If you are a candidate for commerce, this blog is for you. The blog highlights the highest-salary jobs for commerce students.

The job scenario has been massively changing. Earlier, where students were solely focused on taking up careers in medical and engineering are no longer limited. The educational and employment bandwidth is expanding with time. Newer job options are opening. Candidates are showing confidence in pursuing various options. 

Fascinating careers after 12th commerce

A remarkable change has indeed been noticed in the field of commerce. The commerce career options are at an all-time high. Every business has an aspect of commerce, like HR, PR, Marketing, and Management. As a result, the demand for commerce candidates is always present. 

So, if you are a commerce student and you are concerned about your future; you have come to the right place. This blog outlines the best commerce jobs for you. Read through the list and find your position of interest. 

Highest salary jobs for commerce students  

1. Cost Accountant

Cost and Management Accountant

Cost Accountant is one of the best jobs to apply for just after your 12th. This job profile has two job demands- a) assist with profitability analysis and b) budget preparation. However, these two functions are interlinked. 

Cost Accountants do not require any professional certification. There are no professional exams or governing bodies. Additionally, you only need to have a knack for mathematics and statistics as your background.  

Furthermore, Cost Accountants make an average of 1NR 5 lakhs annually. They are majorly hired by the manufacturing firms and help them in finding ways to reduce production while enhancing the cost of production. 

Also, the cost accountants examine and evaluate all the data related to the supply chain to ensure an optimized production process.

2. Chartered Accountant

institute of Chartered accountants of india

Chartered Accountant is one of the promising jobs in the CA world. A CA is likely to earn INR 7- INR 8 lakhs a year as a beginner. The compensation increases with experience and achievements. The role of a CA is to ensure a company’s accounts and finances are properly recorded and calculated. 

Furthermore, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India is the governing body of all CAs. It decides the eligibility of the candidates based on examinations and internships. 

It requires 3-7 years to become a full-fledged CA. You have three levels for becoming a Chartered Accountant- CA Foundation, IPCC, and CA Final. 

After the completion of IPCC, you have to apply for an internship at a CA company or apprentice under a CA. The internship period spans from 2.5-3 years before you apply for the CA final. 

Once you acquire your prerequisites and pass the CA finals, you can bank on your career with a high-paying job. 

3. Professional Accountant

Professional Accountant is another high salary job in the commerce stream. The role of a professional accountant is to assist CAs with taxation, accounting, compliance, and reporting. Therefore, it is important for Professional Accounts to know complicated software like SAP, Tally, and Excel. 

Furthermore, the salary of a professional is around 3 lakhs per year. But PA earns less than CA as they perform audits and evaluate financial statements. CAs do not have the expertise of a Chartered Accountant.

Hence, Professional Accountant is surely a high salary course after 12th commerce. 

4. Investment Banker

become investment banker

Next in the list of highest salary jobs for commerce students is an Investment Banker.  

This job profile is for you if you have a natural likeness for finance, understand market demand, and have flair for the stock market. Your role as an investment banker is to advise companies and individuals on the best way to invest their money. 

Additionally, Investment Banking Banks focus on investment portfolios that give much higher returns compared to a trader. Primarily, an Investment Banker has to ensure that the company can meet its short-term investment goals. 

The salary of an Investment Banker is INR 10-INR 12 lakh per annum. 

5. Actuary

An actuary is another highest salary job for commerce students. The job of an actuary is in the insurance industry. An actuary evaluates risks involved in the industry and helps prepare the company for any risk in the future through risk management and mathematics. 

The risks can involve property loss to disability and everything that can cause a threat to the company or an individual. The salary of an Actuary can range from 9 lakhs to 10 lakhs depending on varied situations. 

Primarily, to become an actuary you must master managing and mitigating tasks. This job profile is best for those who have a sharp analytical mind. 

Having a bachelor’s degree in Economics, Business Administration, Finance, or Mathematics is mandatory. 

6. Financial Analyst

Financial Analysts

A Chartered Financial Analyst is not a recognized job under the commerce stream, but it holds immense potential. A Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) is a management expert. CFA professionals have a CFA course that trains them to analyze financial markets accurately.

Primarily, to become a CFA, you have to become a jack of all trades. As a CFA, you must know all about wealth management, equity management, credit analysis, and fixed-income analysis. 

Furthermore, if you want to become a CFA, you have to pass through three levels. These levels include subjects like accounting, economics, security analysis, ethics, and money management. Primarily, economics plays a vital role, and taking the right course will help you. 

