In a fix about your career? Is a course in SAP going to work and be worthy at all? Will it meet my financial needs? Can I sustain myself in the job market? Can I grow steadily in the industry? The answer is ‘YES’ is the answer to all these questions when it comes to a career in SAP. It is a well-researched field. The learner is equipped with the most modern know-how on how to resolve the most complicated and tricky situations with the best skills. The field comes like dawn in your life, just like the saying, “Morning shows the Day”!

A Career in SAP

A career in SAP (Systems Analysis Program) requires a Certification in SAP Development. It may sound very complex. We can explain this in a simple way. It is difficult to share information between all departments like finance, sales, Inventory, and human resources on a common platform. SAP FICO offers a simple and time-saving solution to this problem. SAP helps to better manage complicated issues by giving real-time access to data and information across the enterprise. All organizations from SMEs, Startups, and Globally Leading Companies use SAP to accelerate workflows. SAP improves operational efficiency, increases productivity, raises Customer Service experiences, and last but not least enhances profits. For sure, a Career in SAP is considered to be one of the best in the industry.

How to choose the correct Institute for my SAP training?

There are various Institutes that offer SAP courses. After the SAP training, students are SAP Certified. This enables them to build a career in SAP. Participants from various backgrounds like Human Resources, Sales, Production, or Finance can join an SAP course to boost their job profile in the market. There is a constant demand for SAP-trained professionals in the job market. Individuals like to choose a career in SAP as remuneration for SAP professionals are very attractive. A career in SAP helps to achieve a constant upward trend in their skill graph. The advanced SAP Courses enable Consultancy, Procurement, Forecasting, Planning, and many other specific skills to enable the user to manage projects with SAP. However, it is necessary to choose the correct Institute cautiously for the best courses in SAP training.

Why Join Henry Harvin for a career in SAP FICO?

  1. Higher Education Digest ranked the SAP FICO Course at Henry Harvin #1
  2. Henry Harvin is a Government recognized institute.
  3. Award winning Institute.
  4. ISO 29990-2010 Certified Institue.
  5. Online instructor-led training
  6. 100% Practical Training after the classroom sessions
  7. 1000+ students benefitted from the SAP Course at Henry Harvin.
  8. Placements are in top companies in India and abroad.

How SAP FICO Course at Henry Harvin can help to build a career in SAP

SAP FICO Course Training

SAP FICO Course: Ranked Amongst Top 3 Courses | Recognized by Govt of India | Award Winning Institute | ISO 29990:2010 Certified | Live Online Instructor-led Certified SAP FICO Training & Certification

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The SAP FICO Course (Systems Analysis Program in Financial Accounting and Controlling) exposes students to information on finance and controlling. The course helps them build art to master the SAP FICO software on the S/4 Server. Henry Harvin introduces to its learners highly advanced laboratory tools and well-researched course material which are the best in the industry. It helps lay the path to a successful career in SAP

What are the benefits of joining Henry Harvin for a career in SAP?

A career in SAP is one that is highly desired. Henry Harvin prepares learners to fit well into the industry. Henry Harvin offers:

  • Training- up to 44 hours of live Interactive Classroom sessions
  • Projects- after classroom training, each student needs to take up live projects in SAP FICO
  • Internship- Henry Harvin encourages students to take up an Internship. This builds confidence to take up a career in SAP in the future.
  • Henry Harvin is government-registered. It provides a Certificate in SAP FICO on successful completion of the training and internship. At this point, the student is ready for a career in SAP.
  • Placement-100% placement assistance is provided to Certified SAP students.

What are the additional benefits in joining the SAP FICO Course at Henry Harvin?

  • Students get access to E-learning and video content
  • Students can attend Boot Camps over the next 12 months
  • HACKATHONS- students have free access to #ASKHENRY HACKATHONS and Competitions
  • Membership for a 1-year Gold Membership to Henry Harvin ERP Academy
  • All trainers are experts with 10+ years of working experience in the industry
  • Each trainer has delivered 500+ lectures and is a Domain-Expert
  • Hands-on training with live industry projects
  • Students are welcome to join the 300000+ strong alumni worldwide network at the ERP Academy of Henry Harvin

How does the SAP FICO Course at Henry Harvin help to build an excellent career as a SAP professional?

  • SAP FICO at Henry Harvin is an exceptionally useful course. It benefits both the employer and the employee. 
  •  The SAP FICO Certificate builds the skills and helps in laying a foundation for a career in SAP
  • SAP Certified students are industry-ready and can get good job offers in reputed companies
  • SAP Certified employees get a decent remuneration
  • A career in SAP allows you to grow constantly along with the industry
  • A career in SAP is competitive. It constantly encourages the learners to do more 

Who can take up a career in SAP?

