I am Srishti Mishra from Jharkhand. Soon I am planning to start my own business and I thought this course of Master in six sigma certification with business analytics in Henry Harvin would help me in being a better entrepreneur. And I must say, it did help me a lot. 

The course covers almost all topics related to six sigma and business analytics. And certified business analytics practitioners hold multiple skills that drive a company’s ROI. I understood the affinity of products by analysing transactional data and learned to drive useful information from data using analytical tools. I gained and improved my skills to make customer-centric actions and take actionable data driven decisions to expand the market. Also I marked rik analysis and quality control mechanisms to drive ROI. The course and the platforms have many things to offer, you can grab on whatever you feel is or will be useful to you. You will get unlimited access to recorded videos, games, projects and case studies. 

I had a good experience with Henry Harvin. I have become capable of supporting my startup with improved processes and performance that leads to high quality products and services and boosts my firm’s ROI. Also I came across the rarest skills valued by industry today. 

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