TEFL Certification for South Africans - A guide to TEFL jobs for South African English teachers in 2021

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) which is also called as Teaching English to speakers of other language (TESOL) is a rewarding career that requires passion and a TEFL certificate. 

English is an international language and around 1 billion students are learning English approximately, so the TEFL teachers are always in demand. Whether you are a passionate English teacher who wants to settle abroad or a wanderlust who wants to make money simultaneously, all you need is a TEFL certification as a major qualification.

TEFL course

Here are few guidelines and answers to your doubts about TEFL Certification course and job. 

1. Can a South African be a Certified TEFL educator?

TEFL certification South Africa

Indeed, a South Africans can be a confirmed TEFL educator! What you need is a solid command over the English language, particularly English Grammar, and to be an ensured South African TEFL educator. In the event that you’re having issues with your syntax, look at Grammarly as well, a site that could assist you with editing your work or your exercise plan!

2. How can I become a certified TEFL educator?

You can turn into a guaranteed South African TEFL teacher by trying out a reasonable TEFL certification course. There are numerous sorts of TEFL courses out there, both online and offline.

3. What is the best TEFL certification for South Africans?

The best TEFL certificate for South Africans is a licensed TEFL course which shows each part of the English language to the best expectations conceivable. Online TEFL certification courses typically offer the best an incentive for cash, while setting you up completely to be an incredible TEFL English instructor. There are so numerous TEFL courses out there for you to choose according to your needs. 

4. Why online TEFL Course in South Africa? 

The main reason to choose a TEFL certification online is that, you can do the course and get certified from anywhere around the world and not just from South Africa.  

Whether you are a full time student or you work part time, online course adds flexibility of setting a specialized schedule for you to balance the timings.  All you require is a strong internet connection. And what else the best way you could think of than learning from comfort of your home.

 5. What is the best place to be a South African educator?

The best spot to be South African TEFL educator is Vietnam, or Spain, or China, or Japan! … Simply joking! The best spot to be South African TEFL educator is the spot which makes ticks as a large number of your ‘fantasy life-boxes’ as could really be expected.

The spot makes your heart beat with energy and expectation when you envision yourself awakening there consistently. Keep in mind, you’re doing this for an explanation – to carry on with the daily routine you need to experience!

6. How much money does a South African TEFL teacher make?

While pay totally depends on your qualification and experience, around US$2,000 to over US$5,000 a month is the average pay. Salaries also change depending on the countries and other terms like the institution which you work for, number of hours you work, etc. 

TEFL South Africa

The highest paying countries

The United Arab Emirates

UAE pays the highest salary for the TEFL teachers ranging from US$3,500 to US%5,000 per month. The basic requirements are teaching experience and a TEFL certification from your home country.


To teach in Japan, TEFL certification is desirable but not compulsory. They pay you good salary around US$3,000 a month. It is one the nicest place to work. You get to enjoy the sceneries, cherry blossoms and good food.

Saudi Arabia:

Though Saudi Arabia requires a TEFL certification to teach English and teaching experience is also essential, you can expect salary ranging from US$3,000 to US$4,000 a month. 

A Helpful step by step guide to shine as a TEFL teacher

Rank#1:Get Certified

So you now know that TEFL Certification is the required qualification to teach English online, you have to look for TEFL certification course that suit your needs. During the course, you can expect to learn basic English grammar to classroom management techniques.

TEFL certification South Africa

There are plenty of TEFL Certification courses online you can fish for ranging from a duration of 4 weeks to 6 months. Shorter or longer, you can choose your time period to avail of the certificate.  Here are the best TEFL Certification courses

Rank#2: Choose your destination to work

As a TEFL teacher, you can move to anywhere in the world with just a TEFL Certification as a pass. Whether to the snowy mountains in the Switzerland or to the deserts in Saudi, choose your destination.

TEFL certification

But before setting high hopes for your favorite destination, make sure you enquire about the money to make a living and the taxes to be paid. 

Rank#3: Gain experience as a TEFL teacher

Once you have completed the course and gotten that TEFL certificate, the next step is to bulk your Resume with experiences. Approach experienced successful TEFL teachers and ask for advice. Experiences will surely show how dedicated and passionate you are.

 Start gaining experiences by volunteering at a local school, working part time online, tutoring your friends, family members, etc. All these will surely add value to your job application and get you job with good pay in no time. 

Rank#4: Create an amazing Resume

Start creating your resume showcasing all your talents and experiences. Make sure you create a unique resume to stand out among the other bland candidates. Incorporate all the keywords that match the job description.

