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Ordinarily, many English language learners are tense about grammatical tense. Firstly those who have studied or are studying in English Medium schools have a fear of grammar. Secondly, people learning English for competitive exams as aspirants for Government jobs are also facing the same situation. As a matter of fact, in this piece, you will get detailed knowledge about  ‘What are Tenses: Meanings, Examples & Exercises’.

Usually, if you asked 100  English-speaking persons in a gathering about’ tense’, you may get the correct intelligent answer from one of them if you are lucky. Inexplicably The rest of the 99  persons would stare at you as a person from Mars, asking terms such as Simple Present Tense, Present Continuous Tense or Past Continuous tense. Undoubtedly these people would probably no nothing about mood, aspect or voice, although they may be very fluent English speakers, communicating effectively.

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What are Tenses?

To illustrate the word ‘tense ‘ is used in the English language to signify a characteristic of the verb in a sentence structure. Particularly the tense of a verb is used to portray the particular time in which an event or a specific activity is taking place. Undeniably the phrasal verb ‘tense’ is also used for grammatical aspects, which conveys in the first place how long an action occurs., whether sometime in the past, in the present or will take place sometime in the future

What is the definition of the term Tense?

The Collins dictionary especially refers to tense where you are referring to the past, present or future time. In the same manner, the Cambridge Dictionary, the Oxford Dictionary and the Merriam-Webster Dictionary moreover also define tense in a similar way, the subject matter is the same although worded in separate ways.

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