About six sigma

Six Sigma is a technique and quality control methodology for process improvement. It was developed in 1986 by American Engineer Bill Smith while working at Motorola company. This method is adopted in the business process. The strategies of six sigma are used to improve the manufacturing quality of the product by identifying and removing the causes of defects. Six sigma process focuses on a management method to work faster with fewer mistakes.


Importance of Six Sigma

For improving the capability and quality of the business processes it is an important method that is followed in the businesses. Implementing Six Sigma is important as it will help the organization in several ways:

Documentation of process– Process of the flow chart is used to enable documentation of specific business purposes. As documentation involves various processes in business as roles of employees and deciding factor in overall work performances.

Removal of variation and waste–  Six Sigma techniques can be used for the elimination of waste and variation in the business process. Waste is defined as anything that is not useful for producing the service or product that is required to be delivered to the customer.

 Deduction of defects– Six Sigma is useful in reducing defects. With help of this technique, employees can identify problem areas as well the repetitive issues that affect the overall quality expectation of the product.

Scope for improvement– Six Sigma trained professionals then have the necessary tools and skills to identify the problem that is affecting the production and performance. This helps the employee to identify an area of improvement and work towards it.

Six Sigma accreditation

Six sigma is a globally recognized qualification for process and quality improvement. Six sigma is a set of practices to eliminate the defects from the existing or developing process. The leading organization for six sigma accreditation is:

The Council for Six Sigma Certification (CSSC)

American Society for Quality (ASQ)

The International Association for Six Sigma Certification(IASSC)

Six Sigma certification can be obtained through any of these top-rated globally recognized organizations either from any coaching institute, training organization, and self-study materials.

Six Sigma Certifications

Six Sigma includes advantages, that increase efficiency of the organization,  customer satisfaction, increased revenue, reduced costs, and more. The Six Sigma certification is categorized into six levels:

White Belt– A white belt certified professional has a basic understanding of Six Sigma theory. Since this certification is for a beginner it is relatively low on cost. CSSC offers free accreditation for White Belt. However, ASQ and IASSC do not offer official accreditation for White Belt.

Yellow Belt– Yellow belt is essentially a team member in the improvement project. As it is not mandatory to follow any fixed sequence of White Belt before moving on to a Yellow Belt or even a Yellow Belt before moving on to a Green Belt. But the sequential process indicates your progress in Six Sigma.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training

Henry Harvin Ranks #1 Six Sigma Certification Course Amongst Top 5 by Business Standard

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Green Belt– Green belt certification is different from the other belts. It has the capacity to lead Six Sigma projects within an organization. It has the expertise and efficiency that is required for correctness in business process improvement. There are many prerequisites for Green belt certification before appearing for an exam.  

Black Belt- Six Sigma Black belt certification is for all those who want to make a solid career in this field. Six Sigma Black belt certification is the superior certification among all the Six Sigma credentials which is ideal for professionals seeking promotion to management profiles. The role of a Black belt certification holder is vast and challenging which requires managing a team of green and yellow belts.

Master Black Belt- This is the highest level of accomplishment in Six Sigma. At this level, you have to plan the strategy, develop the performance statistics, act as a consultant, and coach black and green belts.

Project Champion    

Opting for the right certification depends on individual choice. Those who are searching for a basic understanding or beginner’s course can opt for White or Yellow Belts. Those who want to make an advanced career in Six Sigma can select for Green or Black Belt certification.

Benefits of Six Sigma Certification

There are different benefits or merit related to Six Sigma :

Improvement in efficiency– Six Sigma projects helps in improving the efficiency of the system. Before undertaking any Six Sigma project it is important to calculate or clarify all aspects of efficiency or timeline. Thus the focus area for Six Sigma projects is improving the timelines in delivering the process output or improving the on-time delivery of products or services.

Improve Customer Service & loyalty– Six Sigma helps to achieve customer loyalty and helps to retain the customer. Six Sigma projects can help identify the number of variations customers are experiencing, what is the cause of that variation and how there should be less dissatisfied customers. Six Sigma project can guarantee to address critical customer service issues.

Helps in increased productivity– Six Sigma contributes to the help to the employee to manage their time effectively. Since time is effectively managed the work-life balance of employees is improved. Encouraging the employee to work smarter and harder.

Reduction in operational cost– Operational cost and risk are important factors for the majority of companies that are operating globally. Six Sigma methods can provide a road map that can extremely reduce an organization’s exposure to risk. It also makes organizations more efficient and effective at delivering its product or service.

Helps in motivation  – Six sigma helps to motivate the employee of the organization by assuring that they are able to use the available technology. As it will help in ease of work and also time is saved. This automatically increases productivity.

Better partnership– If a company does well the other companies associated with it can also see an improvement in the overall process. This led to a long-term partnership with other companies.

Career progress– Six Sigma certification provides one the additional advanced skillset which is highly demanded by the company. It helps you to make progress in your career and guides you to move one step ahead of the competition.

