10 Best Business Analytics with R Courses Online

In the realm of digitalization, we’re dependent upon online tools and resources. The online platform offers several online courses, certifications or training, and job opportunities. Initially, the modern generation, business adapts business analytics, which gives rise to special premises in the commercial real estate market. Business analytics does not only show inefficiencies in business but also can show business alternatives in the marketplace, which paves a new path for innovative growth in the business. 

Business analytics with R Course brings into the world a wide range of applications and procedures, which promote customer relationship management, financial management, and marketing, supply-chain management, human resource management, pricing, and sports through team game strategies.

Business Anlytics with R

Business Analytics with R discovers a scope of some new and fresh ideas and goals to the business career. Nowadays, Business analytics with R is an advanced domain with it gaining the status of science and the term used synonymously with Data Science. Business analytics has formulated scope in every field that aims to improve in every aspect as long as there is data to measure. 

Business Analytics Certification Training with R

Certified Business Analytics Practitioner (CBAP) course is a focused 32-hours instructor-led training and certification program

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So in today’s world, various institutions offer certification on Business Analytics with R courses online that develop the data that a business can contribute to the advancement of less space storage technology for the long-term survival of businesses. And here’s the list of some online platforms, which offer business analytics with r course, that helps to boost your career and lends you to employment.

Rank#1: Henry Harvin

Unique Aspects of Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is an internationally renowned online educational hub, which provides various types of e-learning courses and certification. Henry Harvin always comes up with unique and impressive ideas. The academy has year-on-year alliances with 60+ colleges and 50+ corporations. Henry Harvin Academy creates a learner-friendly environment. The institute offers a 15 minutes course guidance session which helps the pupils to choose better and relatable course certification. They also transmit 24×7 hours customer support. 

The Certification

Henry Harvin is a top-rated online educational academy that offers various certified courses with many perks for the betterment of the educational industry. Henry Harvin Analytics Academy offers advanced certification on Business Analytics with R Course helps professionals to understand analytics-based business decision making to drive the company’s ROI. The certificates are not only valid for national companies but also international companies. Henry Harvin is keeping collaboration with leading national and international organizations such as KPMG, EY, VIVO, Brian Tracy, Narsee Monjee, and many more.

The Trainer

Henry Harvin enthralled learners with their advanced courses and technology. The institute conveyed lectures through professional trainers and had enormous experience as practitioners of business analytics with multinational firms. These trainers are highly dedicated to their work and deliver theoretical and practical knowledge. These professional trainers are learner-friendly and are also enrolled in the Henry Harvin analytics academy as domain experts.

Their Upgradation 

Henry Harvin brings into the world high-quality and advanced teaching-learning techniques. Henry Harvin provides alumni status and networking with more than 23000 prominent alumni worldwide. They also offer a 1-Year membership program of finance academy with numerous benefits such as, e-learning access which includes recorded videos, PPT, case studies, the internship program with the institute or partner firms, and job opportunities. Henry Harvin helps in clearing interviews with startups and leading corporations.

Earn Certification

Henry Harvin is a rapidly growing institution that recommends many learning procedures that help the learners to improve and expand their knowledge. In the Business Analytics with R course, learners can explore, analyze, and solve business problems by using analytical tools like R and advanced excel. And it also helps to understand the aspects of data collection. The course will help to develop goal-oriented business strategies with real-time management skills.

Methods of training

Henry Harvin offers on-demand certification on Business Analytics with R Course Online. With the course’s certification, the Institute delivers numerous services. They provide 32 hours of live interactive online classes, 24 hours of brush-up sessions, 50 hours of e-learning access, hands-on practical projects, and case studies. Moreover, the institute organizes boot camps and workshops for the students. 

Other courses

Along with Business Analytics with R Course Online, Henry Harvin offers various other business-related certified courses such as Post Graduate Program in Data Science, Data Science with R Courses, Python for Data Science Course, CBAP (Certified Business Analytics Practitioner), Business Analytics with SAS Course, Business Analytics with Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course and many more.

Cities in India where Henry Harvin Business Analytics Course is provided:

Other Henry Harvin Courses:

Rank#2: Edureka

Edureka is one of the topmost prestigious online educational institutions, which provides various career development certification courses or training. The institute has tremendous management skills and the trainers are well experienced in their distinctive field. They upgrade themselves with advanced technology and aptitudes.  

Edureka offers certification in Business Analytics with R courses online training is specially designed to provide the requisite information and techniques to become a successful analytics professional. The course covers concepts of data manipulation, exploratory data analysis, etc. 

