Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing. With soaring popularity worldwide, AI has taken over our lives already. We will talk in detail about what AI is and its implementation in our day-to-day life. 

Before we jump straight into the topic, let me ask you, do you ask Siri? Or talk to Alexa at home? If you do, then you already have an idea of what Artificial Intelligence is. If you aren’t aware of Cortana or Google home, then let us discuss how AI has become an extended family and its vivid applications around us. 

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Artificial Intelligence is used widely in almost every segment of business these days. AI has indeed evolved to greater heights over a couple of years. I will discuss with you the top-most uses of Artificial Intelligence in the present day. Before we begin, let me give you in brief; what is AI?

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What is Artificial Intelligence?

A mechanism that enables machines to understand and implement from previous experiences. It is not only limited to the experiences, but it also equally records new inputs. The elementary job of AI applications is to achieve human-like precision by a computer.

The history of AI applications is dated to the mid-20th century. Alan Mathison Turing, the pioneer in computer science, was the first person to have produced substantial work in this field. A professor at Stanford, John McCarthy, was the eminent individual to have coined the term Artificial Intelligence. The father of Artificial Intelligence, John McCarthy, introduced the world to AI at Dartmouth Conference.

AI was termed in 1956, but AI applications didn’t have a great start or acceptance in the beginning. It had its share of set-back and successes before getting due acceptance in the modern computing world. There are seven different types of Artificial Intelligence, and the AI applications are endless in this digitally sound world. AI is widely used in every field these days to extract the maximum output. From complex surgery to a google image search, AI applications are ubiquitous. 

As we progress with our blog, we will talk more about AI applications in almost all walks of our lives. Here I have collected the top 10 AI Applications for you to understand Artificial Intelligence better.

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Top 10 AI Applications

1. E-Commerce

I do not remember the brand of oil that I bought last month, but AI does. Yes, AI keeps track of your choice, letting you have a personalized shopping experience. This is the basis of the entire e-commerce industry and how they create a happy and healthy relationship with their customer.

The data innovations are designed in a way that they remember your preferred list. And even filter it further down to let you buy the best available product. All this is done in a snap of the finger, but what goes behind the scenes?

AI applications are many. For a commoner, its use is for daily purchases online. It will follow your browser history, run down the list, and filter out products that best suit your needs. I would share a personal experience here. I made an online purchase for nappy. The next time, it showed me the best-selling diapers, diapers with skin protection, and even diapers that have the maximum soaking capacity. It doesn’t end here. They also gave me a list of the best baby foods, BPA-free toys, and even skincare products just right for my baby.

If AI can suggest products to you, imagine what benefits it gives to the business? Yes, from managing inventory to supporting customers using virtual assistance. AI has uplifted the online shopping experience for both the seller and the buyer.


2. Healthcare

The Healthcare system is one of the major adaptors of Artificial Intelligence. Patient care is of utmost importance, and clubbing it with technology can lead to a breakthrough. From assessing chronic disease to cancer therapy, AI can be a part of everything.

Talking about healthcare and not highlighting the clinical diagnosis will be an injustice. Clinical diagnosis can be done with precision, and this can help in an early diagnosis followed by early treatment.

This is one of the much-needed AI applications of all.  AI can detect the disease-causing factor, identify cells that are malignant (cancer cells). AI can help to create machines that can be of optimum use in hospitals across the world.

Many under-developed countries often lack qualified healthcare providers such as technicians for radiology. AI can replace the need for a qualified professional and probably help in saving the lives of many. AI can be used to make new life-saving drugs. The amalgamation of mind and machine can lead to the discovery of many new medicines that can be of great value to human life.

AI is also used in many hospitals to save data like patient records and medical history. This can help to save a lot of space both, physical and electronic. Enhancing images related to medical diagnosis is another significant way AI is used. AI is already helping doctors during operations in India. With the growing demand for AI soon, Artificial Intelligence will also help administer vaccines.


3. Agriculture

With the second-largest agricultural land in the world, AI can be a blessing for farmers in India. AI can have multiple benefits which are otherwise not possible by humans. Weeds are a serious problem for farmers. They can destroy the entire crop and affect production. AI can not only detect the weeds; its sensors can determine the type of the weeds and spray the desired pesticide to control its growth.

This is one of the best AI applications that can lift the country’s food production. And the income of the farmers in a nation like India. Artificial Intelligence can improve the entire style of farming, taking farming to the next level. With the increase in the harvest quality, the yield will be better too.

From detecting diseases in plants to the type of pest in a particular crop AI can do it all. Machines are far more superior to human beings, and their use can help in many different ways making out life simple.

AI can detect the quality of soil, the nutritional aspect of the crops. It can give suggestions to the farmers to increase the quality of the harvest. With the increase in the population, change in the weather Artificial Intelligence is the need of the hour to produce food that is free from pests and high in excellence.