TEFL resume

 Check for the abilities and business requirements in the job posts. Analyze the organization’s website and check for job advertisements for the similar role. And don’t forget to keep updating your resume with your experiences.

Rank#5: Start applying for the job

As we all know, nothing comes free of charge! Indeed, it’s the equivalent in the realm of TEFL people. In the event that you truly need that work that should not be taken lightly showing English abroad, you must go out and search for it. That implies making arrangements of schools, showing foundations and private educational cost suppliers in your picked objective. It implies composing centered CVs and introductory letters for each, and reaching the deans or head of studies exclusively to enquire about promising circumstances and work.

TEFL course online

By reaching expected businesses before you even show up in a country, you are now doing far more than most any remaining Filipino English educators available. Best case scenario, you will see you have a decent organization of contacts previously fabricated when you show up.

Best case scenario, you may simply nail yourself a position. (Simply be careful about marking long haul contracts before you’ve gotten an opportunity to perceive what a spot resembles on the ground.)

Rank#6: Develop a connection with other South African TEFL teachers

It merits recalling that whenever you have cleaned off one of those TEFL courses in South Africa or finished that online TESOL capability, the probability is you will be moving away from home to instruct. That can be a calamitous change and means giving up the entirety of your loved ones for an experience somewhere else.

Try not to freeze! There are a lot of emotionally supportive networks set up, with Facebook gatherings and other networks online anxious to help you get comfortable and make companions in your received home.

TEFL certification for South Africans

Furthermore, contacting these organizations, and finding the intricate details of the TEFL scene in the objective you have picked, can likewise assist with that extremely significant quest for new employment. 

As you make more companions and ready more individuals in the business that you are searching for a position, almost certainly, news about situations and encouraging positions will stream down to you. Thus, connect, converse with others, send messages and pose inquiries – the cycle can just assistance in the quest for those ideal TEFL occupations for non-local speakers.

Rank#7: Promote yourself as a South African TEFL teacher

Try not to be frightened to go max speed on the self promotion front. All powerful Filipino English instructors will do this! Make banners, contact Facebook gatherings of English students in your picked objective, leave fliers around schools, request that your understudies spread the word about your educational cost by listening in on others’ conversations, start a site, and promote on the web.

These endeavors will help you develop a wide base of possible understudies, and ought to – at last, at any rate – help keep the money streaming in.

Rank#8: Get specialized as an advanced TEFL teacher

Last yet surely not least, comes the opportunity to have some expertise in a specific territory of TEFL educating. Most usually this will appear as test prep, as you take on private understudies who are hoping to prevail in a specific EFL capability.

From IELTS to PCE, TOEFL to Cambridge tests, the abbreviations and specialties are basically interminable. Furthermore, that implies the chances for Filipino English instructors are essentially perpetual as well!

TEFL course

That’s right, select to practice as an instructor in one of these test courses, and you could truly help your pay from private understudies. You’ll need to make sure to promote your new heading and feature your testaments nearby. Yet, when you do, it’s tied in with turning up the cost of those one-on-one exercises, also appreciating another sort of educational cost with an engaged course and clear objectives!

Rank#9: Be Positive

Now that you got insights on the TEFL process, you surely know what to do. Plan ahead and get enrolled in the TEFL certification first. And the most important thing is to remain positive in the process. Never get disheartened if you get to feel you are not getting in life anywhere. It all takes some time but following these steps will surely make you shine as a TEFL teacher.

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Is TEFL Certification must to teach English?

Yes and No. It totally depends on the country and the institute you are applying for.
But in most of the countries, it is a basic requirement.

How much does a TEFL Course cost?

On average TEFL courses run $200 to $2000 depending on the course and course period you choose.

What is the Qualification to enroll?

First you have to be above 18 years old, and most of the institutes require a basic bachelor degree

Is TEFL course hard to clear?

If you are a passionate teacher or good at basic English grammar and syntax, you can clear it easily. It all needs a little practice.

Is there a expiry date to my TEFL certification?

TEFL Certificates do not expire just like your bachelor degree. It is like a life long investment.

Is experience must for a TEFL certification?

No, most of the institutes require 0-2 years of experience. But experience is a added bonus.

Should I be a native English speaker to teach English?

No, you need not be a native English speaker to teach English. It is not that only native English speakers born and brought up in a English speaking nation can teach English.
Non- native English speakers also can be great English teachers and make money.

How long does TEFL certification course take ?

Anywhere between 6 weeks to 6 months. There are number of courses to choose.
Choose them according to your needs.

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