Anybody interested in a career in SAP can take up the SAP Course. The course is beneficial to those in the finance industry. The educational qualifications required to take up the SAP FICO course are:

  • Executives working in the Accounts Department of an organization
  • Finance Executives
  • Existing employees can go through an SAP FICO course to get better placements
  • Fresh Graduates can make a career in SAP
  • Any Graduates in the fields of BTech, Science, and Commerce

What is the course curriculum for SAP?

Module 1 – Introduction to ERP

The module introduces students to the basics of ERP and ERP Packages. It helps them to gain knowledge on the Advantages of ERP, Major ERP Packages, An Introduction To a Career in SAP, History of SAP, Implementation of Tools, Roles and Responsibilities of an SAP Consultant, and the various types of Projects.


Module 2 – SAP Financial Accounting

This Module introduces SAP Financial Accounting Basic Settings and guides the student to the Creation of Assignment of Company and Company Code, Creation of Business Area, Definition and Assignment of Fiscal Year Variant, Posting Period Variants, Defining Document Type and Number Ranges, Maintenance and Assignment of Field Status Variants, Introduction to Tolerance Groups of Employees, Tax on Sales and Purchases, Creation of Chart of Accounts, Defining Accounts Groups, Defining Retained Earnings Accounts, and last but not the least Real-Time Issues.


Module 3 – SAP FI-  General Ledger Accounting

The module prepares the candidate with an understanding of SAP FI General Ledger Accounting. It also introduces the creation of General Ledger Master and Document Entry, Recurring Document, and Posting. Gradually the learner moves onto Display/ Change/ Block/ Unblock of Ledger, Posting with reference, Display and Change Documents, Display of GL balances and Line items, Parked Documents and Hold Documents, Creation of Sample Document and posting, Defining Recurring Entry Document and Posting, and Configuration of Line Layouts for the display of GL Line items.


Module 4 – SAP FI- Accounts Payable

This module helps the student to gather knowledge on SAP FI-Accounts Payable. It teaches how to create Vendor Account Groups and Assignment Number Ranges. This is a big area and includes invoice posting, payment posting, and Credit Memo. It introduces the student to learn to create Tolerance Groups for Vendors and Vendor Masters. The list also includes how to create Check Lots, maintain the Check Register, create an automatic Payment Program, and initiate payment to vendors through App. including Posting of Partial Payment and Residual Payment Creation of payment terms.  The creation of House Banks and Account IDs is an important area too. Students are also taught how to work on:

  • Un-issued and Issued checks
  • cancelled Checks
  • Reversal of Issued Checks
  • defining correspondence
  • party statements of accounts
  • Real-Time Issues.

Module 5 – SAP FI – Accounts Receivable

This module helps the learner to get a grasp of  Accounts Receivable. The learner is introduced to:

  • Creating Account Groups
  • Tolerance Groups for Customers

Additionally, they learn to post customer transactions and configure settings for dunning. Next, they learn to create Customer Account Groups and assignment of number ranges, creation of Tolerance Group for Customers, Creation of Customer Master for Display/Change/ Block/Unblock of Vendor Master. This module also includes Posting of Customer Transaction like Sales Invoice posting, Payments Posting, and Debit Memo Settings for advance payment from parties towards down payment. At the end comes Configuration of Settings for Dunning, defining correspondence and Party Statement of Accounts and Resolving Real-Time Issues

Module 6 – SAP FI Asset Accounting

The module helps the candidate in understanding SAP FI – Asset Accounting. This includes defining a Chart of Depreciation, Screen Layout, Posting Rules, Number Ranges and Asset Classes, and Integration with General Ledger. The candidate also learns how to create Asset Master and Sub-Asset Master (Change, Display, Block, Unblock), Defining Depreciation Key (Base, Declining Multilevel, Period Control Methods), Acquisition/Purchase of Assets, Sale of Assets, Scrapping of Assets, Transfer of Assets, Post Capitalization and Write-up. By the end of this module, the student can understand the Depreciation Run Line Settle of Assets under construction of Capital Work in Progress and Real-Time Issues.

Module 7 – SAP FI Reports

The module guides students with knowledge of SAP FI Reports on Financial Statement and GL Reports. The students learn to generate Accounts Payable Reports, Accounts Receivable Reports, Assets Reports, and all other reports needed to present Real-Time Issues.

Module 8 – SAP CO Basic Settings for Controlling

This module guides the student to the Basic Setting of Controlling using SAP. Here the student learns Controlling Area and Number Ranges Controlling Area. They learn the Maintain Planning Versions, create Cost Element Groups with Primary and Secondary Cost Elements.

Module 9 – SAP CO Cost Center Accounting 

The module helps the candidate understand SAP CO- Cost Centre Accounting through Cost Centre Groups, How to Plan Cost Centres, how to post Cost Centres, Executing the Distribution Cycle and Cycle and Cost Centre Reports.