Business Analytics with R course certification will help learners to gain mastery in R Programming, Data Manipulation, Exploratory Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Data Mining, Regression, Sentiment Analysis, and using R Studio for real-life case studies on Retail, Social Media.

In Business Analytics with R course R refers to the programming language that R is limitless in terms of data analysis. It has some remarkable features which can always be analyzed further for a powerful and flexible data computation. 

Edureka delivers 30 hours of online live interactive classes, and the weekend batch of class 10 sessions of 3 hours each and 15 sessions of weekday class. Each class has delivered practical assignments. They provide live projects based on any of the assigned use cases, involving the implementation of R programming tools.

Edureka offers lifetime access to Learning Management System (LMS) where presentations, quizzes, installation guide, and 24×7 online customer support service. The institution has a community forum for all our customers that further facilitates learning through peer interaction and information. Edureka’s Business Analytics with R Course Online Certificate reviewed by an expert panel. The institution works with 1000s of companies like Dell, VMware, Honeywell, etc.

Rank#3: Coursera

Business Analytics Certification Training with Python

Certified Python Business Analyst (CPBA) course is a focused 32-hours instructor-led training and certification program that equips participants to explore+analyze+solve business problems using popular analytics tools such as Python & Advanced Excel.

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Coursera is one of the leading online educational and online courses certification organizations, which paved a new path for beginners and entrepreneurs. Coursera offers various courses with many perks and career benefits.

Nowadays, almost every aspect of the business is dominated by analytics. For businesses capitalization on analytics, they need experts who interpret the business analytics workflow. Thus, Coursera offers Business Analytics With R course online that deals with the human skills gap by providing a foundational set of data processing skills that can be applied to many business settings.

In this course, learners will learn to use business analytics with the R programming language. In which R, efficiently prepares business data for analytic tools such as algorithms and visualizations. Cleaning, transforming, aggregating, and reshaping data in the business analytic workflow. 

As per the details, the learners will learn to use R to prepare data for analysis and will gain experience of using RStudio, a powerful integrated development environment (IDE), that has incorporated many features that facilitate coding with R programming language. 

Coursera provides online live interactive classes with flexible deadlines so that learners can reschedule their lectures.  The learner should have at least 1 year of business experience and this course is also beneficial for beginners. The course is designed very concisely, it will take approx 15 hours for completion.

The learned will learn how to process data using R and RStudio. The learners will also learn to explore the interaction between business principles and data analytics. The learners will gain skills in business analytic, R programming, and Rstudio.

Rank#4: Udemy

Udemy is a globally rising online platform, which is dedicated to making the world easier to understand using the Power of Data. The Institute has specialized in data science requirements for Banks. And have done hundreds of data science projects involving different machine learning techniques like linear regression, logistic regression, decision trees, clustering & neural networks. Udemy’s Business analytics course has experience working on languages or tools like SAS, R, Python & SPSS.

Udemy offers certification on business analytics with R courses online, in which they include free and paid versions of courses. Free courses include online video content and paid courses to include online video content, certification, direct message, or interaction with instructors.


In business analytics with R course, online certification learners need to have a decent quality laptop or desktop where R can be installed. Prior coding knowledge and understanding business analytics is not mandatory to learn R concepts but recommended if learners want to comprehend analytical test results.


Udemy’s Business Analytics with R course online is specially designed for newcomers or entrepreneurs who want to analyze their usages of business data in R. The course starts from very basics information of Business Analytics. This course is also useful for those students who are researching any topic of data analysis. 

Methods of Training and Certification

Udemy has designed the business analytics with R course for learners, entrepreneurs, and professional statisticians who have an interest in machine learning and data science. The course contains 23 sessions, 114 lectures, 18.5 hours of on-demand video, and 4 downloadable videos. The course provides lifetime access, career guidance (on portfolio design), and 10 assignments. By the end of the course, learners shall be confident and eligible with all the required knowledge to perform analytical activities in R.

Other courses

Udemy also offers courses for beginners who have been missing out. So, this gives the idea to the faculty to design the course for beginners. Udemy offers other courses such as Business Analytics for Beginners: Using SAS and many more.

Check out: Business Analytics with R Courses in Bangalore

Rank#5: MindMajix

MindMajix is one of the topmost online learning institutions. MindMajix offers certification on Business Analytics with R course online, included the real-time implementation of Business Analytics using R Programming, Knowledge on the various Sub-setting methods in R, R for the analysis, Functions used in R for Data Inspection, Introduction to Spatial Analysis in R, R Classification Rules for Decision Trees, advanced analytics and data analysis with R, etc. They will also provide an orientation program on an industry-based real-time projects in various verticals.