The Six Sigma Black Belt certification training aims to include a thorough knowledge of various theories and techniques used in the domain along with actual practice on data study. Six Sigma Black Belt experts must be experts in handling data study and should have the knowledge of handling Six Sigma project development in excessive detail.

About Chennai

 Chennai previously known as Madras city is the capital of Tamil Nadu state. Chennai is the fourth largest city in India. Chennai is the biggest commercial and industrial center in India. Chennai is turning into a data center hub. And these data centers coming up in Chennai will also create a lot of job opportunities for people.  So to leap into the economic job market, necessary qualification is required. Thus opting for the Six Sigma Black Belt certification course is one of the best options you can choose for.

Here is the list of the top 10 Six Sigma Black Belt certification courses in Chennai:-

Rank#1.Henry Harvin Institute

This is one of the top-rated institutes in India. It is ranked the number one Six Sigma Black Belt certification course in India. There is the option of both classroom and online mode options available for training. The training curriculum of this course Six Sigma Black Belt certification in Chennai is aligned to the IASSC Book of knowledge which is followed globally. And it holds value in the industry. Over the span of 1-year post formal training, you will get the experience of working on 12 projects. The duration of the course is of 36 hours. Based on the core training session an online exam is conducted. On the basis of which a certificate is awarded. On successful clearance of the Six Sigma Black Belt Certification exam, participants can differentiate their profile from the global aspect of Six Sigma Black Belt Certification. With one year of membership at Henry Harvin  Institute, you will get many benefits.  You will get the opportunity to do an internship at Henry Harvin or other partner firms. Job placement opportunities are provided through the mail.


The institute is offering training on Six Sigma Black Belt certification in Chennai. Skillogic has taken the course as part of its training module. The duration of the course for Black Belt certification is for 3-4days. The course curriculum is accredited by international bodies. Both methods of training online and classroom method are adopted by the institute. The blended learning method of training is designed to fit your requirement. The training comprises case studies, a problem-based learning approach to encourage the immediate use of newly acquired skills.  A 16-hour training certificate is provided. Premium access is provided to Six Sigma resources and the Six Sigma job portal.  Trainers are certified instructors with experience in the subject matter. With the course, complimentary 180 days of high-quality E-learning access is provided.

Rank #3.Grey Campus

The course is designed to help participants prepare for and pass the IASSC-CBB (International  Association for Six Sigma Certification- Certified Black Belt) exam. The course combines the methodologies as defined by IASSC using case studies and examples. The course provides 1-year e-learning access. The course duration is of 3-4 days. And it is self-paced which requires 141 hours of study time (approx). 3 simulated exams are organized throughout the course to clear Lean Six Sigma Black Belt in one go. Guidance is provided for business improvements from certified mentors. This Six Sigma Black Belt certification course in Chennai develops the required skills to use Six Sigma methodologies, Lean concept, and DMAIC methodologies which are related to Design, Measuring, analysing, Improving, and controlling.

Rank#4. Six Sigma Training

SixSigma.us conducts both live virtual classes as well as online self-paced training classes. This Six Sigma Black Belt certification course offers the 2+2 format which means it allows for Green Belts and Black belts to attend training together, which helps in improving internal cooperation or interaction while also providing greater organizational flexibility. SixSigma.us provide instructor-led virtual classroom training option. Virtual classes certification is the online version of in-person classroom training classes. Instructors are experienced Master Black Belts who bring their real-world, hands-on experience in implementing Lean and Six Sigma knowledge. In an interactive virtual training program, participants can raise their questions.  This online virtual training program discusses the techniques and tools of Lean and Six Sigma in a common language for a deep understanding.

Rank#5.Benchmark6ix sigma

 In the year 2001 Benchmark initiated the first Lean Six Sigma program in Chennai. This Six Sigma Black Belt certification in Chennai provides the globally recognized benchmark six sigma certificates accredited by Exemplar Global.  Benchmark Six Sigma is an accredited training provider of Exemplar Global. The training provider offers 40 hours of instructor-Led Online training. The course is guided by a multi-industry expert. The course also gives Minitab practice during the workshop. It gives access to 2 practice projects. In the training package pre-training, preparatory material is provided, a globally recognized certificate with lifetime validity, online training material, and many more are there in the training package provided by the course provider.    

Rank#6.Intelligence Quality

  This Six Sigma Black Belt certification course in Chennai aims at upgrading an individual at a professional level wherein he can lead and also coach team members about the concept of Six Sigma, principals, tools, and software. This certified Six Sigma Black Belts program provides hands-on experience in handling the project. The objective of the training program is to brainstorm, identify and finalize experiments related to improvement in the process. It gives knowledge of applying statistical tools for project improvement. Skill to eliminate waste and erroneous processes. You will learn to plan and implement process control to maintain project gain. This Six Sigma certification course will train you to mentor team members on Six Sigma methodology, manage optimum improvement in critical processes, develop sufficient team-building skills,  lead process variation, and improvement effectively.  