Module 10 – SAP CO Internal Orders

The module enriches the candidate with knowledge of SAP CO Internal Orders. Here they learn to define various order types and create Internal Orders, plan Internal Orders and post them, and Variance Analysis.

Module 11 – SAP CO Profit Centre Accounting

The module equips the student with information on SAP CO – Profit Centre Accounting. This involves Basic Setting for Profit Centre Accounting, Standard Hierarchy, Creation of Dummy Profit Centres and Groups, and Creation of Revenue Cost Elements. Here, the student also learns Automatic Assignment of Revenue Elements for Profit Centre Postings to Profit Centres, Planning and Variance Reports.

Module 12 – SAP CO – COPA Reporting

The students learn about COPA, Maintenance of COPA, its characteristics, Maintenance Fields, and its Configuration Fields.

Module 13 – SAP Integration

This is the last module. Students are guided through the process of SAP Integration. They learn Procurement Cycle (P2P) Integration with M and Sale Integration with SD Integration and Asset Accounting. 

At the end of the 13 modules, all students are made to go through a complementary module on :

  • Soft Skills Development
  • Resume Writing.

What is the Fee Structure of SAP Course at Henry Harvin?

Batches for SAP start every week. The fee structure starts from INR29500.00 and can be paid online by using this link:

Please contact   +91-9891953953 for any further details. 

What are the Specialization Courses in SAP at Henry Harvin?

There are SAP Specialization Courses Henry Harvin. They are important in different business areas: 


SAP HR S/4 HANA Course 

SAP MM ECC Course 

SAP HANA Course 


SAP Simple Finance Course


SAP CRM Course

SAP SCM Course

SAP Ariba Course

All students get lifetime support and access to Free UpGrade. The Certified SAP Training Course is exhaustive and is proof that the candidate has taken a big leap in mastering his/her domain. The skill sets and practice courses help the students to be way ahead of others in a competitive job market.

Which locations in India do Henry Harvin offer SAP classes ?

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Henry Harvin is present in most of the cities of India like Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi and others.

Why choose Henry Harvin?

Henry Harvin is a government-recognized institute and maintains a unique quality. It is ISO 29990:2010 certified and audited by UKAF, UK Certified, and MSME. Courses include classroom training after which placements in top companies are guaranteed. Clientele companies are leading professionals from diverse domains.


Records show that the SAP FICO Course at Henry Harvin has benefitted more than 1000 students. Students go through an Internship after completing the course. Here they work on live projects. SAP Certified students have got placements in the best companies in the industry. Henry Harvin offers many more courses like Creative Writing Course, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course, SAP HR Course, SAP FICO Course, French Language Courses, Medical Writing Course, Technical Writing Course, Copywriting Course, TEFL Course, GST Course, Business Analytics Course, Accounting and Taxation Course, Teen MBA Course, Artificial Intelligence Course and many more.

How can I contact Henry Harvin?

You can contact Henry Harvin here:

Helpline: +91 9891953953

Email: [email protected]

Whatsapp: +91 9891953953

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Q1. Does a career in SAP give good growth opportunities?

Ans .Yes, SAP is one of the best options for a long-lasting and fulfilling career. It is a very useful course and is highly in demand. SAP is a Germany-based software organization lending help to the entire world. The jobs available to SAP professionals are broadly classified into Functional SAP jobs and Technical SAP jobs. SAP Certified students constantly grow in the fields of Finance, Development and Technology, Sales, Marketing and Communication, Human Resources, and Teaching Professionals in Colleges and Universities.

Q 2. What is the salary of an SAP fresher?

Ans .The average salary of a fresh SAP professional is INR800000.00 annually.

Q3. What are the educational criteria to join the SAP course?

Ans .Any Engineering graduate, Bachelor’s degree holder in Science/ Commerce/ Arts, or Master’s in Computer Applications can join the SAP Course.

Q4. What are the benefits of joining the SAP Course?

Ans .A course in SAP helps in gaining skills and knowledge for better handling of challenges. The professional is trained to take a strategic approach and make effective plans for the organization. This further helps in resolving issues and faster growth of the organization with higher profits. This is an exciting field but also has many challenges. Due to the rapid increase in the market, there is constant competition and professionals have to stand out to remain in the industry.

Q 5. Which top companies use SAP?

Ans .Many companies use SAP in India today. Some of them are Ford, Hindustan Unilever, Pepsi, Soni, Nestle, Coco-Cola, Titan, HCL Technologies Ltd, TCS, NIIT, Amazon, DELL, Microsoft, MRF, Puma, Voltas, and Infosys.



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  7. Most of the time, a blog would be overdone or underdone. But this piece on SAP is apt in every sense.

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