Digital advertising is a process that creates awareness about the brand through the digital world. They use digital marketing blogs elements like pay per click, advertising, etc. Digital Advertising is considered very important in today’s developing world. Digital marketing is the competitor to traditional marketing. Online marketing is more effective than offline marketing. For generating awareness and have a market positioning. For this, you require online marketing. You must connect with people for that you must have good communication skills. Digital marketing blogs helps to attract consumers easily.


In digital marketing blogs, the term blog is a shortened form of web- blog. Maintaining a blog or adding an article to an existing blog or adding a short note to an existing blog is called blogging. The thoughts and paragraphs are known as blog posts and the person who writes the blogs is called a blogger.  Blogs started life as a personal online publishing report which allowed individuals to view their blogs and put one’s reviews about the same. Digital marketing blogs are written in a diary- type format on certain blog websites.  Blogs can be considered as a special type of website. Blogs help in managing good marketing skills.

There are two types of Digital marketing blogs:

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Business blogs

These blogs focus on specific market segmentation it is based on the audience who are business professionals. Their data may be focusing on a specific market. These blogs have to go according to the requirements of customers and must make a business plan accordingly.  Business blogs are a powerful marketing tool that helps in attracting the companies into your blog posts. The company must build trust relationships with the client so that the companies business grows.

They must have good relations with the target groups to gain clients. The search engine as considered as a research tool this proves useful for the business organization.  The main focus of the owner should be on a specific market. When the blogger focuses on the keyword his content becomes strong. these Business blogs are meant for business firms.


Personal blogs

The  famous 25 blogs of 2020 are:

  1. Business insider: it is a blog site that tells about economic news and conversations with top business entrepreneurs. They do a study of business projects. And how we can improve business. Business inside is an American financial and business site. It is operated by German publishing house Axel Springer.   It manages 14 national and 1 international edition. A business insider is originally an American website. It researches about various business organizations. The site ranks news stories from other organizations. The business insider hosts various journalism programs since 2015.

The various technical programs are:    

Tech insider:

This website was initiated by a business insider who studies the technical aspects in the journalism area. Earlier, It was going to be a business website.

Market insider: it collects all the stock market data of various business organizations. It covers the financial data from the organizations.

  1. Tmz: it covers the entertainment industry news through various sources like podcasts, videos, photos that cover the entertainment news. Like the music industry, celebrity lifestyle, award functions announcements, fashion shows, gossip news, rumors, top 50 songs of the week, latest movies in the nearest multiplexes, make up products sales best places to travel.

  2. Billboard: it is a board that tells about the recently listed top songs. They are divided into various language categories like top 50 Hindi songs of the week, top 20 Tamil songs of the week, top 10 Marathi songs of the week, etc. they are the chart that mentions all the popular songs in the week.
  3. Every week the list keeps upgrading and it is dependent on the choice of audience.
  4. The verge: it is a magazine which tells us how technology has been making our lives simpler and how it will keep improving our lifestyle it helps in giving us job opportunities to work abroad. It provides with guidelines of each country. We have choices of whether we have to study or travel abroad. It lets us know about the various events happening in other countries. The verge is partnered by vox media. The verge magazine can provide employment opportunities to people who may provide training programs.
  1. The fast company: the fast company magazine focuses on business and technology basis. The fast company was published in 1995, it covers authority and revolution in business. It covers social, general, marketing. The joining of business and marketing from electronics and consumer products. Fast companies earlier operated co- labs, co-exist and co-create. Were recreated as innovations and entertainment sections in 2017.the c- labs were shut down in 2015.
  2. Engadget: It operates in many languages including English, Chinese, German, and Korean. The English magazine operates international editions like a single site domain. It includes various digital devices like mobiles, laptops, and software. Engadget is upgraded many times with editorials regarding electronic devices. It posts gossips about the technological culture. It covers technological news. Dozens of writers wrote and contributed towards the electronic devices like mobiles, Ipad, podcast.
  3. Podcast:  it consists of 22 episodes which are spoken by Eric rice. Eric ric hosts the podcast ‘THE ERIC SHOW’ the show was produced by eric rice for 4 episodes. He used to talk about technology-related events that happened during the week. The show is a weekly show. When the electronic fair was organized this show came 5- days of the week. The eric show subscription is available on Itunes. Consumer electronic shows broadcast daily. many podcasts are free to download. Some podcasts need a business subscription.  It is just like a panel discussion where people come together and discuss certain topics. discussion the topic can be scripted. A podcast is free while some podcasts are charged. A podcast can be a business based topic so it may require promotion. they require a paid subscription. People are interested to make podcasts. If you have the Engadget app then update it.
  • Topic subscription: you can change your engagement experience. you subscribe to the topic of your choice. This creates a personalized section.
  • Customized push notification: when you subscribe to sn app it will send notifications to you regularly.
  • Enhanced video experience: this app shows videos of our favorite shows. This experience is planned exclusively for phones and makes the discovery, the experience is structured
  • Save for later: you could save your photos and videos on tablets, mobiles.

