Over the years, Microsoft has advanced from being a software company to one that takes under itself a quality of initiatives that support it and further convey the software and programming movement by curating tailoring online courses and certifications for all learning levels – beginners, intermediate, well as experienced professionals. Microsoft courses in the USA are a goldmine for spreading information and intuitions it contains. 

Recently, everyone has been well informed about Microsoft because of its Windows operating software and office software. Most people don’t know that the company also offers beneficial Microsoft certification training programs.

 These programs educate learners in various specified roles and fields using Microsoft technologies. Microsoft certification courses also verify their proficiency and proficient in Microsoft software with Microsoft professional certificate. This article will help you with the top 20 Microsoft courses in the USA. 

The Top 20 Microsoft Courses in the USA 

1 Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin Education is an award-winning institute that delivers Microsoft courses in the USA. Learn an in-depth understanding of Azure Virtual Networks, NIC, NSG, Subnets, etc. Further, the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals course will aid you in filling the stark for numerous job opportunities in Cloud computing.

Reasons to pick Henry Harvin:

  • Henry Harvin is one of the rapidly rising Edtech companies with clientele in 97+ Countries internationally.
  • Its position is among the Top 500 on an international platform and the Top 100 in India.
  • Facilitate 200+ highly in-demand courses for employing and reequipping the personnel in career upgradation.
  • Faculties carry 15+ years of experience in the corresponding field.
  • Follows GCAO pedagogy and focuses more on practice training on Azure workloads, fundamentals, etc.
  • Further, updated study material and recorded videos of the sessions are available for revision.
  • Guaranteed internship, hands-on practical training, case studies, and support in obtaining scholarly insights 
  • Additional soft skills training and career services
  • Monthly Boot camps to furnish with related current topics 
  • Access the course through the mobile app whenever and everywhere
  • Also, one year of Gold membership at the Paramedical Academy of Henry Harvin offers to join different mentors and batches throughout the membership period.

Course fee: $ 250.30 

Duration: 36 Hours

2. Coursera

Coursera is an online learning platform that offers Microsoft courses in the USA that will support you prepare for the AZ-900 certification test. So, this online specialization permits students to participate in joint exercises and projects where students can practice and apply what they’ve learned. Students can obtain hands-on experience with live Microsoft Azure resources and services. At the end of the course, students are awarded a certificate from the instructor. Coursera delivers various Microsoft Azure courses from which you can pick the one that is most relevant for you.

3. New Horizons

This institution’s hands-on – approach support you to reach your goals faster. Moreover, they have a well-built information technology infrastructure, cybersecurity, and a cloud campus. It is the world’s most comprehensive independent IT and career training institution.

4. Udemy

Udemy is an online open learning institution that offers Microsoft courses in the USA. There are different courses on this platform, like developing standard Azure services such as virtual machines, web apps, SQL databases, Azure Active Directory capabilities, etc. Udemy allows lifetime access to the course materials and a completion certificate. 

5. Edureka

Edureka is a leading Microsoft training institute offering Fundamentals courses. Hence, this certification program will escort you through the Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies (AZ303 & AZ 304) test. 

The course will guide you to build complex networking settings, plan infrastructure authentication and security, and  PaaS and other services to place end-to-end cloud solutions. Further, it offers a complete understanding of various services and hands-on tasks to support you design effective cloud solutions using Microsoft.


This institution claims with 90 percent employment rate within nine months of training programs. More than 21000 international students from 78 countries opt for this institution. They offer 90 corporate training programs. Top-notch faculties from every corner of the world attain the classes. Besides, students are given eight hours of live interactive training, 80 hours of assignments, and ten live projects to master Microsoft.

7. B FLOW Academy

This institution is a Microsoft Silver Learning Plat globally. Ever since the start, they have been a vision to deliver the best kind of education they can at an affordable course fee for the aspirants. They have their online courses to reach a more student base all over the world.

B FLOW Academy has a special Boot Camp session where the students get a chance to attend the Marathon. Clear doubts with tutors and updated study material are among another key highlights. Here also, you will get awarded a certificate from the institution.

8. Knowledge Hut

Knowledge Hut is an IT training institution that offers Microsoft courses in the USA. Expert professionals from various industries help develop new skills besides bridging the gap between recognition and advancement in the workplace. 

The course is crafted as a well-balanced learning session with 60 percent focused on hands-on training. Further, different modules are covered on cloud computing and Azure’s landscape and its components.

 Students comprehensively understand Azure Virtual Machines and learn to use Azure to cloud-deploy a web application. Hence, the unique part of this institution is that it offers a money-back guarantee or a full refund if the candidate wishes to discontinue the course.


ZDNET is an ambition to offer sound quality education to the masses. Further, it provides the best education at an affordable price and the advantage of a shorter duration and flexible schedule. ZDNET has been delivering successful careers to thousands of students for the past ten years. They focus on providing practical education to support their students later in their careers. 

10. Ducat

Ducat is one of the USA’s leading IT training and professional institutes. This certification program gains you with optimizing window server workloads. Further, basic knowledge of Windows and cloud computing will support the candidate learn the technology quickly and better. 