This course includes two industry-based projects that examine significant real-time use cases. This will also ensure hands-on expertise in Business Analytics with R course certification and training. The self-paced training includes a complete set of videos similar to live online sessions with lifetime access, the latest version of Business Analytics with R course online training videos, and learn technology at your own pace.

The live virtual training, includes live presentation of features and practical,  permission to schedule sessions with flexible time, live interactive training with practical lab sessions, real-time projects, and certification guidance, and it also includes everything from self-paced training.

This Business Analytics with R course online will cover the content of Introduction To Business Analytics, Introduction To R Programming, Data Manipulation In R, and so on. This course deliver 30 hours of live training, 20 hours of the lab session, 24×7 lifetime customer support, career assistance, and certification assistance.

The upcoming e-learning batches are starting from 5th June to 20th June and for more information check out the MindMajix online website.

Rank#6: QAI

QAI is considered a lobal training institution. QAI specializes in both in-house pieces of training and online course certification for enterprises. This Institute delivers various leading courses certification. QAI included Business Analytics with R course certification.

This course is the first of its kind to Introduce Analytics and its application in different business scenarios to process development in professionals. This course will aim at practitioners through the various set of activities that form part of Analytics projects. The course will cover concepts, tools, and techniques as well as demonstrate various concepts related to Business Analytics.

This course is recommended for executives, managers, and professionals who have a keen interest to get into the field of analytics and would like to know the full chain involve. This includes Industry professionals, Six Sigma Professionals, Information Management Specialists in the organization, etc.

The duration of course completion takes 3 days, and it offers a full-time interactive online class and workshop by an expert.

The workshop is driven by case studies and exercises for participants to get a hands-on understanding of the concepts covered. Various analytic tools will be covered during this course like Trifacta, Tableau, and R. And a quiz will be conducted at the end of the workshop to ensure that participants familiarized themselves with the discipline of business analytics. All participants who attend all the sessions will receive a participation certificate.

QAI established offices in India, the USA, China, Singapore, and Malaysia, and placed serve both multinational businesses and local brands. It has experienced consultants and trainers, apply customized solutions and in-depth expertise to deliver actionable insights for customers in competitive environment at local, regional, or global levels. Their partnership companies are CMMI® Institute, Peoplecert, TMMi, Scrum Alliance, USA, Project Management Institute, and ITPreneurs, etc.

Rank#7: UpGrad

UpGrad is a popular online educational institution, the institute is awarded the ‘Best Communication and Teaching Platform’ in the Education Innovation Awards 2020 by Entrepreneur India. UpGrad collaborates with the Loyola Institute of Business Administration (LIBA). 

UpGrad offers Executive Postgraduate Program in Business Analytics, which includes 14+ tools and programming languages. The Institute provides industry experts mentorship and career coaching.  

The institute offers a Postgraduate program in Business Analytics, which is online and it takes 11 months for completion. The course includes 12-14 hours of e-learning sessions and 8 case studies or projects. The fresh batch is going to start from 31st May 2021. The course offers certification and alumni status from LIBA and UpGrad.

Rank#8: Manipal ProLearn

Manipal ProLearn offers advanced Business Analytics with R course online certification to make creative, profitable, data-driven business decisions that take a giant leap in your career. 

The Institute has largely experienced data scientists and business analytics experts.

Manipal ProLearn delivers certification on Business Analytics with R course online to gain a competitive edge in the fast-paced community of analytics and create an appealing career in the Business Service industry by learning predictive modeling in R – a dominant programming language to produce programmatic models for predictive analytics.

There is an increasing craving for highly trained business analysts across several sectors with leading companies constantly looking for professionals who can fill the gap.

The course includes 196 hours of learning access, 3 hours of doubt

clearing session, and 8 case

studies. The course enrollment fees are ₹ 16,000. The course offers hands-on experience in R and Excel. The course curriculum developed predictive modeling in R through videos, case studies, reading material, and live webinars. During this online business analytics with R course certification, learners will be a part of numerous live online sessions and webinars with industry and analytics experts.

Learners or students from engineering, IT, software, and finance background can apply for this business analytics with R course certification. And after completing the course in Manipal ProLearn learners will get certificates and numerous job opportunities. 

Rank#9: Boston University 

In every aspect of life, we’re surrounded by the leading new technology while assigning business and tech leaders to become professionals eligible to determine the rapidly growing up opportunities related to data and its analysis. Now is the time to capitalize on this growing opportunity to boost your career. Boston University is a notable research university with top-ranked academic programs. Become job-ready with Boston University Metropolitan College (MET)’s offer master’s degree and a graduate certificate in data and business analytics.