And this is just origination we will go on adding features in the further months.

App: Engadget released an app for palm pre phone on January 1, 2010, promising that it is the 1000th app on webOS catalog on January 8th it launched an app on blackberry. An android app was launched on March 25th. And the app is launched for windows phone. And the app was first launched on July 1st, 2011. On December 15 it was available on large media platforms.

In February 2018, Engadget did the updated version of the app. Engadget app is first launched in Apple ios. The new app was modified and re-launched. You get content to post in your get the latest news, reviews, and videos.

OBJECTIVE written on Chalkboard

Entrepreneur: book publication, magazine publications give you the daily business update. They even have a long-form of magazine articles with pictures they conduct webinars in alternative weeks.

  1. Yahoo sports: it covers the news about topmost sports articles that are published every day. There are sports prediction columns there is a special column for match bidders. The matches include football, cricket, hockey etc.can be found.
  2. Haward business reviews: they do not give biased reviews their reviews are truthful. They explain how to overcome business losses and how to gain clients. Some experienced people write articles about various business organizations. You examine the future discussion over various business topics.
  3. Wired: it tells about future technologies that would affect the economy, lifestyle, culture. The website provides research coverage of current and future trends in technology. The wired is a magazine that is based on electronic editions. Wired is created by Marshall McLuhan it has a powerful impact on the magazine cover. wired magazine has different owners. The wired website was launched in October 1995. puts various  blogs on different topics like travel, business, video games.
  4. Rollingstone: features news, music videos, magazine content, biographical person autobiographies, and television news. It is a magazine that shows political articles. It features rock features electronic is in January 1999, the company became a public the beginning of the 2000s, the company had a joint venture with financial times. An entertainment news site that has various categories like television news, live update, political news, music news, electronic news. It involves a subscription tab so that the consumer can have the freedom to choose their content. It provides digital marketing blogs of Hollywood news updates. It provides updates about technological updates.
  5. Marketwatch: it is a website that consists of stock market shares, funds, investing, rates, real estate funds, currencies, the cryptocurrency it covers the financial aspects of the market. It also includes retirement plans. Trade funds, various companies are featured under these categories. It is a website that provides market shares, business news, data analysis. The company had collaborated by data broadcasting corp.
  6. People: it covers entertainment news, sports news, it shows about the latest shows. galleries and web designs. Quizzes, favored books,  quiz contests, and webisodes focus to help to keep the observer involved and well-informed.a people’ s daily newspaper is a Chinese newspaper which covers the country’s industrial provides various types of news entertainment news industrial news, cultural news, travel news, technology in china, business profit in china, sports. It talks about the political opinions of china’s president.
  7. Esquire: a lengthy trusted magazine that consists of the latest men’s fashion wear. It also covers with latest breaking news around the world. It tells about Hollywood celebrity gossip. It talks about celebrity interviews. It talks about international talks about the latest fashion and seasonal wear. It is the longest-running men’s magazine. It has 20 international editions. It deals with men’s fitness range. It talks about cocktail parties.
  8. Pitchfork: it is the latest magazine that consists of the latest music albums, ads, and click baits. It consists of music videos, best apps. It gives reviews about the latest music videos, books, restaurants It tells various facts through digital marketing blogs about famous music albums. Here people talk about their achievements and their upcoming projects. Here the celebs may put their opinions on current affairs. It provides information on old and new era music. This helps in removing songs. It also gives a rapid add function and supports album art and lyrics. It authorizes the user to modify the volume. Adjust and remove songs from the playlist. Shift all items at once. This site concentrates more on new music albums. but Pitchfork journalists have also checked box sets. The website publishes old classic songs of the ’70s, the ’80s, and ’90s.

History of a pitchfork:

Earlier pitchfork was a magazine that was published in 1995 by Ryan Schreiber a high school graduate who created the magazine. Pitchfork was initially called Turntable.  The site kept updating monthly or weekly. Pitchfork has launched a diversity of subsidiary websites. Pitchfork launched a fine art photography page. Pitchfork had a partnership with the kill screen in which it published a kill screen’s article. Till the end of the pitchfork, Schreiber remained the editor. On March 13 2013 the pitchfork site was august 2018 pitchforks director redesigned. Mark Richardson wrote for the site. puja  Patel was a new editor after him.

  1. GQ: It is a men’s magazine. It lies in men’s wear, men’s watches, men’s latest fashion trends.  There are fitness points to remember. It tells about fitness energy drinks for a healthy body. It talks about lifestyle items of clothing,. Gq is a celebrity magazine. Gq magazine can give awards in several fields. There is a popular award GQ man of the year award.