Ducat’s training formulates candidates to become masters in the development and management of cloud applications. Candidates will acknowledge different topics of the updated Microsoft course syllabus per the industry need. So after completing the course, candidates will get a certificate from the institution accepted by reputed companies.

11. The Knowledge Academy

The Knowledge Academy is a renowned institution that offers Microsoft courses in the USA. Indeed they’ve delivered over 30,000 lectures all around the globe. This course training will provide a fundamental grasp of cloud computing concepts and Microsoft Azure’s essential services. Moreover, the study materials are of excellent quality and offer a comprehensive learning experience.

12. Tbr – The college system of Tennessee

They are considered to stand among the top Microsoft courses in the USA. Further, students are under continuous assessment with online test series and a monthly performance report. All of these support a  self-assessment for a learner to grow themselves. At the end of the course, students are awarded a certificate from the instructor. Coursera delivers various Microsoft Azure courses from which you can pick the one that is most relevant for you.

13. IP4 Networkers

IP4 Networkers is one of the USA’s best training institutes offering Microsoft. Further, the course is well-versed with a specialization that includes the Microsoft Official curriculum and is highly constructive for the students. 

Candidates get trained under the guidance of Microsoft Certified trainers with more than ten years of teaching experience with hands-on various Microsoft learning programs. This course by IP4 Networkers is mainly designed for candidates who want to learn foundational knowledge of cloud services and the other services associated with Microsoft Azure. So, fundamentals AZ-900 training can be a lineage to Microsoft Azure or Microsoft cloud services exam.

14. EduPristine

EduPristine is the USA’s leading Institute because this Institute has an excellent reputation for extraordinary results, interactive teaching pedagogy, and student support. 

They not only focus on theoretical but 60 percent on practical knowledge. The institute has collaborated with top companies in India. They support the students to raise their careers even after the course. Moreover, the Course curriculum includes Soft skills, career service, and Practical training by Industry professionals. 

15. Certification Camps

Certification camps are one of the oldest Microsoft institutes in the USA. The certificate of this institution is of great importance as it is one of the renowned institutions. The faculties are also highly qualified and cooperative.

16. Cloud Academy

Cloud Academy is an online coaching organization that offers Microsoft courses in India. Hence, this course assists the students in learning Microsoft and will guide them to achieve their aim in preparation for the AZ-900 Microsoft exam. The course’s learning focuses on understanding cloud concepts, Azure core services, and Azure pricing and support. Besides, candidates interested in learning Azure fundamentals or preparing for the Microsoft AZ -900 exam can enroll in this course.

Microsoft is a popularly growing set of on-demand cloud services that support enterprises storing and managing data, creating complex online apps, modifying cybersecurity and compliance processes, and many others. 

17. Global Knowledge

This institution is a well-known Microsoft coaching institute. It has an excellent reputation and a world-class faculty in the country. Besides, from being a mentor to friends, every trainer here delivers their best to guide their students to succeed in their careers. Every teacher ensures that they do not just teach but also support students in the correct direction. Global knowledge has clarified concepts and taught students about each subject’s roots.

18. Saint Paul College

Saint Paul college is one of the reputed and prestigious colleges in the USA. It is an all-rounder-advancing academy. Moreover, this college has a firm grasp of various Microsoft courses and years of experience teaching learners. Every company accepts certificates from Saint paul college in the world.

19. Oakton Community College

Oakton community college delivers sound quality education to the masses. Moreover, it gives the best education at an affordable price and a flexible schedule. It has shown great careers to lakhs of students in recent years. They focus on providing practical training to support their students later in their careers. 

20. Besant Technologies

Besant Technologies is another top-notch institute that provides Microsoft courses in the USA. The curriculum and course outline is designed in an extraordinary way that will help the candidates to update their skillset and open them to many opportunities in the corporate world. Every industry accepts certificates of Besant Technologies in the world. This institution has trained more than 2000 students annually and offers advanced theoretical and practical knowledge from certified professionals.


Getting IT certifications through Microsoft Courses in the USA shows a person’s competence in a specific IT role. Moreover, it can help in all kinds of work-related and personal merits. For example, studies show that IT certifications boost the chances of landing a job or a good hike.

 Over 80 percent of hiring managers state that IT certifications are medium to high in hiring decisions.

 Currently, large companies include the cloud as a crucial architect for their digital transformation. Therefore with so many advantages that make work simpler, it will be in great demand in the future. As a result, the Microsoft course can guide professionals in quickly climbing the success ladder.

Moreover, the advantages of this certification are it makes you stand out from the competition and offers many opportunities for professionals with specialized expertise. 

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Q1. Are free online courses as efficient as those with supervision in Microsoft certification courses?

Answer: It depends on your level of knowledge. So, If you are starting from scratch, you will need supervision, and if you know, these e-learning resources on Microsoft are well-designed for self-learning. Also, it rests on whether you wish to pay for your learning.

Q2. How can I choose if I should go for an entire associate or expert-level program?

Answer: Based on your fundamental knowledge of that subject. So, if you are at the beginner’s level, go for basic; in case of needful expertise, go for an associate-level program. And to get specialization, you can pick an expert-level program.

Q3. What is the salary of Azure Solutions Architects?

Answer: The salary of Azure Solutions Architect’s job profile is Rs 1,807,598 per annum.

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