Sales courses play a crucial role in every industry. Are you familiar with the term “Sales?”Sales refer to the transaction involved, which includes exchanging price or money to possess goods or services. Every buyer is eager to try new products and get the best services. Sales don’t involve a single step. It includes various techniques which satisfy the demand of customers. People are often confused between marketing and sales. Sales involve the final sale of products or services where marketing makes people aware of the product.

There are different types of sales involved in the businesses. Sales can be termed the backbone of every industry. By seeing the demands of the sales courses, many institutes are providing the best courses in Delhi. Check out the blog to find the top ten sales courses in Delhi.

 Top Institutes providing Sales Courses in Delhi

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is a top institute in Delhi that offers sales courses. It teaches the students all the techniques related to sales. The institute won the award for best corporate training. The institute’s vision is to provide students with a high-quality education. Students can advance their careers by taking the Certified Sales Professional course. The institute also provides additional benefits, making it the highest-ranking institute. Every student gets the option of enhancing their CV with the certificate issued by the institute.

Why Should You Select Henry Harvin for Sales Courses in Delhi?

  • Training Sessions- Henry Harvin gives twenty-four hours of two-way online live sessions which helps the student to learn new things related to the course.
  • Project- Students get various sales-related topics in the form of projects.
  • Internship- Internship opportunities are provided to get the best practical experience from the course.
  • Certification- Henry Harvin issues the sales course certificate after completing the course.
  • Placement- After one year of successful completion, students receive placement assistance. They can work with different brands and get the job of their choice.
  • E-Learning- The knowledge portal provides the students access to valuable tools and techniques.
  • Bootcamps- Attend the regular boot camps, which last a year.
  • Hackathons- Students can take part in various hackathons and competitions.
  • Gold Membership- Henry Harvin is offering a one-year gold membership.

Procedure to Get the Certification:

  • Counseling and Registration- Students can ask the counselor about the course details. Apply for the batch and get more information.
  • Complete the Sales Course- After completing the training, obtain the course certifications.
  • Projects- Complete all the projects the teacher assigned during the sessions.
  • Earn Certification- After completing the course and receiving the certification, you can boost your CV.

Sales Courses Details:

Different modules cover the different topics related to sales courses by the institute. Different topics are:

  1. Executive Presence and Rapport Building
  2. Influencing Skills
  3. Value Selling
  4. Communication with impact, probing, and listening
  5. Negotiation and Presentation skills
  6. Complimentary modules

Henry Harvin also provides Other Courses:

  • Content Writing
  • Tableau Courses
  • Management Courses
  • Six Sigma
  • Business Analytics

2. Disah Consultants(Best Sales Courses in Delhi)

Dishah is here to provide businesses with Sales consulting and Sales training solutions to boost growth, productivity, and profitability while also making businesses more competitive. A large operation has several issues, including Vision, Strategy and Operation Alignment, Operation Productivity, Operation Effectiveness, Operation Profitability, or simply Team Performance. Dishah analyses the problem and symptoms and believes in providing organizations with Business and Sales Strategies that offer short-term solutions, short-term solutions such as pain relief, and long-term solutions such as surgery to remove ineffective and unproductive elements. This allows an organization to recover and grow while maintaining business operations.

3. New Delhi YMCA(Best Sales Courses in Delhi)

YMCA institute is the oldest institute which is inaugurated in the year 1972. The institute provides different skills to the students. There are many certification courses, full-time and diploma courses in different specializations. The certification course in Sales management involves a one-year course that teaches different subjects in two installments. The total fee structure includes INR 41,036/-(including taxes). Students have the option of paying the course fee in installments.

4. Great Learning

Great Learning created the advanced certificate program in sales. Their 15-week hands-on, outcome-driven program is designed for new sales and entry-level working professionals who want to advance in their careers. The program will also cover aspects of effectively managing a sales team. After completing their sales training program, the learner will better understand the concept practically and theoretically. Great Learning focuses on the challenges that sales professionals face today to develop a high-performing sales force. The course discusses key aspects of the sales industry. Learning those features can be extremely beneficial to you. If you have questions about the program, you can contact them via email, phone call, or the website and raise the query.