There are many more categories like fresh face award.  There are also felicitation ceremonies like the best-dressed model in India. Most influential man. Creative personality of the year. The magazine was launched in 2008. that was presented by the conde nest in August 2008. The first magazine cover was launched by paul chevalier he launched the special cover featuring Saif Ali Khan, Katarina and Yuvraj Singh, Liza Hayden, and Arjun Rampal.

  1. Auto blog: The Auto Blog is a news blog that helps in purchasing new cars or second-hand cars. Pictures and articles are published to show what the progress is in the automobile industry. It helps us get detailed information about the mechanical parts used in making a car. It helps you know about the automobile industry. Their profit shares of the industry.
  2. Haward business review:  it helps the business owners of how to manage the company. What are the challenges you face in the industry? This is a business magazine hbr covers more range of topics including political, management themes, decorative themes, and geographical locations. Articles are written by experts in the tells about the future-oriented is made so that the magazine can be used by students and businessmen. This document is a macroeconomic deal with a specific industry. The magazine focused on general issues faced by the organization. The magazine gives pieces of advice to business leaders for managing and growing the reputation of the company. In the 1980s. Theodore lewit had become the editor of a haward business review.  He had changed the magazine structure for making it accessible to the common man. Articles are written like short notes so that people may develop the interest to read 1994 Haward school became a separate base. Today hbr is recognized. It distributes scholastic materials, business information, cases.
  3. Gizmodo: this website discovers fictional news to develop the interest of the reader. It talks about unusual things happening in the city. It mainly focuses on science fiction news. If any new species are discovered they publish their articles about it. This blog was launched in the early 2000s. There were many controversies regarding the website. It also has a large coverage.  A Gizmodo blogger clicked his first photos from the platform of International consumer electronics show 2007. It is a science fiction website. Gizmodo is one of the six websites that was bought by Univision communication in their possession Gizmodo has taken over apple but on the request of the company, they had decided to leave the company. Gizmodo and the prosecution had done an agreement that a special tutor would review the contents of the matter was grasped and shown if they have any relevant information.
  4. Athletic: we require a subscription for getting the latest sports news. It is a news podcast that tells about the latest sports news update if there is any live match the article keeps on updating every few seconds. It goes according to famous matches. They have online newspapers to keep the audience updated with their favorite sports. Athletic is a sports journalism site. It even has a q&a section for a specific athlete. You are allowed to choose your favorite teams. It talks about famous sports commentators. There are different columns for various sports sections. Athletic talks about a specific sport. It covers national and international columns. In the international section, it covers several countries and the cities in the country. It has a section called support where you have faqs, subscription categories. Athletic is a journalism website. It has a newspaper with the same name. the newspapers are published weekly it covers the recent sports events. It was a promoter of professional football. Several of the staff were extremely focused on the sport. Both these journals were in the end were taken by Sunday chronicle that was founded by Hulton 1885.
  5. Seeking Alpha: it is a stock marketing company that looks at the growing rate of the market stock. Stocks may fluctuate every minute. You need to have an idea of the right place where you can invest your income. It is a website that discusses the rise and fall of the stocks through various mediums like stock news channels like Ndtv republic which discusses the ups and downs in the market. It gives stock news updates. This helps in making investment decisions. It is a digital marketing blogs through a news channel that gives updates about the latest technology used, and it tells how would technology affect young minds. It creates awareness about the latest technology and how will it ease your is like a consumer network that gives the consumer information about the latest technology.
  6. Page siX: THIS PAGE COVERS BOTH ENTERTAINMENT AND SPORTS. ARTICLES ARE PERTINENT and attainable. It provides live streaming updates and sees how people feel about the latest technology. It is a gossip column that provides entertainment. It began to distribute weekly journals. Daily web content is published at In 2017 tv series had started produced by 20th television. Page six continued until 3 years. Due to low viewership, the third season of tv series was canceled.
  7. NME: it tells about pop culture and music like rock music, music albums, movies, videos, gossip, radio shows, chat shows, and music, and the latest updates.
  8. Mashable: Mashable is a global community that has a common digital marketing blogs platform for entertainment activities like music, technology. It is website is used for searching for technical tools. It is a global network used for entertainment, social, culture. Mashable became popular with times magazine. Times magazine is considered the topmost 20 blogs. In 2010mashable was established as open web awards to the 4th annual mashable awards. The best mobile game was angry birds, the second annual awards were an international show.

The 3rd web awards were organized from November to December 2009. Pandora radio is considered as the best musical app. A fish hanger is considered as the best game. And “surprise wedding in Spain “ video. In 2010 mashable awards were initiated. There are various categories for this award shows the best video game, best mobile games, best youtube video. The mashable awards were renamed “open web awards” in the 4th annual mashable awards function.

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