4. Gaming

The acceptance of AI in the gaming industry is the talk of the town. Over the few years, AI has swapped the gaming industry. Remember the famous game Contra? A 90’s kid must have played it. AI-enabled games are now able to talk to the player just like two people in a conversation. This is the technologically advanced world which a Contra player could have only imagined in his childhood.

Talking about intelligent AI applications, gaming is the best example, without a doubt. When a game is responsive, it becomes engaging for the player to play and enjoy. Using No-player characters gaming industry has designed games in such a way that players must come up with strategies to go on to the next level as the same strategy will never work thanks to AI.

Gaming series like Borderlands is everybody’s favorite. These games have unpredictable and smart AI-enabled opponents that will keep you engrossed and on your toes; throughout. In one simple sentence, AI has revolutionized the entire gaming business.


5. Automobiles

Talking about the real-world use of AI applications, you cannot ignore talking about self-driven cars. Many companies are in the rat race to bring this technology to the common people. There are a lot of features these cars are enabled with like, auto-piolet mode to auto-parking everything is possible if you know to use AI the right way.

AI takes cognizance of the car’s radar, camera system to detect the things in its vicinity. This helps AI applications to plan their next move. The GPS and the control systems play a vital role in such cars.

Apple is launching its automated car by 2024. The safety of these cars is undoubtedly the best. Research shows that more than 90% of accidents are caused due human errors. There are a lot of benefits these cars offer, some of the major advantages include environment-friendly vehicles, ease of traffic handling and better mode of transportation.

AI enables the driver of threats, driving speeds, and even signals while changing the lanes. Tesla, Argo AI is the top-rated company to have built-in AI systems for cars or automated cars. The pricing of these cars is still a matter of concern, but someday soon, these self-driven cars will take over the streets of India.


6. Social Media

Be it Instagram Reels or Youtube; you always get recommendations or similar types of content that you watch frequently. To my surprise, I even get tweeter recommendations to follow accounts based on the people I follow. Strange but true, this is the beauty of AI.

The recent spat between Twitter and the IT department of the Indian Govt was also related to the proper use of AI. AI can detect hateful tweets and comments, propaganda, and biased content and remove them automatically.

Often on Facebook, I get an option to translate the text. This amazing feature lets you explore content in different languages. You can easily translate and read it in your comfortable language. Tagging friends in photos is made easy with the help of AI; it can recognize faces when you post a picture.

Writing social ads to run a campaign, AI has its hands all over social media platforms. AI can run post analytics for you and can help you with strategies to reach a larger audience. Without AI, social media’s existence will be in question.

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7. Marketing

Ads in the local language. Ads based on the local market. AI does everything possible to reach your heart. Marketing and AI go hand in hand. With the study of the behavioral pattern of consumers, AI can design personalized ads to capture the attention of the buyer.

It can also maintain a track of the ad campaign, sales performance and even analyze it with data from previous years. With AI, companies have gained trust and brand value by ensuring better results for their patrons.

Do you wish to buy lipstick but are not sure about the exact name of the shade? AI can help you with the smart search on AI can find you the exact product even if you are not quite sure about its name.

Marketing becoming personalized to having a chatbot, companies have taken marketing to the next level with AI. Soon, we will be able to search and buy a product just by clicking a photo of it.


8. Finance

Research shows that more than 70% of companies are using AI-enabled systems. This helps them to prevent card fraud. It also keeps a check on cash flow and even tracks the credit score of customers. The use of AI in banks and other financial companies is of top-most significance.

Card frauds are a matter of concern. AI can help detect it and even clearly state the pattern of the fraud. Many banking systems have already installed AI to help them perform better.

AI helps in many ways; one of them is risk assessment or risk management. Bank can easily assess the customer’s capability to pay off a loan before giving a loan using AI. From personalized banking services to cyber-attacks, AI can prevent everything.

AI can help you with trading by analyzing a large amount of data. It can even send you investment plans based on your previous purchase and asset trends. Process automation by AI has changed the experience of banking in India. Apart from these, AI-enabled systems can also give better customer service and human error-free assistance.


9. Space Exploration

Handling humongous data is one of the key features of AI. Yes, AI can read, comprehend, and analyze a lot of data that is beyond human capacity. For space-related research, you need to study a lot of data, and who is best at doing it? Artificial Intelligence.

AI has immense use in space technology. From sending an AI-enabled rover to Mars to recording any traces of celestial bodies, AI has a huge responsibility to fulfill. AI robots can converse with astronauts. Yes, it is possible in real life just like movies. IBM has designed a robot in collaboration with other significant companies to build a robot that can talk to astronauts.