5. Udemy(Affordable Sales courses)

Udemy offers a one-of-a-kind learning experience. They offer a variety of courses at very reasonable prices. Udemy is a very popular and excellent learning platform for people who want to learn new skills and advance in their careers. If you’re looking for sales training, this course will teach you almost everything you need to know. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with the learning process. The training is provided by an international speaker and industry subject matter expert who has taught sales skills to various organizations for over 20 years. Udemy’s sales courses in Delhi give you lifetime access to the study material and are also available online. Students can easily learn the course without any struggle and at an affordable price. Udemy comes under the best platform to provide the best self-paced courses in Delhi.

6. Centum Learning Limited

Centum’s expertise assists organizations in increasing employee productivity, developing a pipeline of future leaders, and designing personalized learning journeys. In addition, the institute also works towards following the CSR strategy. They provide different training solutions to the students and help them get the best study material. Sales and service excellence academy are the two courses the institute provides to enrich the students’ careers.

7. Gaurav Bhagat Academy

Gaurav Bhagat Academy is one of the best academies that transforms individuals’ careers with quality training. The headquarters is situated in Noida, which has been run for the last ten years. The sales training session comes under the best course by the Gaurav Bhagat Academy. The sessions consist of five weeks, contain limited seats, and can watch the classes on different portable devices like mobile phones. Gaurav Bhagat Academy increases sales from 40% to 100% in six months. Students get personal goal management skills from the academy.

8. The Knowledge Academy

The Knowledge Academy is the market leader in providing performance-enhancing Sales Training courses worldwide. Institute has the ‘Business Development Expert Team’ comprised of over 38 industry-recognized professionals with 17 years of experience leveraging the right technology and strategies to maximize sales revenue. Specialized instructors have developed distinct teaching styles to assist aspiring candidates in developing the skills needed to become persuasive sales professionals and drive their organization’s profitability.

9. Expert Training Institute

ETI is one of the multi-channel platforms which provides different types of digital marketing and has a high demand.ETI has unique features, which include the following features like 75+advanced modules, free books, internships, and different classroom sessions.

10. Digital Vidya

Post Graduate Program in Content Writing

Ranks Amongst Top #5 Upskilling Courses of all time in 2021 by India Today

View Course

Digital Vidya has ten years of experience, giving the students hands-on experience. Students are free to access the lectures anytime and from anywhere. The trainers have ten years of experience in their respective backgrounds.


The above blog consists of different sales courses in Delhi. If you are serious about taking the course, check out the institute’s website. The sales course is one of the important courses to uplift the growth of the business. Many people do not have adequate knowledge in the field. Getting the right knowledge will help to enhance my career as well as my business. If you are struggling to attend the classes, you can enroll on the course online. Also, the institute provides options for choosing weekend batches.

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications do you need to be a sales professional in Delhi?

There are many skills required while doing the course of the sale. Some of them are:
Good communication skills
Time management and completing the target.
Listening to the grievances of the customers.
Problem-solving ideas.

Can I learn the Sales course in Delhi by choosing the weekend batches?

Yes, many institutes conduct classes during the weekend. Students can choose the schedule and enroll on the course of the sale accordingly.

Does the institute provide any job facility in sales courses?

According to the industry demand, many institutes have tied up with the companies providing the placements to the students.

What is the need to learn the course of the sale in Delhi?

The course gives the best experience regarding the industry and teaches modern techniques to increase sales in the business. Apart from that, students get to learn about different types of sales in business.

What is the price for the course of the sale in Delhi?

The fee depends upon the institute and the type of course selected by the student. On average, students need 10k-15k to for learning the course of the sale in Delhi.

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