The salary of a CFA is from INR 7- INR 8 lakhs per year which is one of the highest salary jobs for commerce students. Furthermore, the advantage of becoming a CFA is it is a globally recognized job in the commerce field. Besides, unlike law, you can apply for this degree abroad, which is still viable. 

7. Public Accountant

Next is Public Accountant. This is another highest salary job for commerce students. A certified Chartered Accountant is the same as the Public Accountant in many ways, but they belong to different governing bodies. For example, while Indian Chartered Accountants have the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Certified Public Accountants have the American Institute of Certified Accountants or AICPA. 

A CPA has more flexibility than a CA as it has a global reach like CFA. As a consequence, you get certified and can work from anywhere. This is one of the few careers in commerce that has an international reach. 

To become a CPA, you must have a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Business Administration, and Accounting and bag a minimum of 150 hours of education. This is the eligibility criteria to take the licensure examination. 

8. Personal Financial Advisor

Personal Financial Advisor is also another highest salary job for commerce students. A personal financial advisor is a niche job. The duty of a personal financial advisor varies from client to client. A Financial Advisor needs to develop investment plans based on every client. 

The salary of a Personal Financial Advisor is 1NR 4 Lakhs per annum. 

9. Certified Financial Planner

When talking about the highest salary jobs for commerce students, Certified Financial Planner is another demanding career. Certified Financial Planner is a certification course for students who want to get officially certified. The requirement for a certified financial planner is rising exponentially. The salary of a Certified Financial Planner can vary between INR 6- INR 7 lakh per year. 

10. Financial Examiner

Financial Examiner is also a high salary job in the commerce stream. The role of a Financial Examiner is to ensure the company is following rules and regulations conducted by the government. A Financial Examiner earns between INR 4 lakhs- INR 5 lakhs per year. 

Financial Examiners are hired by banks or other financial institutions. 

11. Retail Manager

Coming to the next high salary jobs in commerce stream, Retail manager is another well-known job profile. 

The role of a retail manager is to manage and supervise everyday aspects of the store’s day-to-day running. This involves everything from sales, staff, inventory, and other resource management to ensure the smooth functioning of a store. Primarily, the role of a retail manager is to ensure the store progresses and gains profit. 

To become a retail manager, you must have a degree in retail management. After completion of the course, you can apply for project management and business management to get a wholesome view of the job. Additionally, Retail management has the high salary jobs after the 12th commerce

The average salary of a retail manager is between INR 5 and INR 6 lakhs per year. The salary rises depending on performance and cost-cutting initiatives. 

12. Budget Analyst

The highest salary jobs for commerce students include Budget Analyst which is a niche job in the commerce world. As you can guess from the name, a Budget Analyst examines the budget and checks the expenditures and income of the company to make sure the company achieves its financial target. 

The salary of a budget analyst is between INR 6.5-INR 21 lakhs per year depending on experience level. 

13. Company Secretary

Company Secretary is also a popular highest salary job in the commerce stream. To be a company secretary, you have to complete a course and get the certification. This is one of the vital posts in a company that ensures the company runs as per the statutory rules and regulations. 

The salary of a company secretary is from INR 4-INR 6 Lakhs per year as a fresher. 

14. Investment Analyst

The job of an Investment Analyst is to hedge funds, securities, and stock brokerages. An investment analyst prepares extensive financial models. After forming these models, you will prepare analytical reports and investment suggestions. 

The salary of an investment analyst in India is INR 10 lakhs which are highest salary jobs in commerce stream

15. Management Analyst

Last but not the least, Management Analyst is another high salary job in the commerce stream. A Management Analyst collects data from various departments to enhance communication and facilitate goal achievements.

A management analyst can take courses in business management. The salary of a management analyst is INR 10 lakhs. 

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1) Is commerce a good career option?

Yes, commerce is a good career option.

2) Is online information reliable?

Yes, online information with an authentic basis is highly reliable. They are highly researched options to look for.

3) Is working immediately after 12th advisable?

Well this is subjective. It is highly recommended to do what suits the best for you. Nonetheless, working immediately after 12th is a good choice.

4) How can we apply for jobs?

Applying for the jobs is quite easy. All companies have their own official websites. All you have to do is visit the websites and follow the procedure.

5) Do the companies hire students?

Surely the companies hire students. As mentioned in the blog, the jobs are open for candidates interested to work after 12th.

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