Top stock market courses for beginners in Mumbai can open a window to a risk-free career. Beforehand knowledge, practical learning, and proper guidance can make this path smoother. Liking for the stock market and share trading is increasing in the youth. Today, young people want to leave the stereotypes behind and create a new world of endless opportunities. Hence, the stock market courses for beginners will prove a turning point in their careers.


Known as the financial capital of the country, Mumbai offers many lucrative career opportunities in the stock exchange and trading fields. Therefore, learning through a stock market course in Mumbai opens many doors to a rewarding and engaging career.

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin(HH) offers stock market courses for beginners in Mumbai and other cities. It is giving reality to the dreams of many aspiring stock marketers. HH has a dedicated learning module for the stock market and shares investing. Henry Harvin has a center in Mumbai where it is helping stock marketers who are already trading stocks. Previously, only Chartered Accountants ruled the stock market as it came under their profession. Now, graduates from financial backgrounds can deal in stocks exchange. Expert faculty with relevant experience in the industry at HH is making learning the stock market a cakewalk. HH Mumbai has touched thousands of lives through its stock market courses for beginners. They are using its learning modules accordingly to their needs.

Key Takeaways from the Stock Market Course:

  • First-hand experience on projects in capital markets, wealth management, and more.
  • They have a certification course, Govt. of India recognized.
  • Candidates use the latest software and tools to upgrade their careers.
  • They have a candidate-friendly placement portal.
  • It offers access to free Bootcamp Sessions for complete one year.
  • Join the prestigious Henry Harvin Alumnus.
  • It makes candidates eligible for weekly job opportunities.
  • One year Gold membership of Henry Harvin academy of finance.
  • On completion, of course, they offer internships.

Site URL:

Contact No.: +91-9891953953

Course Duration: 24 hours of live online requited sessions.

Course Fee: INR 15000

2. NSE Academy Mumbai (Stock Market course)

NSE Academy is supplementary to NSE Investments. National Stock Exchange formed this academy to carry out two main functions. Firstly, teach the benefits of the stock and financial market to people. Secondly, to make people aware of the value of finance in their lives. It has been delivering its objectives satisfactorily since its origin. Academy offers stock market courses for beginners in Mumbai and other locations. It gives the right skillset to the people to excel as a stock expert. People have gained profits from the teachings of this academy. NSE Academy has short-term stock market courses for beginners. It also has post-graduate programs that help them in their professional development.

Features of the Stock Market course:

  • The course exclusively focuses on for Nifty50
  • Raw hands-on Index trading.
  • Sessions on intraday trading.
  • Highly experienced faculty.
  • Sessions with industry experts.

Contact No.: 9930041883

Course Duration: 110 hours of online sessions.

Course Fee: INR 30,000 plus taxes.

3. BSE Training Institute India (Stock Market course in Mumbai)

BSE Institute Ltd. started its journey as a financial solution learning platform. It is supplementary to BSE Ltd, Asia’s first stock exchange that works with high acceleration. BSE Institute Ltd. is often addressed as a training and educating branch of the BSE Limited. Primarily, it started providing genuine learning on capital investment. Now, it is educating thousands every year in the stock market and share investment. With the time, BSE institute is expanding its reach to other cities after establishing a hold in Mumbai. It offers stock market courses for beginners in Mumbai and other locations. It is not limited to beginners only, but MBA graduates are making their careers shine with BSE institute’s teachings and guidance. Its online learning programs are not less than a boon amidst the corona pandemic.

Salient Features of the Stock Market Course:

  • Become a BSE Institute Ltd. certified stock market expert.
  • Learn the basics of a strong investment strategy.
  • Become an asset to investment and stock trading firms.
  • The course will help you in developing a winning stock market portfolio.
  • Focused sessions on basic concepts of investing.
  • Participants will develop the relevant skillset vital to the stock market dealings.
  • A clear understanding of the negative stock trading.
  • The course will provide the pros and cons of being a private banker.
  • People from any background and interest in the stock market can learn from the program.
  • Industry experts will share their experiences with the candidates.

Contact no.: 022-22728382

Course Duration: 4 days: 10.00 am to 5.30 pm

Course fee: for details email: at [email protected] 

4. Nifty Trading Academy’s Stock Market Course (Mumbai)

Nifty Trading Academy began its journey as an educational partner to the stock market lovers in 2011. Its name resembles the NIFTY 50 touchstone Indian stock market index. NTA(Nifty trading academy) is doing justice to its name: imparting various informative and updated stock market learning modules. It mainly teaches about the benefits of stock market trading and investing. NTA aims to form market leaders from the mediocre working class. It has worked hard enough to tap struggling stock market brokers. NTA is delivering knowledge to those brokers and converting them into an expert. NTA also has stock market courses for beginners. Its head office is in Surat, but they have a regional hub in Mumbai.