The university offers convenient part-time study options, evenings on campus or 100% online. The course completion takes 16–24 months and small, online, facilitator-led mentoring groups (facilitator/student ratio 1:15). The faculty members are highly proficient and experienced that share a passion for data and business analytics. The University offers merit scholarships to help finance students’ degrees and GRE/GMAT and not required.

BU MET’s Business Analytics graduate programs deliver hands-on experience with a variety of analytical models and decision-support tools.  The learners can immediately apply on the job to mine the significant information that is is is is is is is is is is is is is is is required to gain an advantage in marketing, operations, product and technology innovations, financial services, human resource management, and many other areas. A recent analysis by PwC predicts that 67 percent of the 2.72 million data science and analytics postings expected by 2020 will be for analytics-enabled leadership roles such as chief executive officer, chief data officer, IT director, human resources manager, financial manager, marketing manager, and others who can use data to inform strategy.

This course will provide a rigorous, practical academic curriculum along with liberating flexibility and an engaging community. 

And transmit advantages to the learners or scholars those who are with the right training and preparation in analytics, the phenomenon of data continues to fuel job growth while presenting exciting career opportunities. 

Rank#10: Datacamp

Like many other online platforms, Datacamp is considered a popular organization, established for learners and business professionals. It offers free online course access, which gives a brief introduction to the course and its characteristics. It aims to build data skills online that helps for forthcoming business tasks.

Although you might not have realized, technology plays a crucial role in our daily lives. In every second million events are taking place which is stored in data centers around the world. These gigantic sets of event data can be used to gain insight into processes in a virtually unlimited range of fields.

However, The analysis of this data requires its own set of specific formats and techniques. Datacamp offers certification in Business Process Analytics in R. This course conveys an introduction of process mining with R and demonstrates the different steps needed to analyze business systems.

The amount of event data has increased immensely during the last decades. A significant amount of this data is taped within the context of the various business processes. Datacamp has divided the course into four chapters. 

The first chapter introduces a methodology for analyzing process data, consisting of three stages: extraction, processing, and analysis. 

The second chapter demonstrates the different business process analytics in R perspective angles: the control-flow, the performance, and the organizational background. 

The third chapter includes three common preprocessing tasks: filtering data, aggregating events, and enriching data. And

The final chapter case study includes the transformation of data from various sources, exploration of data from different dimensions, and processor combination and tools analysis to formulate answers to several research questions.

Datacamp has not required installation charges. It provides hands-on training and tableau certification. The course will cover 58 exercises, 16 videos, and 4 hours of interactive learning class.

Datacamp is honored by learners at thousands of companies that are Google, eBay, PayPal, Intel, etc. 


Business analytics is a widespread user-friendly process or tool that helps to make commercial decisions. In this digital age, business analytics provides a competitive advantage to companies. Business analytics converts available data into valuable information. This information can be presented in any required format, comfortable to the decision-maker.

In today’s world, the e-retailing business is expanding like never before with more and more people preferring to order online than visiting stores with covid pandemic attenuating it further. There are many parties in the market and it becomes necessary for the e-retailer to keep a hawk’s eye on records to maintain with suppliers and keep the pricing competitive while cutting losses. Business analytics and more recently Data Science comes to the rescue. The better a business applies its strategy basis the outcomes of Business Analytics the better it will fare in the market.

Q.1 What is Business Analytics with R?

Business Analytics With R where R is an open-source programming language and a software environment designer for businesses.

Q.2 Why is Business Analytics With R course certification on-demand?

Nowadays, businesses demand smarter analytics. So, the Business Analyst Course must include R Programming Language. The Business Analysts with R is considered a magic wand that will, on one hand, help in handling complex and Big data, and on the other hand, assist in analyzing it productively.

Q.3 What is the key role of Business Analytics with R?

Business Analytics with R plays an important role to improve financial companies, credit card business, CRM systems, manufacturing a low margin, highly volatile business, marketing, and retailing.

Q.4 What is the average income of a Business Analyst?

Business analyst salary of entry-level in IT with less than 1-year experience is around Rs 3,59,807. However, those having 1-4 years of experience can earn an annual salary of Rs 5,27,712.

Q.5 How long does it take to learn Business analytics with the R course?

If you have experience in any programming language, it takes 7 days to learn R programming spending at least 3 hours a day. If you are a beginner, it takes 3 weeks to learn R programming.

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