Summers can be really fun if you have something to do!! So to give you the best summer I present to you the top 10 Summer Schools in Michigan!!

How summer schools benefit you ?

You must be thinking why you should consider taking summer classes or go to summer schools?!

Teen MBA: Online Summer Program for Teenagers

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As boring as summer classes may sound, they actually help you to gain new experiences and can also help you to increase your grades!

Apart from that summer courses are crucial for developing your portfolio.

Top 10 Summer Schools in Michigan

1.Henry Harvin Summer School Academy


Make a way to utilize your summertime.

Are you baffled about how to use your summertime effectively? So do not get confused, as Henry Harvin is here to guide and motivate you by offering diverse courses. Nowadays, a fair amount of people tend to be interested in making money. Moreover, business education is the best medium to earn money. Henry Harvin provides you with an incredible way to learn about business. They are offering Teen MBA courses to show you the secrets of business and give you a ladder to success in the business world.

Henry Harvin can mould the learners in their pivotal time.

Teenage is the best period to explore more in the business world with Henry Harvin. Parents are anxious about their kids. They want their kids to know the importance of studies. Henry Harvin infuses positivity in the learner’s mind and helps them to be inclined towards studies.

They offer myriad advantages for Teen MBA courses.

  • The prominent fascinating side is the instructors. They are proactive and explain with the live projects of business so that content can become easy for them.
  • They positively give feedback to every participant.
  • They encourage students to indulge themselves more in business education.
  • Students are given ample opportunities to solve business problems and evolve entrepreneurial prowess.
  • Grab an excellent chance to make yourself a confident entrepreneur with advanced knowledge in the field of finance, technology and marketing
  • They provide study material for your reference. Look forward and utilize the best time of your life by becoming a successful business person.

Procrastinators can not reach their destination on time. So, do not delay and move your steps for enrollment in Henry Harvin. 

Henry Harvin wants to apprise you about the other courses that they offer.

Technical Writing Course

A Technical writing course can help you to explore the practical world. Technical writing can help you to write or drafting technical communication used in technical and occupational fields, for instance, computer hardware and software, engineering, chemistry, biotechnology, etc.

Content Writing Course

A Content Writing Course helps you to write your content effectively. Henry Harvin guarantees to infuse better quality of writing in your mind. Content Writing is a skill set that supports you to rise in the future. Do not think of today or tomorrow to fulfill your dreams. Come on, hold our hand to become a successful certified content writer.

Medical Writing Course 

A Medical Writing Course gives you a way to become a certified medical writer. Medical Writing courses can help you to perceive better knowledge of pharmaceutical regulatory writing as well as medico-writing. We are here to help and guide you in medical writing. You can be the top medical writer with Henry Harvin.

Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing is the most effective way of marketing. 

Digital Marketing course helps you to grow in this field. 

Digital marketing is the best medium to explore more in the digital world. Fulfill your dreams in the world of digital marketing with Henry Harvin. 

We ensure our learners move ahead in the digital field.

Also Check the Review of Henry Harvin Summer Internship Program

2. University of Michigan

The University of Michigan is offering various summer crash courses for high school students.

Their programs include Business and sports management, Architecture and Music.

Their programs are often popular because of the amazing faculty that they have. Apart from that their opening and closing ceremonies are one of the best parties that happen!!

Click here for more info.
Summer discovery at Michigan University!

3. Summer Language Institute

This school emphasis’s the literally as well as lingual aspects of education!!

The courses are designed in a way to teach social and cultural aspects of literature. It is an online course for the time being due to the pandemic. The rates aren’t that high either!!!


Summer school
Literature classes as well as social and cultural aspects of it.

4. W.A.Y Michigan

WAY Michigan is a tuition-free summer school.

They look after the social well being of their students and have been authorized by the central University of Michigan.

They have interactive classes for students from 6-12. Apart from that they often conduct trips in between the course to keep things natural.

You can click here for more information on the summer program!

5. Plymouth-Canton summer school

Plymouth-Canton School is conducting online summer school for students of grade 6-12. They have interactive virtual classes and the most exquisite staff!!

The charges for the same are not that high as it is a community school program and the courses are for very short durations.

For more details about the program click here.

Interactive Online Classes.

6. Michigan Virtual

Michigan virtual is a summer school program that is collaborated by many other institutes.

It challenges their students who want to learn in a different way, using the most modern technology to explore math, science, social studies, foreign languages and other skills.

7.Online cyber and network training

This program too is a virtual program sponsored by Michigan Virtual. It is a course for students interested in-network services and cyber information.

Students here learn the various programming as well as operating systems.

Click here to know more.

8. Lingcod Language Program

Lingcod Language program is for learning a new language. In this course, they are teaching German and French.

You will receive a certificate upon completion which can add up to your portfolio.

Click here to know more

summer school

9. Insec. U Summer Program

The Insec university Summer Program is an online summer program for students interested in Designing and Fashion.

Here, they inculcate new skills related to designing and fashion techonology. They not only teach theory but also have practical application of their learning which is a very unique part of their online program.

Click here for more details.

Summer Program

10. Summer Tech School

The summer tech school is a branch of UMich which has the world’s best stem camp. For those of you interested in Science this is the perfect camp!!

They focus on the application of science for the future development of the world and the evolution of humans as a whole.

Summer school in Michigan


I think I have shared enough summer schools for you to have the most amazing summer experience. Hope you have a fantastic summer!!

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