Benefits of the Stock Market Course:

  • The course focuses on the daily stock market analysis.
  • Learning modules will hone the skill of strategy planning.
  • The module will develop a vast understanding of the stock market.
  • Learn the value of financial independence in the current market.
  • The certification course has global acceptance.
  • Latest and in-depth course material.
  • Lifelong access to the study material and student portal.
  • The program allows you to have a Lifetime membership with NTA.
  • Highly trained teachers conduct classes.
  • Timely completion of the program assures an internship.

Contact No.: 9724795247

Course Duration: Thursday and Saturday.

Course fee: INR 5999

Photo Credits: Oren Elbaz

5. National Institute of Securities Market, Mumbai

NISM(National Institute of Securities  Market) is a prime institute in the stock market learning. It is a non-profit trust established in 2006 by SEBI( Securities and Exchange Board of India). NISM is a vital step put forward by SEBI. That is imparting knowledge chiefly about the financial securities market. It is equally educating people in stock trading. Academy is on a spree of expanding its learning activities to place the institute as a global player in securities education. Institute offers short-term training programs. NISM mainly delivers programs at the Mumbai campus. NISM is coming up with new campuses in other cities. It has stock market courses for beginners at the Mumbai campus. Academy has following in trading firms.

Features of the stock market course by NISM:

  • The program allows students to learn concepts of trading.
  • Students solve real-time trading issues.
  • The module hones managerial skills in the students.
  • To get training at trial financial labs before entering into the real market.
  • Students to have well-rounded technical knowledge.
  • To create clarity for the legal formation of capital and the stock market.
  • The program makes students ready to handle stakeholders’ portfolios.
  • Globally accepted certificate after the program completion.
  • Dedicated academicians’ share their knowledge.

Course Duration: 4 weeks intensive course.

Contact information: check on

6. NIFM’s Stock Market Certification Course for Beginners

This Institute has headquartered in the national capital New Delhi. A mediocre institute in the beginning. Now, it is showing promising growth in recent times. It has a buffet of financial solution learning programs. NIFM’s growth attracts numerous aspirants from finance backgrounds: who are waiting to enter the stock market. It has generated many freelancer marketers who are helping others to take care of their investments. NIFM founders’ too started it as a freelancing venture. Now, it is a fully grown and registered institute. NIFM has an advanced learning module for post-graduate candidates and those who already trade stocks. It also offers a fundamental stock market course for beginners at the Parel center in Mumbai. Institute is also present in twelve other cities: where it is offering all its programs.

Valuable Takeaways from the stock market course:

  • Practice online trading and dealing over live software.
  • Learning on department surveillance management.
  • Intense session on understanding mutual funds.
  • Command on Ageing Report maintenance of the clients.
  • Learning how to fill IPO forms.
  • Methods behind filling Delivery Instruction Slips for clients.
  • Workshops and Seminars on Stock market and investment strategies.
  • The module on Capital Market learning.
  • Classes on Currency Derivative and fundamentals of Liquidity.
  • Certificate from NIFM in the stock market course.
  • Learn from the experts from the industry with immense work experience.
  • The minimum qualification required to enroll in the learning program is 12th from a recognized board.

Contact No.: +91-9910300590

Course Duration: Requited four months of learning course in the stock market for beginners.

Course Fee: INR 30,000 + GST (It is payable in easy Instalments),  

                    INR 25,000 + GST (It’s a one-time payment)

*Details about fees and the mode of payment are as per NIFM’s website. Kindly cross-check with the authorized person from NIFM accordingly. As every single penny matters in these all-time expensive times. A healthy discussion will make the path smoother before taking any decision. This blog mainly focuses on the top stock market courses for beginners in Mumbai.

7. IFMC Stock Market Course for beginners (Mumbai)

Institute of Financial Market Courses (IFMC), an institute that conducts all courses online. It has been empowering hundreds of young and talented graduates since its inception. In the last two financial years, IFMC has trained Four thousand graduates. Especially from a finance background. Its dedicated, experienced faculty stock learning module has proven resourceful during the coronavirus pandemic. The academy has a variety of learning programs on its canvas on shares trading and the stock exchange. IFMC is offering two types of stock market courses for beginners. First, a self-paced course: where a teacher teaches the modules according to the candidates’ availability. Self-paced course streams only in a live virtual classroom. Second, an instructor-led training (ILT): where an instructor teaches a group or an individual learner. IFMC has stock market courses available in many Indian cities. Stock market trading is becoming easy with support from IFMC learning modules.

