you manage multiple complex projects in a drive many complicated projects in a well-coordinated manner, achieving benefits that could not occur if the projects were handled in xylos. 

With program management certification an organization’s projects are far more successful than people managing without certification.PgMP courses are the best available courses in India and the institution that provides the best PgMP Course in India of the above-mentioned list is Henry Harvin. 


Q1. Who can get this certification?

Ans – Anyone who want to acquire it to handle the complex business projects in a well coordinated manner

Q2. What are the qualification required to get certified?

Ans – Any graduate with some amount of word experience can get certified. Each organization has a different qualification. Kindly visit the website for more details.

Q3. What is the investment required to do this certification

Ans – An average investment of 10 k is required. However there are variations in fees. Kindly visit the website for further clarifications

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