Rank#7. Saral Six Sigma and Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

This Six Sigma Black Belt certification course in Chennai is on the list of top service providers in India. Saral institute has been the leading establishment in the origin and evolution of the most successful methodologies. The goal of the business solution is to provide the tools, methodology, mentorship, and strategy for implementing process and product improvement methodologies. The goal of the Saral Six Sigma and Business Solution is to get the right knowledge to the right people at the right time. Saral is a top-tier consulting and training firm that highlights a management business strategy that focuses on the reduction of variation,  business growth, and defect reduction. It was established in the year 2005. Saral pioneered the use of a Keep It Simple statistical approach which has been adopted by the customer.

Rank#8.ASQ India

ASQ certification lets you stand out and show you’re on top of expertise, regulations, and industry standard. ASQ certification is globally recognized. This established, independent professional association offers the ASQ certification. ASQ  Six Sigma Black Belt certifications are offered in 8 testing locations in India, and several hundred locations in 70 countries across the world. This Six Sigma Black Belt Certification in Chennai offers both onsite and online options. ASQ India offers a training program in ASQ BOK, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (SSGB), and Black Belt (SSBB) certification course training. The subject curriculum is designed and developed by a subject matter expert. Aside from the fundamentals and tools of Six Sigma the program also covers various elements and tools of Lean Six Sigma training.   

Rank#9.Invensis( Global Learning Services)

  Invensis Learning is an IASSC accredited training organization to conduct Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training worldwide. This Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course is available in the instructor-led classroom, live online, and on-site training mode. A comprehensive understanding of the critical deliverable of the Six Sigma project, economic benefits, identifying opportunities and solutions that can be executed to achieve a measurable result is provided to the participants taking up this course. There is a study guide provided which is created by a subject matter expert. The training duration for IASSC Lean Six Sigma Black Belt by Invensis Global Learning is 5 days which is a total of 40 hrs to spend. Instructors conducting the program are highly qualified, certified, and accredited trainers from IASSC.  

Rank#10.JPA Solutions(Centre of Excellence)

This Six Sigma Black Belt certification in Chennai from JPA solutions will help you in learning about the complete details of Six Sigma that includes the core principles, to implement quality application and projects, how to use Minitab tools for statistical analysis, and more. The course will provide you the complete skill to develop your organization for better improvement. It combines the DMAIC and lean methodologies using real-life examples and case studies. The course training provides an overview of organizational goals through Six Sigma, also focuses on learning the DMAIC(Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) methodologies. The course is developed in a way so that the candidates clear the exam quickly without any hassle at their first attempt itself.

Six Sigma Black Belt certification will affect your career positively by providing a deeper understanding of not only the methodology but the leadership role within Six Sigma. This level of certification will make your position strong in any of the industries and businesses. And will give enhancement to your career gallantly.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Q.1 What is the importance of the Six Sigma Black Belt certification course?

Ans. The base of Six Sigma methodology is measuring the efficiency and accuracy you achieve with each unit produced while eliminating flaws. Six Sigma methodology is usually helpful to business leaders. Businesses can see a significant increase in their efficiency when this program is put into effect. A Six Sigma Black Belt professionals lead the improvement team and are competent in managing a team and using various improvement and statistical tools.

 Q2. What are the benefits of the Six Sigma Black Belt certification course?

Ans. Six Sigma Black Belt certification qualifies you to enhance your knowledge to another level of understanding and give you the expertise to accurately achieve them. Gives you specialization in developing high-quality product and service. Will give you a powerful understanding of the process. Provide you with great opportunities, will sharpen your technical skills, it will make you eligible for influential leadership roles.

Q3. What are the eligibility criteria for the Six Sigma Black Belt certification course?

Ans.  The years of experience, the number of Six Sigma projects that you have completed and your roles and responsibilities are some of the Six Sigma certification requirements that change with the belt color. For Six Sigma Black Belt certification, three years of work experience is needed or completion of a two sigma project is required.

Q4. How to choose the course for the best six sigma institute?

Ans. For obtaining the Six Sigma Black Belt certification it is important to choose an institute with the following features:-
Selection of the institute that is reputed and has a credible name in the industry.
Has a team that comes with a well-proven work record and experience and knowledge of different industries.
Check for the program syllabus and course agenda.
The course must be from recognized certifying organizations like IASSC, ASQ, CSSC
Choose a company that provides all kinds of support- online and offline both to facilitate certification.
The organization from where you do the course must offer you support in post-training projects.


With a deeper understanding of the philosophies of Six Sigma, a Black Belt can not only lead top-quality projects but also helps their organization on the path to driving improvement and revenue. The Black Belt program is ideal for those who want an advanced understanding of Six Sigma methodologies. An accredited Six Sigma certification indicates the achievement of a particular level of knowledge. Adding Six Sigma certification to your resume proves your commitment to improving your business and analytical skill. And also help you in becoming a specialist in process improvement and will increase your credibility.

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    The Six Sigma Black Belt certification and it has been an invaluable asset to my career. The course provided me with the knowledge and skills needed to improve in my skills. thanks for sharing this article.

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