Highlights from the stock market course for the beginner (Mumbai):

  • Be a part of the top institute for the stock market courses online.
  • Helps in advancing career to new orbits in stock investing.
  • Build an ever-growing career as a stocks specialist.
  • Easy to use online portal for the students.
  • Learn refurbished software and the latest tools.
  • An upper hand in the fundamental stock market technicalities.
  • Become a stocks broker with an easy learning module for beginners.
  • Understand the law framework of SEBI and RBI.
  • Get trained on practical knowledge of the Indian Stock exchange.
  • Retired senior citizens and ladies can also learn shares trading.

Contact No.: 9870510511

Course Duration: 6 months online classes

Course Fee: INR 1080 inclusive of GST

*Classes will be in the Hindi language. Students can understand the terms and terminologies used in the teaching easily.

8. Goaled Stock Market Courses for beginners in Mumbai

Goaled is exclusively based in Mumbai. A flexible brand in the stock market courses for beginners in Mumbai. People at Goaled believe that they can fill the void of trained stock marketers: through their training programs. Its canvas has every aspect of stock trading and investment with an updated syllabus. Goaled academy values the fears and concerns of people: they have in the stocks investment. It is working towards removing that fear of investing and trading in stocks with its learning modules. It is winning the trust of hundreds of eager learners about the financial policies each year. Goaled is a famous finance training institute among locales in Mumbai. It also educates the post-graduate students about the new financial technicalities through their classes.  

Perks of the stock market course:

  • Easy to learn and understand learning modules.
  • Shape your career according to the market needs.
  • Learn about the compositions of the financial policies.
  • Become a dynamic stock marketer from the best training programs.
  • Get a certificate of course completion from Goaled institute.
  • Learn from a concise syllabus to save time.
  • Practice on the live projects to have clarity of the market.
  • Learn about the working dynamics of an unpredictable market.
  • Learn from the qualified teachers in virtual classrooms.
  • Understanding of the penny stocks.

    Contact No.: 9819141169

    Course Duration: A month of online classes.

    Course Fee: contact the phone number to enquire about the fee.

9. SHAREWOLVES Stock Market Training Academy (Mumbai)

SHAREWOLVES is an institute of passionate and experienced stock market experts. Institute is imparting knowledge and educating people to invest in shares. With its learning programs, it is turning people into achievers in independent financial strategies. Teachers at the institute create a life-changing experience for traders and capital investors through their well-researched financial module. SHAREWOLVES trains people to forecast and handle the upcoming changes in the stock market. It has a training module that prepares the graduates for the current domestic and international market. Their course syllabus equips the candidates with the right skill set to stay ahead in the market. The institute has training software dedicated to clients who trade in the stock market regularly. It offers a stock market course for beginners at different locations in Mumbai. SHAREWOLVES is producing dynamic market leaders every year: making money for themselves and their clients.   

Benefits from the stock market course:

  • Become a pro stocks market expert in the easy seven steps.
  • Learning of a millionaire trading system.
  • Avail free study material for a lifetime.
  • Access to the latest software.
  • Lifetime trading support.
  • Understanding of the live trade market.
  • Sessions on Risk management and Money management.
  • Clarity on position Sizing Management.
  • Research Analysts can avail of the course.
  • Get a certificate from the institute.

Contact No.: 8451035255

Course Duration: Four weeks of intensive online classes

Course Fee: INR 5000 only.

10. Trading4living Learning

One of the best institutes in Mumbai city offers stock market courses to the learners. They only enroll young graduates with finance and accounts backgrounds. This institute mainly focuses on making stock trading a cherished career and earning money from trading. Trading4living specializes in teaching intraday and swing trading to the graduates. Along with this, it has several courses based on the stock market and liquidity exchange. In the last few years, it has become a one-stop destination in learning for students from different parts of Mumbai. It is educating and spreading knowledge among people about various domains of the stock market. It has a long list of clients who uses its portal for trading and learning. Now, beginners can benefit from its stock market course on the online portal.

Key highlights of the course:

  • Classes on stocks technical analysis.
  • Learn about the features of Beyond Candlestick.
  • Hands-on identifying speed in the trend in stocks.
  • Critical analysis on swing trading.
  • Learn about the volatility of swing trading.
  • Rules of Trendlines, Trend channels, etc.
  • Basics of the Role Reversal.
  • Know about options trading.
  • Learn Risk Management and stakeholder profile.
  • Classes by the experts of the industry.

Contact NO.: +91-9769775512

Course Duration: 75 hours of training and practice.

Course Fee: INR 13,500 per student.

11.Finschool by 5paisa

Finschool is an educational platform by 5paisa that offers a variety of easy financial courses related to finance and investments. In these stock market classes in Mumbai learners can view or read courses, blogs, dictionaries, and more. Finschool offers a Stock Market Course – Beginners module that introduces learners to financial terms such as NIFTY, SENSEX, MCap, short sale, and IPO.