AI is already assisting to build spacecraft to help avoid any contamination. They can build satellites, capture images from them, and enhanced them for clarity. AI is doing an incredible job in space research and will continue to deliver with accuracy beyond the limits of the earth.

alt="space exploration"

10. Chatbots

Otherwise referred to as Virtual Assistance, chatbots are a unique feature of AI applications. Siri, Cortana, and our own lady Alexa are all virtual assistance. These are designed to converse with you to help you find a solution to a problem or play music of your choice.

Just by giving simple commands like turning on a light to making a list for grocery shopping, these talkative machines can do it all. Did you know the first chatbot was named Eliza! It was invented way back in 1966 by MIT, even before people could think of a personal computer.

How does a chatbot work? Well, it recognizes your voice and understands your command, and follows it. Siri or Alexa can do much more than just playing a nursery rhyme for you. There are multiple uses of chatbots; a couple of daily uses include making a phone call, booking a cab, or even ordering food from the restaurant.

Chatbots are equally useful in businesses. They can help build a relationship with the customer by helping the customer in several ways. From searching the inventory for a particular product to answering a question, AI assistance does everything one can think of. It can handle requests related to cancellation or even the return of a product and hence is widely used in the digital world.


Other AI Applications Which Might Interest You:

  1. Travel Made Easy – AI applications help the travel industry to decide on the price of a ticket, keeping affordability and profit in mind. Helping us with an estimated amount of travel time, AI has changed the face of travel in India.
  1. Entertainment For All – AI has found its place in the entertainment industry as well. With the OTT platform becoming the theatre at home, people are glued to the web series and shows that they offer. Netflix and Amazon often give you a recommendation based on what you have watched before this is done only with the help of AI.
  1. Customer Service At Its Best – Humans learned to teach the machine to communicate, and that is what AI does. Almost every website now has a chat or a call service that is taken care of by AI for better customer experiences.
  1. Strict Surveillance – Intruders or trespassers can be easily detected using AI applications. AI can help to keep an eye on multiple cameras at the same time. And keep away any interlopers. So, next time you plan to gatecrash, be vigilant.
  1. The GPS System – If you order a cab or food, you can check where it is. Which lane to take or which one to avoid, GPS tells you everything. Thanks to AI, we all can reach our destination safely on time.
  1. Inventory Management – Cleaning or managing can be a cumbersome task. It is made easy with Robotics powered by AI. AI can detect obstacles and plan accordingly to make the workflow as smooth as butter.
  1. Image Enhancement – If you have a smartphone and like to click photos, you surely know what I am talking about! AI lets you click a photo with tons of filters, enhance them the way you like and change them just with a click. From a blurred background to erasing a particular object, AI can do everything to make you beautiful.
  1. Human Resources – Hiring was never this easy. AI has changed the entire process of recruitment. Yes, companies with AI-enabled systems can easily run thousands of applications to select the resume that is best for the desired job.
  1. Education Delivered Right – AI in education can be a boon. It can be equally beneficial for both learners and facilitators. A teacher can easily analyze the performance of the students. Find out the learning gaps and can work on individual students to address the concerns. This can change the face of education, making it truly valuable.
  1. Cybersecurity No More A Concern – When we talk about cyber security, AI plays an essential job. It alerts if a new threat is detected. It even helps in identifying malicious malware, and not only that, but it also can safeguard your vulnerable data.

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There are innumerable uses of artificial intelligence these days. I have listed only the top-most applications. The way the industrial revolution has changed the face of the world, Artificial Intelligence will soon do the same. 

AI has heightened the pace, precision, and productivity of human beings. According to research, AI is going to contribute a lot to the GDP. And it will lead to a hike of around 12 to 13% by the year 2030. Building a career in Artificial Intelligence is probably the right thing to do now.

Artificial Intelligence is the main idea behind computer applications that make it the next big thing and the future of problem-solving. It will take over the decision-making in businesses. There are multiple paths to follow if you want a career in AI. Data Science to Research Scientist AI has a lot of scopes. You can choose to be a developer or a machine learning engineer. 

Learning in the field of AI doesn’t stop. It is a fast-growing industry and will keep you engaged and entertained. If you love challenges, this is your field, my friend. 

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Q1. Is Artificial Intelligence the future?

AI can do humongous jobs like monitoring the environment. AI can take care of the elderly like a mother. AI can co-work with Humans. From Biology to Machinery, AI is omnipresent. It is the future.

Q2. Can Artificial Intelligence be dangerous?

Depending upon the usage, AI can be a threat. Only if a human program it to damage the society, like by hacking into a system.

Q3. Is Artificial Intelligence smarter than Human Intelligence?

According to research, Humans are always smarter than computers.

Q4. Is developing an Artificial Intelligence app an expensive affair?

Developing an app depends upon the specifications of the app. Hence the price is also based on the complexities of the app.

Q5. What are the famous AI apps that are currently being used?

Siri from apple is the most famous AI app. Cortana from Microsoft is also equally good.

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