  • Learn wealth-building and money-management skills.
  • Learn about investments and markets and become financially independent. In addition, this stock market course in Mumbai covers basic to advanced stock market concepts.
  • Finally, test your knowledge by taking a quiz and getting certified.

Share Market Classes in Mumbai Fees and Duration

There are 9 chapters over 2.5 hours and Finschool offers the course for free.

12.Smart Money by Angelone

Angel One Limited (formerly Angel Broking Limited) invented the Smart Money learning platform. This stock market classes in Mumbai offers a short course covering theoretical concepts related to investing and trading. These courses include the Basics of Stock Market course in Mumbai.  This beginner’s course introduces learners to the basic concepts of investing, markets, and trading.


  • Get to know the minimum basics of investing in the stock market.
  • You will also learn about the stock market as it relates to other investments, personal finance, taxes, etc. 
  • The course has 10 chapters and 11 tests for thorough study.
  • You also get an infographic showing the top 5 exchanges and ratings in the world.

Share Market Classes in Mumbai Fees and Duration

There are 10 chapters and each chapter varies in length. Smart Money also offers courses for free.

13.The WallStreet School India

This stock market classes in Mumbai was born out of a need to bridge the gap between the academic world and the real world of finance. WallStreet School India offers stock market education programs including hands-on training, stock market analysis, and more. This stock market course in Mumbai is easy to understand with minimal jargon for candidates outside the financial industry. 


  • Hands-on training so that investors and traders can formulate their strategies.
  • Former investment bankers and appraisers from McKinsey and Goldman Sachs as trainers.
  • Moreover, use advanced software to create Excel templates for self-analysis and strategy formulation. 
  • An easy-to-understand course for non-financial participants with minimal jargon.
  • In addition, each topic is explained in detail with practical examples and insights.

Share Market Classes in Mumbai Fees and Duration

The course is valid for one year and lasts 50 hours. The price is INR 12,500/-.

14.The Knowledge Academy

This stock market classes in Mumbai offers stock and day trading training for professionals and students. Recognized globally as the premier provider of stock market education, The Knowledge Academy is made up of over 18 of his leading professionals with over 15 years of coaching experience.


  • Over 2K certified knowledgeable instructors with years of experience.
  • Well-respected training material.
  • Excellent track record of delivering on-site/in-house training solutions for many companies and multinational corporations.

Share Market Classes in Mumbai Fees and Duration

Course duration and fee information can be requested from website.


This stock market classes in Mumbai is one of the leading providers of online financial education. elearnmarkets exists not only in India but also in the international education sector. Their courses are designed by selected top financial experts in India. elearnmarkets offers online stock market certification courses for beginners.

This stock market course in Mumbai gives a basic knowledge of financial jargon like Equities, IPOs, Derivatives, Technical Analysis of the stock market as well as Macroeconomics and Financial Planning. It is a perfect blend of Fundamental Analysis of stocks that helps the investor to pick the right company and Technical Analysis that provides the correct entry and exit timing and prices through the study of charts.


  • Over 80 videos and 8 hours of content.
  • Obtain additional supplemental study materials. Plus, get interactive learning tools.
  • Complete an in-depth test to assess your knowledge.
  • Upon completion of the course, a certificate of completion will be issued.

Share Market Classes in Mumbai Fees and Duration

This 8-hour course is valid for 3 years and it costs INR 9,440 including tax.


Every penny saved, every penny earned. The philosophy of investors, market experts, policymakers, and government financial agencies. Investing in the stock market has always been a risky business. The majority of the working class keeps themselves away from the stock market. They don’t understand the technicalities of the shares trading and investing in the stocks. Their fear is genuine as we all have witnessed the scams and frauds and money losses every decade or so. However, such ill businesses are happening less in current times.

With time, the government encourages its citizens to invest in the shares of the companies, the stock market and boost the economy. Any country cannot survive without an open economy. An inter-related market is a working space where every citizen is free to trade, and their money keeps saved from pony companies. The entry of the internet into the stock market is making investing even simpler. It is easy to verify the company and its history with a single click. Once an investor is sure about the functioning of a company h/she can trade in the shares.

All you need is a mentor to begin your trading journey. All the institutes mentioned in this post will help you in your journey and learning of the stock market.   


Q1. Who can do the stock market course?

Anyone who has an interest in the stock market can pursue the course.

Q2. Is the stock market certification necessary?

It is necessary for those who want to join a capital investment firm. Many freelancers are working without any certification.

Q3. Which is the best institute for the stock market course?

Henry Harvin is a top choice among people who want to learn about the stock market.

Q4. Can someone start stocks trading without any certification?

To start stocks trading, you need a license from an authorized agency. Without it, no one can trade in the stocks, as per Indian Government rules.

Q5. What is the scope in the stock market?

India has an ever-growing economy. Every year many companies release their shares. Hence, it has unlimited scope.  

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